2010-04-03: Orv' Wiv 'Is 'Ead


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Summary: As Robyn and Jordan are flying down to Florida, the Crazy Gang tries to take over the plane. (Special thanks to James Player for running this scene for us)

Date: April 3, 2010

Orv' Wiv 'Is 'Ead

Rating: PG-13

Atlanta Airport

On a plane, the runway.

All told, it's been a pretty disastrous day for travel. What, with traffic being diverted away from a layover while the Avengers battle a villain somewhere along the flight path. As such, connections were missed, delays were caused, and long waits were a theme. But, a lucky break was had at Jordan and Robyn's current stop: Atlanta International. With nothing more than a quick exchange of words, the pair were able to hop onto a British Airways traveling to Orlando where the two would eventually find a final flight to SRQ , or Sarasota FL, waiting. At the gate to their Orlando flight, the attendant happily took their tickets and welcomed them aboard, leaving Xavier's finest a moment to get on their flights and find a seat.

Jordan's used to flight delays. He's been on many flights in his life. "It's alright, Robyn. The past few weren't so bad. We'll be alright going forward. And my parents aren't going to hate you." He says with a bit of a laugh. "Do you want to sit next to the window this time? Since you didn't the last?" He chuckles softly, shaking his head as he places his overhead in the compartment.

Robyn has been a bit nervous, it's his first time flying and of course the delays and layovers make it quite an experience. "Is flying always like this?" He asks as he can't help but smile as Jordan laughs. "Yeah, actually, I'd like to." Since the last fight he kept leaning over to look over at the ground below."

Walking aboard, the two find what you'd expect on any jumbo airliner. With exception to the people. It's mostly empty. The few smatterings of occupants seem almost grouped, offering a rather typical view of life abroad. A mow-hawked punk over there, a rather obese woman over here; a group of students, a goth they're whispering about, businessmen who couldn't afford First Class, and even a clown in full makeup! Pretty average all said. But the law of averages ends there — as they'd soon discover. But meanwhile, with a helpful smile, and a friendly voice, an attendant offers the couple their choice in seats. Adding that the flight would begin shortly.

Jordan, of course, doesn't notice anything out of sorts. Other than the clown. He doesn't usually see clowns on flights, but hey. "Alright. You get the inside seat." He laughs, tousling Robyn's hair. "From here to there will be a fairly short flight. They're already waiting." He winks. "They're scientists. So, yeah."

Robyn looks at the clown then looks at Jordan as to say. 'There's a clown on the plane?' but doesn't vocalize it. He's definitely excited for the whole trip. "I don't know much about scientists actually, I just assume that you're parents are these really smart people, in lab coats." He jokes as he puts his carry on bag under the seat. "It feels so great to be on vacation."

The attendants make ready, the passengers put their things away, and the overweight woman two rows up snores. And by snoring, I mean loud enough to Shake The Walls. It's was hard enough not to notice her to begin with considering the bright red dress that looked as if it were out of the 1970s. But more so with the noise it's now impossible. Worst of all: It's a noise that never stops. The type that drives sane men to commit strange acts. And it just continues breath after breath…until suddenly…a pause. And just when the passengers begin to breath a sigh of relief, a series of soft words are uttered, just loud enough for the future heroes to hear, ""Orv wiv 'is 'ead" Further up, the outside door closes as the plane separates from the airport.

Jordan is listening and watching about when he hears the snoring. "I hope that doesn't affect turbulence. If we have to, I'll fly us there myself." He whispers to Robyn with a laugh. He adjusts himself into position and puts on the seatbelts and everything.

"I just don't get how anyone could snore that loud and not what themselves up." Robyn says quietly as he's all smiles, not even the snoring fat lady can break his mood. "Wait…did she just say off with his head?" He asks as he is quite the Tim Burton fan and Alice did come out so his mind goes right to The Evil Red Queen. "She's either very hateful or the largest Red Queen Fan."

