2011-06-22: Overcast In Central Park


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Summary: It's a so-so weather day in New York though that doesn't stop a few SHIELD agents, Tony Stark and Joan from heading to Central Park.

Date: June 22, 2011

Log Title: Overcast in Central Park

Rating: PG

NYC- Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's a cloudy day in Central Park and it looks like it's threatening to rain but that doesn't stop Quetzal from being outside. Sometimes you just need a break from the students and Central Park allows him, and his companion Verde, to relax. He stands in a grassy area, leaning on his cane and sunglasses over his eyes, watching Verde, currently a German Shephard, running around and chasing his tail. "Verde, that can't possibly be fun." He says shaking his head as he goes to pull out a pack of cigarettes.

The cloudy almost rainy day may be unbearable for most New Yorkers, but the break in the summer is downright enjoyable for this Texan. Things have been a bit hectic for the Twister and so given the opportunity for a moment's respite, Drew Daniels literally jumped for the chance. Dressed in a black short sleeve T-shirt and denim jeans and of course his white cowboy hat, he strolls the park enjoying the lazy day. About to sit on a bench to people-watch, he takes out a cigarette to smoke and catching sight of his fellow SHIELD agent, Drew makes his way towards Quetzal, tipping his hat, "Pardner, howdy." He also gives a nod to Verde.

In a parking garage where one can park their cars a silver Dodge Charger pulls into an available spot. The driver side door pops open allowing Tony to step out clad in a multi colored tye-dye t-shirt and white cargo shorts. On his feet are a pair of purple high tops and upon his face is a pair of dark sunglasses. The driver side door is closed and the driver side passenger door is opened allowing the man to lean into the back of the car reaching for a leash. After a moment of grabbing a back pack on the floor in the back of the car the billionaire industrialist and a German Shephard are standing beside the car waiting for Joan to come around and meet them.

Joan is dressed for the heat, but not for a possibility of rain, in way of a light, breezy top, beige capri pants, and white sneakers. Nothing out of the ordinary, not even the cloth satchel hanging off a shoulder. She's the bland to contrast Tony's.. whatever it is that he's wearing. Excepting for the hair. Joan has it died as bright a yellow as one can achieve, and wears the short length spikey. She's waiting for them by the time the dog is fetched, and Athena is given a good ear rubbing before she straightens. "The horror. Making you go out into the sunlight." Teasing as they walk down the ramp, past the check in point, and into the sun. Doesn't take long to cross the street and be in the park proper. There she seeks to take Tony's free hand. "Going to let her run free a little?" Meaning the dog.

An eyebrow is raised from behind Quetzal's sunglasses as he turns to look at Tex. "Pardner?" He in the same Southern accent as Tex. "Good afternoon. I hope you don't mind Verde over there." He says looking at his dog. "Verde, you're an intelligent spirit and you're chasing your tail around, I swear you are like a child spinning in circles. You're even getting me dizzy." Quite literally as a matter of fact. "So, it seems the school year is over. Do you have anything lined up for the summer?"

Looking over at Verde, Tex lets out a chuckle "Not at all. He looks like he is having fun." He ponders pick up a stick to see if Verde would fetch it but best not to offend him. Lifting the brim of his cowboy hat up, Drew responds, "I'm gonna stick around the city. This would be my first time spending the summer here. So with the majority of the students out, I can check things out here som'more then I already have. There's a lot I haven't done yet."

Tony snorts, "If I melt and or spontaneously catch fire for being exposed to daylight it will entirely be your fault." As they walk down the ramp and wait to cross the street he peers up at the overcast sky making a comment that the sun apparently won't be a factor this day. There's some angry chatter at a cabbie that nearly ran not only them over but several others exiting the cross walk and nothing else out of the norm occurs heading into the park. "Once we manage to get over to an area where they can be let loose. That, and I don't want her paying any hot dog vendors a visit."
Approaching the area where Quetzal and Tex are chatting, Tony effortlessly takes Joan's hand and unhooks the leash from Athena's collar to let her fly out across the nearby grass.

