2010-03-21: Origami Thriller


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Summary: Marshall meets Daisuke. Things begin to fall into place.

Date: March 21, 2010

Origami Thriller

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

Evening falls and most people are in the medbay. Marshall didn't even know anything happened last night, aside from a few massive vibrations. At the moment, he's watching the TV in the Rec Room. A show on origami is playing. He's paying close attention to it, completely intrigued and enraptured by it.

Deciding to finally come up from the holding cells, sure his mind was fixed but he decided to stay down there and isolate himself for the night, and day. So dressed comfortably in a pair of jammie pants and a t-shirt, Daisuke comes walking into the rec room and stops, watching the television curiously for a bit. He walks over and sits by Marshall. "Hello." He whispers.

It takes a moment for Marshall to register, as he moves. But when he moves, and the couch doesn't move right, he blinks. Turning, he sees Daisuke. He blinks. "Sorry. You I didn't see enter." He says. The order is odd, but the words are pronounced like someone from the New York area.

"It's okay." Daisuke whispers to Marshall as he doesn't recognize him, this…could be a good thing, someone who doesn't know really what happened, but who knows. "I'm Daisuke, or just Dai as all my friends call me." He says offering a hand and his voice is never above a whisper. "Oragami, that's intersting."

It's fairly obvious that Marshall isn't watching eyes as Dai speaks, but lips. "Marshall." He says, with a broad, cheesy grin. "Here I have been two nights. Interesting." As he notes the origami mention, Marshall nods. He's been watching it for about 25 minutes. "Yes." He says, turning to look at it again. He tilts his head to see how the person moves this and that.

Daisuke watches the Oragami with Marshall for a bit. "My mother knew how to do Oragami." He whispers as he tries to figure out Marshall's way of speaking. It's a New York accent, that's for sure, but the pattern of words, it's not common sounding. "Where are you from Marshall?"

Marshall is still watching the TV. As such, he doesn't hear anything that Daisuke says, nor does he even act like he does. After a minute or two, he turns back to Daisuke. Commercial break. He blinks at the look that Daisuke may have said something. "Sorry. Something said?" He asks before pointing to his ear and wincing. "Deaf." He says.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know." Daisuke whispers to Marshall. "I was just commenting that my Mother knew origami. Also, are you new here?" Now that he says he's deaf, that makes sense to Daisuke in regards to the odd language patterns. So he doesn't asks the question again in regards to where he's from.

"Is ok. Doctor says speech became regular other day." Marshall says. "Don't understand." He nods quickly. "Yes. Two nights. Tennessee." He explains with a grin.

"Sorry you had to come to the school during all this." Daisuke says but glad that it's pretty much over. "Tennessee? I'm from New York. What do you mean, speech became regular the other day?" He doesn't quite get what Marshall means by that.

"Doctor said. Used to talk deaf. Loud. Broad pronouncings. Suddenly, speak normal." That's the best way Marshall can explain it. He shrugs. "During all of what?" He asks, not knowing what Dai is talking about. He holds up a finger as the show comes back on. It's just the last few minutes of it. He wants to catch them.

Daisuke is about to say something but keeps quiet until the end of the show. Once it's over Daisuke just nods. "All of the chaos that was happening, the attack on the school." Daisuke says not really going into further detail. "So do you like origami?" He asks as he doesn't think that he'd find many other students in the school that would enjoy watching it.

"I don't know." Marshall says with a chuckle as he picks up a piece of paper from his notepad while he looks up at Daisuke. "I didn't know of any chaos. Everybody just quiet. Seem depressed. Nobody tell." He explains. He's looking at Dai, and not at his hands, but his hands are moving quickly. Folding and shaping as he speaks. "Never saw origami before. Looked neat. Wanted to see if could learn." In a few seconds, his hands have a perfect little origami crane in them.

Daisuke feels bad at the fact that nobody told him anything but he's not sure if he wants to get into it. "What do you want to know about it?" He offers knowing it'd probably be the best to just be honest with Marshall. "Wait…you've never done origami but you just made a crane? And you weren't really looking as you did that…that's not easy."

"Don't know. What happen? Why people upset? Why people worried?" Marshall asks, still speaking as he has been. "No. Never seen origami." He says with a nod. But as Dai mentions that, Marshall looks at his hands. He blinks. The expression on his face would be priceless, were it not combined with fear. Amazement and fear together, "How?"

"Did the show teach you how?" But that still doesn't make sense to Daisuke, since he's made paper cranes before, you /have/ to look at the paper to get the lines right, don't you? And how did Marshall know how to make the paper into the needed square without looking at it. "I don't know Marshall." Daisuke whispers. "That's…just..weird." He says forgetting about explaining things to him in the confusion.

"Honest. Never do before." Marshall says as he blinks. He reaches over for another piece of paper and folds it evenly on one side, to tear off the edge and make it square. "Hands move on own." he says, not looking at Dai as he watches his own body go it's own way. This time, after a few quick folds and flips, it turns into a tiny little collared shirt. He grins brightly. "Someone trade hands?" He asks, looking back at Dai. "Feels strange."

Daisuke shakes his head and shrugs. "I really don't know what to tell you Marshall." He says still whispering, but it's not like Marshall can tell. "What is your mutant ability Marshall?" Daisuke asks as he realizes he doesn't know what that is. "And feels strange how, like sick strange?"

"Don't know. Doctors home said headaches linked to X-Gene. Didn't know power. Came here. Didn't know power." Marshall shrugs. "No… different. Like they know thing I don't know. Different. Not sick."

