2009-03-18: Opening Doors


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Summary: A new prospective member comes to the door.

Date: March 18, 2009

Opening Doors

Rating: PG

Young Avengers' Warehouse

Walking into the base as his big and green self, Hulkling dusts some soot and debris off his shoulders and heads for the couch. "Man, when this invasion is over we have got to take a vacation or something," he mutters. "Atleast a weekend off somewhere," he continues to talk to himself. He's got a bag of take out with him, apparently having brought home dinner from patrol. It's night ofcourse but still nice and warm in the warehouse. "Hey guys! I'm back!" he calls to whoever's there.

Wiccan actually wasn't there, but he had an alert set up to let him know when Teddy made it home. As soon as he enters, Billy's own teleportation spell brings him back to the warehouse, eyes not crackly… but glowy. His feet slowly touch the ground as he gets there. He's in costume, and mildly injured, but ok for right now. "Sorry. Just got the rents back home after they had to leave for a bit. You know how they are. They refuse to leave the area yet."

Evenings are always a hard time, especially for someone that has spent a little longer than he really should have dealing with muggers, thugs, and invaders from another reality. Unfortunetly for Wave, he is pushing his limits far more than he should be and a good distance from his home, but by luck close to an adress where he might be safe for a rest. His normally flawless white leather costume having a number of of its seems torn the blond photo kenetic drops out of the air, and nocks at the door hoping like hell he does not have a seizure.

The android of the group comes into the room, phasing through the ceiling, he himself was out on patrol as well. The Vision returns to the ground and restores his tangibility, changing his appearance to be a human, looking close to Nathaniel Richards. He's not that damaged, but takes a moment to sit on the couch. "I see most of us are home now." As Wave drops through the air, a hand is held out at him. "Intruder alert!" Jumping the gun a little bit yes, but he's just used to Dante being in the team.

The android of the group comes into the room, phasing through the ceiling, he himself was out on patrol as well. The Vision returns to the ground and restores his tangibility, changing his appearance to be a human, looking close to Nathaniel Richards. He's not that damaged, but takes a moment to sit on the couch. "I see most of us are home now." The knock on the door gets a cautionary look from the android.

Hulkling's got his shapeshifting to thank for hiding his costume damage and a healing factor for taking care of his own minor injuries. The one worse one's being hidden by the shapeshifting until the healing factor takes care of it. It's a bad habit of Teddy's to hide any injuries. He glances up as Billy appears and eyes focus on the injured areas. "Billy," he says, moving over quickly to check the mage over. "Are you alright?" he's concerned alright. When Vision appears, Hulkling looks up and offers a smile. "Hey, Jonas. I'm not sure where Dante and Tommy are…" he trails off. He jumps at the knock at the door and glances. "I'll get it…" he trails off, putting the bag of food down on the table and heading out of the base and into the fake warehouse front. It's three steps later and he's opening the warehouse door to find Wave. "Wave?!" the shapeshifter moves to help the photokinetic inside after seeing the state he's in.

"I'm fine. Just a little dirty and scratched is all. I'll heal it up in a little bit." Wiccan chuckles, waving it off as he offers a smile to Jonas. "Heya." Then the knock, and the injured photokinetic. "My healing can wait." He extends a hand, channeling the natural energies, rather than his mutant. The words come out in a different language, this time, so it doesn't sound as odd to Teddy that he's not repeating himself over and over. It's not as strong as otherwise, but Wave doesn't look THAT bad, comparatively.

Wave stumbles a little as the door open and offers a bright grin as he recognizes the voice at least. "HUlkling, good thing someone was here. I ran into a little…difficulty on patrol and needed a safe place near by to at least rest a bit and remembered the card you gave me." The teen shudders a little as he feels Wiccan's healing magic hit him, and looks alomst as if he is blinking in surprise except for the fact that his crome visor hides his eyes entierly. "Whoah, that is a rush…I guesse your not alone here then? Can I assume what I just felt was the work of your cute, dark, and mystical team mate?"

Jonas gives a curious look to Wave as he's ushered in. "Wave?" He asks, looking to the newcomer. He's a bit interested in who he is. "Shall I alert emergency medical services?" He asks, even if Billy did heal him, he could be exhausted.

Teddy chuckles slightly and helps Wave over to the couch. "Yeah. That's Wiccan," the shapeshifter replies. He glances up and gives Billy one of those little smiles of theirs before looking over to Jonas. "Wave's the light manipulating hero I told you about. The same one from the data you got from the X-men. We've run into him a couple times," he explains.

"Yeah, I'm here, handsome." Billy chuckles, moving along with the others after closing the door with a flick of his hand. "You alright? Feel any better after that?" He offers, looking around. He remembers the kid, obviously, but hasn't had time to think straight for the past little while with everything going on.