"I'm willing to take the risk." Bland about his possibly catching fire. Joan can't help but laugh for the idea of Athena hitting up vendors for hot dogs. "Afraid she'll eat them out before you can?" And while she has no idea who they are Tex and Quet are given a cheerful wave as the dog is let free. Giving Tony's hand a brief grip, the woman starts digging around her bag to pull out a tennis ball. This is shown to Tony with amusement before Joan calls out, "Athena! Here, girl!" If the dog is willing, she'll play fetch with it. The poor canine needs some exercise! Or so Joan believes anyway.

"I don't really have a choice in the matter, I'm still stationed there." Quetzal says as he goes where ever SHIELD assigns him. "Maybe I'll take some leave and go back home for a bit. My family is always asking me when I'm coming home." He says as Verde runs over to him and looks up, actually speaking. "There's one like me over there." Verda says looking over at the Athena. The wave is returned to Joan along with a friendly smile. "Hello there. And Mr. Stark…I recognize you from the magazines and such."

As the German Shepard goes running by Tex looks over and then turns to Verde, "A new friend?" He asks Verde when he catches the lady with the brightly colored hair girl and Tony Stark. When Joan waves he tips his hat and offers a smile, "Howdy." Then acknowledging Tony, "Mr. Stark. Afternoon, sir." He takes a quick drag from his cigarette sure to blow the smoke away from the new arrivals.

Athena races across the grass then turns about coming back playfully pouncing the ground even though nothing appears to be there. When called her head perks up to see what the deal is and comes back to get the ball only to find another dog far more interesting. Being that she's about a year old she's still a puppy and play bows at Verde several times.
Used to having people recognize him Stark flashes a smile to the gentlemen. "Good afternoon, gentlemen. It's a rather nice day to be out wandering the park is it not?" Thousand watt smile still in place he tells Athena to settle down before turning his gaze back to the others. "Gentlemen, this is my friend Joan and my fuzzball Athena."

Joan, who is no one to be recognized and isn't a bit surprised that Tony is, merely smiles again and looks disappointed the dog is more interesting. Ah well! That Athena has a possible new friend is not a bad thing. "Nice day? Says the man who threatened to combust upon being exposed to sunlight just to spite me?" Ball back in bag she settles in near the trio of men. "If he begins to smoke give us a warning?" Because teasing Tony is always fun. "We aren't interrupting you guys, are we?" Lots of park, and they could easily move on.

Verde just looks at Athena for a bit and then looks back at Queztal with a confused doggy face. "Queztal…what is she doing?" Not really understanding the full aspects of being a dog. Sure he has the tail chasing down but when it comes to playing with other animals, Verde doesn't understand them. "Nice to meet you Joan." He says offering a hand. "I'm Quetzal. And this is my companion Verde." The german shephard looks up and speaks to Tony and Joan. "Hello there." The dog says before lying down at Quetzal's feet. "No, you're not interrupting us. I was just getting some fresh air as I spend too much time indoors myself."

Offering a smile to the new arrivals, "Nah, just enjoying the day, Joan. Name's Drew." Tipping his hat for Joan and then sticks his hand out to Athena, "Nice dog, you have there, Tony." If the dog allows it, he would pet it playfully, Drew smiles, "While others may not enjoy the clouds or rain. I am a fan. In Texas sun's always out. So this is a nice change o' pace. Heat can be overbearin' at times. And being out is refreshin' and whatnot, wish I had bought sweats to go for a run."

Talking dog? It doesn't phase Stark one bit as he's used to this sort of situation and greets Verde before attempting to explain what his dog is currently up to. "She's wanting to play, Verde. They bow like that to get the other animal to play." Tony calls for Athena to leave Verde alone and to come sit beside him. Athena clearly pouts with her body language as she returns to Tony's side. "I've been dragged out of my lab, against my will of course, to experience the outdoors." There's not a shred of seriousness to be found in that statement. Athena sniffs at Tex's hand a moment then breaks from the sit to lean against the Texan's leg. "Not a bad day to enjoy a break gentlemen. Joan and I were thinking of heading towards the lake at some point."