Somewhere in back the clown leans over to his friend—a rather plain, disappointed looking man wearing a hoodie. The clown smiles, "About time, I think!" 'You do?' his friend asks. And with that, the exchange starts. "I do beaaaaause you don't!" 'I do too. I just think I'm better at it than you.' "Oh prove it." 'Fine. Then…well…I think we should start now. That's my idea.' "No it's not. You stole it. Much like you keep trying to steal my leadership!" 'I do not.' "Then what do you call that? Stealing my ideas. It was mine first you know." 'I…have nothing to add.' "Fine. Lets start." 'Fine.' The clown and his friend vanish into the rear of the jet, loudly proclaiming, "We have to go to the bathroom!" in unison. There's some protesting from the attendants, and some sniggering from the students — but you know the British. They're not going to stop the men. They're far too nice! The engines start and the plane begins to back away from the gate. Florida just started getting a whole lot closer.

Jordan, being himself, laughs a bit as well. "We could go back there together later." He waggles his eyebrows, teasingly. He's finally started to come back to himself at long last. but only really for Robyn. "Still does seem a little odd." He admits. "Not… quite normal." He looks at Robyn and considers something before shaking his head. No.

Robyn blushes a bit but smiles. "We could." He teases back as he watches the display and shakes his head. "Is it just us or are plane rides always this weird?" He says wondering if insanity just seems to follow him. "Actually I don't care, we have a week to ourselves, without any telepaths, and with privacy."

It's a sound that probably goes unnoticed. An almost *whack*thump*. Maybe two of them. Then more noise. This time noticeable. Pre-flight antics in the back no doubt. Battening down the hatches? No way it can be two men overpowering the rear crew and exchanging clothes before dropping the attendants into a hatch that accesses the expansive, pressurized, and safe luggage compartment. Not at all. And no way did the clown and his friend just run, pushing a covered up soft drink cart as they hurry their way to the front—wearing British Airway uniforms to boot.

Jordan doesn't notice a lot of it, but when they go running, he does see the makeup. "Robyn…" He whispers. "Something's going on." He says as he starts to fluctuate just a little bit in size. He can't resist it. It's his control issues sneaking up again. What he had gained has gone away a little. But… "That was one of them." He says, pointing to the guys runnig with the cart.

Robyn sits up in his chair and nods to Jordan's words. It's hard to not notice the clown makeup. He looks out the window so see if they're still on the ground or in the air. "Okay…yeah, I saw it too." He says quietly. "Are they headed to the cockpit?" He asks since Jordan is the one in the aisle seat and the two aren't in first class so it's hard to tell where they are going to Robyn, besides forward.

The pilot begins his spiel, "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We're just about to get on our way….just a slight back up on the runway. Should be..WAAGH!" Yes…they went forward. Then a different voice starts, "Core….wha' do I say?" Another voice, the clown's voice, says, "I don't know…tell the pilot-y things. Wings, and mudflaps, and all that." "Aw-wight," that other much more high-pitched child-like voice responds, "Hewwo peo-po!" The cabin's occupants laugh. Obviously there's a floor show about to happen—what with clowns and all. "We fi now!" The plane jerks forward pulling right out onto the runway and past a bunch of planes waiting to take off. Wait…passing? Does this mean the plane is going up the wrong side of the runway?

"Robyn." Jordan says as he starts to get out of his seatbelt. "Act like you're passing out and go check up there. See what's going on before I go up there. Quickly. I know you don't have the greatest control of it, but we're allthey have right now." He says as he starts to get just a little larger, standing a bit before moving forward. He cracks his neck and calls out to the others. "Stay calm. I'm going up there." At his current height, standing, he's about 7 feet tall, and already built rather well, so maybe he can do something? Sure, they don't know he's a little smooshy at this size, but they don't need to.

Robyn closes his eyes and rests back in the chair. He doesn't look at Jordan nor does he say anything back, he just lets his Astral Form go out of his body, leaving his shell of a body behind. Robyn's astral form walks through the plan and through the door of the cockpit to see what exactly is going on behind that door. Yeah, he's scared as hell right now but he knows, with him and Jordan having powers, they can't just do nothing.

