2009-06-11: Optic Blasts Of Doom


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Summary: Robyn loses control of his powers and hits someone.

Date: June 11, 2009

Log Title Optic Blasts Of Doom

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Ebony has just got back to the school not to long ago. In her hand she carried a big bag of what looks like Chinese take out. She hums a small song as she walks and seems to be in a good mood. Any and all paper in the area seems to be moving on it's own as if in a breeze. She stops dead in her tracks as the red twin beams of light come out of the boys eyes and hit the tree. She should not be surprise to see such thing in a school full of mutants but she is and steps back at the sight. She stands there watching not sure what to do.

July comes of her dormitory building right as Robyn does a killing glare all around, "Whoa!" she blinks, eyes wide, "What's wrong, Robyn?"She asks, before noticing Rob (or rather, noticing the suit walking) and looks at the invisible teacher, this being the first time she sees him in his 'true' form. "Mr. Weyrin?" She asks, tilting her hear.

-=Interior, X-Mansion, Logan's Room=-

Slouched in a leather recliner Logan wanders in and out of unconsciousness with the television as white-noise instilling odd hallucination as he passes from dream to dream the bottle of Whikey he'd been working on half-empty on the side-table his drunken euphoria coming and going between cat-naps.

A flash, a familiar sound, his dream suddenly too real the man is own his feet with blood trickling down his hand. He turns, vision a bit blurry, to see a swatch of destruction across the lawn.

Head fuzzy he moves for his window a powerful movement sundering glass and sill as he pushes through the opening.

-=Exterior, X-Mansion, The Quad=-

The air rushes past Logan as the ground fast approaches. His training is instinctual. He was taught to survive HALO without the -LO. Feet hit the ground and he rolls, impact shifting through his tendons and rattling across his skeleton the man rising with a faint staggering limp.

Scents hit his brain. No sentinels. No enemies.

"Scott? Just what the hell.." Where's Scott?

There's a bright flash of light, and loud yelp of pain that comes from behind the tree when Robyn's optic blasts it to bits. Skyler hadn't been paying any attention to where she'd been flying and only and only through quick reflexes and an instinct to put up a light shield did she manage to keep the beam from being fatal. Still, between it and the subsequent fall, she's in bad shape.

Robyn turns around as he hears someone say his name and blinks at the invisible man. "I didn't mean to, I just kind of lost control." He says quickly not recognizing Rob at first and just thinking he's in trouble. Then he hears he yelp and rushes on over. "Oh man, I didn't mean to hurt anyone." The teen with Scott's powers sounds paniced. "Scott's not here, I have his powers." Says the teen in Scott's shades as he looks over at Skyler to make sure she's okay.

Rob nods, gesture unseen. "I didn't think it was on purpose," he says. "Yes, July. How have you been? Have you seen Skyler and Ebony anywhere?" he asks. And then there's Ebony. "Ah, Ms. Wonder. I've been looking for you…" he trails off. Before he can continue there's a yelp and a Logan and Rob just blinks. A moment later and he's running over to join Robyn by Skyler.

Ebony Blinks at all just happen from the blast. She looks over the floating suit and blinks at it as it talks to her but she then looks over and spot Skyler and gasp, "Skyler" She drops her food and runs over to the poor boy in a women's boy. She

July nods to Rob, when she hears the yelp and she snaps her attention toward Skyler, "Oh, my god!" she says, before hurrying to the help of… who? She sees Skyler, but in a different body, "Skyler?" she asks, blinking, looking down at the shape-shifting guy.

People's legs and arms just aren't supposed to bend in the ways that Skyler's is. Whether from the optic blast or the from the fall, three of her four limbs seem to be in pretty bad shape. Plus, she seems to be bleeding from somewhere in her scalp.

Robyn feels really bad about accidentally blasting Skyler and just stands there in a daze. "I..I..I didn't mean to." He says as he jus looks at her thinking he might of killed her. The glasses are still on his face as he just can't keep his eyes off of Skyler.

Rob frowns, looking Skyler over. He's no doctor but he knows bad when he sees it. "Alright, we've gotta get her down to the medical bay, now," he says simply. "Gonna need help carrying her."

July rrrrs softly. If she still had her powers she could help Skyler easily. Now… not so much. "B-but how? She's pretty hurt! If we move her, we might make something worse!"

Ebony frowns and nods, "I'll help if I can" She looks around and and then at Rob where should I try to grab her I don't want to hurt her more then she has been." She thinks but then shrugs paper powers are not going to help her much here.

Skyler groans weakly, "Did anybody get the license plate of that train?" She looks over at Robyn and tries to give him a reassuring smile. "I know," she says, wincing as she talks. "It's okay."

Logan lopes across the quad his injured gait improving every other step though his eyes narrow upon blurred vision, "His powers?" Claws slink back through his hands wrists straightening as they pass, "Heh.." A grimace and his shifts as knotted muscles relax the impact of the fall rolling off of him, "..stick up yer ass must hurt.."

He looks to where Ebony and July rush, "What in the -fuck-."

He moves for them then his vision clearing more due to waking up than anything else, "Move.." he'll push if they don't give, provided their power isn't rooting them, and kneels assessing her with little more skill than a paramedic.

It's hard to tell that Robyn's close to tears thinking that he killed Skyler since he has the glasses on. "It's okay? It's not okay, I almost killed you, by accident." He says as he watches Logan for a bit. "I'm really sorry Skyler, it was an accident."
Rob gets pushed aside and frowns. Straightening his tie in a nervous gesture, he looks around. "None of you are healers? Or telekinetics?" he asks, trying to think of something and keep up a calm appearance. "If we can find a healer, Skyler can copy them and their powers to take care of herself," he mutters.

