2010-04-30: Opportunities


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Summary: Zack has a day off and goes Shopping. Felix shows him how it's done.

Date: April 30, 2010


Rating: PG

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

Zack is hanging out! Well not quite, the young teen has his friday off from classes and grinning out with a little pocket money. Maybe he'll buy a new shirt or something. Feeling pretty optimistic of late and wanting to see if he can be as hip as his room mate. The big teen a nerd in his heart after all.

Felix has decided to spend some of the money he got yesterday. First on the list: clothes. Second on the list: ICE CREAM! Because, well, he's been rather active of late, and needs a few calories to help keep his energy up. Besides. Frozen. Cream. with vanilla beans. Every cat loves that, right?
He walks out of the mall entrance towards the Cold Stone Creamery. Probably they won't mix in anchovies, but whatevah. And he stops short (and that choice of term is intentional) when he sees Zack looming almost in front of him. "GAH!"

Zack was in the middle of thinking what to do next when he's suddenly jarred out of his thoughts by the sudden exclamation! The large teen turns his head and focuses down on the smaller man, "Oh hello there, sorry am I standing in your way?" he asks with a light tilt of his head and looks behind him towards coldstone, hmm, icecream…maybe a good idea.

Felix looks UP. "Uh, hi, no, I wasn't looking where I was going. Good lord you're huge."
Felix looks up and down at the guy, "uh, yeah, hi, sorry, that was rude wasn't it?"
He shifts a bit nervously, "Well, nice almost running into you, uh, later then."
As he steps a bit to the right to go around, Felix's sunglasses slip down his nose a bit, revealing (from Zack's angle) brightly yellow-green eyes. No vertical slit, puma eyes don't have that, but not a normal color at all.

Zack ohs and he uhs and rubs the back of his head, "Oh ya, well I guess I am pretty big, um…ya I mean…I'm…um…" he is still stammering when Felix just sorta sides steps him and wanders back over towards the ice cream shop, "Well no I…" he will begin to slide over towards you, seeing the yellow green eyes he begins to walk over behind you.

Catlike senses detect the … well, OK, he sees Zack moving up behind him in the reflection in the door. "OK, well, hello again," Felix says opening the door to the creamery, and holding it for the giant. "Apprez voos." Deliberately mangled French there.

Zack nods, "Sure, thanks, was thinking about some ice cream myself" he ducks his head, since even most commercial doors arn't made for 8 and a half feet. He will squeeze in, "You can go first though seems like you know what you wanted…" he says as he looks at the menu to see what they got.

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

Felix goes inside followed by the walking advertisement for "Drink Your Milk And Grow Up Healthy And Strong". Of course nobody said that milk wouldn't be laced with mutagens. It takes a long time for Felix to decide, so he gestures to Zack, since so far, the lunch rush has gone already and the second lunch rush isn't in quite yet, "Go ahead, I have to figure out what I want."

Zack nods his head, "Sure dude…hey…I'm Zack by the way" he offers a big hand towards you and smiles, he's got nice eyes too, though in this case framed by ringlets of black hair, the big teen still awkward, but friendly as he offers the hand to shake.

The handshake is returned, gulp, carefully — Felix's fingernails, while not claw-shaped, are still somewhat longer than usual and trimmed to a point rather than flat across the front. He has to be careful not to scratch with them. Uh, a name. Crud. Well, hell. Use the front name. "I go by Cheshire," Felix answers, "It's a nickname I got from my brother." Yeah, the brother from another mother of a different species, who shares his same body.

Zack grins, "Cheshire, that's cool," he says his hand wraps around yours, and he might feel a little prick but he's not gonna notice, he's a big strong guy so he gives you a gentle shake, "Nice to meet you. What brings you out, school done for you too?" he orders a double, naturally, cookie dough! In a waffle gone, num num.