Jordan's announcement would have been met with odd looks, but the passengers have become slightly agitated given the sudden roughness of the flight. "Weeee!" is broadcast over the loudspeaker followed by child-like laughter, "This is fun!" The punk with the mow hawk disagrees as he dives for an airsickness bag. For his efforts, Robyn receives a rather startling view of the forward section of the cockpit. Both pilots are sitting on the floor, tied up. In their chair sits a rather large, 3' mouse who has control of the flight. The rodent laughs, "I neva' fu anythin' bu a teapot befo'!" In the other seat, the clown, smiling ear to ear, announces "My plan is coming to fruition! Tim Burton will rue the day he makes fun of the Crazy Gang!" The third; the dower man? He sighs, shaking his head, "Jester…I just don't understand how 'this' is going to help?" The clown, Jester, laughs, "Naive, you naive…Step 1…we fly to his house. Step 2…Step 3, we beat his senseless! Now, fly Dormouse, fly!"

Hearing what he can over the loudspeaker, Jordan groans. This isn't good at all. He starts making his way up to the cockpit. If anyone steps in his way, well, he's going to walk right through them. At least, for this moment. Not much else he can do right now, but head up that way.

Opening his eyes, Robyn sits up. "There's a mouse…flying the plane. We've been hijacked by a mouse and a clown." He says quietly not sure how to believe it or not. "The pilots are tied up on the floor up there." He says quiet as possible. As he looks around. "When you go up there, I'm going to try to posses the clown, see if I can get the pilots free or something." After all, how hard could it be to hit a mouse as a clown?

Suddenly, a somewhat-mechanized man exits First Class and gives Jordan a dubious look, "Umm, you're supposed to sit down." He blinks as the angered clown calls out from up front, "Naive…what is going on?" Naive answers, "Jester. Kids! I think they want their peanuts?" Naive looks at the pair hoping the offer of tasty pre-packaged foodstuffs will do the trick. "Jester kiiiids? What?" the clown calls out, his head peeking through the curtain, "Those aren't clowns. Those are heroes. I think?" The man in face paint scratches his head and shrugs, "Maybe not. Lets hurt them now and ask later!" Naive looks at Jordan, "Okay." He pulls back an arm and goes to attack! Meanwhile the mouse starts dodging incoming traffic, the plane handled in a way it was never met, "I can't take off. They tryin' to lan' on me!"

Fortunately, Jordan is already intangible. It makes being attacked physically a lot easier. He's not paying much attention to the clown right now. But Naive seems to be mechanized. That works for him. He knows that some electrical and robotic things break down at his touch when intangible, but it may not work. "Sorry about that. But really, I just want to get home. I want to see my family. And you're all trying to get us killed. I can't let that happen." he states simply as he reaches his other hand into his jacket pocket. Where he… seems to keep something he used to use. Dowels. It's an affectation he hasn't lost.

Robyn stays in the seat he's sitting in, he doesn't move as his eyes flash purple and he tries to jump in the mind of The Clown, Jester. He's hoping to gain control of the body, and even if it's for the whole ten minutes, he can hopefully do something in that time frame. Though the only thing is, his own body is left just sitting in the seat by the window.

Naive goes to strike but misses the intangible Jordan and falls right into the row containing the red-wearing woman. Startled she sits bolt upright, "Orv wiv 'is 'ead?" She looks at the man in her lap and the boy standing up. She's crazy, but she knows a hero when she sees one, ""Orv wiv 'is 'ead!" Thankfully, with her fallen comrade on her legs, she can't do much more than squeal and kick, ""Orv wiv 'is 'ead!" Naive complains as the woman beats her fists into his back, "Red Queen…stop..I can't…get up! Ow…Ow…Ow…you're hurting my already fragile ego. Help…! Someone!" Jesture siggggghs and starts sashaying out, "Well…send a boy to do…" He blinks, falls silent, and finds himself no longer in control of his own body.

"Probably gonna regret doing this, but…" Jordan goes solid for a few seconds to place his hands on the pair of struggling Crazy Gang Members. As soon as his hands connect, if they do, he goes intangible, trying to take them with him as he pushes. Airplanes aren't that thick, so he's going to try to push them through the walls and out of the plane, so they don't have to be dealt with, letting Robyn handle the others. Yes, it'll make his powers that much more obvious, but he doesn't really care. He'll fly home on his own power if he has to. Robyn will be fine.

