2009-03-09: Opening Pathways


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Summary: Addison and Eddie have a little time together to look into Eddie's powers, to see how they work. There are… interestig results.

Date: March 9, 2009

Opening Pathways

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Though things are crazy, Addison has taken it upon himself to teach… to help someone learn. If mainly to help depression. That, and because he doesn't know what else to do. Thus, even though he hasn't yet learned to program the danger room, he's using the empty room area itself as a power-practice area. Wearing his green and gray costume, he sits, cross-legged in the middle of the room.

Eddie makes his way into the room, dressed in his usual black and gold uniform. Goggles rest on his head and a bandana around his neck, he's a little surprised by the plainness of the room but shrugs. He got the okay to place a call but was told to wait for Scott to make it with him so it's time to take Addison up on his offer to help. "Hi, sir…" he trails off, walking over slowly.

"Eddie, don't call me sir. I'm less than three years older than you are." Addison says, patiently and with only a little exasperation as he smiles. "Come in. Take a seat." He offers, remaining in his seated position, no aura about him right now. "We're going to start off simple. I just want you to boost me, and I'm going to see how your mind perceives it." He says, with a grin, running his hands through his hair. He has plans to attempt to get into this new Cloak's mind at some point tonight.

Eddie makes a little face. "Still older than me though," he says. "Sorry…" a sigh before he sits. Pulling his legs under him, he nods. "Okay," he says. Taking a deep breath, Eddie activates his powers and his scars light up bright blue. He sees it as a fire burning in his chest and being directed out to boost Addison's powers to triple their normal levels.

Addison is mentally watching how Eddie sees it, even more clearly now that he's been boosted. He shares the vision with Eddie, to let him see exactly how it appears in Eddie's own mind, and how it seems to work. "So, you see your belief as fire… as power. And you throw it onto someone, tethering them to you. Feel for that Tether, Eddie. Feel for that bond you form. Can you find it inside your mind?" He asks, patient and gentle as he opens his eyes, his own flaming aura starting to surround him because of the sheer amount of power within his natural body.

Eddie is slightly startled by the image but settles quickly. "Yeah…a power," he says. "A tether?" he asks, frowning. His eyes remain closed though, the scars glowing a bit brighter. Eddie bites his lip and starts looking around in his head. Eventually his mental 'gaze' settles on the line of 'fire' going from him and out to who he's boosting. "This?"

"That's it, exactly, Eddie. You're giving through this link. But feel it. Do you have anything inside that can feel what's on the other side of the link? Try to touch me with your mind, Eddie. See how the fire affects me. Then see how the fire feels. Can you actually feel it?" Addison asks, eyes almost closing, but not. He wants to watch Eddie to see how he reacts to things.

Eddie expression is one of confusion. He's looking at the tether from different mental angles, trying to figure it out. Shifting in his 'seat' just a bit, the scarred teen bites his lip again. "I'm not sure how…"

"When you boost me or other, do you push, Eddie? How do you make us get the boost? How do you put your powers into us? Try doing that, but push at the same time you pull." Addison offers. "I mean, it's as good a guess as any."

Eddie tilts his head to the side, not really knowing he did it. Sort of a reflex thing with him. "Push…and pull…" he trails off. Going quiet, he settles into being puzzled for several minutes. "So I just…pull?" he asks. He gives a mental tug on the tether and gets nothing much. "I sort of just…focus where it wants to go. Direct the fire into someone instead of just staying in me…" he says, a touch awkwardly.

"Alright then. Focus on directing the fire, but pass some of it through and back. Make a loop with the fire. A flow into someone and a flow back. Like a power-cord. See if that works." Addison offers as he watches with a mental eye. "I believe in you, so there should be enough of a tie in there to do SOMething. I just don't know what. I never got to meet our Enhancer. I just know what he looked like."

Eddie nods slightly. "A loop," he murmurs, trying to figure out how go about doing that. Ofcourse, the words 'I believe in you' cause another reaction. A white glow joins the blue in Eddie's scars and a matching mental 'flame' moves from Addison into Eddie…but seems to be meeeting some kind of resistance, only passing through a hole in some kind of mental barrier. Almost as if he doesn't really believe people could believe in him. "Loop…" he trails off, getting the tether to atleast start wiggling.