Felix orders a bowl. No cone, waffle or otherwise, to confuse his ice cream experience. One small scoop of chocolate with marascino cherry mixed in. One small scoop of strawberry with cranberry raisins mixed in. One large scoop of vanilla with nothing else mixed in. And a slice of banananana.
He answers Zack's question, "Huh? School? Uh, sure, yeah, it's definitely done."
As in, he doesn't bother attending it. He isn't stupid nor ignorant, he just doesn't go to school. Anywhere. It would cramp his style. "So you're in school? College? You look like the basketball/football/crush the enemies into the ground and laugh at the lamentations of their cheerleaders type of guy."

Zack is licking his ice cream cone and he certainly seems to be enjoying it, "Well ya, I mean you can't be older then me, ya know, law says, gotta go to school and all that sorta stuff…um…high school?" he says, does he really look that much older? Must cause cause he's bigger. "And no, um…no…I'm not…no I don't play sports or anything like that…" he takes a bite of the waffle cone, "I kinda…jog, I guess…I like to sing,"

OH FOR … what a total waste of talent. "Sing. Man, well, you'd kinda dwarf 'em at the Met. Might work in arena rock, if you grew your hair out or shaved it off and got some ridiculous ink."
Felix picks up a spoon because dammit the humans are watching, and engulfs a big scoop of the vanilla. His eyes close and he smiles in silent ecstasy. "SO good," he mumbles.
An appraising glance at Zack, "What law says what? I'm over 18," Felix lies, as he certainly is not, despite several ID cards that claim otherwise.
"And yeah, must be the size. So, apparently you won the genetic lottery then, in a more than special way, which is too bad for you playing sports I guess."
Felix thinks for a moment. Maybe, just maybe, I can get him into underground fighting. He seems the correct brightness for that. Not too dim to do the job and not too bright not to. Gotta diversify sometime, petty theft isn't bad for making the bills but it isn't good for long term plans.

Zack huffs a small bit and he just sits down upon a chair, even the industrial steel these places use groans under his weight since he was frustrated and sat down too quickly, the welds visibly cracking. "Ah…damn…and ya I like to sing…opera mostly, some Puccini…" he takes another lick of ice cream. Yesh even his tounge is big, could probably lap better than you. Just sorta giving a small awkward shuffle in his chair, "So you're 18 huh? Ya I bet that's right" his eyes suddenly narrow, he knows the fake id trade, didn't totally shut his eyes in Harlem. "Lottery my ass. I got the gene, and it sucks…same as with everyone else I'd imagine. Talk about turninig your life upside down." he takes another lick of his ice cream.

Felix blinks. Good lord. Huge tongue. Remember that for later if the kid seems amenable, but first figure out a pitch. Of course, ice cream interrupts all for a moment.
"Hey, I don't see anything wrong with it. You have what millions of men wish they could, without even having to work hard for it. You should take advantage of it somehow. Fortunately I'm always good at finding opportunities. If you like I can try to set you up with something you'd find profitable."
Of course at that moment from outside, someone's boom box starts playing Pet Shop Boys "Opportunity" and Felix almost chokes on his next mouthful of ice cream. — you've got the brawn, I've got the brains, let's make lots of money — Oh good one, Universe. Nice way to poke fun of the puma.

Zack keeps licking his ice cream, "Ya, sure, was fun growing 3 feet in a year and knowing you're not normal" he points at you, "How about you bright eyes…" he peers at you, "Those sunglasses don't fool me, you're not quite standard issue either." he leans forward, and the big teen seems to loom as he looks at you. Using his size to offer some intimidation…only to give it away with another lick of his ice cream cone.

Eep. Looming giant is looming. Uh, wait. Don't be a fraidy cat, Felix.
"OK, I confess. I'm not. But that means we have more reason to trust each other, and maybe work together, right?"
Pretending he's not being loomed at, Felix takes a bite of the strawberry ice cream with craisins and oh MY that's good.

Zack gives a little humph and he leans back from you and he finishes his waffle gone in two bites, crunch crunch! Nom nom nom, "Well I don't think I have any chance for business I'm still goign to school, and you remind me of the guys that used to work off of the stoops guy. Always got an angle of one or another…" he takes a napkin and whipes his mouth.

