2009-03-04: Opening up


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Summary: Kaden urges Xane to open up to him and Drew.

Date: March 4, 2009

Log Title Opening Up

Rating: G

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's quite in the main room even though Kaden is lying on the couch with his head resting on one of the arms and it seems like Kaden's actually pondering a few things. Something Drew noticed while they were out on a walk with Keith today. The red head is in just a t-shirt and jeans and his hands are resting on his head holding his hair back as he ponders.

Once again, Drew is edgy, for some reason. He mentioned it on the walk. The waters, while obediant to him, seemed to have someone else that's been messing with them. SOmeone who's been forcing them to do things differently than he does. He doesn't understand it at all. He's curled up on the couch with his own head on Kaden.

Xane finally emerges from his room-cave. Cooking for so many people for that long took a lot out of him, emotionally and physically. He's dressed in some boxer-briefs and a royal blue shirt. He really just wanted to rest. He looks to the couch before moving to the kitchen. "Hey guys." he says, moving into the kitchen and opening a blind so he can see out of it.

Kaden moves a hand to wrap around Drew's waist, trying to comfort him. "Man Drew, this hasn't been easy on you at all." He says sympathetically as he gives Drew a kiss on the top of his head. "Hey Xane, what's up? Why don't you come out here and hang out with us?" He calls after Xane as the Spirit wanders into the kitchen.

"I know. I don't know WHAT'S going on with all this. It's like… the water's agitated. Like it's doing things it… or the other controller doesn't want it to. I just don't get it." Drew says with a sigh, leaning in closer to Kaden. "Yeah, safer for us all to stay together." He says with a nod.

"But we're in the same penthouse?" He asks, grabbing some orange juice. Xane starts to move over to the couch. He has looked better, but he's proud of the work he did while Manhattan was isolated from the rest of the city.

Kaden looks up at Xane and sighs. "Yeah but you're always off at your job or in your room and you don't really spend time with us. I know Drew and I know Keith but I don't really know you." Kaden says as he looks down at Drew and frowns. "I know Drew, maybe the water's giving you a warning by being agitated, like somethings messing with it that shouldn't." He's captain obvious.

"I don't know." Drew says with a shrug. He looks up at Xane. "Yeah, we wanna get to know you better. I know the other three, but not too much about you. I know your work. And your food. But that's about it, really." He says, scratching his head.

Xane gives a little bit of a sigh. "What do you guys want to know about me? I'm not that interesting really, behind the food."

Kaden shrugs as his and lightly brushes up and down Drew's arm. "Well where you from Xane? What kind of family life do you have? There's gotta be more to you than just cooking like there's more to me than just being an insufferable asshole." Hey, at least he realizes it. He looks down at Drew giving him a concerned look.

"You're hardly an insufferable asshole anymore." Drew says with a bit of a sigh. He leans over a bit, scooting closer to Xane and pulling Kaden with him if he comes. "And have you learned more about yourself?"

Xane's face moves in on itself, biting his lower lip to think of what he is going to say. "Umm, well. I was born upstate, my folks were investment bankers. They were the kind of folk that would go to work in the day, come home way late at night. So since I was old enough to take care of myself, I did. I was a latchkey kid."

Kaden smiles at Drew and sighs. "I know, I guess it was just a bad time to try to be a little comical." He willingly is pulled in by Drew and smiles at Xane. "Do you still talk to your parents, I mean, I don't know, were you always this hard to get to know? I mean we live with you but sometimes I feel like you're a stranger."

"Well, we have plenty of …" Drew yawns broadly. "Time to get to know him. He's one of us. He can't die." He says that last part happily as he leans into Kaden. He's listening, but within moments, his eyes drift shut. He's just exhausted.

"You have to understand, I've never had this many people that interested in me. Flings in culinary school involving chocolate and cherries. It was all 'no strings.'" Plus the fact he's out of the house a lot of the time, it's just hard to be there. "My folks are in California now, they finally had enough of the investment game and retired." He doesn't really open up to even Keith, no one's asked before either.

Kaden looks down at Drew as he falls asleep and can't help but give the sleeping water spirit a light kiss on his head. "Neither have I Xane. I've never had friends before meeting Drew and getting dragged into all of this. I never really had a family so this is new to me also. Keith and Drew are just really open."

"I guess we are similar in that sense." Xane says, never thought he'd be similar to Kaden. "That's how I started cooking, cause I had to take care of myself, including cooking for myself. I remember I used to feel things when around people too, but that went away eventually."

"When I was six my mother gave me away to the state, she couldn't take care of me anymore. Couldn't handle a kid anymore, that's what I read on my report." Kaden says shaking his head. "I tried so hard to push people away so I wouldn't feel that again but Drew wouldn't let me and I don't know, I've been realizing it's nice having people that care. I love Drew and Keith so much, and I want to get to know you too Xane cause you're in the same boat as us."

"I moved out to our guest house when I was fourteen. Life was pretty much the same, until I started going to culinary school. That's where things went kinda crazy." Xane clears his throat. "I have always been somewhat of a loner I guess. And still am it seems." The chef starts to move closer to Kaden. Still keeping some distance.

"Was it loner by choice?" Kaden asks as his hand is still on the sleeping Drew. "You're lucky you still have a family unlike Drew and Keith who lost theirs. And you don't have to be a loner Xane. I'm proof of that. I mean, for the first time in my life, I'm happy. Open up to us, we're all we've got. Drew doesn't have anyone else, Keith only has Jon besides us and I don't have anyone else. I don't know too much about Dmitri but he seems to be a loner too."

Xane's face moves to an unsure grimace. "My folks weren't a part of my life, they made sure of it. Just like all of a sudden after I was seven I was invisible, sure they'd notice me every now and again, but it wasn't like they were there in a parental capacity. You guys know me more than anyone else I've known." And even then it's not much.

"Yeah, and we barely know you. Just remember that you're stuck with us and this bond isn't going away anytime soon." Kaden says with a smile and it's definately obvious he might be hanging around Drew too much. "I do care for you Xane, you're like family, if this is what family's like." He says looking down at Drew. "I should probably carry him into bed, he's out and he's had a rough week."

"Same here. I just felt like I had to do something to help all those people, mass hysteria didn't ensue thankfully. Now we just have to worry about whatever is out there continuing outside of Manhattan." Xane says, standing up. "Need help with him?" He asks Kaden, the polite thing to do.

Kaden nods. "I know but if we stick together I'm sure we'll be fine." Kaden smiles at Xane as he stands up and goes to scoop Drew up. "I think I'll be fine, it's not a long walk. Thanks for talking Xane." He says going to Drew's room with the water-spirit. He doesn't exit though even after what should be definate that he tucked Drew in.

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