2011-06-08: Out For A Run


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Summary: Having been given UM clothing Tyler felt the need to try out not only the clothing but walking around in his other form. Kieran happens upon him before he has a chance and the pair decide to hang out together once Tyler has shifted forms. On the way back from Kieran's run the teens run into Professor Xorn and strike up a conversation before heading back to the dorms.

Date: June 8, 2011

Log Title: Out For a Run

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

The gym a haven for those athleticly inclined, and at the same time a location that many avoid. Strangely a young man who is allergic to basketball courts, and sports equipment, has found himself within the gym walls looking like a fish out of water. Why? Because the room was power proof! A teenie insignificant other reason is that he's interested in learning fencing if they still offer training in it. Who wouldn't want to wield an epee and rival Errol Flynn? For now Tyler ponders what to do with himself as he stands on the court tapping the beat of a song stuck in his head against his leg.

Dressed in his Dublin Ireland Jersey shirt and shorts, Kieran's ready to do some working out. Stretching a little bit as he enters casually, he notices Tyler and flashes his roomie a smile. He's not entirely sure why he decided to get into this today. However, he's been looking for a reason to get some frustration out and he is a fairly active lad really. Running fingers through his hair, he decides to ask,"So what were you doing down here?"

Tyler turns around to see Kieran has come into the gym. Clad in a t-shirt of swirling blues and purples along with a pair of dark shorts he looks ready for doing some sort of physical activity. "Hey! I don't know actually. Thought I was coming down here to see if they still offered fencing training then I thought I might try to maybe throw the rock around, or go to the weight room or something but then I got to thinking." Rambling his way over to stand near his friend. Thinking could be quite dangerous some times. "This room is power proof. Did you know that? I thought I might stretch myself out a bit if you know what I mean. No one's here. Well, no one other than us. Can't hurt anyone so…"

"Yep. They told me that when I got here. Most of this stuff is way too heavy for me to lift with my powers as they are with any real speed." Kieran says seriously,"And I wouldn't last long and you'd probably have to carry me back up to the room and put me to bed because I'd be wiped out." He adds with a laugh as bends at the waist to touch his toes casually,"I'm not very much in basketball. Soccer is a lot more fun."

"Me? Carry you?" Tyler playfully looks at Kieran as if he's grown a second head. "I wouldn't make it all the way back to the dorm. I'm not sure I could make it down the hall to tell you the truth. Let's just not find that out savvy?" As Kieran stretches Tyler takes a look about the room again puzzling out what he wants to do with himself. "I'd be terrible at soccer. You know like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football save I'd be just trying to kick a soccer ball right in front of me and WIFF! On my ass." Laughter bubbles up out of him as he goes over to an area where he can remove his shoes. "I was given my UM clothes this afternoon. I'm jazzed about that as I can't loose those in form. Yay?" Waves an invisible flag of joy.

"Well did you /like/ ending up naked in front of people?" Kieran asks laughing slightly,"And Charlie Brown only ever missed because Lucy was a manipulative bitch who liked to yank it away at the last minute so he'd fall on his ass." He says wrinkling his nose just a little bit so slight creases form on his nose,"And it's not that hard. If you want I can teach you. Just don't expect to be awesome right away."

Tyler facepalms, "Seriously? It's not like they saw anything. Well, my father did. Not like he hadn't seen it all before or anything. What? I was more freaked out at the time. The embarrassment came WAY later." Shoes tucked away he grabs behind his neck inching the shirt up bit by bit till he takes that off revealing the sleeveless UM shirt that was underneath. "Yeah, so Charlie Brown would be better at kicking things than I would by a lot." With a shake of his head he drops the t-shirt onto the seat then rises to his feet. "You sure you want to try and teach me soccer? Sure it'd be like a comedy of errors but I wouldn't want you to get frustrated by my epic fail." Shorts are added to the pile so that Tyler is wearing only shirt, shorts and socks of UM.

