2009-02-03: Over-Protective


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Summary: Pallaton feels a bit over protective of Daisuke and Eddie and it rubs them the wrong way, at the same time Daisuke and Eddie meet a sparkly new student.

Date: February 3,2009

Log Title Over Protectiveness

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

In a school like Xavier's, nothing stays quiet for long so the fact that Eddie and Daisuke showed up at the school with a handful of underwear clad mutants rescued from an MGH lab didn't stay quite for long. Daisuke's been answering questions about it all morning and finally has been left alone so he went out to grab some lunch and snuck back into the kitchen can enjoy something to eat with out being bothered. He's wearing a sleevless shirt with a few bandages on his arms. He currently is eating some McDonalds and there's a bag with more food in it next too him. Believe it or not, the skinny boy can eat.

Blushing furiously and looking a tad out of breath, Eddie stumbles into the kitchen and quickly ducks behind the counter. He peeks out after a moment and lets out a sigh of relief. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with pictures of Spider-Man and all the Spider-Women on it, he's got some bandaes on his arms as well. Spotting Dai, Eddie smiles and walks over slowly. "Hey, Dai."

Pallaton isn't far behind, arriving a couple of minutes behind Eddie. He gives a nod to Daisuke and Eddie as he heads over. He doesn't seem to have anything to eat. Just yet, at least. But either way, he heads over and sits near the two with a smile. "Hello again, Eddie, Daisuke. How've you both been?" He seems to be oblivious to the story that's been going around, for now at least.

"You've been getting it all day today too huh?" Daisuke asks Eddie as he reaches in the bag and pulls out a double cheeseburger to offer him. "I ran out to get lunch because I could get away for a bit. Hey Pallaton, I'm okay, just hungry and overwhelmed. Want a double cheeseburger? I think I grabbed around five of them."

Eddie accepts the burger as he sits down. "Thanks, Dai. And yeah…lots of it. If one more girl pinches my cheek and goes 'look at the cute little hero!' I'm gonna run and lock myself in my room for awhile…" he trails off, blushing still. "Hi, Pallaton," he greets.

Pallaton sniffs the burger a little before taking it into his clawed hand, looking at it for a bit before biting into it, everyone around getting a little show of those sharp teeth in that muzzle of his. Well, it's edibile… somehow, so he eats it. Rather quickly, but he does have a huge mouth to put it in. "Speaking of which, Eddie…" he asks, swallowing what remains of that burger. "What's that all about, anyway? I haven't heard much on it, just whispers."

"I haven't had any girls pinch my cheeks." Daisuke says happy about that, but then again he doesn't have any classes so he could hide easier. "Too bad it isn't any guys going 'look a the cute little hero!'" He teases his best friend. "I've just had a lot of…well that." Daisuke says indicating Pallaton's question. "Eddie and I stumbled upon an MGH lab and tried to shut it down."

Eddie pouts a bit at the teasing. "Don't wanna make Ricky jealous…" he murmurs. He's been getting attention from the guys too but more in the form of pats on the back that nearly knock him over and light roughhousing before teachers tell classes to settle down. He nods when Dai explains things. "Yeah. And Delilah was there. She used to fight Spider-Man sometimes."

Pallaton tilts his head as, well… it all goes over his head. "MGH? I don't think I've heard of them. I guess since you're here and not in the medical bays that you're fine, but I'm sorry I couldn't have helped you both…" He looks upset by that, his ears and tail drooping somewhat. "You weren't too badly injured, were you? I'd feel terrible if you did, just because I didn't want to use the Inducer…"

Daisuke shakes his head. "We're okay, just a few bruises and stitches. Most of the cuts came from the glass when the guy fell on me and the few bullets I got hit with just grazed me, for me, that's next to not getting injured." He says but he doesn't smile as if he's joking. "And MGH, it's Mutant Growth Hormone, I actually studied up on it. it's a drug that's made from mutants genetic material." He sounding really annoyed.

Eddie nods. "Just a buncha grazes and bruises for me too," he says. He frowns when Dai explains MGH. "Yeah…and people take it to get super powers," he adds.

Pallaton nods. "I see… This… happened yesterday, was it?" He looks a bit more upset as the conversation continues, as if he somehow let the other two down.

Daisuke looks down and puts the burger on the wrapper before letting out a sigh. "People aren't experiments or drugs." He says as seeing the various people in the containers really bothered him. "And yeah, it happened yesterday. What's up Pallaton, why do you look so…I dunno..upset?"

