2010-04-28: Over A Cigarette


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Summary: Kenta isn't too happy Nazca takes his cigarette…..

Date: April 28, 2010

Over A Cigarette

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

Nazca is jogging along the courtyard, holding a digital watch as she moves up the courtyard, down it, and seems to zigzag. She has her attention more on the watch than anything else, so it isn't surprising when she knocks into one of the benches, and flips over it onto her back. "Yonkers!"

Erik is just stepping out of the mansion in time to see the pratfall that Nazca makes, blinking slightly. "Going to be one of those days, hmm." He says with a laugh, moving to jog over to her. "Are you alright?" He asks.

Sitting on a bench not to far from the one where Nazca decides today is lovely day to see if she can get more intimate with it. He's out here doing the one thing Kenta usually does when outside, smoking. With a cigarette still dangling from his lips he gets up and offers a chilly hand. "You okay?" He asks. Like usual, Kenta's in a pair of faded jeans and a black sleeveless C.B.G.B.'s t-shirt since the cold doesn't bother him. Erik gets a "Yo." from Kenta as a greeting.

«That was Olympics worthy.» Said in a low, surprised manner as Jonothon approaches from the far side of Kenta, having been on his way to the school, from the garage. Since other people are asking if she's okay, he keeps it to himself. Stops at Kenta's bench, wearing all black as per usual. This one doesn't believe in color. «Never thought I'd consider the school needing no running warnings in the courtyard, especially not from someone who's a teacher.» He smirks with that one.

Nazca frowns on the ground "Oooh shoot, I'm going to have to start over! Well doesn't that just crinkle my dress?". She peers up past the watch when there's suddenly a Kenta, and an Erik staring down at her. She reaches up past the hand Kenta offers and takes the cigarette out of his mouth, and puts it out on the ground. "No fags allowed, you shouldn't be smoking out in front of students anyway, it sets a bad example, and it makes you smell bad.". She sits up, shaking her hair out, running her fingers through it to try to get any excess dirt or grass from it. "So much for enhanced agility.."

Erik quirks his eyebrow up at the British-ism for cigarette, although he doesn't do much more than that. "Well, enhanced agility isn't the same thing as a spider sense, hmm?" He offers with a chuckle, before he looks over to Jonothon. "More power means the ability to fail more spectacularly sometimes."

There's a flash of anger across Kenta's face as he just glares at Nazca. "Don't you ever….EVER…do that again. When you've been through the shit I've been thorough, seen the shit I've seen, then you can fucking tell me what I can and can't do. Until then, you ever, lecture me on smoking or take a cigarette out of my mouth, all bets are off. You'll see what a bad example for the students is then." There is no sign of the carefree teacher right now as Kenta and smoking are something of a sensitive subject for him, it's kind of an emotional crutch and he knows it. "And I would refrain from use of the word -fag- around here." He says taking a metal case out of his pocket and taking another of his hand rolled cigarettes out and lighting it up, with a warning glare at Nazca.

Nazca stands, and seems fairly oblivious when her jeans seem to disenigrate. the entire left pantleg falls to the ground, unthraded, eaten away, almost as if acid had touched it. She wears white panties, which seem to be eaten away as well, the worn spots being replaced by a light blue.. A blue 'sleepy carebear' graphic seems to be appearing over her rear, as the pantleg that is up seems to be transformed slowly, in sploches into white of a different matieral. The few patches of her purple shirt fall off and to the ground, smoldering a moment. "Language! Language! Don't use such foul savage language out where students can hear you! Someone's mother needs to wash thier mouth out with soap!". She rests her hands on her hips, then feels the bare one, and her cheeks immediately turn crimson. "Oh no…." she mumbles "Not now..I've worn them too long…"

Erik gives a nod. "Yes, I'm aware, which is why I raised the eyebrow. However, I've had to deal with enough brits to know what it means; you're probably right to correct it, though." Erik, who is not British and has at most an American accent (maybe a tinge of New York), offers with a nod. He then…blinks, a lot. "Aaalright…another fascinating day at Xavier's." He says. He takes off his coat, and quickly moves to throw it over her body. Fortunately, dressed for the chill, it is knee length on the fairly tall mutant.

