2010-02-10: Only Place To Turn


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Summary: Jeremy searches out Andres for help with his addiction.

Date: February 10, 2010

Only Place to Turn

Rating: PG

NYC - Second Chance - Andres's Office

The office is small, containing a desk, a bookshelf, and a few chairs. The plaque on the desk reads "Andres Reeve". While none of the furniture here is new, it's all obviously used and worn, it's kept immaculate.

There's a light knock on Andres' door from Jeremy as he stands on the other side, nervous as hell. He's wearing the hand-me-down clothes that Andres has given him, his gloves and has glasses case held tightly in his hand. It's taken him a lot of courage to do what he's going to do today, he just hopes it doesn't end up getting him kicked out.

"Come in." Andres calls. He's in his office, and there's nobody on the agenda to arrive of the 'important hide myself variety', so he's letting his wings out. They're stretched slightly behind him. He's wearing a white tank top and black slacks. Looking up, he waits for the entrant.

Entering into the room timidly is Jeremy. "Um..sorry to bother you sir." He says shutting a door behind him and standing against it. "I..have something I want to talk to you about." He's clutching the glasses case tightly and he's even shaking slightly. He's not sure how to go about this but he needs help, he and needs to find someone who can help him.

"You can come to me for anything, Jeremy." Andres says, mouth opening in a wide grin. He stands up, motioning to the chair in front of him for seating. He won't sit until Jeremy does. He's putting on his best warm and welcoming face.

Jeremy nods and takes a deep breath before sitting down in the chair. His body language is tense, nervous and as he's closer there is a thin sheen of sweet on his forehead. "Sir…I have a problem, that I need help with. I…" He doesn't know how to ask, with Kaji it was just as difficult. "You had one rule, that's why I didn't come here right away."

"You're having trouble breaking away from the drugs?" Andres asks. He's rather astute after all. And he saw in Jeremy's dreams. "And that rule was simply not to use them HERE." He says, pontificating. "You truly want to be off and away from them, then?"

Jeremy blinks and is surprised Andres knew, he tried to hide it. Also though Jeremy made sure to go outside of the building to shoot up. "I need help. I don't want it anymore, I never did." It was an act of desperation that stuck. He puts the glasses case on the table and leaves it there. "That's the last of what I have. I don't want to buy anymore."

Andres nods softly and goes to sit in a chair beside Jeremy. He turns the chair inwards and offers his hands out to Jeremy. "You truly WANT to stop, correct? If so, I will do everything I can to help you." He nods softly. "Because we may be able to do it without putting you through rehab, if you'll just listen very closely."

Jeremy nods. "That's why I'm coming to you. That's all of what I have left, throw it away, burn it, I don't care." He looks down and puts his hand over his other arm. "It was a moment of weakness, I was offered it in the Runaway Shelter, anything to stop the visions. After that one, I kept wanting more." Like so many heroine users, once was enough to get him addicted. "How can you help without going through rehab?"

"You're strong, Jeremy." Andres says, simply, applying his own unique style of pressure behind the words. "You're strong enough to deal without the heroine. It may hurt. The breaking of your physical need for it. But you can survive it. When you're having dark moments, you can come to me. And I'll make sure you're alright. Trust me, Jeremy, and we can move forward." That pressure is applied throughout the entire discussion. "Some rehabs are not… appropriate for people. They would have you touching and holding. They wouldn't allow you to wear your gloves. I have some training. I think we can do this." With the pressure released, he asks simply. "Do you think you can do this? I'll be here for you."

Jeremy doesn't know what Andres is really doing, nor does he feel it but the words, Jeremy believes them. "I..I think I can. Just, get rid of that for me. I don't want to be near it." Is it going to be a rough couple of weeks for Jeremy, yes, but is he going to be able to push past them and break through, yes. "Do I just need to quit cold turkey or are there some kind of tricks?"

"The only way to stop… is to stop." Andres says, clearly. He takes a key off of a ring. "If you need me and I'm in my room, come in. I have nothing to hide from you. And sometimes, you'll need someone to be there for you." He says, offering the key. For now, he puts the glass case in a drawer in his desk for later.

Jeremy watches him put the glasses case in the draw, and he really wishes Andres would dispose of it. Right now he thinks that having the key and knowing it's there will be a temptation. "Not having the addiction will also help me to stop stealing." Jeremy says not really enjoying being a thief. Sure he's gotten good at it but he won't have a reason to need the money. "If I need you, I'll find you. I probably will need you."

Andres will get rid of it. Just not in front of Jeremy. By the time Jeremy leaves and returns, it won't be there. "We'll see you through it. I promise." He says. "Even if you just need someone near. We'll make it work."

With the words that Andres has said, Jeremy does think he's strong enough and probably won't go back but right now, he's just thinking of the future. "So I guess that's it. Starting now I can say I've been clean for two hours?" Jeremy says as he might try to get a calendar and mark off the days he's been clean, but then he might only make it through marking off two or three days before the withdrawal becomes unbearable.

"That's the way to look at it. Or better yet, don't count your time at all. Simply think of it as, 'I am clean'." He nods succinctly. "Is there anything else you'd like to talk about… or do? I'm here for you.

Jeremy nods and takes a deep breath. His nerves are still on edge as he knows that next step is gonna be the hardest one. Getting past the withdrawal. "I am clean." Jeremy says softly. "And, I want to go back to school when this is all done, and if it's possible, to do it in a way where my parents don't know about it." After all, legally, Jeremy is still under there custody.

"I'm sure there will be a way." Andres says with a nod as he starts considering things. "I've heard a little around the bush…" Well, when you peek in random people's dreams, you find things out sometimes. He has nothing definite, but he's heard a rumor or two. "We'll see what we can do.'

Jeremy gives Andres a confused look before not asking what he means. "I also want to find a job once all this has passed. That's why I have to push myself to do this, because, I won't be able to pass a drug test and I want to be able to." After all Jeremy doesn't plan on living his life as a thief until he's old and gray.

"You'll get through this. And you'll get back in school. And maybe go to college." Andres says, winking slightly as he pats Jeremy on the shoulder. "I'll help you see to it all. Unless you want to do it totally alone. Which is fine, if that's what you feel is best."

Jeremy shakes his head. "No, I can't do this alone. Alone got me into drugs and made me a thief. I don't want that life. I don't want to be back on the streets wondering if I was going to get another meal or another fix." At least here, he gets showers, he gets clean clothing and a real bed. He's not starving living here and it was because he asked for help, not because he did it on his own.

"Good. You're smart enough to understand that." Andres says happily. "And, we can also see about getting you emancipated after you're clean. So that way, they'll never have a legal claim on you again."

"Thanks again Andres, for everything. I really think there's a reason you have wings." Jeremy says as he's not really that religious anymore, but Andres is helping him, and for that, he views him as an Angel. A Guardian Angel. He holds onto the key tightly in his hand and smiles. "I'm done with heroin."

"Good. Then you've taken the first step to a new life. And I'm no Angel, Jeremy. I've got too much man in me to be an angel." Andres laughs softly, shaking his head.

"Well you're looking out for me, and for that, I owe you." Jeremy says standing up. "I think I'm going to go back to my room and try to figure things out. I think I'm gonna lay low till it passes. Unless there is anything you need me fore?"

"No, Jeremy. I'm fine. But if you need me for anything at all… come to me. I'll be there." Andres offers with a nod before reaching out again to pat the boy's shoulder.

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