2012-02-23: Overprotective


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Summary: Kai comes to Xavier's to let them know Jill was taken, Kenta isnt' the most responsive to Kai.

Date: February 23, 2012

Log Title: Overprotective

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

This log follows a scene yet to be posted

It's taken Kai much longer than he thought it would take to find what he reckons must be the school, his eyes just seemed to slide right past it the first few times he went past it. One of his arms is a little limp (as far as Kai can guess, probably dislocated) and the good one is pressed to his ribs with Jill's shopping bag with her image inducer and a bottle of what was her hand now in there as well. Reaching the gate he takes a deep breath and goes for the most direct approach, pressing the buzzer.

It's a bit before someone answers the buzzer this evening as cameras and scanners check out Kai well before hand. Eventually an Asian man comes walking up to the gate, smoking a cigarette, dressed in a long back trench coat and sunglasses, even though it's dark out. "This is private property, we're not looking to by tins of boyscout popcorn." He says in a harsh tone to Kai.

Kai raises an eyebrow at the man he vaguely recognises as having met before, wincing slightly he puts the bag on the ground, reaches in and pulls out the bottle of blue goo that was Jill's hand, "Sorry, all out of popcorn", wincing again he tosses the bottle though the gap in the gates to Kenta.

Kenta has no clue what the bottle of blue stuff is and reacts quickly, on instinct. Moving his hand he encases the bottle in a sphere of solid black energy and keeping suspended in the air, all the while his other hand moves in a way that a black blade forms out of thin air and moved so it is aimed directly at Kai. The blade doesn't pass between the bars, it passes through them. "If you don't say why you are here in ten seconds, you will regret it."

Kai first instinct is to take a step back as the blade is pointed at him, however he stands his ground, "I just got partally crushed underneith two stone gargoyles, well grotesques actually, not water coming out of the mouth… and i'm veering off topic here and your sword looks sharp, while i was trapped under them, three of it's mates took a blue girl who goes by the name of Jill".

The dark force blade isn't lowered as the threat isn't gone, at least not to Kenta. He takes off his sunglasses to look at Kai, soild black orbs focused on him. "What happened and where did they take her. The more specific you are the better things will be for you." He says to Kai not even hiding the fact that it's a threat. He's quite protective of the students here.

Kai sighs, "I don't know where they took her, they flew up into the air with her and then just sort of faded out of existance but one of them said they had been sent to gather her, it wasn't random, it used the word need", he looks Kenta in the black orbs he has for eyes, "I think they were there waiting for her".

The gate doesn't open but the sword vanishes and Kenta takes a step forward. The blue goo in a bottle still floating in the dark force sphere. "What is that stuff you threw at me?" He asks roughly. "And what is your name." He's not about to let the kid in and he knows that the security system at Xavier's is backing him up with sonic cannons trained on Kai.

Kai points at the bottle of blue goo, "That was her hand, it sort of came off in the struggle, i collected it incase she could re-attach it when she's found", he considers his answer to Kenta's question, "My name is Kai Oaken", he's got nothing to gain in this situation by lying about that.

There's a flinch from Kenta as Kai reveals what's in the bottle before the cold exterior returns. He takes a few breaths and the sphere floats over to him and he takes the bottle from it before the sphere vanishes. He looks at it for a second and nods. "Thank you, for bringing it to our attention Mr. Oaken. How do you know Jill and how did you know to come here?"

Kai shrugs, "We ran into each other once in the City and i was in the Salem center today, i tripped sending my phone sliding across the floor, Jill happened to be the one to pick it up", he looks down the road the way he came, "I knew that Jill goes to a private school out here and that she was on her way home when she was attacked, i took a chance by heading the same way a luckily managed to come across here, also a friend of mine Kevin Parker-Mayfair goes to a private school in this area, i figured they might be the same one".

Kenta narrows his eyes but nods. He'll have to have a talk with some of the students and specifics about where the private school is. "Thank you for letting us know about Jill. Now, do you need a ride to the hospital or home?" He asks Kai as he's not about to let the medbay look at him.

Kai shakes his head, "Neither, i want to help find out what happened, i just spent the afternoon talking to Jill and now she's been kidnapped and i don't think she's the only one is she?", he pulls Jill's image inducer out of the bag and tosses it to Kenta, "Tell me i'm wrong".

With quick reflexes Kenta grabs the image inducer and looks at it before putting in the pockets of his pants. He look at Kai and then lights up a cigarette, taking a long, deep inhale before responding. "You're wrong." It's as simple as that. "You're a kid and you're not responsible for her. You've met her twice, you're injured. Go home." He says obviously trying to brush Kai off.

Kai shakes his head again, "I am not a kid and i am responsible, if i had managed to stop it from happening we would not be here having this conversation and i think you're lying to me, no one had a run in with what looked like werewolves?", he moves over to the side of the gate and winces as he sits down by the wall, "You don't have to let me in, i can just wait here".

"I think you're lying to me. If Jill was just someone you met twice, you wouldn't care." Kenta says bluntly to Kai. "And you're right if you managed to stop it we wouldn't but the fact it you did not. Let us get something straight Mr. Oaken. You do not have any authority, power or reason for me to tell you anything but I say this and say it with honesty, I know nothing of werewolves recently." He's not lying about that. "Now you can leave quietly or your own terms, or not so quitely on my terms."

