2009-07-10: Over Fear


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Summary: Spirits Gather in the Penthouse as Dmitri tries to get over his intense dislike of heights.

Date: July 10, 2009

Log Title: Over Fear

Rating: R

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

Sleeping in a bit late today, Kaden's only woken up about a half hour ago. Stumbling out of the bathroom in just a towel, steam rising off of him from the water, he yawns. The fire spirit has gotten better with water but there are still those grumpy days where he'll still use the gel shower out of hate of water. Instead of going to his bedroom he plops down on the couch and picks up the remote to turn on the television.

Dmitri may not hang around the apartments with the other spirits often, but he has heard a few things about all of them there, and since meeting a previous spirit of the Earth he has done something he would not have ever done before. Dmitri has admited to himself he is scared to death of hights, and decided to do something about it. People say the best way to defeat ones fears is to face them, so the Eart spirit is going to do that…sort of. Even without looking out windows, or standing on ledges, he knows just how high the Penthouse of the Marc is so…he has decided to go there to start dealig with his issues. Eyes closed, and breathing deeply in a way that screams he is forcing himself to breath that way instead of panic he nocks at the door.

"Alright. I'll meet with the guy in a few hours. Even I need time to rest ya know," comes the mildly irritated voice of Keith Flinn. The white haired man is actually clean shaven and dressed in a suit and tie as he comes from his office. He's got his phone to his each and a few folders in hand as he enters the main room. "Hey, K-man," he greets, ruffling the fire-spirit's hair as he takes a quick phone break. "No, not you. Look! Just set up the meeting and I'll handle it!" he orders, closing the phone. Just as he's about to say something to Kaden, there's the knock at the door. Shrugging, Keith walks over and opens it. "Dmitri," pause for surprise. "C'mon in!"

Kaden turns off the television as Keith comes in and grins as his hair is ruffled. He's about to say something to Keith when he snaps into the phone and waits until he's off the phone "Damn Keith, rough day? And you really look like Mr. Fancy-Pants today." He says as Keith answers door and announces who it is. "Dmitri?!" He says getting up to go over to the door to great the Earth Spirit. Though en route to the door he trips on his towel and falls right on the ground. He looks up at Dmitri and Keith with a grin. "What brings you up here Dmitri?"

Dmitri takes a deep breath and gives Keith the best fake smile he can muster given just how high up he is. "Hello Keith, I…havn't been up here to visit the rest of you up…here this high…before and thought it might be better to nock instead of just using the key." That and he is not sure he can keep his hands from shaking too much to use the key given this is the first time he has been more than 5 feet off the ground since the plane trip that brought him to the US form the old contry.

Keith grins and pulls Dmitri in, arm around the man's shoulder. He's not picked up on the nervousness yet. "D-man, you're always welcome up here!" he says. "And yeah, K-man. Rough day. About ten people that act like the world is ending in flames if I leave them alone for more than ten minutes," he says. When Kaden trips and ends up naked, Keith lets out a whistle. "Nice trip. You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, takes more than a fall to keep me down." Kaden says as he's a lot more chipper at times than he used to be. He pushes himself up and heads over to Dmitri and Keith. "Nice to see you up here Dmitri, I was just listening to FancyPants yell on the phone. And end in flames? I can arrange that for you." He teases, obviously joking.

Dmitri nods, and knows he is always welcome, hell he likes using the small apartment Keith arainged for him on the ground floor where it is safe and not so…high. He hardly notices Kaden end up naked, as much as he is trying to breath and not look out the windows and see anything upsetting like clouds. "Yeah, I was in the area and…just wanted to.,.um..come up here." Ok, lame excuses but it is one thing to admit your scared to death of something and something else entierly to admit it to other people. "I…do know how you feel though Keith. I have a few people that I do jewlry for that tend to panic if I do not give them an update every day…or in some cases every few hours."

"You have no idea how tempting it is, K-man. No idea…" Keith trails off. "C'mon. Sit down. Want a drink or something?" he asksm, leading Dmitri to the couch. Of course the windows in the penthouse are the huge kind so there is a big view of New York out there. "You sound kinda like you could use one," he remarks with a laugh. "How about you, K-man? Want something to drink? Soda or something?"

"Water's fine." Kaden says as he walks over and sits down on the couch, picking up his towel on the way, before looking at Dmitri. "You okay Dmitri, you seem kinda…I dunno." He says noticing that he seems tense. "So is there are a certain reason you came up here or did you just come up here to say hi? And you know I wouldn't really do that Keith, I wouldn't want to hurt someone with my fire even if they were pissing you off. Though I wouldn't mind punching them in the face for you."

Dmitri nods and lets himself be led to a couch, prefferably one he can sit in facing away form the windows. "Yes, that might be nice. A shot of Vodka might help." Dmitri gives Kaden a look when he asks how he is doing and gives a small sigh. "Yes I am ok, I am just…Kaden think of your feelings about water. Imagine how you would feel in the middle of a lake wiht no boat. That is how I feel about heights….."

Keith nods. "Maybe you can punch then when they're done working for me," he says, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. The couches do indeed face away from the windows, centered around Keith's big TV. The air-spirit returns a moment later with the water and two shots of some high quality vodka. "Trying to get over your fear of heights?" he assumes, handing the shot over and the water to Kaden.