Accepting that hand, Joan none the less stills as Verde speaks. No, she's not heard a speaking dog before and stares down at it a moment. "Nice to meet you all." The words are a little slow, but she doesn't freak out at least. Another day of weird while spending time with Tony Stark. "I love it when it rains." Said to Drew once her brain kicks back in. "Not sure I love it enough to move somewhere with high rain fall, but I still enjoy the weather." A bit of a silly smile there. Tony claims the lake and there's a nod. "We must acquire hotdogs, or goo covered pretzels, at some point as well." If only to appease a certain inventor's tummy. "What are two Texans doing in New York? If that isn't prying." The accents rather stand out in this city.

"I enjoy the rain as well. I find it relaxing though it can bother my leg something awful sometimes." Quetzal says before chuckling. "Oh no, I'm not a Texan. I'm originally from Japan but I've been all over the country. I just happen to pick up accents easily of those around me." Verde looks over at Athena and then walks over to her and pokes her with a paw in a move that is quite unrealistic for a dog as he tries to play with her. Queztal can't help but laugh. "I'm sorry, Verde isn't your typical dog. He's actually quite special."

Laughing as he plays with the German Shepard, "Good girl Athena! Good girl!" Drew continues playing with the dog as he continues his conversation with the others, "The lake would be a nice spot. There should be a nice breeze by the lake. Wanna go by the lake, Athena?" Athena will does not talk back, but he still playfully asks Athena as he stands up and then after Quetzal speaks, he adds, "I, however, am from Texas, but surprisingly enjoying life up here as well."

Athena seems to be enjoying herself as she has all sorts of affectionate attention being lavished upon her by the Texan. When Verde pokes at her oddly she bounces backward looking confused then pounces into a play bow in front of the strange dog that looks like her. Bark! Bark! Bounces backward and bows again. It seems Verde is more interesting at the moment than the bipedals near her.
Tony is stuffing Athena's leash into a pocket of his shorts while the silliness goes on beside him. "There's the food over by the lake as well which would kill two birds with one stone. Why don't we head over there en mass?" Checks to see what the others think about that course of action. "What is it that you do, Quetzel? You and your furry companion." Already knowing Tex.

Joan nods to Queztal, accepting his correction without issue. Doesn't attempt to get anywhere near Verde however. Too weird for her to start with. That Athena is willing to play comforts the woman a good deal. "Sounds good." Heading to the lake. Seeks to take Tony's hand, but that's all for now. People are already asking the questions she should have. Or the polite ones anyway. There are quite a few she's holding back. "Seems Athena really likes Verde." Stating the obvious really, but there's a smile for it.

"Verde's a gentleman and a child of a companion. When things aren't going to roughly for us he loves to play. He's a part of me." Quetzal says before looking to Tony Stark. "Well I'm a military man. I'm familar with you as our branch of the military uses a lot of your equipment and I tend to see the Stark Logo on a lot of things along with your face in tutorial videos." He says as he walks along towards the lake with Tony and Joan at a slow pace due to the limp in his right leg. "Drew and I work together..well work for the same boss."

Verde starts to play with Athena, trying to copy her. "Bark Bark." He says, not barks but says, as he tries to bow back and play with her.

"Oh looks like someone is in love." Drew smirks as they head towards the lake, "Food sounds good now too." Offering a playful jab to Quetzal, "I agree, we do work well together." He pats his stomach as he ponders aloud, "Hot dog or pretzel?" as they approach two separate vendors. "Both are New York staples." Looking to Joan, "Which do you suggest? I could either way." But then two more vendors appearing advertising their food confections of churros or Italian ices.

