2009-05-06: Over A Book?


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Summary: A battle with some literate villains

Date: May 6, 2009

Over a Book?

Rating: R

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

As evening settles in over Greenwich Village, people mill about as usual in their own day to day lives.There doesn't seem to be anything strange happening at the moment.

Seated outside a small cafe is a young man with a sketchpad, drawing out designs. Stephen isn't really paying attention to most of the people, preferring to just let them move past. Anyone wandering by may see that it looks like… Jewelry sketches.

Keeping the visor on his helmet down, Rob's sitting on his bike across the street and peering at a map. With all skin covered up right now by motorcycle gear, he seems to be mumbling to himself. "Live in this damn city for so long and I still get lost trying to get out of the damn place…" he mutters to himsel, still parked and trying to find what he's looking for on the map.

Vladimir walks down the street in his hand is a EA Games bag in his hand. He has just bought him self a new copy of Lift4Dead game since his last one got broken durning the night when a lamp fell on it.

Jared has heard about the mythic Mutant Town area of New York a few times, and has frankly gotten curious. Too bad he has not actually looked up directions on how to get to the area before he left the school earlier this afternoon. Trying his best not to look quite as lost as he is, thus marking himself as a target to any muggers, he has found himself wandering not far form his destination looking for any sign of odd looking people, or if he is lucky getting within range of his powers to feel the large amount of mutants. Of course it is just as he starts to debate just going back home when he finally senses other mutants. With a grin he turns to at least look at who ever it is he felt, first spotting Vlad and then Rob. Hmmm, now what to do now…

Stephen definitely does not resonate as a mutant. Taking a sip of his coffee, he smiles as he draws, not looking up yet. That is, until there's a crash at a nearby bookstore as the window is broken. He doesn't have time to react just yet.

Five figures stand next to the broken window. A woman with exaggerated proportions and an amazing grace and carriage. Her body is impossibly shaped, breasts too large, waist too narrow, and hips just right. Another woman, small and slight carries a clipboard. As the window breaks, one of the men had just yelled "ZAP". The other two men were standing beside him. All four are wearing what look like graduation robes, though the one woman's are adjusted to her physique, belted and held in place to show off her… ahem… assets.

Rob looks up from his map at the sound of breaking glass and frowns. "What the hell?" he wonders. Seeing the figures, the man in motorcycle gear just rolls his eyes. "New York City, magnet for freaks and weirdos," he says, starting to fold the map. No real intention of getting involved, he just doesn't want the map ruined if something happenes. "Figured the city would try to throw something in my way…"

Pallaton is about, too, lost again in his hunt for Mutant Town. But at least Jared's here, right? Well, not that Pallaton can see him, he's too busy dodging the passers by, fearing a bump would remove the disguise. But that fear's gone at the sight of the five nearby, replaced with determination. Time to do some good! And how does Pallaton do some good? By running and hiding in an alleyway, peering around the corner to keep an eye on them for now, waiting for something…

Vladimir Has not seen Jared or Rob yet mostly thinking about the zombie killing he going to do when he gets home. He blinks at the sound of the breaking glass and looks up at the people and blinks more at the sight mostly over the way they are dress but the one one surly gets a reaction out of him as well. Sighs and watches the two having no reason to start a fight with there people but he does want to know what's going on. He leans against a near by light post and watches the four of them. If nothing else maybe he can get the busty women's number.

Jared blinks at the sudden crash and says a word he just knows would get a dissaproving froun out of his brother. Three choices come instantly to Jared's mind, hit the alarm button on his communicator, stand up in front of the obvious villians, and run like heck. Of course, the third one is not an option for him. Quickly instead Jared dives into the nearest hidden area to strip off the sweatpants and hoodie he is wearing revealing his Aplpha Squad uniform and reach for the domino mask he had choosen to add to his uniform as well. Getting his mask in place Jared debates pushing the alert button on his school communicator muttering to himself, "Eddie's luck is rubbing off on me, I just know it." before deciding he will save that for if he is in /way/ over his head.

After the crash, Stephen immediately reaches out to brush a finger over his jewelry. The little charms begin to glow slightly as he considers. For now, they've just broken a window. He's not really a hero, but sometimes, you're in the right place.