Kai looks round at Kenta, smiles and places a hand on the ground, as he touches the ground from that point an ice-shield starts closing him in, "I'll sit here quietly, you won't even know i'm here and i don't know why i care, i just do", defiant? yes, childish? maybe, serious about not moving? definatly.

Kenta shakes his head and lets out a sigh. "And you didn't even let me finish my cigarette." He says sounding irriatated as he jumps up, black wings sprouting from his back as he flies over the fence and lands in front of Kai. "I will know you're here and this here is private property. You come in here with the hand of one of my students, tell me that I need to tell you information that I don't know anything about and now you're going to attempt to protect yourself against me? Kid, I'm about two seconds from putting you in a hospital. Now do you want to walk away or can I give you a ride home?"

Kai stops forming his shield and looks up looking Kenta right in the eyes, "I've got nothing to lose, so if you're going to do it, then do it, otherwise i'm not moving", he sets his expression firm and doesn't break eye-contact, "I need to help with this, please".

Kenta takes a step forward so he's face to face with Kai, the recent cigarette smell still on his breath. "Listen Mr. Oaken right now there is nothing to help with. You're just being a stubborn child and nothing more. You're a kid and one of our students went missing. If you want to start your own neighborhood watch, feel free but right now I have more important matters to attend to like letting her family know her daughter just went missing, got it? Or if you want to help I can let you make that phone call explaing how, you couldn't stop it."

Kai clenches his fists as Kenta calls him a 'child', he has never been a child and he won't have someone treat him like one, his fists unclench and he looks down when Kenta talks about him telling the family what happened, "I should, it was my fault and i should answer for it, i'll talk to them, people need someone to blame when the worst happens to them"

Kenta pulls his arm back and sents a fist flying right at Kai's face as he says what he does. "Wake up! This isn't a game of having someone to blame! It's not about whose fault it was or wasn't! Though if you do think it's your fault and you know more about this I suggest you tell me now. If you did something to set her up and now feel guilty about it, start running cause it won't be pretty."

Kai's head snaps back as the fist connects with the side of his face, biting back the pain he spits to one side conferming to himself that the blow has caused his mouth to start bleeding, "Of course i didn't set her up. But i should have been able to stop it, and now i care that i didn't! I've gone soft, i want to help her because i should have done better! She asked me for help and i failed completely and utterly, i let myself get distracted and made a stupid mistake! and you can beat me up and down the road if you want to but i'm not leaving!"

Kenta grabs Kai by his shoulders and looks him straight in the eye, he doesn't care if the teen is taller than him. "Should doesn't mean shit. It's the could and couldn't. Listen to yourself, what you're doing isn't going to help anyone. You, her, -anyone-. What you need to do is go home, rest. I'm not going to let some kid ruin his life running after a girl he barely knows because he needs to prove that he can do better."

Kai's eyes go ice-blue as his anger peaks, "Stop calling me a kid!, i don't have a life to ruin, this is me, this is all i am! i won't go back, i don't care what they do i won't!", he makes an attempt to push Kenta's hands off him, "I'm not your consern, it doesn't matter what i choose to do".

"Being a kid isn't a bad thing." Kenta says, not letting go but his grip does become less agressive. "I wish I stil your age with my life ahead of me but I didn't get that choice. You do have a life to ruin, your own. And what you choose to do does matter Kai." There is concern in his voice as he finally address Kai with his first name. "Every choice you make matters, now where is it you don't want to go back too?"

Kai looks away and whispers to himself, "This life isn't even mine", he looks back at Kenta completely unsure of what to say next, "How can a choice matter if you can never make your own?", all Kenta's use of his name does is make him realise how hollow it is, "Nowhere, theres nowhere i don't wanna go back to, ignore me, i'm talking rubbish".

Kenta sighs and moves to stand next to Kai, putting an arm around him. "Kai, you made a choice tonight to let us know that Jill is in trouble. You could have walked away but you didn't. You're making a choice to be stubborn and help her, I might not be willing to accomidate your requests, but you're making a choice. Just as I am. If you think your life isn't yours, than make it yours. My life was stolen from me for years, I stole it back." He looks over at the school and sighs. "Damnit, why didn't I ever learn to drive." He mutters. "Do you have a problem with heights?"

Kai just stands there shaking his head, Kai Oaken does have a fear of heights but XIII doesn't, he steps away from Kenta and holds out the bag that holds Jills purchaces from her time at the mall earlier, "It doesn't matter if you can drive or not, i have legs and i can't tell you where i'm going anyways".

"I have an apartment, I barely use in the city. You're welcome to crash there if you're looking to hide." Kenta says taking the bag with nod. "I'll give you my number if you need anything and you can give me yours, just in case. Sorry, about punching you."

Kai pulls a phone out of his pocket and drops it into the bag Kenta took off of him, "I don't need that anymore but it has a number for my other phone one it", he straigens up ignoring his ribs, "I don't need anywhere to stay, i'll be in touch if i hear of Jill or if anyone else goes missing, i'd rather you didn't mention to anyone that i was here", giving Kenta a nod Kai starts heading towards the woods not too far from the Xavier mansion.

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