2010-01-12: Overflow


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Summary: Things turn ugly at the Xavier pool.

Date: January 13, 2010.

Log Title Overflow

Rating: R.

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

With the weather being what it is, Robyn's decided to enjoy it. Even if he knows the other shoe is gonna drop after his conversation earlier today. He's at the pool sitting on the side with his feet dangling in. His towel and clothes are on one of the chairs and he's wearing a pair of swim trunks that do have Jack Skellington on one of the legs. He owns way to much Tim Burton stuff.

Dallas walks up the path towards the pool. Given the unseasonable weather, he's wearing just a pair of Xavier-logo swim trunks, sneakers and a towel. He sees Robyn at the edge of the pool and walks that way, tossing the towel and shoes onto a deck chair. Sitting down next to Robyn, putting his own feet in the warm water. "Hey dude. What's up?"

"Heya Dallas, not to much, just thought I'd relax with a swim." Robyn says hoping into the pool.

"Heya Dallas, not to much, just thought I'd relax with a swim." Robyn says hoping into the pool and dipping under. He can do that now without worrying about his hair freezing when he gets out of the water. "Was talking to the others about this weather change stuff, Mikhai's all weirded out." He says treading water a bit.

Dallas watches Robyn jump in and stretches a bit, leaning back on his arms, getting acclimated. He says, "It is weird, isn't it? I thought New York got bad winters. And why is Mik losing it? Is he tuned into something?"

Robyn shakes his head relaxing in the water. "No, he says he's got a bad feeling about the city and the animals are freaking or something. I don't really know. It's just weird." He says floating on his back a bit. "And we do get bad winters, I mean it's January, it's the start of the bad winter season and usually gets worse from here."

Dallas shakes his head and echoes, "Weird." He slides into the water himself and ducks under the water, kicking off the wall and swimming under Robyn to surface when he reaches the opposing wall. He turns around, treading water and says, "Maybe I should check in on him or something. Not my squad, but he's cool guy."

"Hey we're not the same squad and are still friends and hang out." Robyn says with grin as he'll get Dallas's back even if they're not both New Mutants or Alpha Squadron. "I think he'd be happy if you checked on him, he seemed kinda worried when I mentioned our fight on the Empire State Building, oh, how are those burns healing?" Robyn does have a covering on arm to protect the stitches from the water.

Dallas grins and says, mock-regretfully, "Probably no scars. I asked if it would help if I rubbed dirt in them but nobody liked that idea. Guess I'll have to get a tattoo if I want to look tougher." He does still have some dappled bruising on his chest, stomach and ribs, but the blisters are gone. "And I wonder if he's just unhappy he didn't get in on the fight?" To Dallas it seems obvious that almost anybody would /want/ to fight supervillains.

"Rashmi was freaked out by it." Robyn says with a chuckle. "Well I do want to get more tattoos, I'm thinking about talking to my parents about getting another for my birthday like I did last year." He says dipping under the water for a bit before coming back up. "I don't know, it's weird, I like the fight and I don't at the same time."

Dallas helpfully points out, "Rashmi's a girl. Most of them don't like getting in fights. And maybe you just haven't figured out how you /like/ to fight. Some people are defense, some are offense. Or kickers." He gives Robyn an envious look and says, "My parents would freak out if I did that."

"I don't know what I am, my powers work best from a far but then it leaves my body vulnerable. Well unless I'm using that psi weapon thing." Robyn says shrugging. "I dunno, some girls like to get into fight, some guys don't. I'm not a big fighter, I was more the one who got beat on in school." It didn't happen often but once in a while.

Dallas grins. "You just need somebody to watch your back while you're zoned out. And the brain knife thing is pretty cool." He sighs a little over the 'getting beat up' thing and says, "Well, the people who did that suck. There's a difference between a fight and a beating. A fight is challenging. And yea, I know, it doesn't really matter if somebody is a boy or a girl when it comes to the superhero stuff." His grin grows wide and mischievous, "But when you say stuff like that, it drives girls crazy and puts them off their game."

Robyn shakes his head at the last statement. "Yeah, like I'm someone who really wants to drive girls crazy." He starts laughing before leaning back in water. "I did have a lot of girl friends back in High School though, well not a lot but pretty much the few friends I had were girls." He was just more comfortable around them then most guys and Brooklyn is a different ballpark. "I gotta practice with that Brain Knife."

Dallas sighs and shakes his head again. "Not like that. He rests on the wall of the pool, looking back to Robyn. "It's a pretty specific kind of trash talking. A trigger. When you've got people like Rashmi around, who are probably actually pretty good competition, you just nudge them a little. Makes them mad and makes them underestimate you. It's like pretending to have a little limp that somebody on the other team thinks is real and bases a play around." On the talk of girls for friends, he puts his chin on his hands, looking out over the pool area a bit pensively and says, "They're okay. Pretty much like everybody else, right?"

"Yeah, just not as much sports talk." Robyn says with a chuckle as he goes to swim next to Dallas and lean on the wall, folding his arms so that his chest is pressing against it. "Girls are different than guys, and I think because..well…just, I didn't get along with many guys back in Brooklyn. Lots of ghetto types too." He says just relaxing in the pool. "I just mostly compete with myself over art. Keep trying to get better and better."