The woman's voice is like silk as she speaks, "Darlings, I'm going to step inside and try to find the books. There are three of them, but they're hiding. They could be… anything." She says, blowing a kiss towards one of the others. "Onomotopoeia, please… be a dear and watch my back. Alliteration, Aside, Deus Ex Machina… be on guard for superhumans that may attempt to interfere."

The other mousy looking girl blinks. "M… Me? I'm not any good at anything like that…" She says before suddenly… Time stops. The girl looks up to the screen. Yes, that computer screen you're looking at right now… "And here we have just another day. Purple Prose chooses to boss us around because the boys listen to her. You know? If I had tits like that, they'd listen to me too." She makes a pouty face. Time resumes.

The bigger of the men moves along with her, "Of course." He says, looking down at his body. "CLANG" he says, as armor covers his form.

The other two men simply stand near the broken glass and the mousy girl. One develops a forcefield about his body.

Rob quirks an unseen eyebrow as he listens to the window breakers. Sighing, he glances around. "One of the spandex jockeys better get here soon," he mutters, glancing around. He peers at things going on up ahead, sighing when the little shoulder-angel and shoulder-devil appear in his head to yell at him.

Pallaton decides now's the best time. He drops the disguise, the emo kid shattering and falling apart like glass, revealing the huge wolfman beneath. Unlike Jared, he's not in uniform, just wearing pants and fur. He's running out on all fours, going full-tilt towards the group. His head's trying to figure the best course of action, though. Strike with his own strength, focus on dodging, blind them with some sand then strike…

Vladimir just watches the four as they talk and stuff. He not sure what to do sure there is a crime going down but he not sure if he can do anything to stop them. He then sees what looks like a big dog in pants no wait it's Pallaton. He blinks and sighs, "damn it I guess I better back him up. He pushes off the lamp post and starts a light jog to join him.

Stephen nods softly, touching one of the charms, which shifts his clothing into something else. Then with another, he holds it, making a soft intonation. "Brother Wolf." He says simply. A glow covers his body as he becomes mildly fuzzy, and has sudden claws on his fingers. Around his body is a glowing aura shaped like a wolf. He begins running, only to see Pallaton running as well. He laughs softly, as he makes his way to the scene.

Purple Prose and Onomotopoeia step into the building.

As the 'villains' notice the running people, Alliteration laughs to himself. The force field flexes itself as he shrugs. "Oh, come off it. You can't get through it. Don't even try."

The man with him, Deus Ex Machina ponders for a moment before he looks at a nearby motorcycle. The cycle revs itself suddenly, light coming on to glare in the faces of the charging heroes. Then…

Time stops again. This time, as Aside looks to the screen she sighs. "See, I don't know why I even bother. They have powers. What can I do? I can stop time and talk to people out there. I don't know if they even exist. But now it looks like there's going to be a fight. Two wolfy guys, and whoever that kid is. They'll get their asses handed to them. I feel bad. Maybe they'll leave me alone." She turns back to the action, and it resumes. Of course, no one really knows what she's doing, as they can't feel or hear it.

Rob lets out another sigh as the little mental incarnations of good and evil stop arguing with one another and gang up on him. "Why do I do these things to myself?" he asks, getting off his bike as the one up ahead comes to life. "Now let's see…how to go about this?" he keeps talking to himself, unclipping his gloves and stuffing them into his pockets. He'll join in soon enough.

New plan. Pallaton lifts a finger to shoot a rock at that bright light. After all, a light can't work if broken. Of course, in doing so, he stops travelling forwards, but it does give him time to look around and plan a bit. Maybe some sand's a good idea…

Vladimir stops dead in his tracks as he sees the motorcycle start up, "Well looks like I can help." His eyes rolls back in his head and his body goes limp as he fall to the hard ground. His mind enters the bike as well trying to stop it.

Stephen attempts something, reaching his mind out to the wolf. ~~Can you hear me?" He asks, softly in the mind. There's no force… just a gentle touch. Easy. However, he pauses seeing him fling a rock. An eyebrow raises on the shaman's face. He, himself leaps forward to claw at the man in the force field.

Alliteration sighs softly at the clawing. "I told you, you won't get through it." He breathes a hand on his nails and shakes his head. He's extremely casual about the whole thing. The other man, however, seems quite distracted…

Aside looks up at the screen. "Great. Now we have it going on. And I can't move except in real time. Go figure. Of course, I was reading a play when it all happened and was reading an aside. So I get stuck with crap." As time resumes, she starts moving away with an 'eep'.