"Well, yeah, I am. It's what you do when you don't have anyone else to take care of you, but if you want me to back off, I will. It's just … you should be thinking about what happens when you're not in school any more, and with the obvious gifts you have, it might be the right time to take advantage. Shouldn't HAVE to interfere with school. What do you like to do besides singing?"
Felix reassesses this. Kid says he's sixteen, maybe, maybe he's just a naif, but he's not ready for underground. But damn, he'd make a great model. Legit even, not an air-quotes-and-snide-voice *model* with the implication of selling more than his image.
OK, enough time wasted on not eating ice cream. Felix returns to his vanilla before it melts in the wrong place: his bowl, not his mouth.

Zack is leanining back in his chair now, causing the metal to groan and bend outta shape more, "Ya well I guess I'll have to think about that later, come to that when I come to it, I got another 3 years, and…I dunno. Ya know, I just figured out school and friends, why the hell should I start something as deep as what I'm gonna do AFTER now…" he says with another toss of his head. Pretty, and musclebound latino. Ya that'll make for interesting pictures. He went from cheerful to glum in a hurry even after that ice cream, in a typical teenager fashion.

Oh, now we can't have glum. Felix grins over at the big guy, "Hey. You got it going, then no worries, man. You got plenty of time to think about it, find out what you DO like doing. Have fun, enjoy yourself."
Felix notices the chair going, and raises an eyebrow. That may well cause Problems if that chair breaks. Another mouthful of strawberry finishes off that flavor, and he is almost purring. Almost.

Zack takes a deep breath, the chain continues to groan underneath him as he's fidgeting aroud back and forth, "Ya I gess I do sorta have the time, just…a lotta shit has happened lately…more the normal, not entirely over it ya know. Goes deep"

Felix tilts his head this time, at Zack's comment. "Well. Since you need to enjoy being your age and being able to not have to worry about adult responsibilities, and that's a good thing, and since we both know you won't be singing at the Met THIS week, I guess we've thoroughly ground that topic deep into the dust of dead empires. SO, Zack, what brings you to the mall today? As you can tell by the bags, I've been upgrading my wardrobe."
Felix flails a handful of bags - several of them, from places as diverse as Old Banana and Frederick of South Jersey to the boring normality of Hot Topic.

Zack nods and puffs, "I'll say, normal high school is a joke you know, really, some serious shit going on…" he rubs the back of his head, "And ya, I haven't mastered beig a bass yet. It's a big leap from alto to that…ya know…" he's finished his ice cream so he peeks a bit, "Well I was kinda…looking for new clothing, But I'm horrible with any sort of fashion, I don't know what to buy. Have a little pocket money now"

"Well. We are in luck then. Since I fail at enticing you into the risky life of being my lackey in the entrepeneureal arts, then I can at least see that you dress fittingly."
Felix looks at his bowl. There is no strawberry left, there is still chocolate. Two bites worth. NOM, the first.

Zack huhs, "Lackey, since when did that ever come up?" he tosses his head, and the ringlets of black hair fall onto his face. Removed with a little puff of air, "You're certainly a bit of a strange fellow yourself. Though I guess beggars cant' be choosers, you at least know what sorta clothing to buy…" he watches you nom on the ice cream…nom nom

"First," Felix says, glaring at his last bit of ice cream, "You need to get a haircut. But perhaps you can put up with having it pulled back to get your clothing chosen since NO competent stylist who is good enough for the job is going to have space for a walk-in on a Friday afternoon. So. What kinds of activities do you do? What do you have to wear now? And last but in no wise least, are you still growing and if so, how fast?"
A second-and-last swallow of ice-cream, chocolate followed by the palate cleansing vanilla, and a swig of soda water without any flavorings, and Felix is ready to brave the mall again.

Zack gives a little puff, "I was gonna see about someone from the school give it a trim, supposidly he's very good" he leans his chin into his hand and keeps watching you as you glare at the nice cream "Right now I'm just going to school. I got workout clothing os I odn't need to worry about that, this is just walking around clothing…as for ah…growing. Well…so far I'm still growing an inch a month." he watches you finish your ice cream

Felix doesn't indulge too long in the remaining ice cream, since it's mostly melty. He peers over his sunglasses, yellow-green eyes blink once, and he says, "OK. Just be sure it's not left in a mullet when you're done. If you decide to be an arena rock star you can do the hair thing with a wig."
He stands and carries his bags to the door, "I'll be RIGHT back, gotta take these to a locker. Oh, and think about budget. How much you have to spend."