"Well it's one of the things you mentioned to me about." Kieran says laughing softly at the concept of the other boy being naked,"Anyway, I am sure that I can teach you just fine. You can't be that bad." He says seriously,"Don't talk about yourself like that." He says sighing deeply,"You do that a lot you know. Talk about yourself like you can never do something. You never know until you try whether you will be able to do it, right?"

"I have?" Tyler can't remember a time when he's said he can't do something. Perhaps it was about music? Can't really remember but he knows he wasn't born with very much athletic ability. "I'm pretty mean on a snowboard and a skateboard but I've never bothered with team sports. Just promise me not to laugh too hard if I trip over my own feet." There's a smile as he walks out to the middle of the open basketball court and hovers up off the ground. "Were you going to go outside and kick a ball around before it turns dark?"

"Well tonight I was thinking of just doing sprints." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"Not just about sports, but you've said it about a few different things." He adds as he begins doing a groin stretch. He's not taking any chances on a pulled muscle. "I've never really done snowboarding and skateboarding but then my mom used to have me running around all day between music lessons, soccer, club duties at school, and so on, not a whole lot of spare time. Especially since my dad expects A level work."

Tyler hovers in place as Kieran stretches. "Hrm, maybe I do give up on things that aren't one of my main interests. I'll have to keep an eye on that." Ty thinks about his home life in comparison to what Kieran's life must have been like. "Did you enjoy everything you did? Have fun I mean. Oh…I'm going to do the ol-switcheroo for a little bit. Be careful." Just a heads up so that Kieran was ready for the change of form and to be mindful of getting too close. It all happens rather quickly with a bit of a bright flash. One minute there's a hovering blonde haired boy and the next the darkness of space and the twinkling of stars. "I could keep you company on your run if you'd like."

"Most of the time. Although the amount of study time was irritating because sometimes I didn't need it." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"But least they cared about making sure I did well, so I can't complain." He says before considering that offer,"I won't be able to talk when I run. I just run and burn the calories and work up a good sweat doing it. But you're welcome to do it if it will help you out too." He says smiling a bit as he finishes stretching finally.

"Did you take any of those AP classes? You know the more challenging ones? I had always wondered what they would be like. You know, how much harder than the regular classes." Tyler remains hovering in place as Kieran finishes up his stretching exercises. "Wee bit of a problem at the moment. Would you mind grabbing my stuff and shoving it in a locker for me? I kinda want to have a little while like this. I haven't been able to change like this for a long time."
"Well not sure they were called that. We used a ranking system of 2 to 5, with five being called Honors. All of my classes but English were level 5. Well those that had a five. French with Monsieur Rosen was a 4 but that's as high as it went." Kieran says as he heads to pick up his friend/roomie's clothes that he can shove them in a locker,"So you can't touch the stuff without damaging it in that form?" He asks curiously.

Tyler hovers to the side a touch, "A challenging french class? Too bad schools do not offer Italian or we could chat together and no one would know what we were saying. I'm impressed with your academic skills. How do you do it? Lots of studying?" As his clothes are picked up and a thank you is given to Kieran for doing so Tyler hovers closer. "I can't touch anything in this form," his normally happy tone of voice has deflated quite a bit as this is not something he's used to nor does he think he'll ever get used to not being able to touch a thing in this form. "You'll see once we're outside. I'll find something that can be destroyed."

"Not much of a choice." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"It is sort of just what things are. But I am pretty smart naturally so that helped. I'm good at math and science. English and Art are just not my thing." He pauses for a moment as he puts the stuff in a locker and closes the door,"Well study and homework time was two hours at least, with an hour for music. So yeah. I went to bed late to do everything and if I had anything do extra it was… Let's just say there were times I made it through the day solely on caffeine."

"I'm good at art, and science. The rest is a mess but I didn't put nearly as much into studying as you did." Tyler mentions that he to had used caffeine at times to keep going as he had to do school work, chores and whatever painting he was working on that had to be finished immediately. Getting out of the gym was a study in complicated but they managed without incident. Once out to where Kieran could run Tyler floated over towards a limb of a tree that was hanging over a path. It appeared to be on it's last legs and just barely hanging on to the trunk so he did not feel too terribly about helping it along. "Check it out." Reaching up his hand wrapped around the end of the limb causing ice to form sliding down the limb freezing it solid. With a quick tug the entire limb snapped off and he dropped it onto the path then hovered away. The poor tree limb is frozen solid.