Inside what tiny computer there is in the motorcycle, Vlad's mind is going to meet someone else. The man outside? He's in here too. "Well, well, well. A little techling trying to come to Deus's reealm?" He asks, tilting his head and pulling a mental arm back. "Fine with me." He reaches out to swing a hand out at the mutant.

Pallaton didn't so much as fling a rock than create and shoot a rock. "Get back!" he shouts with an upward slash of his claws at thin air. What effect did that have? Oh, wait, there it is. He manages to instead create a blast of sand into their enemies eyes, or at least tries to. Afterwards, it's a case of wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Pallaton's trying to swing a devastating punch at the shielded one.

Rob continues to mutter to himself as he takes off his helmet and jacket. There's…there's no one wearing that T-shirt underneath! It looks like it's on someone…someone very fit…but there's no head or arms! And then the t-shirt comes off. All of it gets stuffed into the motorcycle bag and Rob stretches. Pressing against a building and crouching down, he starts to make his way towards the scene. Figuring no one pays attention to animated pants, he's trying to get behind the group while pressed against shops. The invisible man's focus is on the one making the forcefield of course, getting an idea as he notices something.

Vladimir blinks seeing well more like feeling the other mind in there. He faces it and blinks, "and here I thought I would be alone. Now….Now this is my realm as much as yours." He smiles, "I was hoping just to stop the bike." He blinks and ducks and is able to not get hit with the swing. He runs forward and tries to tackle the other technopath

"Guess not." Stephen says as the other wolf just jumps right in his path. "Look out." He says to Pallaton. "You could have gotten in my way." He shakes his head lightly. "We're not doing anything." Too bad he didn't have any spells in his inventory today.

The one in the Force Field shrugs again, not seeing Rob moving behind him at all. "You two can keep this up all day." He says, looking at both STephen and Pallaton as they try to hit him, his field holding just fine. They might start to notice a glow where they hit it.

"Oh, that's it, kiddie. Run to me." Deus laughs at Vlad, prepping himself to capture the kid with his own stance. "I'm not letting you have this. How long have you been doing this? A year? Two?" HE says, waiting until Vlad's right against him to try a blow to his nose with his own head.

Rob continues to creep his way towards Alliteration's back. Once he's about a foot away, the mutant lifts an invisible hand. There's a slight glow before several bandages shoot out at high speeds and try to wrap around the forcefield maker's head. Should he get the head wrapped up, Rob will pull hard and try to yank the man onto his back.

Pallaton growls, going again to beat on the shielded guy again. "I heard you!" he said, going all-out and wailing on him. Left fist, right fist, left, jump back and charge… Will this even do anything?

Vladimir Grunt, "three years!" He shouts and he running at Deus. Is far from a train fighter and does not see what's coming. He tackles the man and goes to throw a punch only to hit in the nose. His eyes water and he stumbles back, "Damn it!" His body flinches and blood comes from his nose.

"Then act like it. We're not doing anything to him from here." Stephen growls, smelling and sounding like a wolf. He pauses for a moment as he tries to regain control of himself. "Apologies. Sometime the animal tries to outdo my mind." He steps away, knowing they're not doing anything because he's yawning it off. But… are those PANTS?

The invisible one's bandages DO grab the guy. Apparently, it was only in his line of vision. The forcefield falls as his head crashes into the wall and he stops moving. Unconscious? Who knows. The other man stands there, leaning against the wall as if held in place. "That'll teach you, brat." He says under his breath. Suddenly, his body starts moving to Vladimir's.

On the inside, however, as Vladimir backs away, Deus grins, "That'll teach you, brat. And you should see your body. Alone… helpless, while I'm in here, strong. And… I'm out there, strong. I can move my body."

Rob just scowls down at the man who's head he has wrapped up. He detaches the bandages from his wrists, leaving the man on the ground unable to see or speak but still able to breath. Seeing the second man moving, the invisible man lifts his arm again and launches more bandages. This time he's trying to wrap the technopath's arms and torso up.

Pallaton glares at the shaman, but he's got other plans right now, going to the technopath. After all, his friend's in trouble. And what better way to express that than a leaping punch to the chest. Pallaton is on a mission once again.