Zack doens't have a mullet! No it's more like a mass of curls! Very latin, or somthing similar, but he sorta huhs, "Well I have like…maybe 200 to spend on clothing, saved up a bit, since ya know, clothing usually doesn't fit after a while, figure i could get something and keep letting it out…" he watches though, as Cheshire leaves.

And he'd better not have one after it gets cut! Felix doesn't take long, in any case. Although the locker he took the bags to is actually his own home.
"Hello again Zack," he says, walking up, "Two hundred. For that and at your size, and looks, we could get away with something more unusual, perhaps a kilt, but you'd have to wear it with confidence. And at your size, you won't find anything off the rack that you can simply 'let out' — you're thinking like someone under six feet tall. In fact we may need to take you to a few places I know in the garment district."

Zack sighs, "That's kinda what I thought, oh well…I think maybe the school will pay for it since it's replacment clothing, stuff I have on me was the last batch…they're pretty good at finding replacments, but, I dunno, I just felt like finding something to be…fancy or something." he stands. The poor chair he was on sorta droops. Poor thing will never been the same, ravaged by the giant teen. "Garment district, you wanna hit downtown?" he asks, "Sure, I'll go downtown, why not?"

Felix looks suspiciously at Zack. "How much do you weigh perchance?" This might require (ugh) riding a BUS. Or the subway, which can be even less exciting.

Zack huhs, "oh, like, uh…450…or so, I guess I dunno it's been a while since I weighed myself" he rubs the back of his head again, but all of that is muscle at any rate. "Why did you wanna know think that'll affect the clothing?"

"Uh, yeah. Well, it'll affect the clothing but more importantly, you're too heavy for me to carry," Felix says. And heads out the door, walking toward the mall. "You can get stuff here, but it won't last long enough to make it worth your while."

Zack nods his head, "Well ya, duh, I wouldn't expect you to carry me, what are you crazy, it's a hell of a lot easier to take the bus anyway…" looking at you like you are a bit off. Since he figures you meant that literally, no context for anything else. "So you shop down in the garment district often then?"

"I do, sometimes. Why live in New York if you cannot take advantage of the things they have here that you can't get anywhere else?"
He frowns. "OK, nobody looking. I'm going to shift. Don't panic, I'm about to turn into a puma. That way I can carry you along with me."
He puts a hand out; if Zack doesn't evade he'll take hold of the giant's wrist, and that hand will turn into a paw. FULL shift.

Zack huhs a moment, "Ah I was right so you're NOT normal! Ha!" feeling a little happy with himself for having guess correctly that the other teen wasn't quite a regular shopper but it's short lived as his wrist is suddenly grabbed! Ya that's surprising, the grab that is, not the shift, that's not the weirdest thing he's seen.

The Puma paw is larger but not that much larger, and is holding on but claws aren't piercing skin, that would be rude. It looks at Zack with Felix's yellow eyes and says, "OK, ready to go? I think I can get us there in one jump."

Zack nods, "All right, so you mean like a teleport, cool, hit it man, just ya know, not in public, people get freaked out" he whispers…

NYC - Garment District

The Garment District, once the center of fashion manufacture for America and the world, is located just east of Hell's Kitchen and Mutant Town. Not so seedy as those districts, it has its own charm, and it's still the place to go if you want a perfectly fitted suit, that perfect sundress, or the next thing that's about to become the next thing.

"That's why I chose here and now," Felix-the-puma says in the empty space between two buildings, and then there's a sort of YANK and instead they're in an alley in the seedy side of the Garment District, and Felix shifts back to human gasping for breath.
"Four hundred," he says, "seventy five. I think. Gotta start lifting."
Of course he won't, not unless someone makes him do it. That's a given.

