2010-07-01: One Step Closer


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Summary: James and Sam meet in the Observation Deck to speak about the formation of the new training team.

Date: July 1, 2010

Log Title: One Step Closer

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

It's Thursday night and the observation deck has at least one visitor—the school's resident hyena; or someone masquerading as one. Standing at one of the deck's windows, James probably appears as a rather imposing silhouette for those still in the courtyard. Eyes cast downwards; he's quiet and practically motionless, merely watching the grounds like a hawk from above. But, he's got more to do tonight than hunt. He's looking for an acquaintance of his. One he must speak with to further already in-progress plans.

Coming up stairs to relax for a bit with a copy of a book he's read a few times before, Starship Troopers, as he is the scifi fan, is Sam Guthrie, resident leader of the New Mutants training squad. As he walk out to the room he spots James standing there and smiles at the Hyena. "So which unsuspectin' student is tah target of yer mischief tonight?" Hey it's not an unwarranted question but there is an amused tone to his voice as he asks it.

James smiles, his teeth clearly reflecting against the glass as his grin widens, "You." He turns to face Sam, putting out his best 'I'm just a friendly guy’ demeanor as his gaze meets the Xer's. "Hello Sam, been awhile," the gnoll says as he leans against the glass, "How things?"

"Yeah, it has been a while. The last time Ah saw ya, ya was locked up by Jono." Sam says and that went over so well with Jono. The man hasn't really talked to him since. "Ah gather things are goin' alright. Probably gonna go visit home soon to help mah Maw with mah brothers and sisters for a bit now that schools out." He'll find someone to supervise the NEw Mutants sessions. "What about you JAmes, ya got any plans yerself?"

James offers a slow nod in response, "I do, Sam, I do." Skipping over the whole 'locked up' routine, the hyena pushes off the wall and walks towards his friend, offering a seat when he gets close enough. "My plans involve you once again, oddly enough." The smile turns sideways, giving the creature a mischievous quality. "I am getting the blessing of Kenta to start a Junior X-team. He's going to talk to Scott about it. But I need to populate it with some bodies. And at least one of those bodies I would like to borrow from your team." He offers his paws in arrest, "Nothing serious—it is all extracurricular. We will be supervised most of the time and it will only happen if we get everyone's blessing."

Sam takes a set so he's facing James and leans forward a bit so his arms are resting on his legs. "So what's this about the Junior X-Team y'all wantin' tah start?" He was sixteen when he started being a superhero so he doesn't find it such a bad idea, or surprising, that kids want to do it themselves. Hell noone could stop the New Mutants or X-Force when they got an idea in their head. "So who are ya lookin' tah borrow from the New Mutants?"

James pulls up a chair and sits down as soon as Sam has, "You may not believe this, but apparently I have not threatened the wrong people yet. So at least a few teachers are willing to ignore their legal obligations—and common sense—and allow me lead kids into danger." Spotty offers a happy grin, "So, with that in mind, I am hoping to form something that offers a ‘New’ New Muntants sort of experience. You know…police the grounds for trash. Help out. Better Danger Room training." He shrugs, "And, I was hoping to borrow Jinx for this. She's one of the 5 I would like, at least."

Sam nods as he ponders this. "Jinx, she's still kinda new and green can Ah ask why yer intrested in her and not one of the more experienced New Mutants?" Like Six or Cam, he wouldn't ask about Max seeing that he tends to be way to hyper and unfocused to be suggested to any sort of team. "And how ya goin' 'bout handin' who to ask and why are ya pickin' who yer pickin'?"

James shrugs, "She is cute." He offers a toothful smile, hoping the teenage-like response is enough. He…no…it really has no reason to pick who it picked, other than the names are familiar to James; friends of James; are more likely to do what James asks. Or at least humor the hyena. "I have picked someone from every level," he adds as he starts thinking on his feet, "I am hoping with the mix in experience, the old and the new can help one another. Connor, Lucas, Jinx, Robyn…" He nods deftly at the idea.