Kenta looks at Nazca and he doesn't seem to care about her appearance, not at all. "Nazca, you can go stuff it for all I fucking care." He spits out at her as dark force actually starts to 'smoke' a bit off of him, coming from the markings on his arms, chest and who knows where else. Looking into his eyes right now would probably reveal too much depth in them, too much movement, like looking into another dimension. "You better shape up Ms. Holier-than-though cause that 'I'm better than everyone' attitude you have isn't gonna last long here. The students here will rip you and tear you apart so fast that it's not even funny. Hell I bet the kids here have seen more shit in their six months here then you have in your 'don't swear or smoke Mr. Music Teacher' so don't you start to lecture me on my bad habits."

Eyebrows arch in mild surprise as clothing drops off, but that's the worst of Jono's expression. «You're.. kind of disgusting, gel. And I don't mean your powers.» Said of the woman's demands not to use foul language. «You're the one who was spouting off the other day at me.» No, he's not making issue of her clothing, and he's not about to offer his. «I'm going inside. Scott must have been bloody off his rocker to have hired her. Cheers.» Lifting a hand in farewell, he heads off. So not getting between Kenta and Nazca on this one.

Nazca looks to Erik, trying to wave him off "No no..not right now…" Bits of the rest of her clothing fall to the ground, replaced on her instead by a long almost ankle-length white dress, simple yet elegant. Her sneakers fall apart, giving way to sandals on her feet. Even the pink ribbon in her hair falls off. She hugs herself, shivering a little. "I was repeating what the boy said to me.". She casts her gaze to the ground. "Everyone's life is different, my life has not been a terrible hardship, but I've seen people suffering and whom have had hardships. Everyone has thier own personal crises. But smoking is something that is proven to shorten a life, to cause pain. Don't you want to live as long as you can? I worry for people when they smoke.". Scratching at her arm lightly, now uncovered. "I shouldn't have taken that from you in that manner though. I apologize, it /was/ rude, and uncalled for.". She dips into a quick curtsy "If you'll excuse me..I think I need to run off to my room and cry now..""

Erik blinks, keeping his coat then as he watches the transformation. "I'm not sure I'm mentally equipped to keep up with what is going on right now." He says simply. "Kenta, she made a mistake. And it wasn't your last one, or I might just let you kill her." He says, attemp-ting to diffuse the now smoking and smoking professor.

"It might do you good to remember that everyone has their own personal crisis before stepping on someones toes about their habbits. It might avoid you the embarassment. And you know what Nazca, I've met people who never smoked a ciagarette in their life and they died young just cause they're a mutant so right now, this, I'm not worried about it killing me." Kenta says as when you're a mutant, especially one who works close to protect the students at Xavier's, it's not a cigarette that's gonna kill you, it's probably something worse. He looks over at Erik and just shrugs. There are just certian things that rub people the wrong way it just happends that Nazca found out most of them the hard way.

So many things to say and Jonothon holds his proverbial tongue. This whole situation isn't going to end well. Privately to Kenta he asks, «Want to go blow off steam in the dangerroom?» Doesn't wait for an answer though, for he can hear it on the other side of the school anyway. Just closes the front door behind him and is gone.

Nazca blinks, taking a step back. She looks apologetically to Erik "I'm sorry, it's um..part of my body. The dress that is.". Looking back to Kenta she shakes her head "Something is going to try to kill you here? I..I don't know about murderers and people trying to kill people here. All I know is, I came here to teach. Mind control and mayhem and life-threatening situations were not in the pitch! My goodness, if your holding Zombies in the basement, I'm going to report you! To..to…to the world health orginazation! I came here to try to help mutants, people like me..not get attacked! I've never even seen another mutant before yesterday! I knew they were out there and that I wasn't the only one, but I just hadn't had the opportunity to meet any.". She rubs at her eyes, then tries to rush past Kenta to run inside.

Kenta shakes his head and finishes off his cigarette before looking over at Erik. "I gotta talk to Jono about one of our students, and god, I do kinda feel bad blowing up at her but at the same time, if she doesn't know what the hell goes on here then she's gonna go back home with a nice mind wipe via Addison or something. Girl's gotta wake up. 33 my ass." He says in regards to her claimed age as he heads into the mansion to find Jono.

Erik blinks slightly, wincing a bit at Nazca's story. "Well, goodness." He says simply. He looks over to Kenta and gives a nod. "Yeah, that's not healthy to have a teacher running around knowing less about the situation here than a new student." He agreees.

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