Zack blinks as he's suddenly shifted, the big teen stumbles, "Woah that's weird…" he says, and quickly checks over his body. Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…ya everything is there, he pats down his body and shakes his head, "Dude…no offense but I think that I'm gonna take the bus back to Westchester, that was freaky…"

Felix leans back against a wall, still catching his breath. "Yeah, I won't complain. You oughta take the subway though, is probably faster."
He re-seats his sunglasses and looks over at the street.
"OK, it's a half block from here, Schimmel's Suits. We can get you something that should look good on you for the next four, maybe five months. Schimmel the Junior owes me a favor so I think I can get him to do it for cost plus, but he might want to work a deal, so don't let him talk you into anything, OK?"
Felix walks towards the sidewalk and does a "c'mon" gesture.

Zack nods his head, "Aw, well you don't have to do that, I think I could get the university to swing for it ya know, the school…" he says but he keeps walking next to you, a giant scythe in the middle of the sidwalk, the crowds practically parting as he wanders down, "What do you think will look good, or are you gonna ask them? Guess they're the experts"

Felix starts talking as they go, "Gotta be honest, you're huge, you're not just tall, you're also wide. They can make a suit for you but you have a taper that is beyond amazing, which is why custom is the way. You should have some silk shirts, turtleneck type or mock-teeshirt, and at least two maybe three regular button-downs, you need a dark blue pinstripe, not black, because it's the standard. A tuxedo on you would be spectacular but how many times are you going to need one? Nah, you need a good jacket, vest, shirt, tie, and pants set. And decent shoes."
By the time he finishes that speech they've reached the door to the place, and Schimmel the Younger (looks about 367 years old, Jewish with a Bronx accent, but really he's only 35) leads them to a room full of prefab.

"NOTHING HERE," says the man, "NOTHING HERE WILL FIT YOU. We'll have to do it from SCRATCH!"

Zack is from Spanish Harlem, so he's actually never had to deal with a jewish tailor, sure, he's heard legends, but he thought they were all just stories. Blinking as he huhs, and points a finger at him, "Well uh, I thought that's why we came here, ya know, to um…get something custom. All I want is some nice shirts and pants, I don't need a suit, honestly I don't think I need one, was just looking for something cool to wear," suddenly wondering if the feline brought him in over his head. Of course that's usually a cat's job.

"Who is the tailor here?" Schimmel asks, rhetorically. "No, your friend is a young one, despite his plus-size, isn't he. Look. Mr…." Felix fills in, "Zack."
Schimmel continues, "Mr. Zack, the ordinary person off of the street, all pretty much the same size, the same shapes. Since time is money in any business, we make the pre-cut shapes for several sizes, and after we measure, it requires only some quick assembly, and we have a suit within a day. For you, well. You're too short for the one precut we have made up. Our customer stopped being a giant. Maybe we can cut it down though. You're not twelve feet tall, after all."
Schimmel drags a stepladder from a storeroom, "Stand up straight now. I'm going to have to measure you in several places, but don't jump, I'm not trying to seduce you."
Little tailor's joke there. The measuring tape is quickly applied: arm length from collar bone, arm length from spine, shoulder from neck to end of deltoid, chest inflated, chest deflated, waist, hips, thighs, calves, inseam (that's the place many men find disturbing) and neck.

Zack has a sorta look like he's gotten in way over his head as his request for somthing nie and in style goes out the window, and suit comes back on the table, "Uh I…short?" he asks and just shuts up after that. The large teen easily cowed by the older and certinally more knowledable man, shorter then he is or no, "God no, I hope I don't end up 12 feet tall…" he mummers as he's measured…only a tiny jump at the inseam, but not too much. Boy's big, not just his bones, the layers of muscle built up on him adding girth in all directions.

"Now, you were asking for just some ordinary not-so-casual clothing," Schimmel continues as he fills out a form. "Something cool to wear. Your coloring, you could carry off any bright colors well, or even an ordinary white shirt. So what are these for, school, dates, that sort of thing? Wait. Did you say 'don't end up'? Are you perhaps going through a growth spurt? How tall are you expected to get?"
Schimmel looks over at Felix. "You, Mr. Grinny-Pants. What is it with you bringing me the difficult ones? That snake boy, that nearly cost me my best seamster."