Sam thinks about the names he's got Robyn the mentalist, Connor the teleporter, Lucas raw power and Jinx the empath with James leading it actually seems like a sound team to him. "Alright, Ah can see that. Ah'll talk tah Jinx and let her know 'bout it and then with Scott's permmission Ah think it'll be okay. So what's your goal with this team James? Ah need tah know that."

Since saying something like 'squash them like tiny grapes and then burn down the school around them' isn't endearing to senior staff, James responds with, "To be better ready for the next big emergency, help out the school, and—more importantly—know how to handle trouble so we can get out of a situation before it turns into one." The hyena counts with his fingers, "Like you said, it is a pretty solid team. We've got a good mix of brains and brawn—and enough common sense to be relied upon to get the kids out of danger while the front liners handle the next big thing to come to our door step."

Nodding as he thinks about it Sam can't deny any of what James says. He won't mention it outloud but when he was eighteen he had more experience than most the school combined. "Alright, Ah'll let ya have Jinx for this. Just as long as she ain't gonna be skippin' trainin' with the New Mutants for this, got it? And Scott or Emma's gotta let me know he gave ya the okay." Since Emma is also a new headmaster around.

James nods quickly, "Fair enough…and something Kenta has already made very clear to me. Actually, once classes start again, it would not surprise me if it were grade dependent as well. But, that's for you all to decide." James shrugs, "We would love to be a ‘New Mutants.’ But the school seems to be less about sending kids to the Amazon unsupervised nowadays." He winks, "And yeah…Scott still needs the sign off. As do a few more squad leaders."

"Tha only thing Ah'm gonna be requirin' from ya James, is that we'll have flyin' lessons." Sam says as he feels he's old enough to learn how to fly the Blackbird. "Ya and those on yer team are all gonna learn how tah fly it. Not cause Ah'm expectin' ya tah run off and go on mission." Yeah Sam is expecting that. "But cause ya need tah be prepared if y'all are serious 'bout this Superhero business and steppin' up tah the next level."

James grins, "Well, I have a feeling this will be a life-long commitment for me." As short as that may turn out to be. "I am stuck like this. So, it is time to step up and improve the situation I have found myself in right? And if that means learning how to pilot the jet, well, I am ready as soon as you are." He leans back in the chair, crossing his arms, "And thanks for going out on a limb for me Sam. I knew I could count on you."

Sam nod and stands up, offering a hand to James. "Well yer a bit young tah be makin' this a life long commitment but honestly every time Ah've tried tah leave, Ah always come back. Any other questions ya wanna ask me or else Ah'll be headin' off. Ya took up all mah reading time." He says with a friendly smile.

James would apologize, if he was sorry. But this thing piloting the hyena’s body is sorry so very, very infrequently. He takes Sam’s hand and stands, meeting the man's gaze with his. "Actually, there is one last question. I was reading up on the New Mutants recently. What ever happened to everyone? Like…that Amara girl? Magma I think was her code name?" He shrugs, "Mostly just curious. I find it interesting how teams fall apart and reassemble. It is almost like clockwork."

"Amara, Ah think she's takin' a break. She's had some rough moments but the last time Ah worked with her was with when we were with X-Treme X-Men a while back." Sam says with a bit of saddened look, he always liked Amara even if it was more than friends at times and she never returned those feelings. "Yeah bein' an X-Men can weigh on ya sometime and ya just need a break but after a while ya realize it's the only work yer really cut out for. Any more questions cause Ah got a few things Ah gotta work on tahnight."

James waves Sam off, satisfied with the tidbit, "Oh, no. That is all. I didn't mean to keep you." Yeah it did. Leaning his rear against one of the tables he'll watch the X'er leave, a smug look on his face, "Thanks again Sam. You are the best! Pleasant Dreams!"

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