Wave grins brightly as he gets called handsom, "Two out of the three cutest members of the team in one place, I must have done something right while I out stopping muggings today." Wave takes a second to actually use his powers to get a look at the room for just a nano second so he can act like he at least sees where the things there are. He reaches up a hand to hold his head for a moment sa he feels a little ain and then shakes it off. "No, I am fine. Not going to fall over dead or anything just a bit beaten around."

The cute comment floats above Jonas' head for a while before flying off. He takes a seat away from the new arrival, giving him room to recuperate. "Alright, I recall the information now."

Teddy shakes his head. "Hey, we're all very good looking guys were," he says, flashing a grin to Jonas and Billy before moving to retrieve a bottle of water for Wave. "Sure you're okay? All three of you?" he asks the others as he returns.

"I'm sure I'm fine." Billy nods, flashing a symbol and shifting his costume for clothing as he moves in closer to Wave to double check what he can see. "And yes we all are. Even the non-human member."

Wave shakes his head at Teddy, not seeing the bottle of water jsut responding to the question. "I am fine, just need a bit of rest or risk a bit of feed back from my powers…or something along those lines." With a slight grin the boy finds the seat across from Jonas. "It is just luck this hideout was near me or I would be trying to find a private plkace to get into civillian clothes and finding a taxi home."

As Wiccan changes into normal clothing, Jonas looks to his own holographic clothes. He changes them to resemble a more American way of wearing clothes. Untucked and slightly baggy. Though his vision is unaffected by the magical illusion. He makes no comment over the scantily clad hero's personal choice. "You are welcome to rest here as you need." Seeing that Jonas knows him from data and that the others trust him, he gives his trust to Wave.

Teddy watches the others change and then shifts down to his human appearance, shifting to normal clothes as well. There's a slight wince as he does this but he doesn't linger on it. "Two of those," he remarks to Billy, arching an eyebrow. "Water?" he taps Wave with the cold bottle gently. "

"I'm not counting you, Teddy. You know how I feel about you. I was including Jonas. I don't NEED to tell everyone in the world that I think you're the best guy in the world." Billy rolls his eyes. No sarcasm here, folks! He really does feel that way, but he's being honest. No need to point things out. He moves to lean over Teddy's back, whispering softly. "You sure you're ok?"

Wave does not move to change his clothes at all, not actaully seeing the others do it. Oddly, the touch of the cold water bottle on himmakes him jusmp jut a little, at least giving anyone watching carfully a clue that all is not quite what it seems with him before he takes the bottle. "Thank you Hulklilng."

Jonas looks to Teddy and Billy as he's brought up. "My appearance is just an amalgam of Iron Lad and some others, based on his brain patterns of who his family was." A sort of crazy not-brother thing, but his appearance looks like Nathaniel could have been his brother.

"I'll be fine. It's already healing," Teddy whispers back to Billy. "Just because you don't need to day it doesn't mean it's not still nice to hear," he teases, tapping Billy's nose before pulling him in for a kiss. "You still look good though, Jonas," he insists. "So…Wave. Mind if I ask you a little question?"

"I know, but I tell you all the time." Billy laughs as he looks at Teddy. "Askin' what I think? Should I go get some papers?" He asks, preparing to conjure them into his hands, actually. He has an idea, after all. "Well, if you feel you need more healing later, just let me know."

Wave jsut grins as he hears Hulkling and Wiccan being the cute couple anyone with eyes could tell they would be. "No, I am fine as it is, not planning on having any seizures or brain hemmorages or anything tonight Wiccan." Funny choice of possible reasons to need to be healed as opposed to say being stabbed or shot with a laser. "Go ahead anda ask Hulkling."

Jonas gives a smile to Teddy, he's been allowing more emotions to be expressed during leisure times, helps him get the experience again. "Thank you, Teddy." The android waits to see what's going on with the other two and Wave.

Teddy blinks. "Papers?" he asks. "OH! Well, not what I was going to ask but it's a good idea, Billy," he says with a laugh. "I was going to just ask if you were actually that nice artist named Terry I met at the zoo first, Wave," he explains, smiling towards Jonas.

Billy laughs and brings the papers forward anyway. He offers them towards Terry. "Oh please, I know you were thinking it, too. And we really don't have an energy manipulator other than myself right now. You and Tommy are Physical. Jonas and I are all-rounders. So, we need someone with energy." He chuckles, glaring at the papers, casting a translation spell on them. The ink vanishes as dots rise on the paper.

Terry grins and shakes his head as he reaches up and starts to remove his mask. "I will admit to it if you admit to being the blond guy and not one of the creepy old guys that were staring at us. I knew I recognized your voice." The blond boy shakes his head again laughing to himself as he pulls off the mask at last, letting the others see his milky white eyes. "You are going to have to tell me what gave me away. So what are these papers you are talking about?"