Zack ums, and he nods slowly, "Well not anymore, I mean, not a real spurt, like…4 feet in a year, no I'm kinda still growing though, an inch a month…still…" he rubs the back of his head, "have been for 5 months now…so I think that's kinda gonna be where it ends up you know. But ya, for school, hanging out, going to the mall, looking for somthing fashionable. I think that'll be very nice." he grins, "Colors are fine too." he huhs and turns to look bac at Felix, "Snake boy? Oh, um, I'm not…gonna do anything, don't worry. I'm just…me"

"My downstairs neighbor, Zack, and Schimmel, if you can't do it," Felix says half-jokingly, "I can always take him to a Big and Tall store."
The sour expression on Schimmel's face is almost worth it. But Schimmel is a professional! "Mr. Zack. I can have four button-collar shirts, two short-sleeved and two long-sleeved and two pairs of pants for you by the end of the day tomorrow. These will be suitable for most functions. The total would be one hundred fifty dollars, our cost plus ten percent. A business suit would be one thousand four hundred dollars, at our cost plus ten percent."

Zack uhhhs…"I got 200…so um…that'll do for the shirts and the pants. That'll be fine, just fine, I'll give you the rest for a tip man. So all you gotta do are the shirts and the pants and I think I'll be good. It'll be nice. Thanks." he says as he never realized how much a hand tailored suit costs! "Ya no suit for now…" shocked really, doesn't think he's had that much money in his life.

Felix climbs the stepladder and semi-crouches next to Zack. "You said you could get the 'university I mean highschool' to help? Maybe you should ask them. Schimmel has a business card. He gave me one, too."
Schimmel sniffs, "I always put one in the pockets."

Zack nods, "Well maybe, if I need a suit they'll pay for it, um, ya…but I don't think I NEED one, I'll have to ask one of the teachers, they might though ya, I know where this is now I could always come back right?" he asks Schimmel.

"Of course," Schimmel says. "But if it's too long, we'll need to change the measurements. So. I have more customers, and our receptionist, you should come to the front door next time, will take your payment. Mr. Cheshire, you should get a better coat soon, that thing you are wearing has become a bit ragged. Not to mention overly dramatic."
As Schimmel leaves the room, Felix sticks his tongue out at him, but considers… is the Gambit-Length Jacket really a good look now? "What do you think, Zack? Should I lose the duster?"
He leads the way down a short hall to the actual front entrance, where a receptionist clicks her gum at Zack and looks pointedly through her catseye rhinestone glasses at the order form in Zack's hand.

Zack nods his head, "Ya you're right, I think it'll be..uh, good, ya to go get remeasured later, but thank you." he looks back at the cat and hmms, "Looks rough and ready really, to me." he nods his head as he walks down the hallway with you. "I think it looks ok ya…" he runs his hand back through his many curls of hair and ends up with the receptionist, "Well hello there." he offers the form to her, the big hulking teen tries to smile at her.

"That's a recommendation then," Felix says, and silently decides to find a somewhat less rustic coat. Maybe keep the general coat idea.
The receptionist is happy to take the money, hands back a form, but her expression is no longer in any way warm and open, not that it was earlier.
"Thanks, sweetie," Felix drawls at her, and she pops her gum in retaliation.

Zack gives the form, and the hard saved money and then it's over…the friendly look is gone and he's left hanging out with a new guy friend. There's a metaphor in there somewhere. He looks back at Felix, "Well thanks for taking me to get a nice set of clothing, hmm, what's next? Got anywhere else to go?"

"Depends on when you have to be back to Westchester," Felix answers. "It's about a two hour ride in traffic, normally. Or I could try to drag you back."
He grins, "You probably don't want to go on my next errand. Probably."

Zack lets out a little breath, "Well I guess you could try and take me through that weird shift again…but what's your next errand, I might as well ask rather then wait through traffic"

The feline fellow quirks his eyebrow. "Well, I wanted to get some more pigeons, but I haven't seen my hunting buddy lately. Too bad, Mikh's pretty fast with those claws."

Zack bwahs, "What do you mean, you're going to actually catch pigeons? Dude those things are nasty dirty birds" he winces, "Why would you want to catch them, what would you do with them?"

