2011-04-11: Operating Outside The Lines


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Summary: Vinny stops by the Towers to give information to Tony. The conversation degenerates when the men do not see things eye to eye.

Date: April 11, 2011

Log Title: Operating Outside the lines

Rating: PG

Stark Towers

Tony Stark's Office

It's always busy around the Stark Towers and today is no exception. The boss man was in and out of the building on a fairly regular basis having to run between the three main buildings and the RND plant to oversee some experimentation on a prototype design. Bambi has been fielding various phone calls all day trying to sort out the ones that were most important to pay notice to. As Tony's returned to the office clad in a typical business suit he's standing at Bambi's desk at present going over the messages that have been left to him so anyone happening by the 43rd floor would easily spot him.

Vinny isn't exactly just happening by but ended up waved through to the elevator by the front desk. Emerging on the floor he looks around a moment for Bambi and spots Tony as well, smiling he walks over and gives a wave. "G'day, got a bit more information on tha MGH issue. Actually alot more.. and it's gettin' bloody weird."

Tony turns around to see the affable platypus and leans back against the desk. "Good afternoon, Vinny. I've a minute if you would like to step into my office." Ushering the man towards the closed doors Tony opens one to allow Mr. Wilks to enter then waves a Bambi, "Same ol' same ol." Bambi nods, "I'll tell everyone you're not here." A thumbs up is then given and the door to the office will be shut. Vinny is more than welcome to make himself comfortable anywhere in the room as he's been here numerous times before. "I have found various bits of information but alas nothing weird. What've you come across?"

Vinny nods and steps into the office, he takes a seat near the desk. "Well for starters I know why ya found a Kick inhaler in the lab. The MGH boys are being supplied NMO mutants and mutants that have gotten hooked on kick by somone or somthing called Chemicalo. Tha boosted blood makes tha MGH more powerful."

That's all the city needed, a group of people on boosted MGH, to make things far worse for every citizen. "This is distressing news. How did you come about this information?" Rounding his desk Tony pulls out his chair then slips down to seat himself while undoing his suit jacket. A few taps on the desk have monitors springing to life as the name Chemicalo is run through the various databases he has access to.

Vinny reaches into his vest and pulls out a flash drive, he tosses it onto the desk. "My partner in tha first raid took one of tha computer hard drives during our escape. Found a few bits a interestin' info on it."

Tony rubs across his go-t with the tips of three fingers while looking over the information on the flash drive. With the information stored in a file in the Stark Dataspine he pushes the drive back across the desk towards Vinny. "Is there anything else that was taken from that raid that you've not mentioned?" For a hard drive full of information was not only evidence but something that he could have used. With a shake of his head the chair swivels and the second monitor streams information about the various people listed in the file pertaining to the second phase of testing. If they were not already missing they would need to be looked after while much would be done to track down Simmons.

Vinny shakes his head "That's all I was given, course I've also got leads on two more MGH lab locations. When I'm ready ta hit them yer more than welcome to join in and have a go at the tech before everythin' gets trashed."

"I should be involved in raiding MGH labs as should the police department," Tony is of course going to follow the law whereas Vinny and his associate have not been. One can't argue with results but when you involve an Avenger the rules have to change a bit. "I've an address that I will be checking out which may pan out. I would like to move as quickly as possible to keep mutants from coming to further harm at the hands of these scientists."

Vinny nods "Ya can bring tha cops in all ya want, but they come in AFTER we get the mutants out and back ta tha embassy. Then ya can CSI and NCIS and SHIELD and any other letters ya wanna toss at the place. But we hit um first and we get the mutants out. You bring in sirens and the boys in blue and they might just decided ta destroy all tha "Raw Materials" first.."

Tony leans back in his chair draping his arms across the arm rests as his expression is unreadable. "There is a danger in that regardless of who shows up. Do I want people to lose there lives? Of course not. There are however individuals capable of infiltrating these locations that are trained to handle neutralizing the bad guys and seeing to the safety of those in danger. No offense to your skills nor your good intent, Vinny."

Vinny nods "I pulled it off once without problem, nothin' sayin' I can't do it again. I'm not handin' tha reigns to this mess over after havin' done this much already. I'm seein' it through and I'm makin' those bastards pay for what they're doin'." He stands and adjusts his vest a moment. "I gave ya what I figured ya could do the most good with with all them computers an such. Other than that I got work ta do, ya can help me out when I'm ready ta go, or ya can sit here and wait for me ta bring ya some more info. Choice is yers mate."

Tony sighs, "I'm not saying that you've not been effective. I'm merely pointing out that you're acting outside the law and that's not something that I can overlook. Those entrusted with protecting the people need to be allowed to do their job. I can not condone vigilante justice, Vinny. Meeting out your own punishments upon those you cross paths with may in the short term seem like the best of ideas but in the end you've created crimes of another nature." It would appear that they were going to disagree on how things should be handled. Eyes narrow upon the man across from him. "If that was an accusation that I am sitting on my laurels while innocent people are murdered then clearly you and I have nothing further to discuss Mr. Wilks."

Vinny nods "That I can agree with mate, so lemme end with this. Somone swipes yer armor, they copy tha tech an start sellin' knock-offs ta any clown that can afford one. Do ya go ta the cops? Do ya go ta SHIELD? Or do ya gather up yer mates, track the wanker down and get back what is yers? I ain't some drongo that just fell off the flippin' turnip truck. Yer not the only one that can do research and I did mine just dandy before I ever stepped foot in yer place that first time. When it comes ta somthin' near and dear ta ya tha rules go out tha winda and tha blasters come out. Well this is near an dear ta me, these are my neighbors.. my friends.. my community. God help any sonuva bitch that tries ta take um away."

"Ironically, it's been done." The swiping of armor, the stealing of data (Thank you Spymaster), and his things sold to the highest bidder. "Clearly anything that I would say on the matter will fall upon deaf ears so let me point this out. You operate outside of the law, outside of the system that is there to protect your friends and your community you're sinking down to their level. Throw in a bit of revenge and well..you get the picture." Tony rises up from his chair to cross through his office opening his door so that Vinny may leave. "I can empathize with your feelings but I can not condone the actions that you may take. Thank you for all that you've brought to my attention, and I truly hope that you at least think about what I've said."

Vinny grins "Naw, sinkin' ta thier level would be tellin' Magneto about all this and havin' him just rip the bloody labs out of the ground and shake um till the candy falls out. Ya know almost everythin' I know at this point, with any luck you'll find somthin' I couldn't and put a stop ta all this before I'm ready ta take um on again. Good luck ta ya mate, our business is done." He moves out the door and towards the elevator, tipping his hat again politely to Bambi as he passes "Ma'am."

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