Jonas gives a nod. "It would work to our advantage if we did have one who could use energy specifically. It would allow myself and Wiccan to focus on other forms of attack." If he's assuming correctly, Teddy and Wiccan want to recruit Wave into the team.

Teddy laughs again. "Yep. I'm the blond and not one of those old guys," he confirms. "We had the same exact conversation in the cafe as we did at the zoo. Close enough to it for me to figure it out anyway," he explains. Listening to Billy and Jonas, Teddy nods. "That makes sense. See, these two are the smart ones. I just smash stuff," he jokes.

"Well, read them yourself." Billy says, passing them to Wave. Jonas was right. Basic papers requesting guardian signature etc and approval. All the rules. Good stuff. "Exactly. Teddy can smash. You can think. He can blast. I can protect."

Terry grins and laughs, "You forget you also have a fabulouse sense of fasion." The blind teen takes the papers from Billy, and starts running his right hand over them reading them, and doing so at a pretty fast rate. "Hmm, I would have to have copys in normal writing to give the rents, and let thier lawyer read over them before I could sign anything. He is not the only one that can think you know, I am no slouch in that regard either."

The term 'rents' would normally gain a look of confusion from Jonas, but he's heard Teddy and Billy refer to their parents as that for a long time. He doesn't experience a bout of jealousy when it comes to Wave being smart. "Good, it will be an advantage on the field to have another smart Young Avenger."

The term 'rents' would normally gain a look of confusion from Jonas, but he's heard Teddy and Billy refer to their parents as that for a long time. He doesn't experience a bout of jealousy when it comes to Wave being smart. "Good, it will be an advantage on the field to have another smart Young Avenger." The hologram covered android looks to Teddy and the rest. "Not that anyone is not smart." A little mix-up but it's well intentioned, Vision wouldn't trade any of his team.

Teddy smirks towards Billy for a moment. "And what about Tommy and Dante? And Eli and the girls whenever they come back?" he asks, just teasing a little. The shapeshifter goes otherwise quiet, letting the others handle papers.

"Please. We're all smarter than Tommy. We can think with the head on our shoulders." Billy says with an eyeroll as he murmurs, "translation" onto the page. "You won't need multiple copies, Wave. It'll translate itself to what the person holding it reads. We're officially sanctioned by the United Nations, so… It's a good contract. And you get a place outside of home to stay. Good training. Pay. Excellent insurance."

Jonas nods in agreement with Billy. "So our actions working in the field are not considered vigilantism." He also likes the fact that they can go wherever they want without having to be looked over with a fine toothed comb before entering another country.

Terry grins and his eyebrows go up a little at the comment about everyone being smarter than Tommy. "Of all those names, which one is the one that shares a face with the hot sorcerer only with brighter hair and super speed. There is something nice about a guy that might be able to keep up when I have had a few lattes." Terry hmms reding more of the paper work. "Well I don't need money, but the training thing might be nicer than just the on the job stuff. Hmm, the whole insurance and UN thing might be better to gloss over talking with pops…"

Teddy shakes his head. "Tommy has his moments of smart," he chimes. "That'd be Tommy, Terry," he adds in, having a good idea what Terry has in mind. "You'll also be getting to meet the Senior Avengers," he chuckles slightly when he says this.

"I'm gonna go start dinner, boys." Billy laughs, rising from his spot. "Think it over, Wave. And Yeah, that would be Tommy. My brother." He rolls his eyes as he moves he way into the kitchen to figure out what to cook.

Terry nods at the others, "Given I keep a pretty good secret Identity no problem with traveling to other countrys. No one would expect a blind artist to be a super hero. Tommy, right, I will have to remember that. It sounds like a good idea to me, but I have to talk my parents into it as well."

The android steps up from the couch. "Hopefully it will be acceptable to your parents. Pleasure to meet you, Terry." Jonas stands up and moves once again to the computer room, more activity with the other-world folk. "If you'll excuse me for the time being."

Teddy grins and reaches over to clap Terry on the shoulder. "Great," he declares. "Join us for dinner?" he suggests to Terry. He nods to Jonas. "I'll give ya the report on the one I ran into after dinner," he says. "But first, I need a shower," he declares, standing and cracking his neck. "See ya in a few."

Terry grins at Teddy and nods. "Sure, I need to change into civies, and be ready to walk home later, but at least I have not had any problems taking the subway. Odd, but apparently New York muggers don't ever bother the lone blind person. Probably some evolutionary effect of living in a city full of superheroes."

Teddy nods. "Alright. You can use the bathroom over there," he points to the brand new (he broke the one that was the two nights ago accidentally) door across the room. "And don't worry. Billy is an amazing cook," he comments as he heads upstairs.

Terry nods and stands up. After a second of futzing with something in his right arm he pulls out his folding long white cane so that he can make sure he makes it to the door without tripping over anything. "Works for me. Since I normaly cook for myself it will be interesting to have food made by someont that does not live a macrobiotic diet for once."

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