Vladimir frowns and spits some blood, "ah keep talking old man because when I am done with you you will not speak for a long time. Ever seen the beginning of Kill Bill well your the blond bitch and I am Bill" He makes a gun shape with hit pointer and his thumb, "Bang" He seems please to learn that the man is able to move his body outside the bike it means he can be distracted by the real world while Vlad can not.

Stephen shakes his head softly. Good, the kids are going after the other person, which leaves the ones on the inside for him. He steps inside to go after Purple Prose and Onomotopoeia.

With the attention turned away, Alliteration lays there, still… for the moment.

Deus ex Machina, however, is more than he seems. Seeing the others running for him, the motorcycle, which is still under his command for the moment, tears across the sidewalk, raising itself to intervene between Pallaton and the bandages and himself. "You might want to back off. I have his mind in my hands. I will crush it if you don't back away." He states simply. Does he? Well, they obviously don't know, do they. AFter all, Vlad is bleeding from the nose right now.

INSIDE, however, Deus laughs. "You think I'm an idiot? You're wrong. I have two minds in one body. One in the computer, and one in my body. I wasn't born yesterday. I've read these novels. The innocent gets away. No. I think not. I'm just trying to keep you all away while they get the books we need. That's all. You back away, and I'll let you go. You stepped in the middle of MY business."

Rob cuts the bandages off as they tangle in the bike's wheels. Frowning, he mentally sighs. Backing off, he moves into an alley. "Can -not- believe I'm doing this," he hisses to himself, unclasping his belt.

Vladimir laughs, "you think you got me please I can leave anytime I want." He blinks, "Books this is over books! God damn it if you stop I'll buy you a copy of the books. That's has to be dumbest reason I ever heard to rob a place!" He runs forward again fist drawn back ready to strike the guy. This time he ready for a counter attack and is read to dodge if need be.

What's going on in the shop remains unknown for the moment.

Pallaton ran after the running Aside.

Outside, the man sighs softly, shaking his head. "You really shouldn't get involved." He calls to whoever. AFter all, he can't see them. INSIDE, he slides down to the side, stretching his feet out to trip Vlad as he runs. Sure, he can be ready for a counterattack, but this was something else.

After doing somethint that might just be considered embarassing by others, Rob comes out of hiding. Of course, no one can see him at all right now. A few people will realize what this means. Slowly creeping up behind Deus, he scoops up a half od brick and tries to bring it down hard on the other man's head with aims to knock him out but not kill.

Vladimir sees the leg and in a split moment he has he decides to try something he seen on WWE. He jumps at the last moment into a flying body press. While it will get the job done it is not graceful or as skill as he seen on the TV. The 5 feet 5 inches 125 pound 16 now flying to the other Technopath.

Physically, while Vlad is inside the machine, Deus releases a nice, strong punch to his jaw. Now, mind you, Deus was a football player before he got shifted into this, so he's a lot stronger. Mentally, he's just as strong. HOwever, the brick does cause him to go down in the outside world… but the inside, he just yells briefly. The distraction of his body passing out is enough for him to let the other one land on him. But, the waif of a boy just isn't strong enough.

Rob scowls after tossing the brick away. He holds his hands out, sending bandages out to tightly wrap and tie up the KO'd man. He wants him immobilized. Glancing up, he wonders how that kid with the nose bleed is doing and tried to figure out if he can come up with a way to contact him.

There's a gasp from inside the building as Stephen walks out with a big grin on his face and just sits down on the ground. The woman with purple hair… no… the MAN with purple hair, now, steps out of the building. His body is broad and muscular, and the suit has shifted to fit an obvious… overendowed body. He chuckles. "Just sit right there, handsome. We've got what we've come for." She grins, leading Onomotopoeia by the hand. He goes along just as giddily. She taps a walkie talkie. "Setting, We've got what we've come for. Have Author contact Deus. His body's unconscious, then get here and get all of us out of here." S/He's carrying three books. They look like kids books, tattered and torn and obviously very old.

Vladimir has not choose to take the hit after all he flying at the guy and yes it hurts but he still fly at the guy There no changing that. He hits the large man. His body flinches and a trickle of blood comes from his mouth. Then it gasp as if the wind is knocked out of it.

"You have no idea what's going on here, little man. It's not a book you can buy. It's three special books. Part of a selection that's so rare that you have to find them and TAKE them. Anyway, I hear my boss calling." He says, offering a wave. "Toodle-oo." And with that, the Motorcycle is empty, save for Vlad.

