2012-06-15: Over The Edge


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Summary: Nicholas confronts Quenton about a few things, it doesn't go well. When does it ever?

Date: June 15, 2012

Log Title: Over The Edge

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Unbreakable walls are perfect for Quenton. They don't break, even if he goes all out. So there's where he is right now, leaving bloody little imprints of his fists on it as he just smashes his hand into them over and over and over again, the angriest mutant teenager in the world just going crazy on that poor little surface of bricks. He's dressed in his jacket, hooded vest, and a collared shirt over another shirt. The man is overdressed, but he doesn't care. The hood isn't on, like always, and his laptop is open and playing some song, something like…

"You're gonna need a body bag!
I'll break bones you didn't know you had!"

Nicholas has at least waited a bit so that he thinks he's cooled off to confront Quenton. After all he's not looking to start a physical fight with someone who can break him into pieces, though he does need to have words with his schoolmate. Deciding it's better to get it over with early in the morning, not like he's slept much anyway, he wanders around the school looking for Quenton. Once he's pointed in the direction (verbally and physically) of the gym, he walks in and announces his prescience. "Quenton. We need to talk." There's definitely a harshness to his tone of voice.

"When I'm done there will be nothing left of you
for your friends to hold on to…"

"That right?" Quenton wonders, while he gives the wall two quick jabs with his left hand, then a right hook, scraping his knuckles along the wall. Then he turns to face Nick, knuckles bleeding still, and drifts over, just sauntering along. Digging his fingers into his cheek, his eyes drift over Nicholas's shoulder briefly. "What about?"
Huh? Hmm? Bad player. No biscuit.

There's a slight wince from, Nicholas as Quenton digs at his face. It just looks painful. "Shane." That's the easier of the two to get out of the way. "You two mean a lot to eachother, and she wants to be with you but she can't trust you. It's not all your fault, I know she has trust issues, but I want to make sure you treat her right and work to build back that trust cause she won't be able to just do it on her own. And that stunt you pulled didn't exactly help. So, if that means you have to buy her flowers every day for a week, or start taking her out on dates, or even a picnic on school grounds, you make sure you treat her right cause Shane…she's the closest thing I have to family here now."

"She doesn't even like flowers," Quenton abruptly snaps, then, hand lifting and curling into a fist and beginning to smash his knuckles in the side of his temple, hard enough that his head rocks to the side and the air ripples around him. "I don't know why she can't trust me. I…" He trails off. then releasing a long and drawn out exhale. "I don't know what to do. Picnic. I don't know. I can't… even fucking hold a basket without destroying it. I can't cook anymore. I don't know what to do." He draws out a breath.

"She's a girl, she might say she doesn't like flowers but if you get them for her, I bet she'll be happy. Get her a stuffed animal every day for a week, just do something." Nicholas says his tone getting a bit softer now. "It's not anything against you that she can't trust, it's what's been done to her. This is the first time I think she's had friends and people that like her for her. Hell I scare the crap out of her every time I say hi to her, then feel guilty about it. And even if you can't cook anymore, ask Mr. Parker-Mayfair for help, go to a deli and get sandwiches, order a freakin' pizza! Just make her feel special! If you want to save what you have you have to work for it." He stops and takes a breath. "Look, I like both you and Shane, I think you're good for each other just you both have….obstacles to get around, you with your strength and her with her trust. Maybe to gain her trust you have to start relying on her to do the things you can't do."

"Stuffed animal," mutters Quenton, pressing his lips together tightly, watching Nicholas, nose giving a twitch. "Sure we talking about the same girl?" He trns around, then, heading for the wall. "My strength's not my biggest issue, in case you haven't noticed, cowboy."

"You should have seen her face when I gave her that stuffed angry bear from that store that says the anime cartoon stuff in the mall when she was in the medbay." Nicholas says seriously. "Shane's tough, she's got a lot of anger, but she's still a girl. You notice some of her costumes are very girly?" Nichols says with a chuckle before running a hand through his hair. "No, it's your temper Q-Ball." It's the best response to cowboy that he could think of, and it's not very good. "And your impulses and that you think before you do anything, like with what you did with Jill."

"I was helping Jill," Quenton mutters, then, eyes turning towards Nick, turning around to face the other mutant. "By orders of some staff member. Or someone posing as staff. Whatever. I was even on the list for the Danger Room," he grunts. "If she can't stand the heat, then she doesn't have to come to the lessons. If she doesn't show up next time, then fuck her anyway, this wasn't my choice." He jerks his shoulders up. "You people don't know it, but I know how to control myself more then most people here."

"Helping her?! But scaring the hell out of her and making her bite you?!" Nicholas says sounding angry. "Goading her into a fight isn't helping her! Do you know what happens if she does lose control?! Really loses control and kills someone? It's not like if you and I killed someone Quenton, we'd have to live with that, she…Jill, Jill wouldn't be around to realize what she did. It would change her and imagine if you pushed her so hard that she did lose that much control! And what ever damn staff member it was, I'm going to…" He clenches his fists and looks around the gym, eyes landing on a poor basketpall which gets telekinetically lifted, then shoved into a wall so hard the ball pops.

"I needed to find out just how much control she thought she had, and how much she really did have. You ever make out with a girl, Nick? You ever watch anyone make out with a girl? That could've been you she bit. That could have been your neck, and that could have been you she felt guilty over. Why not the guy that it's okay for everyone to see as the fucking bad guy?" he wonders, while he slinks to the wall. "And I killed people before. Fun fact."