Eddie sets down his burger as well, just nodding quietly to what Daisuke says. He'd been worried about his best friend the whole time, even more so after seeing how he went after the tanks like he did. He jumps slightly when he hears the question and looks up at Pallaton in concern.

Pallaton shakes his head, bulking up quickly, trying to hide it. "Oh, i-it's…" Then he stops, drooping back into that unhappy look. "I feel like I let you down. I said I'd protect you both, but I wasn't there when you needed me. What kind of guardian isn't there when his charge needs them…" He sighs deeply. "I wasn't there because I was afraid of being a false human. It was so selfish of me…"

Daisuke looks up at Pallaton and shakes his head. "Pallaton, I'm eighteen, I may get into trouble a lot and I may have had it tough growing up, but I can take care of myself. Sometimes I need help but I'm not your responsiblity, I'm your friend. And if you get upset everytime something happens to me, you're just setting yourself up to be upset a long time. I don't want you to be my guardian, I want you to be my friend."

Eddie makes a little face. "Why does someone have to remind me of me everytime something like this happens?" he murmurs quietly. Shaking it off, he nods in agreement with Daisuke.

Pallaton shakes his head, though, disagreeing. "But we're a pack. An alpha always looks out for his pack, no matter what the cost. I wasn't there to protect you both when you were in trouble. If I was there with you, you wouldn't have even had a scratch on you. If I can't help you two, what chance do I have of helping anyone else?"

Daisuke lets out a frustrated sigh. "We're friends Pallaton. There is no alpha or anyone who is better than eachother. We're not wolves, we're friends. Shit happens in life, all the time Pallaton. I can't be there everytime Eddie trips or everytime Eddie gets into a fight and he can't be there everytime I get into trouble. Same goes for you, it's life. Just be happy that this is all that happened. That Eddie and I came out okay."

Eddie frowns a bit. "And you can't cover two people from bullets at once as well as take on an invulnerable supervillainess that Spider-Man has trouble beating," he says. "In that situation…we could've done a lot better, yeah, and probably shouldn't have gone in on our own…" he frowns, getting that 'why do I sound like this?' feeling. "But we had a few advantages that let us get out of there. Neither of us is physically intimidating, I'm a scrawny little guy, Dai's immunity to tranquilizers, the Goblin tech I have, and the fact that the bad guys thought we were 'just kids'. From a purely tactical standpoint, we probably would have been in more danger if someone stronger than us was there with us and am I the only one that kinda thinks I sound like Mr. Summers right now?"

Pallaton just looks even more upset as the two chide him, drooping down before standing and leaving wordlessly. More sulking out than walking, but leaving nonetheless.

Daisuke lets out another frustrated sigh. "Pallaton." He says sharply hoping that stops him. "We're your friends, not pups in your care. Can you understand that?" He says otherwise, he's not sure if he wants a friend whose a friend not a guardian. He's just still a bit disturbed by what he saw yesterday so he's not in the greatest of moods. "Pallaton, I'm sorry but I've been on my own for several years now and I don't want to feel like everytime I get hurt I'm going to upset someone."

Eddie frowns a bit more deeply. "Pallaton…" he trails off. He puts his head down on the table and whimpers a little. He's not sure what to say at all to any of this so just opts for the 'hide!' approach.

Pallaton seems to have followed that, too. After Daisuke speaks, he just screws his eyes shut and runs, presumably to his room. Looks like something said upset him even more.

Daisuke just sighs and puts his head down on the table on top of his arms. He definately seems upset. "I'm sorry Eddie." He mutters out but his head still still stays buried.

Eddie keeps his head down as well. "Sorry, Dai…" he mutters. There's another few whimpers before he just sighs.

Daisuke loos over as Eddie whimpers and reaches an arm to put it around Eddie's shoulders. "I probably shouldn't have gotten that mad but it just…annoyed me." He says keeping his arm there. "I can understant worring when someone gets hurt but he almost took persona offense to us barely getting hurt."

Eddie nods against the table, leaning against Dai. "I know…I know…" he mutters. "Just…hate seeing my friends upset…"

"I'm sorry, I'll be okay just I don't like how he 'swore' to protect us, we don't fucking need protecting all the time." Daisuke says really annoyed by it. "I just hate feeling like I'm so helpless all the time and he goes and cements that fact. I like Pallaton, I think of him as a friend, but I haven't known him that long." It does take a while for Daisuke to really open up to someone and feel like he can rely on them.

