2010-04-04: Out Of The Holding Cell


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Summary: Sam is sent to check up on James, James fanboys a bit…oh…and Jono's a jerk.

Date: April 4, 2010

Out Of The Holding Cell

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

It's another lonely Sunday night for the resident Gnoll. Having finished his studies hours ago, James is reading and re-reading his history book for the third time as he considers testing out of the subject entirely. But, regardless of his recent scholastic aptitude for times, places, and dates, the hyena has his mind on other things as well. Like getting free. As a matter of fact he's devoted a lot of time to that subject as well. If Papillon did it, so can he. All he needs now is the right tools…a blowtorch, file…jumper cables and a paperclip. Surely he can acquire such items here.

Walking into the Holding Cells, Sam is carrying a tray of food for James. Dinner isn't his only reason to be down here but he'll talk to James about that later. "Howdy James. Ah'm not sure if we've offically met. Ah'm Sam. Ah got some dinner for ya." He says as he punches in the code to enter the cell and makes sure to close it behind him. "Ah've got a few things tah talk tah ya 'bout before ya can go tah your classes if ya want."

If it were possible for James to make huge puppy eyes, now would be the time. Instead, however, his lip does quiver, ears going backwards as he says, "Whoh…Cannonball." It's practically whispered. He stares in awe for a moment, an amazing feat for a 7' tall beast. He's totally not going to try to fanboy o…"I'm from Indiana too!" Okay…he TRIES not to fanboy out at the appearance of the older and much cooler X'er. "Anything!" is out of his mouth in response to the questioning before he can finish the thought. He scoots over, offering to take the tray from Sam. Yeah, this will be the coolest interrogation ever!

"Jus' Sam is fine." Sam says as he moves to sit somewhere in the small cell. "Ah'm not sure why Jono chose tah put ya here, but Scott wanted me tah ask ya a few things before makin' a decision." Sam says as he pushes his hair back. "And first of all, Ah'm not from Indiana, Ah'm from Kentucky. And James…really, Ah'm just a normal guy." He says noticing the holding back of the fanboyisms. "First off, ya know what Jono thought ya should be down here?"

James doesn't let his innate inaccuracy or facts get in his way! He didn't even notice he was wrong, ears radioing forward as Sam speaks to him. he can't resist, "Cause Jono's a jerk." The beast crosses his arms and hmphs, "He's sure something's the matter with me. Yeah, I've been a little stressed…who wouldn't after the Sinister attack and stuff." He watches Sam's shoulder, just slightly intimidated, "We tied to talk things out but it ended with Jono chasing me around the room. I didn't do anything wrong…I just needed some space and I didn't feel like opening up right then. But he locked me up in here instead." Frown follows that last part, "So…I've been here for a week."

"Yeah Ah know Jono can be a jerk. Ah dun know how many times Ah heard that from mah sister." Says Sam shaking his head. After all Paige and Jono do have their history. "Ah ain't arguin' with ya. Things aren't easy James, 'specially 'bein' a teen and growin' up with this. We did it." Meaning the New Mutants and then X-Force who kind of turned their backs on the Xavier's way and did their own thing. "Ah ain't sayin' ya did anything wrong, and maybe ya did need space but Ah don't think this is the place for it. So ya think ya deserved tah be locked in here for a week?"

James shakes his head, "No…I think Jono's being a little harsh and maybe doesn't realize it." The hyena reaches up and adjusts his goggles, unaware he even did it. Nervous twitch, and all. "It's really frustrating, you know? I had finally caught up on all my work, hadn't missed a class for over a week…and then this!" Oh woe is he… "Space is one thing…but," the hyena says as it occurs to him he's probably laying it on a little thick for the wrong person, "Just…could have been handled better." His voice trails off, having said his peace.

"Ah agree, and so does Scott." Sam says to Jono as there's a smirk as he adjusts his goggles. Such a great accessory. "So, how about we git ya outta here tahnight, with the agreement that ya go see Addison tah ease Jono's mind? If ya ever need space, just let us know and we can figure out something. Ah mean, didn't ya make the Emergency Livin' area your space a while back?" Yeah, Sam heard about that.