Tony twines fingers with Joan when she seeks to take his hand and turns a smile towards her, "Verde must be a lot cooler than Pepper's bulldog in Athena's book." Athena quirks her head at the strange sounds coming out of Verde but then Verde bows at her and she all but bounces in place then darts towards him before taking off across the grass. Chase!
"I'm sorry you had to sit through those videos," Tony tells Quetzal casually as they all stroll towards the lake passing vendors selling various foods. "Ahh, the two of you work together. I honestly don't know how you put up with him." Tipping his head towards the Texan. Keeping an eye on Athena and Verde he will pass on getting a hot dog or a pretzel until at the lake though if anyone is paying close attention he is veering himself and Joan towards the Churro cart.

Oh, well, that explains everything. "I've not seen the bulldog. Does Athena ignore it then?" Joan gives Verde another uncertain look as he attempts to play with Athena, but Drew is offering distraction and she accepts it. With a bright smile, the woman says, "Both!" Why only pick just one? "I think I'll have a pretzel." Mind a pause, Tony? She'll get something coated in cheese, then accompany the inventor to the Churro cart. "I think you all should mourn the fact there are those videos. One for having to film them, and the others for having to watch." Training videos are never fun, no matter where you work. Paper rustling as she takes a bite of gooey pretzel, the woman makes sure she keeps Tony's hand. Even if it makes eating more difficult. More fun that way. "Have you eaten anything today?" Asked of Tony once he starts buying Churro. Believing that she'll be ignored, her attention shifts back to Drew and Queztal. "What do you two do? If you are allowed to tell anyway." A grin for that.

"I'm a pilot." Queztal says as that's the easiest way to explain what he does. "And an linguist." He explains before looking back at Verde who is running around with Athena which brings a smile to the mans face. "No Drew, he is not in love. Just having someone to play with besides a crippled old man is making Verde happy." He always pokes fun at himself. "I'll pass on any food, you all enjoy. I'm not really the pretzel type."

Quirking an eyebrow in Tony's direction, Drew answers, "I'm a teacher." Looking between the four vendor carts, Drew nods to Joan, "I agree. I am pretty hungry and so I'm gonna a hot dog and then an Italian ice as a dessert." Heading to the carts and then returning, the hot dog is all but gone as he smiles, "Well there is one thing New York has on Texas. The hot dogs."

"More like the bulldog ignores her," Tony laughs. Dragged off course by Joan to wait for pretzels to be bought he takes the time to watch Verde and Athena romp around seemingly enjoying themselves. For certain Stark will have a very pooped puppy in a few hours. "The videos aren't that bad," he insists glancing over at Quetzel. "At least you don't have to read the material that I wrote for Avenger applicants. That would be the true horror." He mentions softly to Joan that the Churro he's just purchased is in fact breakfast though he intends to get a hot dog over at the building near the lake. Since everyone purchasing food has something in hand they can start walking again. "New York and Chicago are the best places for dogs, Drew."

"Poor Athena." That bulldog meanie who ignores her is probably an older dog who doesn't have the energy for dealing with a puppy. "Are you trying to talk people out of being an Avenger?" Joan asks Tony jokingly. "Which makes me wonder.. just how do you manage training videos for that? Step one if the aliens invade and didn't bring a fruit basket in way of hello.." Because they never ever ask permission, or give suitable notice. So long as Tony gets something at the building, Joan is fine with that. She chews on pretzel as the group walks that way, kind of following at a more lazy pace the two canines. "What do you teach, Drew? At Barnes academy?" Not too in touch with everything the two SHIELD agents and Stark would know, she has to ask. "Have you taught anywhere that wasn't SHIELD related?"

"They are amusing when the explosions are shown." Queztal says with a sly grin as what solider doesn't like explosions? "Oh no, I'm kind of glad I'm not exactly Avenger material. I prefer the work I do." He looks at Joan and raises both his eyebrows. "Oh so you have heard of SHIELD, here I was trying to be discrete about what military type of work I do. I'm a SHIELD Agent, also a teacher at Barnes but I prefer to think of myself as an agent over a teacher."