Felix grins. "They're delicious, Zack. I even cook them sometimes."
Zack ughs, "Dude…nasty, you'll catch worms or something…" he blehs and shakes his head a little bit.

Felix laughs, "You ever hear a puma complain about that? Besides, I take a worming med every month just in case. But you know, I sell the extras I catch to the local restaurants. You ever heard of 'fresh squab'?"

Zack ughs, "Man is that what people on the west side eat? Bleh, no thank you…ya I don't think I'm gonna join you for a hunt of pigeons, sides I'd just squish them."

There's that Cheshire Grin again, "Hey, I said you probably didn't want to go. It's ok, I can postpone it. What would YOU do in New York? Mutant Town is a few blocks to the west and south a bit, Hell's Kitchen is due west, Chelsea due south, midtown east, Theater district just a block north."
Felix leans against a wall, waiting for an answer while he thinks about what he needs for a different jacket.

Zack shakes his head, "I dunno, sometimes I just hang out in the park and watch the chicas go by, was never into playing basketball, but just hanging and chillin is fine with me…hey where do you live anyway?"

"Mutant Town, of course," Felix answers. "Where do you live?"
He scratches his head, "It seems a serious waste to me. If I was as big and strong as you are, I'd be doing stuff with it. Like, I started to hang with some free runners a couple weeks back but they had to go back to school. So."

Zack nods, "All right, well I go to school, boarding school up in Westchester is all, so I'm living there at the school." he nods a little bit again, "Free runners? Ah dude, I don't have any sort of real dexterity, can't move and jump around and like that ya know."

Felix does not seem impressed. "You grew four feet taller in just a few months, and you weren't an active guy before that, am I right? Well, what have you done to make your nerves catch up with your body? You apparently don't have a power to make that happen by itself, do you?"
He pushes off the wall to stand upright, and gestures with a "follow me" handwave.

Zack ahs and shrugs to himself, "I did, well, I wasn't that active, but I've been getting a hell of a lot better" he claps his arms a bit, "At least I've been practicing ju jitsu, but that's not a fun sorta thing that's a "You gotta do it" sorta thing…" he moves his hair back from his face again. But he'll follow you.

Felix leads the giant with him, about four blocks, during which time he goes on about inconsequential but important stuff: baseball, movies, the hot chick on Idol who can't sing but everyone loves anyway, the latest cat food commercials. When they arrive at their destination: a small park with a big jungle-gym, Felix says, "This is what I do." He jumps up about ten feet to grab a swing-bar, and starts swinging back and forth, then at the top of the arc, lets go with one hand, then after another swing, lets go with the other, landing eventually on all fours on the other side of the other side of the bar behind Zack.

Zack uh huhs, nods, well the hot chick can sing, she just needs to move away from hip hop! Anyone without the booty can't sing a song like that, it ha somthing to do with the resonance in the butt or somthing like that. Or so his theory goes. "Cat food, and pigeons, man I find your diet a little strange…" he blinks as you just leap up onto the jungle gym and he watchs you flip back, and forth and watching the acrobatics, "Woah…I can see why you like free frunning…" he nods. Looking around and seeing all the other various…mutants ahnging around here "Cool place…"

There are also a few mothers with kids. Mutant perhaps. Maybe not. Some mutants aren't obvious.
"So give it a try. Climb aroud on the gym for fun. Not because it's for class or training." Felix jumps up onto a log-piled play-sculpture. A kid reaches up so he leans down and pulls him up next to him. "You be careful up here," Felix tells the kid. Like that'll work.

Zack is an obvious one of course and he takes a deep breath, "I don't think so…it's not really gonna work…" he winces, "No man, I…I break stuff. Ya know I have to be careful, fooling around on a jungle gym is only gonna break it and then the kids will all sadface at me, and that won't be fun for anyone." he rests his hands on his hips.

Felix shakes his head. "You weigh 475 pounds. These things are overbuilt. If you just go easy, find your limits, you won't break stuff. Just don't squeeze hard."

(end of RP session as my computer became rude and I needed to fix it. May be continued later, if so, will append here.)

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