Dallas is in the water near Robyn, with both of them resting against the side of the pool enjoying the warm weather. They are talking quietly and the rest of the area is empty. Dallas says, "I get that. You are always your best and worst competition. And we didn't have a lot of ghetto types out where I lived. A lot of people who wanted to be, without all the dying and poverty and stuff. And a lot of jocks." He looks back towards Robyn and says, "You know why I first got into sports?"

"To shower with guys?" Lucas responds with a smirk as he enters the gated area of the pool. He has come from the woods, and he's wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and a flannel shirt. He wanders to the edge of the water, his knees and butt dirty and wet as if he fell while out there. "What are ya'll up to out here?" he asks, still grinning.

Robyn nods. "If you don't push your self to do better, who will?" He says grining and he chuckles. "I grew up in Brooklyn, as much as it could be arsty, there were still the ghetto types. Look at me, I am emo kid, I'm not exactly 'cool'." He's actually not that emo, he just dresses it. He does ignore Lucas's comment to Dallas and sighs. "No, I don't know why you got into sports, I just figured you liked them." He looks over at Lucas and gives a half smile. "Swimming?"

Dallas winces at that and then glares at Lucas. "No. I heard your mom was into football players." His tone is a little acid-edged at that, as though the ragged edge of his confusion and annoyance with Lucas is very thin indeed at the moment. He just waves a hand at Robyn as though dismissing the subject, apparently not wanting to give Lucas anything else to mock him with and ducks under the water to swim over to the over side of the pool and give himself a moment to simmer down.

Lucas stands there, his smile slowly draining. The air around him grows warmer, the concrete beginning to steam as it reacts to the change in air temperature. Lucas' face burns red with anger, and he just suddenly leaps into the pool with a loud yell. He leaps right at Dallas, flying through the air towards the water, leading with his elbow, which he attempts to plant right across Dallas' nose.

Robyn doesn't know where it turned to this so fast but he decides to put an end to it quick. "Dallas!" He yells as Lucas leaps through the air and before he can even think about what he's doing, his eyes flash purple and suddenly he tries to posses Lucas so that he can stop the fight. He's just reacting. If Lucas doesn't have any mental resistance he'll be able to slip into his mind easily but probably not until after the elbow lands.

Dallas blinks as he hears Lucas's roar and Robyn's yell. He turns in the water just in time to see that flying slam come at him. Instinctively, he calls his shadow, but it's barely halfway up his legs before the enraged boy lands the hit, though perhaps blunted a bit by the fact that Dallas put his arms out in front of him to hold Lucas back. Because he has surged up a bit to meet the impact, he catches the hit in the mouth, rather than the mouse and the taste of blood is instantaneous with the pain. Rage follows right after as his shadow flows up too late to protect him and he grabs Lucas by the throat (not knowing Robyn is in his body) and simply hurls him, one handed over Dallas's head and into the patio fence beyond.

Lucas impacts with Dallas much harder than he would have if he were only human, clearly his strength is some of his power. As his elbow collides with Dallas' mouth, he shouts again, an angry, venomous, "AAARrrrggghhhh!!" As Dallas spins and tosses him, a stream of fire sprays from his mouth, randomly dousing wherever his head turns in flames as he spins in the air. When he collides with the fence, it dents, and he tumbles to the ground, the fire gone, and Robyn in his head…

Once Robyn's in his head, lucky to land in it once he's thrown, his body sinks to the bottom of the water. He pushes himself/Lucas off the ground and groans, he can feel the aches that Lucas will feel later. "What should I do with his body?" He says in Lucas's voice not sure if Dallas will figure it out. "I just kind of reacted…shit." He says knowing that he shouldn't have.

Dallas spits out blood and then flinches away from the flames. He starts to scramble out of the water and thinks better of it. Using his best attempt at super strength, he moves his arms through the water as though making a splash-wave at another person in the pool. The net effect, at his current strength, is sending several hundred gallons of water rushing over the edge of the pool to put out the fire. Hearing the question, he stops, still bleeding under the cover of shadow and says in a somewhat rough and garbled voice, "Let him go." He looks around the pool area. "Where the heck are you?"

Lucas continues to be possessed by Robyn.

"Are you sure?" Robyn would love to walk him out somewhere but sighs and slips back into his body and a few second later he comes out of the water coughing. "I'm here." He says pushing himself out of the water and lying on the ground. "Are you okay Dallas?" He says sounding worried.

Dallas starts to climb out of the pool and head towards Lucas. There is a methodical, dreadful purpose that can be read in the black outline of his shoulders and head and the way the white-around-black auras of his eyes are narrow and flaring. "No." He's answering both questions. Dallas spits more blood out of his mouth, probing with his tongue and feeling broken lips and a few loose teeth. He stops near Lucas. "Up. Now."