Rob looks up as Stephen comes back out, quirking an eyebrow. "Yeeaaah…no," he says to himself. Holding up a hand, he lets bandages fly with the aim of wrapping up the purple haired one's head. He doesn't leave them connected to himself though, moving away from the spot quickly. Not much good being unseen if you stay in one spot the whole time.

Vladimir blinks and looks around as he finds him self alone in the bike and sigh, "okay" He takes control of it turning it off and then exits the bike. His mind re-enters his body. His eyes roll back to normal position and he moans some from the pain in his nose and mouth. He sits up and looks around seeing no one else is around but the four bad guy, "what the hell! They could have taken my body!"

The bandages DO wrap around Purple Prose's head, however, it's about that time that another person appears. Glancing between the figures, She locates each one. "Yupyup. Time for a change of Setting!" She says happily, before teleporting all of the 'villains' out. However, one book is dropped onto the ground.

As Prose disappears, Stephen snaps out of it, looking around quickly. "What the hell? Where'd they go? And oh my god…" He says, stopping to stare dead on at Rob. "Dude, that's kinda illegal."

Rob just blinks as the 'villains' teleport out. Without some kind of special cutting tools or powers, his bandages will last on them for about half an hour. "Why me?" he asks. Moving to pick up the book, he looks it over. When Stephen looks at him, Rob quirks an eyebrow. "Wait…" he trails off. "You…can see me?"

Vladimir blinks as the four vanish, "okay they got away" He does spot the book and makes his way over to it and then stops dead in the tracks and the book seems to be floating, "now what?"

"Of course I can see you. I can see… everything." STephen says, motioning down his body at his own costume. "What's that?" He asks, looking at the book. Sirens begin to cry in the distance. He looks over at Vlad. "You ok, kid?"

Rob tosses the book over to Stephen. "Hell if I know, I'm just a teacher trying to find the school I'm hoping to work at…and …you are the first person in a couple years to see me…" he trails off. "Well…I hope ya like it," he says, smirking slightly. Yes…a deep voice coming from nothingness. He quickly moves to get back into his undies, pants, and boots. "Yeah, you okay, kid?" the animaated pants ask Vlad.

Vladimir spits some more blood out, "Think I have a broken nose and I think something got knocked loose I seeing the book floating and hearing a disembodied voice. Are you talking to someone or am I losing my mind?"

Stephen looks it over. It just looks like a book to him. But, there's something different, he just doesn't know what. He shrugs slightly and hangs on to it. "What school are you trying to find, and in what part of the city?" He asks, brushing himself off and looking to Vlad. "Sorry, I'm not a good healer. It takes me a whole day to cast a healing spell. Only my animal aspects are instant." He says with a bit of a blush. "Yeah, there's someone there. He's getting dressed. SEe the floating clothes?"

Rob pauses for a moment unsure of what to say. "The Xavier School for Giften Youngsters," he eventually says, remembering that the school does have a public front. Glancing at Vlad, he frowns. "Need a ride to a hospital? My bike's down there," he offers.

Vladimir blinks and nods, "oh yah floating clothes that makes me feel better." He walks over and looks at the book, "can I see the book?" He looks at the half naked unseen man, "Um your a teacher at Xavier? Um am I going be in trouble for this. I know I have been in trouble a few times for stuff I done since I been there and hate to get in any more?"

Stephen holds the book out. It doesn't appear to be anything special. If no one else wants it, he'll try to figure out what's so special about it in the future. "Did anyone see where the wolf-guy went?" He asks, casually, looking out and down the road. "Dumb kid."

Rob shrugs. "Not yet. I'm going there to ask for a job…wait…you're a student there?" he asks, staring at Vlad. Of course it can't be seen but he's staring. "Okay…the city is crazy," he concludes. "Wolf guy? That way," he says, pointing.

Vladimir looks the book over making sure not get any blood on it, "looks just like a normal book but I think I will take it." He knows it's a rare book and worth tons he not just going let in walk off with some wolf guy talking about magic. He smiles, "oh good then you don't have to report this." He nods, "yah I am a student so is the other wolf guy where ever he want" He walks over to his EA Game bag with his game in it and picks it up. "could you give me a ride back to the school."