James smiles, a lot, at the mention of getting out and the offer…whatever it may entail. There's a nod, his ear twitching a little as if batting an invisible fly, "…yeah." It's a little more deflated than earlier, "I just thought I needed it after what happened between the Evil Jono and my head. I mean, I totally 'get' Jono being concerned…but…" Ooops! Off track, "Yeah. I made the call to do that. I didn't want to risk hurting anyone while I was getting my head straight after stuff." Stuff being when his beast was poked into retaliating by Sinister's forces, "Thought it was the right thing to do."

"Well tah be honest, if ya was smart enough tah know tah sperate yerself before, we like tha think ya'd be smart enough ta know when yer at that point again, if ya get there." Sam says as he does plan on letting James go shortly. After all he does need to go to classes and squad classes. "Ah ain't doubtin' it was the right thing tah do. Ah'm thinkin' it was the smart think tah do.

James nods, "I may just be a kid…but I know when I've had enough. You know? It's not like I'm a super villain or anything." He puts his hands in his lap and laces his fingers, shoulders shrinking a little. Just look. He's so small and innocent! "So…I'm free to go then?" A hopefull look follows.

"No one knows their own powers like theirselves." After all Sam has worked with feral mutants before such as Feral and Wolfsbane. He puts a hand out towards James and smiles at him. "Yeah, you're free tah go. But just make time tah see Addison when ya can. It ain't need to be done right here, right now, but maybe by the end of the week."

James looks happy once more as his ears lean forward. Looks like no need for blowtorches after all. But he will miss making a raft out of coconuts. Hmmm…maybe for later in the week. "Great," the beast says grinning ear to ear. He takes Sam's probably much small hand in his and gives it a shake, "I'll shoot for it. I know he's busy with all that Phoenix stuff. And I feel fine, so I feel silly bugging him. But, since you asked." His jaw shuts with a clack and he's already starting to stand. Escape is a mere few feet away, and boy is he ready.

Sam stands up and looks around the cell. Someone's gonna have to do a bit of cleaning in here, but that's for later, right now, it's time. "Yeah but ya shouldn't hold it off James, but anyway, yer a free kid now." He says opening up the door and stepping out before letting James exit. "So whatcha gonna do now that your free?"

James gives Sam a look with his head tilted. It's a rather silly one, "Gonna go sit outside and stare and the stars!" Not the answer 99.9% of the students, staff, and faculty would expect…but that's exactly what he plans to do. "I do reallllly badly in confined places. So I'm making a bee-line for the front lawn." Eyes turn a little more wild as he switches gears, "Then, I'm gonna run around the school a few times, take a shower, get some real food…and bite Jono in the ass when I see him." The hyena blinks, "You now…full on. Teeth, everything. And I'm not going to let go for a week. Seriously, they're going to have to use the jaws of life to get my mouth off his butt." A deft nod follows, but the beast shoots Sam a look, "I'm kidding of course…god…don't tell him I said that. He'll throw me back down here."

"Ah won't tell Jono ya said that, but Ah will tell Paige. She'd get a laugh outta it." Sam tells James as he puts his hand on the shoulder of the Hyena. "But if we do find ya with your teeth on Jono's bum, then we got problems." He says as he pats James on the back as if to tell him to 'get a move on'. "Go, enjoy your stars and run. If ya need anything later, just let me know."

James smiles at Sam, "Don't worry…I hear he tastes awful. All that spite and British-ness." He starts packing up all his stuff, giving Sam plenty of time to open the door. When the Hyena is done, the room is mostly clean. Hey…maybe his parents 'did' raise him well! He slings a bookbag and gives the Hero a wave of his hand, "Thanks again, and I will! I appreciate it! I'll see you topside!!" He's almost already out the door before he finishes the sentence.

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