Logan's shoulders sag as Rob speaks his colorful metaphor internalized for future meditation. "Skyler 'eh?" He says aloud twisting somewhat from crouched position to regard the gathered, "Right. Now it's on me, 'huh?"

Lips press and his hand slips around Skyler's then, "If you can copy, darlin', copy away, but don't hold me accountable for anything extra you get" A pause, "..and don't you take nothin' I can't get back."

July erm's softly as Logan offers his hand for power copy. "Erm, Mr. Logan, when Skyler copies someone, he copies the whole DNA, meaning he'll copy your form, your voice, and all your powers." He explains.

Ebony does not mind being pushed and moves out of the way as she is. She looks at Logan and blinks wondering how it will be to have two of him around. Looks at July, "yah really skyler is a boy but he copy some superhero woman name sunlight."

Skyler looks up to see Logan looming over her. "Oh, thank God," she says, reaching out to him. "I don't take anything. I just copy. Like a Xerox." She coughs, wincing, and rolls her eyes heavenward. "Oh, God, is there anything I didn't break?"

Robyn just watches it all and isn't sure what to do seeing that everyone seems to have it handled. The brunette just sits on the ground and seems to be still in a bit of a daze, and he doesn't risk removing the glasses anytime soon. "She's going to be okay right?"

"Yes," Rob tells Robyn, staying near him. He waits silently to see this transformation, hoping it works.

Logan lets her hold his hand for only a few moments the other information offered by the students causing him to withdraw his hand, and stand, wiping it across his shirt, "Luck him." He says glancing to July and then to Ebony for the information she added.

Robyn finally falls beneath the Wolverine's gaze, "If she copied me he'll be fine. Just tell 'um to swap out again quick. You walk around town lookin' this pretty you're bound ta get hurt." He winks and then pushes through the gathering again. Glancing backward and then giving the hand the living Xerox machine touched a disgruntled look before wiping it again across his chest.

Skyler only needs a moment for her to initiate the copying process. All in all it doesn't take that long for her form to fill out, grow a little hairier, and in the process her limbs straightening out into normal positions. He cries out in pain, again, during the process, but when it's done an exact replica of Logan is laying on the ground, wearing jeans and a shirt that just don't fight right. "One day," he says staring up at the sky, "I'll get used to that."

Ebony watches the two in wonder since she never seen skyler change. She hopes it works for his sake so he be better. She blinks at you change and smiles, "hey it seems you will not get to fly for a while."

Robyn cringes a bit under the stare of Logan thinking he's in trouble. "I'm not used to these powers, they're not mine. I wasn't even that good with my orginal powers but I couldn't kill anyone." He says thankful that Skyler's able to copy people and choose Wolverine of all people.

Rob takes a deep breath and turns on his illusions so that he's actually seen, shaved head and caramel colored skin coming into view as he uses the borrowed powers. "Don't worry, Robyn. You're not in trouble or anything," he says, offering a smile. Ebony and Skyler get a momentary look before the new teacher tries to help Robyn up. "Are you alright, Skyler?" he asks as he tries to help RObyn up.

Skyler nods, taking a moment to catch his bearings before sitting up. With a scowl, he reaches up under his shirt and unclasps the now uneeded bra, taking it off. "Yeah," he says, shaking his head to clear it before taking off his shoes, since it seems they've become too small for him, too. "Yeah. I'm okay. That took a bit out of me."

Ebony watches him undress some and sees the bra and then giggles at a thought she will have to ask in privet. She walks closer and offers him a hand, "I guessing your feeling better."

Robyn takes Rob's hand and stands up. "I think I'm gonna head inside for a bit." Robyn says as he just needs to be alone for a bit. He looks at Skyler/Logan and offers a small smile. "I'm really glad you're okay Skyler. I'm really sorry, I really am." He says not knowing if he can apologize enough. He gives a wave before heading into the dorms and too his room to try to calm down a bit.

Rob offers a slight frown to Robyn but nods. "Alright. If you need to talk…" he offers. The man in the suit waits a moment before turning to Ebony and Skyler. "I am glad you're well, Skyler but I have bad news for you and Ms. Wonder. You'll be serving detention this weekend with me. The both of you. And no, it's not for this," he says, quite serious.

Skyler's eyes narrow, as he gets to his feet, and wobbles a bit, a still a little unsteady. "Detention," he asks, narrowing his eyes. "Detention for what?"

Ebony looks at Rob and blinks, "Detention for what?" She sounds surprise by this information.

Rob straightens his tie. "As I understand, students are not allowed to use the Danger Room without a teacher's supervision, and as the both of you were recorded there the other night with not faculty autherization, that warrents a detention," he says simply.

It must be a sight to see someone who looks just like Wolverine blush at being caught using the Danger Room. "Nobody got hurt," he says sullenly. "I just wanted to teach myself how to fly, that's all."Ebony blinks and frowns, "damn it I knew we get in trouble. But we were not doing anything dangerest we made the floor soft and fluffy so Skyler would not hurt him self if he crashed."

Rob lets the illusion fade, going back to invisibility. "Yes, but you still broke the rules. It's only a hours with me as opposed to whatever the Headmaster might dole out. I'll see you both in the Courtyard, 2pm Saturday afternoon," he offers, turning to walk back towards the mansion.

Skyler nods sullenly, scuffing the grass with a toe. "Yes, sir."

Ebony nods and sighs, "okay should we bring some or dress some way?"

Rob pauses and looks back. "Dress in something you don't mind getting dirty," he says. "You'll be working a on few things."

Ebony nods, "um okay."

Skyler heaves a labored sigh. "OKay. I better go get my things out of my girl's room and get them in my boy's room. Again."

Ebony nods and looks at Skyler, "look at the bright side your a guy again."

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