"Yikes. Froze solid in this heat." Kieran says wincing at the thought of being touched by that level of cold,"Well. Want to keep up with me and let me run for a bit?" He asks before crouching to run. "Just be prepared to change directions rapidly. This is how things work with soccer too." He says smiling a little bit. He knows that it's a drill for basketball as well. He begins taking nice slow steady breaths to prepare himself.

Tyler nods as he hovers at a safe distance from Kieran. The swirling colors and twinkling of star matter that is his body continues to move and shift never staying still. "The sad part about that is even though it will thaw it is dead. Enough with the doom and gloom though. You're out here to run yourself into the ground and I'm here to call in back up when you pass out." Confidence in his ability to keep pace while hovering along with Kieran is clear. At some point as his friend runs around the grounds Tyler will descend then switch forms to run alongside Kieran.

Picturing the sound of the whistle, Kieran begins running as fast as he can, reversing direction rapidly, just like he was playing soccer. If someone were looking at his feet, it's like he was dribbling a soccer ball as he runs, which does slow him down from full on sprint. Breathing steadily as he moves, he actually begins swerving as well as if he were dodging around incoming players. Sort of like he were playing a game of soccer in his head with only his actual body present.

It's harder to keep up with the soccer sensation once he's on his feet running shoeless and for the fact that he's not used to running. Tyler is managing but his skill at changing direction is not comparable to Kieran's. At one point he stops flailing about and runs diagonally away from his friend to hop back into the air though not as a twinkling form to direct traffic. It's easier for him to hover nearby and catch his breath than to try and keep pace. "Do you normally run with a ball?" He knows you cant talk running as you are but you could nod or shake your head as a reply.

Nodding his head a little bit, Kieran doesn't bother answering more than that as he keeps running all out. Sweat forming on his brow as he begins moving in a slightly odd pattern for a moment before he stops to take a series of slow breaths, but by this point he's been running all out for quite some time. Least five to ten minutes, perhaps longer. His forehead's a bit sweaty and he's breathing nice and slow,"I was thinking through a game I played last year. It's a bit like chess. Each person has to move exactly right at the right time or the other team wins."

"Seems complicated," Tyler comments as he hovers back down to the ground to walk over to where Kieran is. "No doubt it's not if you practice at it. Do you need to walk around or something or are you just going to let your heart explode out of your chest and keep running without you. That was some serious running there."

"You should see what it's like when my teammates and I would play." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"Imagine a whole group of people all running like that and managing a ball." He adds shrugging a little bit,"I was the team captain. So planning moves and thinking ahead was my forte on the soccer field. Suck at chess though. Seriously. My baby brother can beat me at chess and he's not a genius or anything." He says laughing even more and he begins walking with his hands behind his head, actually getting more sweaty as he winds down.

Tyler smiles, "I bet my brain would explode trying to keep up with you all darting back and forth. What ball? I'd never see the thing!" It's starting to get darker out which means that they should start heading back in the general direction of the main building. "Team Captain? Congrats on that, man. That's quite an honor and no doubt you put in a lot of work to get that." As they walk back Ty shuffles a foot from time to time along the blades of grass. "Hey, if you're going back to your parents for the summer and want maybe to hang out or something that would be cool. Not sure when I'll be flying back but I'll be there for a little while at least."

"Yeah I put a lot of effort into it. Well I was going to ask if you wanted to come hang out sometime and meet my family. They're actually going to come up here before the end of term since everyone's already out." Kieran says smiling softly as he keeps walking,"Don't expect if you do to really meet Tim. He's rather… reclusive. He spends more time in his room reading than he does anything else." His eyes flicker slightly,"We have our own pool at home. So you're welcome to cover and use it."