"Before everything happened, back home, I had a girlfriend. Kirsten, we were together two years. So yes, I have made out with a girl." Nicholas says not meeting Quenton's eyes as he takes a few deep breaths before he walks over to Quenton and it's obvious Nick is trying to hold back from punching him. "You are a moron! Do you have a death wish?! Is that why you wanted to do that? Because I'm postive that noone here would care if you were killed. Jill wouldn't feel guilty about it cause it's just 'that bad guy' and Shane wouldn't cry two tears, right?" The popped basketball goes flying across the room as Nick uses his telekinesis to chuck it against the far wall out of anger. "Damnit Quenton! She if lost control and killed you, I would have lost my girlfriend -and- one of my friends while the other peson here I'm close with would have her heart broken in two. Are you that dense?!" He screams at him. "And I know you've killed people, but if you killed someone you're still you Quenton. Just you with guilt. I'd be the same way if I killed anyone, but Jill. She kills and she's gone, forever. That's your problem, you don't think!"

"Oh, please. I wouldn't have let her get that far. I -didn't- let her get that far," Quenton mutters coldly, after Nick screams at him. His finger goes to his ear, inserting itself inside and twisting slightly. Then it drops, and his nose twitches. "My point is, Romeo, you wouldn't have the balls to fucking stop her if her teeth started making fuckie fuckie with your jugular."

Nicholas crosses his arms and looks at Quenton like he's full of it. "I won't lie, you're right, I don't have the balls because I -can't- lose another person I care about. I just -can't-." He says to him taking a deep breath. "And honestly Quenton, you don't know that. Can you tell me one hundred percent that you can't let her go that far? Do you have the balls to the stop Jill if she went for you neck and not your arm? Could you kill again? Especially with it being a friend this time?"

"You overestimate the relationship between me and Jill," comments Quenton. "She's not my friend," he mutters, then, while lifting his bloody knuckles to blow on. "If she was biting me, and not stopping it? Yeah. One hundred percent. If it was her or me, it'd be her. In a heartbeat. I'd make that bitch a dust spot on the wall." "Besides," adds Quenton, as an afterthought. "Even if I couldn't stop her, once my bad side comes out, I won't be able to stop me, either."

"Then you're more of an idiot than I thought!" Nichols screams at him. "But I guess that doesn't matter to you. As long as it's not someone you care about getting hurt, it's okay then. I get it Quenton, it really doesn't matter to you, she's just a scape goat for you to vent at cause she's a vampire. That way if she did lose control cause you pushed over that edge, and you did to, it'll be just an excuse for you. If she's dead you can wash your hands of it and say 'well, she was a vampire' shrug and go on your way."

"Simmer the fuck down, lover boy," Quenton growls back at Nick. "Alright?! I did get on that stupid fucking plane to go rescue her, only to be the one having to watch it anyway," he says through gritted teeth. "I'm not going to kill her. I'm just saying I'm willing to throw her off if she gets a little too frisky. You ain't gonna lose your little crush," he mutters.

Nicholas lets out a sigh and throws up his arms feebly. "You know what, screw it. You can keep telling yourself what ever excuses you want but I guess it just doesn't matter to you. I know you have your issues with rage and your desires but you can't always use them as an excuse. Since Shane's the only person you give a damn about, make sure you don't hurt her." He says as he turns to walk off.

"I'm not making excuses," Quenton mutters through gritted teeth as Nicholas begins to move off. "You people are. You think my rage and anger and shit is what makes me a jerk. This is what I've been trying to tell you people the whole fucking time. I'm not a nice person. I'm a not friend material. So yeah. Stay the fuck away from me," he grunts, though steam rises from his back at Nicholas's words.

"If you were a horrible person and if you weren't friend material, I wouldn't have seen you do the things you've done here Quenton. Stop lying to yourself and to the rest of us. It's not that you're a jerk, it's not that you're not a nice person it's that you're a selfish, lying, coward." Nicholas says to him. "See you around." And he continues to walk out of the gym.

Coward. That's what gets Quenton. The lying part, probably. The selfish part? He's convinced himself of that. But cowardice. That makes him growl and then saunter after Nick, but he pauses mid-step and then just lifts his hand and begins to drive his knuckles into the side of his head over and over again. "I'm a coward? You're the one who ran away from your fucking home," he mutters as Nick begins to step off. "You're the one who couldn't ask Jill out after six fucking months of making googly eyes at her. Coward. Fuck you. -Fuck you-."

Nicholas turns to look at Quenton and just shrugs. "I don't have a home, and I never said I wasn't. I have my own issues, I know I do, but you know what, at least I'm trying to get past them. There's also a difference between running away and being driven from. I think I was more driven from my home, if I didn't run, I would have been killed. So if trying to survive makes me a coward, then so be it. As for Jill, between not sure of what was going on with my ex-girlfriend and me, dealing with the death of my family, being driven from my home and everything else that's bottled up inside….sure, I guess I'm a coward too."

"This the part where you go on to guilting me?" Quenton wonders, but he's turning from Nick, to continue to smash his knuckles into his face, then drive his fingers into his cheek, trying to control himself. "Get the fuck out of here, Nick, like you were going to. Get away from me."

"I'm not try to guilt you, I'm just trying to make sure that you don't push Jill to that limit again. I.." Nicholas pauses as his words falter a bit. "I just can't lose her." He says quietly before following Quenton's request and leaving the gym.

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