"You know, I've never had a Chicago hot dog. I might have to take a trip out there to try one. And I always thought it was known more for pizza." Drew sips on the Italian ice and looks over between the pretzel and churro carts. "Maybe I'll have something else too." Drew is pretty hungry but then shakes his head, "Nah. Save them for another day." Turning to Joan, "Oh you know of Barnes. I teach powers training and on the occult. And no, this was my first time teaching, though I was trained by SHIELD. Before I became an agent, I worked as a ranch-hand on performed at rodeos."

Tony chuckles about the training videos being amusing only when there were explosions. "Chicago dogs are good though they've got nothing on the various NY concoctions and yes, they're more known for their pizza with good reason, Drew." With his free hand waving in the wind he explains that Joan has unfortunately been around a few disasters where SHIELD agents have come in to assist as well as, "And a few of the students mentioned the school in passing while she was with me. No harm done all things considered."
It's not long before the group is lakeside where they can grab a few seats on the terrace. Athena follows just behind Tony and Joan until they pick a seat then she will flop herself down to rest at Tony's feet. "How's things over at Barnes? Are either of you aware that one of your students went and torched up an area of town last night?" Pulls Joan's chair out for her with one hand as the other is still firmly clasped with one of hers.

Joan gives Quez a strange look. "Um, who hasn't heard of SHIELD? That big floaty thing over the city, that there are SHIELD people all over the city when trouble hits.. should I go on? If it's suppose to be a secret, they are like the worst kept secret ever." She means the Helicarrier of course in way of floaty thing. "I'm not associated with anything like that, and certainly only know generals, but really?" A secret? A nod to Drew. "Generals." Knows of Barnes. "I was researching schools in New York for Tony and they came up. For a fund raiser that Barnes is very much not needing." She looks a little sheepish. "Maybe I was given something I shouldn't have." A glance to Tony for the students. "I'd forgotten about that one too. I'm sorry, guys. I didn't know it was suppose to be some secret." Will be more careful in the future. Tony pulls out a chair and she thanks him for it, licking cheese off a finger as she finishes her pretzel. "Aren't you getting anything? Want me to get you a hotdog and some coffee?” Offered to Tony.

"There are a lot of people out there who also believe that an organization like SHIELD is a just a myth. Doesn't really exist. Especially since we don't broadcast what we do." Quetzal says as a lot of his missions are considered classified. "Really, Barnes shouldn't have come up when doing research. It's not listed as any school on New York's records. That's a breech of secrecy if it's out there to be found so easily." He says as he was briefed on how Barnes was a secret school and all the ins and outs. "I thought it was New York that was known for Pizza, not Chicago. And I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of that. Which student was it?"

"The helicarrier is often mobile though it's been lingering close to home for awhile," Tony comments as he takes up a seat, and Athena flops next to him. "There's a public presence here in the city though most of SHIELD's activities are secretive in nature due to planetary security matters." As for the mention of the school and the security leak Tony can but shake his head about that one. "I can't tell you how many times a student has brought it up in public. I should perhaps mention this bit of info to a few of the staff over there so they're aware of what is going on."
Tony replies to Joan's question for him with a quirky smile, "That would be lovely. Thank you, Joan. Black coffee though." This matter about students however has him leaning back in his chair a touch. "The news and various other sources have been reporting that a rat has been terrorizing various locations including the bank robbery last night. Since I only know of a particular rat the lot of you might want to find out what Miss Tabitha Jones is up to at the moment."

Joan continues to look sheepish, not even having realized she was dealing with secret stuff. "It wasn't public information, for all I didn't know that until now. I was getting information through Tony's assistant. Discounted the school pretty much immediately when I found it was government funded." Didn't even know they trained for powers until Drew mentioned it. This whole topic has left her unsettled, and with a grip of the hand she leaves the men at the table to go off to buy Tony something to eat. Buys herself something as well as the pretzel just wasn't enough to satisfy her tummy.