Tyler tips his head to the side in thought, "They're coming up here? Cool. I'd love to meet them and hang out and well all that. You're of course more than welcome to come over to my place and meet my dad's and our cat. I'd have to ask if it was cool to have your siblings over but I'm sure they'd be cool with that." Since he's not expended nearly as much energy as you have Ty spins around to walk backwards while talking to you. "Maybe Tim will come around or something. It's the summer after all and I could see if my dad's will spring for a Kings Island trip. Could maybe do that before we have to come back here. I think it'd be fun."

"Well first thing I've got to do when I get back is get my season pass taken care of. My parents get the family pass every year." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tyler,"Yeah. It'd be fun. There's some new rides opening this year so we can try that out." He says flashing the other blonde a boy, and wiping more of his sweat off his brow,"Tim's just that way. It's not anything personal. As for Brian… well you may need to pry him off you because he'll be all over wanting to know everything about you."

Tyler nods about the family pass. "I'll just have to get a day pass sort of thing. No big deal on my end. I need to get used to walking like this though. These socks are weirding me out. Nice but strange you know?" Dodges a rock or two then back onto the path without incident. "Oh, no worries about Tim. I understand and I'm cool with that. Brian though? If I cant take it anymore I'll have devised some rescue signal and you'll have to come pry your brother away before I melt down. It'll be good though. Hopefully the weather won't suck as bad as it did last year." It's starting to get chilly out but even in a tank and shorts Ty will be fine given who he is.

Walking along the same path coming from the opposite direction of the two mutant students. Shen Xorn, dressed in white Buddhist robe with a red X sash signifying his status at the school, strolls along small wisps of gravititational energy emits from his metallic mask. As the students approach, his disembodied voice questions the students, "And what are you two up to?" He looks at the two and bows his head ceremoniously.

"Don't worry. He won't /physically/ cling to you but it will feel like it." Kieran says laughing a little bit and then glancing towards the professor,"Just finished a nice little run and we're heading back to the gym for him to get his clothes sir." He says casually as he walks along dressed in his Dublin Soccer kit,"I think we're just going to get a lot of heat this year but you never know." He says casually to Tyler.

The prospects for the summer are bright save for perhaps a little bit of a taste of what it's would be like to have an annoying younger brother around. Tyler will deal and no doubt enjoy having Brian dogging his heels for awhile. "Yeah no doubt, Kieran. Oh, hello." This gentleman was certainly interesting. "I'm not looking forward to heat lemme tell you." Tyler is about to extend his hand towards Xorn to offer a proper greeting but draws his hand back in mid attempt. "I'm Tyler Hayworth. It's nice to meet you, sir."

Looking between the two, Xorn nods, "It is a nice evening for a run, Kieran." Spending a bit more time looking at Tyler it appears that Xorn seems to be staring into almost through Tyler studying the youth almost unnervingly, "Tyler Hayworth. I am Shen Xorn, one of the professors at the institute. Welcome to Xavier's. It is always refreshing to see new students friending each other so quickly. And already making plans for the summer, I hear."

"Professor Xorn here was the one who ran the simulation for me." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tyler, before glancing towards Shen Xorn,"We actually are from the same city. Plus we're roommates." He says grinning a bit,"The run was good. I feel a lot better. Almost forgot how good it could be just to run." He says as he glances towards Tyler.

Tyler is not sure what to make of this random meeting. The professor seemed like a pretty cool guy but there was just something about him that set the hairs on Tyler's arms on end. It could be the fact that he's under Xorn's scrutinous gaze at the moment. Thumbs over at Kieran, "Exactly. Oh, the spider thing? With the dog sized spiders?" He breaks his gaze away from the professor to see if that's what his friend was talking about. Though a moment later he's gazing right back at the professor. "This might be totally out of line or whatever so I apologize in advance but; What? There's something funky betwixt us but it's not totally terrible. I just don't know how to explain it and you're kinda creepin me out a bit though you probably don't mean to."