In the body of Jester, Robyn makes his way back into the cockpit. "Doormouse, focus on getting us going." He says not knowing if he has the accent correct at all, but he bends down to try to start untying one of the pilots. Maybe they know where an emergency gun in case of hijacks is, that way they can help out? m

The Red Queen continues to pine for decapitation, her voice louder and louder with each gasp, "Orv wiv 'is 'ead!" Naive, still trying to free himself, struggles against the woman, "Ma'am…if you'd just…" Then Jordan touches the pair, pushing them through the seat and out the wall. It's a rather effective attack, rendering the duo helpless to do much more than bounce down the runway, "Orv wiv 'is 'eeeeeeeaaadddd…..*" With two down, Robyn speaks with the mouse, who, in a panic, admits, "I dunn' how! You sad' it'd be like a teapot!" The rodent starts pushing buttons randomly, his attention on doing the right thing, even if it's the wrong way for the wrong reasons. In the search Robyn-Jester finds no gun, but does find the rope knots poorly tied. Mice: small hands.

With the two obvious annoyances out of the way, Jordan begins moving back towards the front of the plane. This time, he's solid… extremely solid. He's lost a few inches, making himself tougher. He's not at his full toughness by a longshot, just enough to get himself going. He's going to try to get into the cockpit and join Robyn.

"It is like flying a teapot." Robyn-Jester tries to reply sounding a bit gruff, he's really shooting out on a limb here on trying to sound like a 'bad guy' as he works to untie the pilot and co-pilot's. Once he's done he looks up to Jordan. "Bullet, on three, I'm gonna go back and you can punch me." He says as he counts "One, two, three…" He counts as he leaves Jester and goes back into his own body, hoping for the best.

Jester, no longer under the influence, looks around, "'The 'ell?" *POW* Lights out for the clown as Jordan connects. Dormouse hears the kerfuffle and lets out a little rodent cry, "Core, bullets!! They have guns!" He panics and does what any giant escaping mouse might do, jump every-which direction. He bumps his head hard against the cockpit glass, feet pushing all sorts of buttons, "Ow! Fore' fields too! I'm de-feets-ed!" He falls to the floor and scurries off towards the back of the plane?the screams that follow obviously from the freaked out female passengers—and one punk.

Jordan blinks as they get going. "Psyche! Mouse!" He calls out as he goes to untie the pilots with a sigh. "Pardon the intrusion. Just thought I would try to help." He says, running a hand through his hair afterwards. "I'm going to go check on that mouse." He says… but first, he tries to push the clown through the edge of the plane as well.

Now that he's back in his seat, Robyn jumps up and tries to intercept the mouse before he gets too far back. "On it!" He yells out to Jordan. Darting out in the aisle he dives at the mouse trying to tackle it on the ground, hoping it doesn't bite or scratch. "I'm sure this will be just like flying a teapot."

Out goes the unconscious clown. The freed pilots are just as confused as the rest of the passengers, but they know an opportunity when they see one. There's a yell of gratitude as Jordan leaves. Then they jump right back to their posts to take over the run-away plane. Within moments, the jet is rolling to a stop, free and clear of any danger from incoming and outgoing traffic. Given the chance, they'll immediately begin to evacuate the passengers as well. Meanwhile, Robyn has his turn as an exterminator, but Dormouse is quick and bolts left, deftly dodging the other youth as 3' tall creature springs over the back of the seats, "You gonna' urt me!" He heads for the rear, disappearing towards the galley curtain.

AS he goes back into the plane, Jordan starts taking off towards the Dormouse and Psyche. "Can you control him, Psyche? If you can, I can shove him out." He explains. "We're not gonna hurt you. Just get you off the plane so that we can get back to our trip." He says with another sigh. He's a little exasperated.

"I've never possesed an animal." Robyn says as he gets up so that he can run towards the back of the plane. While running he starts concentrating and tries to see if he can posses the doormouse. His body falls to the ground as his eyes flash purple as his mind attempts to jump into that of the doormouse. He just hopes this works.

Dormouse locks himself in the bathroom, "Oct-tu-pied!" Given his stature, he'd probably be an easy picking. But it's something that won't be discovered for some time as any plans to excavate the mouse are interrupted by a THUMP from inside the plane's belly. Then another…and another. After a fourth, much stronger bump, a piece of metal pierces the floor. It's a scythe fashioned out of a cargo container's side—the British Airways logo clearly visible. It begins to ratchet, like a can opener, easily cutting the flooring. Then a robot in a hooded cloak pulls himself up from the floor. It's the Executioner, come to do the woman's bidding. A skull displayed though some unlucky passenger's laptop looks between you, his visible body made up of bits and pieces from the luggage below. He readies his weapon, going to Robyn's head.