"I think not kiddo. Either I'll take it, or the other adult will take it. If they went through such lengths to get it, I'm not trusting it to a teenager." Stephen says, shaking his head and tugging the book away. He looks to Rob. "Would you like it, or would you prefer I look into it. IT doesn't look like much. And they said it was hiding what it was. I did hear her… him… whatever call that out."

Rob looks at Stephen for a few moments and sighs. "Fine. I'll take it…I know someone I can give it to," he says, walking over to take it. "Alright, you can give me directions there," he offers to Vlad. "C'mon," he says, turning and walking towards the bike. Once there, he'll put shirt and jacket back on, tossing a spare helmet to Vlad.

Vladimir frowns and looks at Stephen, "like hell that book be safer at the school then anywhere else now hand it over!" Vlads hands make tight fist and there a anger in his eyes, "Just because I'm a teen does not mean I can't take control of a book!" Frowns, "I not given you anything until you give me that book! Now give it over so I can give it to the head master Mr. Summers!" He catches the helmet but does not put it on.

"Actually, on second thought, I'll keep it safe." Stephen says, looking at Rob and offering him a card. "Come and see me later." There's an unspoken word there, that Rob will probably pick up on. "Kid, you're not getting anything. If nothing else, I'll hand it to the police when they get here. In just a few minutes." He points at the flashing lights.

Rob sighs, taking the card. "Such a fuckin' hassle," he says quietly. "I'll come by. "And calm down, kid. Summers is who I was gonna give it to," he says. He didn't know a name until a moment ago but he was going to give it to the headmaster. "Now put the damn helmet on and get on so we can get out of here," he says, everything on now as he revs his bike.

Vladimir frowns, "like hell your walking off with that book or handing it over to the cops they will not stop those other mutants they get the book!" He sighs and looks at Rob, "then since we thinking of the same person you would not mind if I hold the book. I mean your going be driving and all. While Shades does not know you or if he does your in good terms I need something like this to get on his good side. Please let me hand it over.

"When you drop the kid off, I'll have it. I may try to look into it to see if I can find out what it is, but I'll tell you anything I do, and let you try to figure out more." Stephen says calmly to Rob with a grin. STephen tucks the book into his belt. "Who said they were mutants. Not all people with powers are mutants." He says, grabbing his notepad from the table it was on earlier. Touching his charms again, he says, "Hawk." A hawk's screech penetrates the air as his hair turns to feathers. A glowing blue aura shaped like a hawk surrounds him. "Sorry, kid. You're an asshole. You're not getting shit." He says with a shrug. "Later, man." He says to Rob as he lifts into the sky, flying away before the cops get there.

Vladimir frowns and jumps as Stephen starts to fly away and tries to grab on to his legs, "Like Hell you going any place with that book!"

Rob just growls. He's annoted about all of this. In his eyes, both Stepeh and Vlad are being massive assholes. If he doesn't get the job at Xavier's because of this he's going to find Vlad and take him away somewhere to teach him a lesson and then have words with Stephen. "Kid. Bike. NOW. Let him fly off. I'll get the damn book from him later and then I'll -think- about giving it to you but unless you get on the damn bike now I am leaving you to be arrested."

"Kid, you'd better go now, or I'm switching to spiny hedgehog. And you won't like that. Give it up." Stephen says plainly. "Otherwise, I'll drop it off on Avengers' Mansion lawn with a note about what it's concerning and let them deal with it. I don't care." He says, rising higher. He's not high enough that it'll injure the kid if he falls. "Just let go, and let him take you back to your school." They also made the mistake of telling him the school they go to. He knows nothing about the powers, but he can still call and leave a nasty message with the headmaster about the student's activities in public.

Vladimir frowns as he misses the guy and frowns, "Damn it!" He looks at Rob, "You know how much that book is worth! it's priceless you think he going hand it over once he finds out! The guy I was fighting said it was worth so much no one could buy it. When you find it you have to take it!" He puts on the helmet and walks over to the motorcycle he climbs on it and looks at the flying guy, "I don't trust you maybe I should tell the cops you have stolen goods."

Rob grits his teeth. "Would you both shut the fuck up already. Whip 'em out and measure later! Kid, NOW!" he growls. Once Vlad is on the bike and has a grip, Rob revs the engine and drives off. "I hate today," he grumbles simply.

"Good luck, Man." Stephen calls down to Rob with a chuckle, as he flies off into the night. "Sounds like you're going to need it!"

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