"Roommates and from the same city. Well small world. Did you both know each other?" When Tyler questions Xorn about the "weird creeping out thing" Xorn would smile if he could. He pauses a moment as he actually has never been asked about that, but is certain most if not all the students have thought about that at one point or another, "I appreciate your forth right nature of your question. Most students 'are creeped' out but never say anything." Xorn pauses again and then answers the questions,"Among my own abilities, I can sense various types of energy. Your energy signature is a unique one. I sense you wield cosmic energy."

"Yep. That would be the session." Kieran says laughing at Tyler and nodding his head, before he says,"Nope. We didn't meet. He didn't go to the same schools as I did. The city we're from isn't quite that small but as it turns out we didn't like that far away from each other to make it impossible." He says seriously,"I feel so inferior to you two. You guys seem to be pretty impressive." He says casually about the pair of them.

Tyler cringes about the spider session, "Right, I'm calling in sick if Professor Xorn is running a training session for the Paragons." He's only joking and one can tell by the beaming smile. "Yeah can you believe it? I lived really close to him for my entire life yet we've never crossed paths until here. S'all good though now that we know each other. And pfft…" Tyler turns shaking his head at Kieran. "You're a Sith Lord remember? Or one in training or something. That's pretty bad ass if you ask me."
The professor at least didn't seem offended by Tyler's behavior so he considered how to answer. "No, I'm creeped out by something else not so much the glowly mask action there. You're rocking that like a boss. I do wield the cosmic bits some times but it's more so that I am them. The way I look now is hella cool but I'm really all twinkly actually. I twinkle, and Ki electrocutes stuff. Sorry, babbling."

"Goodness, Kieran. If the session proved anything, it proved that you are just as impressive as any other student at the institute. Fighting, what was it 'dog-sized spiders.' Xorn's voice sets off a little laugh, not too common for the professor without a face. "Whether you wield cosmic energy like Tyler, gravititational energy like myself, or electromagnetic energy like yourself. Every student is impressive in his or hew own right. And you have proven yourself to be valiant against the Spiders and Kali."
Responding to Tyler, "Well, I'm sure whoever runs your Danger Room session will make it. *pause* interesting." He then considers Tyler some more, "It may be my approach then. While everyone at this school, staff and students, is special and unique. I tend to be more unique than most. And I have had very little interaction with people outside of the people here. I have spent the majority of my life in prison."

"Well if Cloud hadn't been there I'd have been toast pretty fast." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Well ok. Sith Apprentice might work." he says laughing even more,"Sorry, I just thought you guys had more impressive capabilities in form of showyness. Mine are useful. I don't have to ever worry about being caught defenseless. I'm a walking human taser gun." He says smiling a little bit,"And yeah. I've been told that our training sessions will all be crazy insane and designed to test our powers to their limits. I know I was really weak by the time we ended."

Tyler blinks repeatedly, "Prison? No way." This is of course something that Tyler would love to know more about though he shouldn't really trouble the professor about his past. "Naw man. It isn't the killer gi, or well the whole ensemble you got goin on which is pretty sweet, nor all that other stuff. I think it has more to do with your gravitational whats-it. I've not been around powered people for long so I don't know how things affect me. All I know is I rather like standing over here and you over there. No offense, sir. I'm just not sure I'd like to encroach on your personal space at all. Which makes no sense out of context but whatever. You know what I mean I hope."
"Teamies are there to help you it doesn't mean you're gonna get turned into a pancake though. Then again if you do turn to the Dark Side you could always send them out while you sip drinks and zap people from a comfy spot." Doesn't really think Ki is the bad guy type though. "I may look totally hot but I don't last very long, Ki. Not so awesome as you think.”

Not understanding a reference, "What is a Sith?" Xorn tilts his head as he ponders some of what has been said, "Well, Kieran, you did well and maybe you will be paired wit Tyler for his first Danger Room session." When Tyler mentions the powers, "Ah there may be some sort of side effect of my gravity powers interfacing with your abilities. A similar reaction has happened when I am near Connor. Though it leads to a more painful migraine for him." Xorn shrugs, "Any power issues will be worked out. This is not the first time nor the last time that staff and students powers may not mix so well. And as for prison, long story short, I spent most of my life in solitary confinement in a Chinese prison because of my powers."