"Eddie. That's part of it. Grip it. Inside. Feel it coming back to you. You started it. Take it and run with it. Feel what it's giving you." Addison says, smiling broadly as he watches the multi-colored mental flames dance back and forth. "Accept it. People believe in you, even if you don't know it. Trust them like they trust you. Eddie, help yourself help them in new ways."

Eddie jumps slightly as his name is said, expression becoming a sort of confused-determination one. As he listens, the white flame gets a bit more intense. Eventually, an idea happens. Eddie loops the blue flame through the white one. The sudden flare up in both flames startles Eddie. "Woah," he says. Something's starting. The fires are spinning and starting to take some kind of shape in Eddie.

"That's it, Eddie. That's exactly it." Addison whispers as he puts a barrier up around himself and around the danger room, just in case. "Let it flow, Eddie." The grin on his face spreads across his cheeks as he watches Eddie, running a hand through his hair again. "Take it into yourself and see what it does. Let it be a part of you."

Eddie's mouth opens with a slight gasp. The flames are taking a bird-like shape and the glow's getting much brighter. "Oh man…" he says quietly. The blue flame suddenly flares up very brightly and Eddie emits a flash of light and a bit of what seems to be…telekinetic force? When the light clears…something is very different. The 'flames' have returned to normal but seem to be surrounded by a bird-like aura. Eddie's different too. His uniform has changes to one resembling a white and light blue version of Addison's uniform. He's got that bird-shaped aura too…and looks rather shocked.

"Ha! I knew there was something more to your power." Addison laughs, grinning at Eddie brightly. "You had something in you, you just had to connect the feelings." He rises up on his own aura, moving up a few feet into the air. "Though the costume is completely unexpected."

Eddie opens his eyes and looks at Addison then down at himself. "Wh-what…what happened? I…I feel…really different," he says. He starts to stand up and ends up floating into the air a few inches. "Woah."

"Eddie, look at yourself. Look at your clothing. You mimiced me." Addison says happily. "That's your OWN version of my aura around you. I'm not causing it." He laughs, reaching out to brush a mental finger across the other teenager's mind to see how he reacts with opened mental possibilities.

Eddie jumps both physically and mentally at the mental brush. "I…I…" he trails off. Slowly, a grin spreads across his face. "You mean…I'm telepathic and telekinetic now?" he pauses. "By Thor's hammer! I'm flying! I'm FLYING!" he exclaims, taking off higher into the air. ~~THIS IS GREAT!~~

"I think it will work only when you're boosting me." Addison chuckles, smiling happily. "I don't know how it'll work when you boost others." He admits. "Just play with it. I'd spend time trying it down here, though, in case you get a power you can't control."

Eddie pauses in mid air to turn and look at Addison. "What?" he asks mentally and verbally at the same time. "Wait…you're saying I can mimic anyone I boost?" he asks, eyes going wide. "Wow…" he trails off, pictures of himself with various heroes' powers flashing through his mind and getting a little projection. "Wow! WOW!" he says, throwing a fist to the air and sending an accidental telekinetic shove with it.

"I'm guessing, Eddie. I don't know for sure, but that's how it looks. Mimic your dads. Scott. Bobby. Whoever you're boosting. What I saw was you fed the flame to me, and then you looped it back into yourself. It created a synergetic system to give you a portion of theirs." He laughs as he feels the shove. "Good thing I set a shield around us. I felt that, ya know." He points at the costume. "Though that was interesting. Copying my suit."

Eddie squeaks. "Sorry! Not used to this yet," he says, slightly flailing for a moment. "Oh man…wait till I show my Dads this!" he says, Spinning in the air, he blinks. When he takes another look at what he's wearing, Eddie squeaks again. Yeah, he's not used to the skin-tight look. ~~Wow…I should show this to Ricky…~~ he thinks, forgetting the telepathy for a moment. "How did that even happen…"

"I don't know. Let's move outside so you have some movement room." Addison laughs. "Out back or out front. That way you can get some real airtime in." He's smiling as he looks Eddie over and chuckles. "I think he'll love it." Addison does pick up on the overtones of who Ricky may be. "C'mon. We'll go see what's going on and maybe let you test it with someone else." He winks.

Eddie squeaks and blushes as he realizes that was overheard. "Right!" he says after a moment, waiting for Addison to lead the way before flying after him. He'll be doing a lot of flying while he has the power.

((Continues in I'll Take You)))

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