"Ah that makes sense now." Quetzal says with a smile. "Sorry I don't deal with public relations all that often..you can see why." He sasy before he looks over at Verde and he comes bounding over and goes to jump up on Queztal, shifting part way through into a sparrow that lands on his shoulder. "I will have to look into this but I'm sure the heads know. She isn't one of my language students there. You all enjoy your day I have to head out and do a few things before I head back. Nice meeting you Joan, Mr. Stark." He says as he limps off towards one of the parks exits.

With the talk of Barnes and SHIELD, Drew keeps his mouth shut as he has already said enough. "See ya, Quetzal. Bye, Verde." When Joan leaves to buy Tony coffee, He mentions, "I've been away on a mission and just returned. So Tabitha Jones isn't one of the students I'd met yet. I have only heard snippets of something from another new student, Kisha Dorogoi. But I'll help Quetzal with it." When Joan returns he finishes his Italian ice and tosses the paper cup into the garbage. About to miss, it gets a little assistance from a tiny gust of wind that catches it and tosses it into the bin.

Tony bows his head and offers a farewell to Quetzal and Verde. Joan has gone off to acquire desperately needed food which leaves Stark alone with Tex for a time. "I am already searching for her on my own but another set of eyes and ears is always welcome, Drew. She's a bit hard to handle though something the likes of which occurred last night in Hells Kitchen is not something I see this girl doing. Something is most definitely rotten in the Big Apple and I believe that Tabitha has run afoul of SHIELD and gotten in over her head with someone." Given that there are two super villains on the loose in the city at the moment Tony offhandedly drops the names and his suspicions about what is transpiring to Drew before Joan returns.

She's gone several minutes, allowing the men a chance to talk. When she returns Joan has drinks for both her and Tony, as well as a hamburger for herself along with Tony's hotdog. Not looking all that happy, for she feels bad she's been talking about something that should be secret, she none the less eats. "Sorry." Said to Tony about the mess. If anyone suffers for it, that's likely him. Joan never wanted to make trouble for the man.

When the villainous names are dropped, Drew shakes his head as he has already encountered them before. The scowl on his face disappears when Joan returns and he offers her a half-smile, "Well I don't know about Tony here. But a lovely little lady like yourself never has to offer an apology." Drew's not flirting just natural Texas charm, "So what is that you do, Miss Joan? Other than have to endure the machinations of one Mr. Tony Stark."

It would appear that Tex had first hand knowledge of running into the duo of escaped villains. Making a note to speak more with the man at a later time Tony tips his head puzzled as to why Joan would apologize upon returning with food. "There's no need," he seeks to reassure her that everything is fine. She's said far less than others who should have kept things on the down low. "Am I really that terrible?" The point of an eyebrow perks up over the rim of his shades as he accepts the hot dog giving thanks to Joan for going to get it and the coffee.

"Yes, you are utterly horrible." Joan claims to Tony, "Which is why I have been dating you. Who else would go to boring science fund raisers with you?" For she's not one to have a low opinion of herself when it comes to dating. As for Drew she none the less looks sheepish again and motions with her hands. "Thank you." For that she doesn't have to apologize. "I'm self employed I guess you could say. I don't really work unless I want to, but lately I've been helping an art gallery with their books, and this one with some auctions." Motions to Tony. "Hey, it could be said that I sell what Tony Stark owns." She seems highly amused at that. "Beyond that I'm dating a super star, and utterly terrified at turns of that, I'm no one note worthy. Earn a good living play at stocks and goof off a lot." As much as Joan keeps insisting this, and people deny it, she really hasn't done anything that would get her noticed. Until she took up with Stark anyway.

"Well, then Tony here is lucky." Drew offers, "I'm not much of an art afficianado myself. Though I like the picture of the dogs playing poker. I wonder if that is a Van Gogh or a Picasso." He smiles, "Well I'd imagine you two would like to enjoy some couple's time." Drew stands up, half bows, and tips his hat to Joan, "Lovely to meetcha, little lass." He tips his hat to Tony, "Good to see ya, Tony. It had been awhile. Give my regards to the 'Vengers and I'll fill you in on what were speaking about before." He plays pets Athena, "Good girl." He then heads out.

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