2011-09-21: Overdose Of Wildcard


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Summary: Wildcard makes an appearance in the kitchen at 2am. Everything is chaos!

Date: September 21, 2011

Log Title: Overdose Of Wildcard

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

2am in the institute and the staff is likely roused by an alert from the security system of a massive released of unstable molecules, the same kind given off when Nigel Transforms. Sure enough he's not in his room but found a short distance away in the kitchen.

The Kitchen looks like a tornado has blown through it, ever cupboard and drawer opened, the floor littered with empty wrappers of whatever junk food that was present, the island is covered in soda cans and empty ice-cream containers. Wildcard stands with his back to the door in front of the open fridge as he's double-fisting a pair of 2-liter bottles of cola.

Not needing sleep, the Asian mutant, Shen Xorn has been using the evenings at the optimal time for meditation. Outside in the large expanse of land behind the Xavier mansion, Xorn dressed in Buddhist attire, had been in the middle of prayerful meditation when the blaring alarm catches his attention. Quick to his feet, his first instinct is to reach out with his mind, not as advanced as the headmistress, he is greeted by a familiar burst of static and noisy utterances. Pinpointing the area as the kitchen, he makes his way towards that area. Getting closer and recognizing the energy signal as Wildcard's, he sends a mental summons to the X-Men and staff alerting them to his presence and that he will attend to Nigel.

Standing outside of the door of the kitchen is Sage. He's dressed only in a pair of green cotton pants and that's about it. It seems he woke up and couldn't sleep so he decided to come to the kitchen for a warm glass of milk with honey but was quite surprised when he sees the state of the kitchen. Not sure of what to do he's just plastered himself against the wall muttering to himself. "What the bloody hell do I do…" He's quite terrified.

Ash has a great sense of timing, apparently, having been headed towards the kitchen with much the same intent; late snack! Having made his way across the grounds and to the Mansion right around the time that the alarm goes off, Ash does what most of the student body seems to do when an alarm goes off; picks up the pace and goes to check it out! Which puts him last to arrive, more than likely, peering around the doorjam and into the kitchen.

Nigel finishes chugging the cola bottles and releases a belch that litterally rattles the windows. "Oooo yeah Snap into a Slim jim! Jack Links, feed your wild side.. Where's the Mountain dew!? Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner…. OJ, purple stuff.. oo Sunny D!" He begins tossing things out of the fridge at random until he locates somthing that peeks his interest. A bowl of chocolate pudding. "There's always room for Jello! Ahahahahahahaaaa!" An immensely oversized tongue fires from his mouth and slurps the contents from the bowl in a single rather digusting motion.

Finally making it into the kitchen, Xorn is struck by the various emotions of fear and excitement from some of the gathered students, "Be still, young ones." His disembodied voice fills the kitchen as he attempts to calm some of the students and Nigel. "Wildcard, Desist! Now!" His tone louder and more authoritative. Xorn attempts to telepathically swim in the mindchaos of the animated being causing the ruckus in the kitchen in an attempt to seek out Nigel, but find something different. Wildcard's mind has always been unique and chaotic, but moreso as there appears Nigel is nowhere inside the creature's mind. The metal mask containing his energies seems to glow slightly as black energy flashes under the eyelets of the mask as he attempts to press a bit harder.

Staying put where he is Sage lets out a visiable sigh of relief once Nigel appears. Every dreadlock on his head seems tense right now, if hair can seem tense. He looks over too see Ashley there peeking around the corner. "Ashley, what's going on in there, I'm too afraid to look." He admits. "I think Wildcard has gone bloody mad in there."

Peering around the doorjam, Ash watches the scene as the escapee from a messed up anime raids the fridge. Xorn's on the scene, though, so Ash just watches. When his name is called, Ash glances back, taking a moment to place a name to Sage's face. "Sage." he verbalizes, probably just helping him remember. "Wildcard? Is that who it is? He's rippin' apart the fridge, babbling like crazy…." he explains, glancing back around the doorjam. "…yeah, bloody mad seems to fit the bill."

Nigel stops and drops the bowl as Xorn enters the Kitchen, his head turns completely around to face him though the rest of his body doesn't move. "Once you pop, you just can't stop! Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger! What would YOU do for a Klondike bar!?" The rest of his body then spins around and he's holding a large Mallet in his hands. His voice turning into a rather decent impression of Morgan Freeman. "The young male is angered that his feeding grounds have been challenged, and prepares to drive off the older instruder." There's almost a sound like a radio switching channels and his voice returns to normal. "LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLE!!"