Lucas stumbles forward, landing on a knee, as he retakes control of his body. "What the fuck was that!?!" he demands, looking around. He only sees Dallas, and he growls. "Don't you EVER talk about my maw…" Slowly, he pushes up to his feet, and lays his right hand on the back of his left glove, his face still ripe with anger.

Robyn pushes himself up and heads over to the two and tries to get between them. "Stop it!" He says, he doesn't want Dallas getting hurt or in trouble, Lucas, well he's not sure but he knows the fighting isn't a good thinking. "God Lucas, you're such an asshole. You make asshole comments to everyone but the minute someone says something to you, you have to punch them. Fuck you Lucas, just fuck you." Robyn's not a happy kid right now.

Dallas just nods as Lucas looks like he's going to strip off his glove. "Good. Take the shot. But put me down if you do. Because the next time you touch me in /any/ way, I'm going to start at the feet and break stuff all the way up until you get the message." His voice isn't calm but it is quiet and anybody with the slightest touch of empathy would be able to read a near-murderous rage born of all the emotional twists and turns Dallas has dealt with lately, more than one of them from Lucas himself, from a mile away. He literally shakes a little as he restrains himself from grabbing Robyn and pushing him out of the way, afraid that right now he'd hurt his friend by accident. "Move, Robyn."

Lucas is shaking, he's so emotional. His lip twitches, and he says through grit teeth, "Say your sorry…" He grasps the glove. The air is beginning to get warm, and an eerie hum begins to emanate from the gloves.

"No." Robyn says as he holds his ground, he knows what's going to happen if he moves and it's going to be bad for both. "Why should he say he's sorry, you were making jokes about him the minute you walked out here. You can poke at people but the minute someone decides to poke fun at you, you have to attack him. Dallas, I'm not going to let you get in trouble for him, he's not worth it." He says looking between the both of them.

Dallas shakes his head at Lucas. "Screw you. You don't get just mess with people all the time and then claim nobody can say anything back. You started this crap. And you /never/ let up." He nods at what Robyn is saying. "Yea. What he said." He looks back to Lucas and says, "Any time now. Maybe your girlfriend can help you find your balls?" Why yes, he is angry.

Lucas growls, and he points at Dallas, shouting at Robyn. "Ah was makin' fun of HIM. He was makin' fun of my maw! If'n he wants to make fun of me, Ah can take it! But you fuckin' apologize for that crack about her!" he demands. His tone is definitely a little irrational, and he seems so angry he's about to cry.

Robyn doesn't say anything for a second and just closes his eyes and does something he's never done before in his life. He turns and goes to throw a punch right at Lucas's face. It could be the bias thing that Dallas is his friend, it usually works that way, but he's also tired of the attitude. If the punch lands there isn't much skill or strength behind it but it's still a full out punch. It'll probably hurt his hand just as much.

Dallas can't hold on to his shadow any longer and it slips away, leaving him a lot more vulnerable to those fusion powers but no less angry. Judging by the swelling and blood, he's going to have a trip to the infirmary coming up, if not the dentist. He wipes the blood from his chin, wincing as the back of his hand touches crushed and bruised lips and gums and starts to say something when Robyn takes a punch. That was unexpected. And it snaps him out of that cold rage, since he's afraid Lucas will hurt his friend. He tries to grab Robyn's shoulder and pull him out of the way, turning a shoulder to Lucas and praying that the other young man throws a punch and not a plasma bolt.

Lucas takes the punch, not even trying to avoid it. He winces, wipes his mouth, and then steps one step towards Dallas. "Ah said, say you're sorry about makin' fun of my maw!" he shouts at Dallas, ignoring Robyn. His yell is filled with rage, and a touch of desperation, and as he shouts it, a tear runs down his cheek from his eye.

Robyn is easily moved by Dallas as he's angry right now. He doesn't say anything for feel any sympathy for Lucas, just shaking his hand a bit. The punch caused him to calm down a bit but he's still pissed off. "We should just leave him." Robyn says to Dallas, all the while glaring at Lucas.

Dallas straightens up a bit as he doesn't get blasted. He looks back to Lucas with real and abiding disdain. "Fine. Whatever. I take it back. Just stay the hell away from me from now on or we'll finish this." He nods at Robyn, "Come on. I need some ice." He gives Lucas another icy look. "And fresh air."

Lucas balls his fists, calming down. The air around him begins to settle, and he just stares at Dallas, not really acknowledging him or Robyn.

Robyn nods and just starts to walk away, finally the pain in his hand sinking in. "Yeah, I could use some ice too." He says as he's never punched someone before. "You okay?" He says just ignoring Lucas, he wanted to try to get along with the guy but now he thinks it's impossible.

Dallas spits out more blood and shrugs stoically. "Yea, I'm fine. He hits like a girl. A rocket-powered girl, maybe. But still." And then, glancing aside at Robyn. "By the way? Next time? Thumb on the /outside/ for punching people. And aim somewhere soft." He doesn't look back towards Lucas, apparently not trusting himself to not escalate things again.

Lucas just stands there, trying to calm down, and watching them walk away. Slowly, he relaxes enough to snarl, turn, and march back off towards the woods to blow off some steam.

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