Kaden takes the water and looks at Dmitri. "Then should we all go downstairs and hang out or something? I don't want you to be like that up here." Kaden says knowing he'd probably panic if he was stuck in the middle of a lake like that. Especially since he can't swim. He opens the bottle of water and takes a sip of it, surprisingly Kaden's the type that enjoys the healthier sort of foods.

Dmitri slams back his shot of vodka and shakes his head at Kaden. "No, I hardly see the rest of you as it is. If I can…learn to deal with this that can change. It is better to face ones fears…and if I don't look out the windows its not that…Its…I can deal with it." Dmitri can't even say its not that bad, being cut off form his power source way up high in the penthouse but he can deal with it.

Keith hands the second shot over, apparently not wanting anything himself right now. The air-spirit then moves to sit next to Dmitri. "Well, we're both here for ya, man. Ya need our help, we'll do what we can to provide it. Right, K-man?"

Kaden nods. "Yup, we're here for ya Dmitri, you guys are the most important people in my life, I'd do anything you guys." Kaden says as he kind of understands what Dmitri is going through. "I'm trying to get better with water, I'm still not brave enough to go into the hot tub with Fancy Pants and Drew yet though."

Dmitri sips the second shot much slower than the first. "I know, that is…part of the reason I choose to start dealing with this here as opposed to trying it on my own. Just…being apart formt he Earth is…not helping in the least with my fear either. Hmm, are you sure it is the water that is the reason your not brave enough to go hot tubbing with Drew and Keith?"

Keith blinks a few times. "Apart from the earth? Hey…would me getting ya like…a big pot of dirt and rocks help?" he asks, actually having something like that up here already. He then smirks at Kaden. "We'll get ya in there one day, K-man."

Kaden looks at Dmitri with confusion. "What else would it be Dmitri? I'm not exactly afraid to be around Keith or Drew or Xane for that reason." He's actually become quite comfortable and open around those three. "Yeah, what if Keith got a nice little rocky area for you or something. I dunno, he got me a nonwater shower."

Dmitri looks at Kaden for a long moment. Obviously he does not spend near enough time with the others, last time he can really remember Kaden was not exactly up to the whole PDA thing. That or his atempt at humor given that he would lay money on Keith and Drew not wearing clothes in the hot tub, ever. "I do not know if it would help or not. I have never really been off the ground for long…not sure if I could draw on its strength that way…."

Keith nods. "Hold on then!" he chimes, getting up. Kaden gets a quick kiss and Keith speeds off with a burst of wind. He returns a moment later with a pot meant for holding small indoor trees. Zipping off again, he comes back with a bag of potting soil and a bag of gravel. "Alright then. Wanna put your feet in before I fill it up or something?" he asks.

Kaden stands up. "I'm gonna actually go get dressed now, I hope that works for you Dmitri." Kaden says as he gives Keith another quick kiss and also gives one to Dmitri on the cheek, just to kind of make a step in that direction towards the earth spirit, before heading off to his room.

Dmitri blinks at Keith, and then blinks again as he returns with the pot and the bags of soil and gravel. As he asks if Dmitri wants to put his feet in the pot he just shakes his head and waves a hand. The bag of gravel tears as the little rocks inside sharpen, move to cut through it, and fly of thier occord into the pot. After the gravel moves into place the potting soil does the same as Dmitri reaches out with his powers to fill the pot. After Kaden goes to dress he nods and places his hands on the soil in the pot closing his eyes and concentrating to reach out through it to the Earth below.

Keith chuckles and returns the kiss. Sitting back down, he watches Dmitri curiously. The empty plastic ia sweapt up in a gust of wind and carried into the kitchen and the waiting garbage disposal. "That help?"

Dmitri ists there with his eyes closed and hands in the dirt a few seconds after Keith asks him if it is helping. "Only psychologically." He says honestly. After a second he pulls his right hand out holding a very sharp looking rock that he uses to lightly prick his other arm till the skin breaks. "Hmm, nope still easily hurt up here….but it is the thought that counts at least.

Keith frowns as Dmitri makes himself bleed, shaking his head. "Don't worry about it. Anyone who tries to hurt ya up here has to answer to me, Drew, Kaden, Xane, and Jon too," he says with a firm nod.

Dmitri shakes his head. "That has nothing to do with it. If anyone were dumb enough to attack here I could in all good concious tear them to pieces. No its…I am not sure how to describe what it is like to feel squishy and breakable when your used to being neigh invulnerable."

Keith slips an arm around Dmitri and leans against him. "I know what ya mean but like I said, you got me and the others to make sure nothing bad happens to the squishy and breakable."

Dmitri is not entierly sure that Keith really does get what he means, but is not oging to say anything because the queasy feeling in his stomach from being disconnected from the Earth is not something that is really that easy to describe. Dmitri takes a breath and actually leans back just a little against Keith.

Keith smiles, letting out a happy little noise. "So, wanna come with me in a bit?" he asks. "Gotta go meet with some designers. They're gonna run some ideas for my new store's theme and stuff by me."

Dmitri shrugs a little, "Sure, I have my store front closed down for the day anyway for the pest control people. I may as well see how everyone else spends thier day. What kind of store are you planning to open?"

Keith grins. "Sporting goods and apparel. You know, shoes, balls, bats," he says. "And more extreme sports stuff," he adds. "May move on to more stuff in the future."

Dmitri nods, "Extream sports? Are we talking motercycles on dirt ramps or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes kinds of extream sports?"

Keith nods. "Both actually," he says. "Though we won't be selling actual bikes or planes. Might start selling bikes in the future but not planes."

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