Feet tap very quietly on the ground as a new face peeks in. "Oh, there's the kitchen." He says, quietly as he offers a grin to the two people in there. "Sorry." He says, nose-wrinkling as he moves towards the fridges, almost dancing as he does so.

Eddie sighs. "I know, Dai. I hate feeling like that too…" he trails off. He squirms a bit on the seat and takes a moment to think about how nice the table looks so up close. When someone else comes in, Eddie jumps but keeps his head down. "Hello," he says, hoping he won't be recognized and blitzed with questions and the like about yesterday again.

Looking up from the table, Daisuke looks at the new student. "Uh…hi." He says running one of his hands through his hair. He's currently wearing a sleevless shirt that shows a few bandages on his scarred arms. "How's it going?" He says to Leo before looking to Eddie and quietly asking him. "New Student? And I really think Mr. Summers puts out an add every so often."

Nervous sparkles of energy pop and zip around Leo as he moves to pull some juice out of one of them. "Uhm… anyone know which cabinet the glasses are in?" He asks, biting his lip. "Don't mind me… yeah. New student. Leo." He offers.

Eddie's dressed in jeans and a t-shirt showing pictures of Spider-Man and the various Spider-Women, bandages on his arms and peeking above the collar of the shirt too. He looks up and points reflexively to one of the cabinets. "That one right there but open it slowly, it may be booby trapped as a prank again," he says, blinking a few times.

"I only had that happen with the snacks but I think that was more someone didn't put them back right." Daisuke say as he stands up and offers Leo a hand. "Hi, I'm Daisuke, or just Dai. Not so new student." He says offering at small but friendly smile. It seems like he's trying to act like he's in a decent mood.

Opening the cabinet carefully, the sparkly one eases out a glass. "Should I be scared?" He asks, with a bit of a laugh. Extending his hand to Dai, he grins. "Technically Leonardo, but I hate that, so just Leo." He says. He winces as he notices the bandages. "Ow… you ok?" He asks.

Eddie gets up and starts to walk over only for…THUD. "Ow," he mutters. Getting up again, Eddie dusts himself off and walks over to offer his hand as well. "I'm Eddie. And no need to be scared…someone just rigged the cabinet before so all the cups would roll out on anyone that opened them," he explains.

Daisuke blinks when he shakes Leo's hand and something just feels…strange. Like he has more energy than he should. "Um..ah..yeah, I don't have Daisuke just I'm used to Dai and preferd to be called that. So it's nice to meet you Leo." He says not noticing right away that some of the smaller scrapes and bruises he's suffered are healing. He turns to Eddie and smiles. "Yeah well with this many kids here, someone has to be a prankster."

Leo accepts the other hand with a grin. "Well, I just don't know what to expect, ya know? New place. New people. But I'm sure it won't be anything too bad." He snickers softly. His grip is firm… and comes with a little bit more than it should.

Eddie jumps and squeaks after Leo's handshake, scars lighting up a bit. "Woah…" he blinks a few times. "Wild…" he trails off. The blue glow fades away and Eddie looks at Dai. "I could have been Bobby too," he points out. "And don't worry. I was scared of this place too but it's really great here," he adds for Leo.

Daisuke does crack a smile at Eddie's comment and nods. "True, it probably was Bobby." He's finally gotten used to not calling him Mr. Drake. "I was nervous at first, but I like it here. It becomes home for most people after a while, and if you need any help with anything here, let me know. I graduated last year so I mostly just stick around and help where it's needed."

"Ooooh. Well, it wasn't a scared thing, it's a, What did I sign on for thing." Leo snickers as he tilts his head, at the lighting scars. "Cool. I do that, too, but all over. Hard to see in the light, but if the lights were out, I'm sparkly." He says with a shrug.

"Cool…" Eddie trails off, smiling a bit. He takes a deep breath and looks up. "It was nice meeting you Leo. And always nice seeing ya, Dai. I gotta get to work…Danger Room…" he trails off, heading for the door.

"Well I don't glow or sparkle, I just scream…really loud." Daisuke says not realizing how bad that could sound. "I'll admit mind was a scared, intimiated, shy, what the hell did I sign on for thing." He says chuckling lightly. "Unfortunately I have to get going, my grandmother wanted me to call her today and since she lives in Japan there's a small time window I can call her." He gives a wave and heads out.

"Uhm… k. Later. I guess I'll see you all around." Leo offers as he goes to sip at his juice and wonder about people running off all of a sudden. "Do I stink?" He asks nobody.

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