Finally, things begin to add up for Jordan. He realizes just WHO it is they're up against. "Oh hell." He says as the Executioner goes for Robyn. He can't run and get there in time, so instead, he shrinks down to his smallest size and flies up towards the scythe, hoping to intercept and maybe destroy it. "You're not taking his head today." He says, angrily.

In the middle of trying to take over the mind of the Doormouse, which apparently he can't take over animals (at least he assumes), his mind goes back to his body. He goes to push himself up when he realizes there's a guy, with a scythe, over his head. "Oh shit." He says, the last words anyone wants to have. He forms a psy-dagger in his hand in hopes that he can get a stab in before the Executioner.

The Executioner's weapon swings for Robyn, connects with Jordan, and breaks at the hilt. But with such a powerful, wide stroke, the blade doesn't stop and is merely deflected. End over end, it flies up the rows and into the back of a chair. *KA-Thunk!* There's a rather womanly scream and the mowhawked punk flies out from the seat he was hiding behind—which just happens to be close enough to the scythe that his hair is now a few inches shorter in parts. With the weapon off balance, the would-be assassin is no longer able to stay upright, and falls into a row of seats. Without a word, it starts to pick itself up and ready for another attack. But it isn't alone. From inside the hole a voice calls out, "Nynk Nynk Nynk!" And with that, a rather ape-looking blue skinned dwarf of a man comes barreling out, feet aimed for Robyn's chest.

With the Executioner not being affected by Robyn's knife, Jordan nods. If he's not, then Jordan's own natural abilities may work. He resumes his normal size and goes to move THROUGH the being if he can. If he's electronic, maybe he'll be short-circuited.

Robyn has just enough time to turn around to see the blue dwarf before feet connect with his chest and he falls over, sliding back a bit. The breath is knocked out of him but it doesn't mean he's out of the fight. "Damn it." He manages to get out eventually as he pushes himself up to charge at Tweedledum, he can only use his psyblade one more time and he's hoping to stab it right into the blue dwarf.

Lucky for Jordan, and probably unknown as well, Executioner was built using the bits and pieces Tweedledope had on hand while playing in the belly of the plan. As such, the robot is composed of about 80% aircraft subsystem, 10% iPad, and 10% aluminum can. Unlucky for the robot, it means it'll short out the second Jordan passes through. There's an audible scream as the machine's OS crashes, the LCD screen under the cloak's hood displaying the classic Sad Mac face. It falls to the floor, becoming nothing more than a pile of used parts. Meanwhile, the 'dope bounces around the plane in literal fashion as he calls out, "Hynk Thyk Thyk! Wubba!" Spring boarding off a wall, he flies right at Robyn, mouth open wide!

Hearing the scream, Jordan winces, even if it's not real. He resolidifies himself as he turns towards Robyn, hoping that the Psydagger does something, as he can't make it in time. He already shifted, and can't really do a double-shift that quickly. "Look out!" He calls. It's all he can offer for the nonce.

Since Tweedledope is flying at him with his mouth open, Robyn takes the psy-dagger he made earlier and just holds it out in front of him hoping that when he crashes into Robyn, he's able to stab Tweedledope. "Thanks Bullet." Robyn calls out at the warning.

Tweedledope, flying fast, gloms right onto Robyn's hand, "Gnarf!" But things don't work out quite as planned. He swallows the blade, "Erph!" And with his mind suddenly scrambled, the blue ape guy simply falls to the floor, leaving Robyn to remove his slime-covered arm from his gullet. And while normally that'd be all, there's still Dormouse to deal with. The bathroom door flies open and a toilet-paper roll throwing mouse appears, "Take 'dat, and dat!" But even he stops in his tracks, ears going back, "Ack. Cap'n Bit-n!" He drops to the floor, cowering in fear as someone behind you both clears his voice. Walking in from the emergency exit, he looks you both over and says, "Xavier teaches them young in this universe doesn't he?" There's a sigh as the man in a classic hero's outfit crosses his arms. But it's not a Brian anyone would recognize, no this one's not from these parts, "Gentlemen. I just traveled three realities trying to bring these fools back. Thank you for going easier on them than I would have."