"The Sith are from Star Wars. The thing they're most know for is the projection of lightning from their finger tips. But like the Jedi they can move things with the power of their mind. I guess my magnetic abilities are similar since I can move metallic objects. Working on getting more juice into that. It's interesting how it works. Also going to work on being able to use trajectories instead of having to be limited to vertical and horizontal movements." Kieran says shrugging just a little bit to try and explain hthat whole thing,"Dude… I think you have a better change of going rogue."

Tyler agrees with what Kieran is saying mostly because the Star Wars stuff he knows and all that technical lingo for Ki's powers he knows so at least he can be supportive. "I've not seen very many people's powers just yet but I did see Cloud wooshing around, and Connor opened up a portal earlier today, and well everyone will see Jem. Can't miss her." Ty does suggest conversing on the way back towards the gym as he'd rather not stand around in the shiny clothes talking on a path for much longer. He feels kinda naked even though he's not. "I'm looking forward to the Danger Room stuff. Heard quite a lot about it. I also totally agree that our mojo's aren't meshing very well but it's not too bad. The rest of that stuff? Man that totally sucks Professor. Glad you're outta that sitch though."

Listening to all that Kieran says, Xorn then asks, "What is Star Wars? Are these Sith and Jedi some sort of alien races. Are there like the Shi'ar and Brood?" Xorn begins to rise above the ground a few inches and levitates towards the gym alongside the young men, "Ah Jem is also a new student, I believe I have not met her yet and have not familiarized myself with her abilities? But if everyone will see them, I guess they are truly outrageous." Xorn then continues with his story, "The X-Men saved me and I have since joined them and now return the favor by teaching here."

"Star Wars are some movies. They're pretty cool. The old ones are better than the new ones mostly, but the effects in the new one are cool. Bet I can make cooler Sith Lightning." Kieran says laughing merrily,"I am going to guess she's pretty out there if he's saying she's noticeable. Considering he turns all twinkly like the night sky, which is really quite awesome looking, but then I love the night sky." He says casually as he keeps walking,"Sith and Jedi are Force Users. Jedi are the good guys, although they're a little stuffy because they get too wrapped up in contemplation and being all 'good'. They don't even allow for familial bonds between those of the Order. Sith are the bad guys. They're destructive and evil and manipulative. Death and Destruction are their favorite things." He says explaining Sith and Jedi. "I will say even though I still cringe when I see spiders, it was awesome. I got to learn a bit more about my own powers."

Who would have thought that he'd be walking along with a professor helping to explain Star Wars? Certainly not Tyler but he's amused none the less. "I'm sure you could zap people better than Palpie. Just don't crack out on me when you achieve your ultimate power." Of course Tyler shuts up long enough for Ki to get the explanation of the Jedi and the Sith out for the professor. "Jem, yeah. She's got some sort of fire mastery and quite a lotta control. Can't miss her, Professor." Approaching the door Tyler jogs ahead to open it for the others. "Who are the X-men? Other professors that work for Professor Xavier or something? Glad they were able to bust you out of prison. In case I forgot to mention that before."

"I suppose I should watch a movie at some point in my life." Xorn hmmmns. "Perhaps the first movie I watch will be Star Wars." As they continue along he enters the door that Tyler holds open and he ponders how to answer who the X-men are, "Well not all of the professors are X-Men. Though all the professors do work for Professor Xavier. He founded the original X-Men." As he enters the gym he levitates up higher, "I have heard some students refer to the X-Men as the Avengers of the mutant world." He exhales, "I guess that is a fair assessment."

"Yeah." Kieran says nodding his head a little bit,"Well I think I'm going to get a shower before I get some stuff done for my mother." He says as he keeps moving,"I'm just a little bit sweaty." He says laughing walking with his hair damp with sweat, and his shirt soaked with enough sweat to make it cling to him,"Not a huge fan of staying super sweaty for a long period of time. Plus I got to smell."

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