Shaking his head, Daisuke really doesn't know. "I'm not a powers expert, but Addison and Dr. Mayfair Parker are. They might be able to help you." Daisuke suggests. "Or Dr. McCoy?" He's not sure. "And about last night, there was a supervillain, that kidnapped some of us and made us temporarily evil and we attacked the school. Thank goodness we were able to snap out of it, thanks to Addison." Well in Daisuke and Brian's case, he doesn't know about the others.

"Doctor McCoy? Blue?" Marshall asks. He's seen him down there. He may go talk to him later if he has time for the student. Marshall nods softly. "Feel bad for those forced. Not good." He shakes his head. "But not at fault. If someone changed. They had no choice." He nods, firmly. That's where he stands.

Daisuke almost wants to hug Marshall for that but instead Daisuke just smiles. "Thank you Marshall." He says looking quite grateful. "Yes, that is Dr. McCoy, he's really smart with all that genetics and science stuff. I really think he'd be able to help you."

"Will talk if he has time." Marshall nods quickly. "Life not what you want it. You make happy where you get happy." He explains. "If bad happen. Look for cause. Accept other happy." He nods again. "Be happy make other happy."

Daisuke is throughly impressed with Marshall and he wishes he heard that years ago. "Thanks again Marshall. I think there are many people in this school who can benefit from your attitude. How do you like it here so far, I know it's only been two days."

"Rashmi nice. Robyn nice. Roommate… don't know." Marshall says as he blinks. "Like it so far. Family misses me. They deal." He waves a hand. "More to do here."

"Whose your roommate?" Daisuke asks curiously. "I've meet Rashmi briefly I believe, she's nice from what I know. And Robyn, he's not bad." He doesn't know either that well. "Yeah, there is a lot to do here, and a lot to learn. This has pretty much turned into home for me."

"Mikhail?" Marshall says, tilting his head. "Barely seen him. In and out. Comes and goes. Or maybe… I just not hear." He laughs, pointing to his ears. "All seem nice so far." He says, before blinking. "Oh. Paragon."

"I don't know Mikhail." Daisuke says as he hasn't had the chance to meet him yet. "Though I was told that I might have to tutor him but he hasn't ever approached me. I was on the Hellions but I'm too old for a team now. I just do a lot of private training."

"Training good." Marshall nods quickly. "Some need more. I good with school work. Just got to find power and learn use." He explains. Yes, his speech is odd, but his written english will be very good, when someone sees it.

Daisuke has gotten used to 'Marshall' speak and nods. "yeah, once you find your power it'll be easier. Me, I have sonics. Right now though, it's really sensitive and I can't speak above a whisper, not like it matters to you." Daisuke says with a grin, happy for that.

"As long as mouth move. I read. Lips matter. Not voice." Marshall grins sheepishly. "So, is good." He nods. "Sound. Wouldn't even have clue how work. Imagine. Deaf. Sonic." He says, giving a laugh.

Daisuke smiles at that and nods. "Maybe one day you will have to teach me sign language. I don't know it." And it could be a very useful skill to have. "It's good that your power isn't sonic I guess." He says grinning. "Hrm…maybe your power is master of the oragami. Let's see, can you make a frog?"

Marshall ponders for a moment. He looks at his hands and starts to talk to them. "Can make frog? Try." He reaches over to his pad of paper, and he tears out a sheet. With speed and efficiency, he does, as before, make just that. He doesn't know how he did it, but he did. "My hand know." He says, grinning a bit as he offers the frog over.

"Wow, I think your super power is the supreme master of oragami." Daisuke says grinning as he picks up the frog and looks at it. All the lines are pretty much perfect. He's floored by it. He puts the frog on the table and presses it's back, making it hop across the table. "But if Origami making is a super power…that's pretty crazy." he says grinning.

"Must be more. I mean… I learn to talk right." Marshall says with a shrug. "I never knew to talk that right before. People say I talk well. Just very loud. And very… over?" He asks, trying to phrase. Some words are very different. "But now, I control volume and inflection."

"That's really intersting, I don't know Marshall. I can't even think of any ideas on that." Daisuke says pushing his hair back. "When did this start, the difference in speaking?"

"Other day. Talking to Rashmi and Robyn. Was watching Robyn and Rashmi do thing. Got headache. Started talking." Marshall says with a grin. "Before.. TAWWWEEEEEEE. After, Sorry."

"Hrm…I don't know, but when you talk to Dr. McCoy I would…huh…" Daisuke says and sometimes that intelligence of his pays off. "Wait, you were talking to people, got a headache and then could talk. You were watching a show on Origami then you became this origami master, do you have a headache now?"

"No headache." Marshall shakes his head. "But headache last time not bad. Just quick, sharp. For months, I get bad headaches. So bad couldn't see." He explains.

"Well that's good, I just wonder if you can copy stuff you see. I don't know how it would work but so far there are the two clues to that." Daisuke says as it's mostly the origami show that made it click in his head. "Hrm…let's see…" He says picking up the remote control and flipping through the channels before landing on some cooking show. "How about we watch this for a bit and see what happens?"

There's a shrug from Marshall and he turns to watch the TV for a bit, paying attention as best he can. After all, he knows a little bit about cooking, but not to that extent.

Daisuke sits back with Marshall and watches it with him. "I don't know much about cooking, I'm not good at it, but I do enjoy eating?" He says as he knows tomorrow he'll be stuffing his face in all sorts of junk food.

Of course, with Dai speaking while Marshall is watching the TV, he's not getting a word of it. He's focussed and intent. Oops. Ah well.

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