All of the pop culture references to food commercials and advertisements are wasted on Xorn as the man has never watched television or eaten for that matter, so entranced in the disordered and disorganized mind of Wildcard, then he does not note Wildcard addressing him at first but the appearance of large mallet and a Get Ready to Rumble statement. Xorn does not want to engage a Wildcard, if he can avoid it and needs time to 'awaken' Nigel. For the moment, "Wildcard, if it is food that you wanted. You merely needed to ask without causing such a stir." Multitasking, Xorn attempts to send out calming serene and peaceful emotions towards the cartoon being while still mentally seeking out Nigel.

Sage peeks around the corner of the door as curiosity is finally gotten the better of him. "Ash, Xorn can handle this right? He's a teacher, he should be able to calm him, correct?" There's a nervious tone to his voice as he watches. He takes a deep breath and finally shouts out. "Nigel! This isn't the way to get what you want, you shouldn't be hitting our teacher because you're hungry!"

"Calm. Yeah, sure." Ash agrees, even if he muses to himself that it might take a bit more than calm words to cool that riotous being down. Maybe more like a net. Or a box. Whereas Sage adds his reassurances to Xorn's, Ash remains quiet, content to watch. Okay, and maybe stare at the food a bit enviously, he's kinda hungry.

Nigel is alot of things, but calm is never one of them. With Xorn multitasking Wildcard's inherent resistance to mental influence is strong enough to shrug off the attempt at emotion control. He begins to advance on Xorn but only makes it a few steps before the mental probing finds the dormant mind of Nigel and with a mental jolt wakes him up. Wildcard stifens like a board for a moment before there's a localized explosion and a cloud of smoke obsucuring his form, revealing a rather dioriented Nigel in a pair of Pajamas. "Wha.. what the heck is go-" His eyes bug out and he sprints for the sink where he's then violently ill.

Xorn makes no move to defend himself as the only way to end this insanity is to mentally draw out Nigel. As Wildcard approaches, Xorn's mask alights and almost flares out with a momentary burst of gravity as the minor items in the kitchen not weighed or bolted down fly up near Wildcard and then drop once Nigel appears. A low hum of a chant can be heard coming from Xorn's area as he concentrates and sends any energy released back within himself. Once contained, the X-Man stumbles forward and moves to the sink as he regains his center of gravity. A momentary pause and gravity is returned to the area near the fridge and heavy panting is heard echoing in the kitchen. Placing his hand softly on Nigel's back, he mentally speaks the gather Alphans, "The moment has passed. Peace is returned."

Sage takes a few cautious barefooted steps into the kitchen and immediately goes to the stove to put on a kettle of water. "You turned into Wildcard and pretty much ate the entire kitchen. I didn't think anyone's belly could hold that much food. I'll make you a cup of tea Nigel, it should help you relax and feel better." He says kindly. "I'll start cleaning up this mess." He says as he starts to pick up what he can and throws away the garbage on the floor.

Drawing back around the doorjam and out of the kitchen as Xorn's helmet starts to glow, Ash misses Nigel's transformation act; he only peers back around once Xorn announces that Peace is back in the building. So he moves in time to see Nigel hunched over the sink. "Damn…" he murmurs quietly as he gets a better look at the warzone. "…feel bad for whoever has to go into town and restock…" he murmurs to himself. But he does move to help Sage start to clean up the mess. The quicker he cleans his up, the quicker he can see if there's anything left in the fridge for himself.

Nigel spends the next few moments apparently ridding himself of Wildcard's junk Food Binge, putting his head down on the counter and panting heavily. "Last thing I remember was going to bed.. then I'm standing in the kitchen. Dammit I had another episode didn't I? I shouldn't be able to change when I'm not awake." He looks around at the mess in the kitchen in cringes "Oh crap.. I really went nuts huh?"

"Yes, Wildcard made an appearance. Apparently he was hungry and eats rather chaotically." Xorn responds to Nigel and mentally scans the lad to be sure he is alright and check for signs should Wildcard reappear. "Sage, Ashley, thank you for assisting with the cleaning and for not directly engaging in the situation. Are you both alright?" Too spent to check them empathically, Xorn remains by Nigel scanning his mind.

"I'm quite fine." Sage says not mentioning that about five minutes ago his wits had about run out the door. "It happens Nigel, noone got hurt, that's the important part. Yes you went a bit barmy for a bit there, well Wildcard did, but it's good that you're back now. Are you feeling okay?" Since Nigel did just get sick in the sink. "Thank you for helping Ashley."

"Watching a crazy cartoon soemthing-or-other rip apart the kitchen is the least wierd thing I've seen since coming here." Ash replies as he takes a broom and dustpan to the mess infront of the fridge; taking the opportunity to peer at the chaos inside to see what's left for the well-past-midnight snack.