As the man walks in, he may not be in the EXACT costume of the one he has seen before, but it's close enough. "Just trying to get home, sir." He states simply as he looks to Robyn. He winces at the position the psionic found himself in and shakes his head. "Sorry." He says, grinning a little as he goes to take the broken scythe bit out of the chair, shrinking a bit for added strength. Souvenir? Maybe. If it's allowed. Who knows?

"This is gross." Robyn says pulling his hand out of the mouth of Tweedledope. "This is really gross." He says grabbing a blanket to wipe his hand off of. He has no clue who Captain Britain is so he doesn't recognize this one. "Three realities? Well..glad that we could stop them from Hijacking the plane." Robyn says walking over to Jordan.

The Briton only smiles at Jordan, not saying a word about the discarded weapon, "Aren't we all. Aren't we all." He walks over to the three disposed villains and puts a rather plain looking sticker on each of them, "Last call, gents." Then Brian pulls out a device, hits a few buttons, and within a moment the bodies have vanished, gone, and without a trace. He shakes his head, looking at Robyn, "Greatest apologies. Bit o' escaped technology involved. Under control now. I'm pretty sure they will no longer be trouble for your universe, or mine." He winks, "Well…until the next time at least. But, that's how these things go." The device is put away, fists falling to his hips in a pose, "I've already rounded up the others and I must say, you did well." He chuckles in that over-the-top hero way, "If you ever find yourself in my realm, please stop by. I'll offer a hero's welcome." He knows that's unlikely, but it's good for the kid's morale.

"Uhm… ok. Not that I know one reality from another. As long as you're not from that reality that tried to take us over a while ago." It was before Jordan's time as an X-Student, but he has read about it. He runs a hand through his hair. "And hopefully the plane is still fine to fly… wait. How did you know we were from Xaviers?" He asks, not having a clue how that would be known, but… he shakes his head. Doesn't really matter.

Robyn stands next to Jordan and nods. "Thanks…" It's not like Robyn thinks he's a hero or anything but for the first time in a while, he feels a little good about his powers. "No offense, I hope not to be going to another dimension but if we're there, we'll say hi." Robyn says as he looks to Jordan as he asks the last question before looking to Captain Britian.

Brian shakes his head, "597? Noo…" And with that he lets out a long tired sigh, "I assume at least. They try that with everyone. No, 1189." There's only a smile at the question "Ha…and smart. I 'did' let that slip didn't I?" Hands go up in arrest, "Fine, but don't tell your teachers." A grin forms and a finger falls towards Robyn, "I know because I recognize you. Because I just talked to you. You even told me where to find the Crazy Gang. it's why I didn't stop the fight earlier. I knew you'd do fine." The look turns a little sad, "We'll meet again. Too soon I'm afraid. And for the wrong reasons. But, when you do, I'll give you that welcome." The smile returns. And with that he claps his hands together, "Well, gents..I hate to cut and run. But I am on a stop watch, and it's not going to wait for me." Whatever that means.

Well, this has definitely been crazy enough. "O…kay." Jordan says with a bit of an expression of incredulity. "Well, we'll just be on our way, then. If the plane is flyable." This isn't their CB. That's obvious. And he's not going to try to deal with any crossdimensional capers right now. Not after the whole time-shifting affair where he saved his own dad's life years before he was born.

Robyn blinks as the finger his pointed at him, but just shakes his head. It wasn't him, it was another version or something. Yeah, he's not that guy. "Yeah, we just want to get to Florida right now, that's all that about matters now that those guys are no longer trying to steal the plane. Um….it was nice meeting you." He says not really sure how to say good bye to a hero from another world.

"I'm not sure. With luck you'll both be only slightly delayed," he says looking at the floor with the hole in it. Robyn speaks and he uses it as a distraction, "And you too." Then otherworldly Captain Britain waves a hand and makes his way to the exit door, leaving the plane suddenly as he arrived. There's the sound of sudden flight and the hero is gone, only to vanish from the reality as soon as he's in the clouds. All in a days work for him. Robyn and Jordan are left with only each other, luggage filled with crap the 'Dope left behind, and, with luck, a quick flight to their destination.

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