Nigel takes several deep breaths trying to stave off a few more dry heaves, then nods. "I'm sorry.. I have no idea how he came out without me giving the change command. Give me a few minutes and I'll help clean up." His mental state is a bit erratic, he's definately freaked out by the whole thing, but has no memory of any of it. There doesn't seem to be any chance of his changing again however now that he's awake.

"No apologies, Nigel. What's done is done. Take a moment to regain your composure. If you still feel ill then do not worry about cleaning up. The Alphans and I can clean up." Xorn goes to join the students in cleaning up the mess. His minor gravity shift contributed and so he goes towards the counter picking up any utensils and small items that went askew and looks about the room to survey the larger mess.

Sage has out the sponge and counter cleaner and he's already going to town on the table. "Don't worry about it Nigel. Just sit down and relax. Do you talk in your sleep at all?" He asks figuring that could be how the command word was given. "Do you prefer Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea since the water is almost done."

Ash's brow furrows slightly as the discussion turns to tea, nose wrinkling as well. Looks like he's not a tea kinda guy, but he keeps his opinion to himself. Wielding the broom in one hand and a trash can in the other, he manages to get the majority of detrius off the kitchen floor. Broom and bin replaced, and then he's peering into the fridge to see what can be saved (or eaten!) and what should be tossed.

Nigel sighs and looks to Sage "Umm either is fine I guess, never really drank hot tea before. Hope I didn't spook anyone too badly.. Wilcard is a bit nuts even when I'm awake. I can't imagine what he's like with no restraint at all."

Allowing the students to chat amongst themselves as Sage and Ashley give support to Nigel. He heads towards the fridge and opens the door and shakes his head as he heads starts clean within it. As he cleans, he is in mental communication with the school headmaster and headmistress, explaining what has occurred.

Once Sage is done cleaning the table he walks over to stove as the kettle whistles and fixes Nigel up a cup of tea with honey. "Excuse me Xorn." He says as he pulls out the dented milk container and fills the mug up the rest of the way. "Here, it's a very milky tea but it's supposed to help you relax. My Mum always made us milk tea with honey if we had a bad dream to help us. I know it's different but I hope it helps." He says offering Nigel the mug.

Nigel takes the cup and sips from it slowly "Thank you Sage, I appreciate it." He stands a bit slowly, his knees shaking a moment "I just need to get back to bed. Feel like I just ran a half dozen marathons." He takes another deep breath and heads for the hallway.

Xorn moves in to take over the cleanup of the fridge, and Ash slips back as the teacher moves in. He instead moves for one of the cabinets, coming out with a bowl and a box of cereal. He will get something to eat, at some point. "So.. guess I wasn't the only one with midnight cravings…" he chuckles a bit to the others as he pours himself a bowl.

Moving to the side to let Sage grab the milk, Xorn resumes cleaning once his dreadlocked student gets the tea for Nigel. "Goodnight, Nigel." Xorn offers the exiting mutant and when he finishes with the refridgerator. He takes a seat at the table and engages his two students in conversation, "Again, thank you both for this. Nigel is in a state at the moment and your support is appreciated both by him and myself. Please continue to support him and befriend him."

Sage continues to clean what he can as Nigel leaves. "Cheers Nigel, try to get some rest." He says before shaking his head to Ashley. "Not really, I couldn't sleep so I came down here to make some warm milk and honey but I caught Wildcard making a mess and got scared." He's not afraid to admit it. "I'm sorry sir but Nigel is already my friend and this is what friends do. You don't have to thank me for it." He says seeming completely confused.

Ash starts in on the cereal, eating it dry by scooping up a handful and then crunching away. At least he poured it into a bowl, instead of just eating straight from the box. He shrugs to Xorn, a nonchalant motion. If by support Xorn meant 'not totally freak out' then yeah, Ash gave his support. "Dude turns into a cartoon. I'm sure taht's not the strangest thing I'm going to see this year."

"Very well then." Xorn finds Sage's statement to be true as he seems amiable and friendly enough with Nigel and Ashley. Xorn notes the two boys and their seeming lack of shock. Any earlier emotions of fear and shock have returned to normal. Judging from that and Ashley's comment, they seem fine enough. He remains seated as he had spent much of his energies and still requires a moment to gather himself.

Sage finishes putting various dishes in the sink and dishwasher and nods. "Well I should be going back to bed. I feel myself quite tired now. I will see you in squad practice and both of you have a good night. Cheers." He says as he washes his hands and heads out of the kitchen.

"Good night, Sage." Standing up, Xorn exhales and turns to Ashley, "Well, I must replenish myself and contemplate on the events that have occurred." He bows, "Good night, Ashley." He heads out of the kitchen as he returned to meditating like he had before all the ruckus.

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