2010-01-19: Overwhelming


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Summary: Addison riles Julian up, to try to break down a barrier.

Date: January 19, 2010


Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Addison does not look like himself at all. At Robyn's encouraging, he's stepped out of Cerebra for a few minutes. His hair is oily and unkempt. He hasn't shaven in days. He hasn't eaten much either, thankfully, his student saw to that. Bags under his eyes also suggest a lack of sleep. But, he knows that he needs to do SOMEthing to help. To have someone else help where he cannot. So, going to the danger room, he calls out one of the few members of X-Force that he knew in his own world. He's not the same, of course, BUT… he knows the powers.

Of course, given the present situation, Julian is doing all he can to keep the school's students calmed. Patrols around the mansion, fly-bys and all. The F-forcer is currently wearing his uniform, black and red, short sleeves, and crimson red gloves. His hair is styled as it always is, short and it looks like he has been not getting a whole lot of sleep either, but it's his charge to protect the school in times of distress. He enters the Danger Room to see Addison there, looking pretty damn bad. "Holy hell, you look like shit ran over." He says, even if he feels like Addison is a rival, he is still a teammate, and will, well, support him in his own way.

"I feel like it, too." Addison says frankly. He's been rather blunt the past few days, not having his normal sense of tact. "I've been in Cerebra for three days. Protecting the minds of anyone out there. Ever since I felt what they were… doing… to some of them. Julian… what's the biggest thing you can lift?" He asks, tapping his forehead. He really wants to know. "I can't be out there on the front lines. I need to know that someone can pick up what I can't."

"The biggest thing? Ten tons." He's tried this in the Danger Room before, often wanting to push his own limits. Julian himself isn't power hungry, more that he wants to be at optimal performance. "Can you use telekinesis in that…thing?" He asks, never been allowed to use Cerebra or even seen it in use. The telekinetic is trying to figure out what is going on. He's never been asked by a teammate before, only those who stand over his team.

"You're slacking, Julian." Yeah, it's a little harsh, coming from Addison. He's always been Mr. Polite, but… right now, he's not himself. "The Julian I knew in my world could give me a run for my money, and could fly a lot faster. But then, he didn't really care." He says, considering. "No, Cerebra doesn't affect my telekinesis. It's designed specifically for Telepathy. "Why aren't you moving faster? Why aren't you lifting more than that?" He asks the air, rather than Julian. "What the hell is wrong with this world? Is it that light and friendly that people don't reach their potentials?"

Julian's cobalt eyes could have been cast of fire at the end of Addison's statement. "You really want to say that?" He says, his voice raised, but not in full yell, his stance gets aggressive and he bends his knees ever so slightly. "Before Phoenix decided to give herself up to save the city, I was getting faster. Do forgive that since we've not had a massive holocaust that forced us to hide and survive against a massive empire, that I seem less powerful." He's caught in the middle of criticizing Addison, and being mad at himself for not being at his maximum potential apparently. Being the only proper telekinetic left for years, Hellion has had it easy, but he'd never say it. "So, what, you called me in here to compare me to another version of me? That's just fucking great. When there are freaks out there really causing some serious shit."

"No. I called you in here to find out WHY. I called you in here to see if you'll let me find out what's holding you back. I called you in here, because… from Cerebra… I could see something in your head that shouldn't be there. Something that's stopping you from being everything you can be." Addison says, whirling back with an almost maniacal smile on his face. "Because we HAVE those freaks out there. Because they're torturing OUR kids, Julian. Because they're destroying OUR WORLD. I need you to let me bring you to yourself!" He says, reaching out to put his hands on Julian's shoulders. "Don't think I'm mad at you, unless this is your own blocker. I just need you to BE you, and not stand down."

As soon as Addison put his hands on Julians shoulders, his eyes go wide. He's not exactly in the 'I'm trying to make you feel better' mood. "Why? I haven't been held back. And if there is something holding me back, go right ahead." The comment of torturing and the demons makes Julian even more agitated. "My own blocker? — And I NEVER stand down." He says, forceful and with bite, like a drill sergeant's voice. He's not exactly to the point where he would get into a fight, but the old Julian is definitely showing.

"Alright, then." Addison says as his aura begins to show. That flaming bird motif. But, as he's in there, he takes Julian with him to show him how HE sees things. The power trails read right into a brick wall. Behind which, there's a huge reservoir of power. "I don't know where it came from, but it's there. I can take it down, but it may be too much all at once. But right now… I think we NEED a little too much." No, none of that has to do with Dallas asking him why they haven't crushed the castle. None at all.

Julian stands there, looking at the wall in his own psyche. "If you take this down…can you ever find out what put it in there?" He asks, and hoping to something mythical that no one is recording the Danger Room session in here. "I want to know…" He says, his voice calmed, and yet still has a tinge of anger behind it. The X-Forcer always was wondering what had been keeping him from being accepted into the X-Men. he had always just figured that Cyclops had it out for him like when he was a student.

"After this crisis is over, I'll do what I can to find out. But for now…" Addison says as he reaches out a fiery-clawed hand and rakes it across the 'brick' wall. The wall has nothing on his ability right now. After all, if it was set by someone other than Julian, then they're not here to protect it. "We'll find out. But for now… get ready. It may be too much." The wall breaks.

As the wall breaks, Julian's eyes glow green, his arms have an aura in the same color. The telekinetic floats up, and a wave of telekinetic energy runs out from his body, mainly pointing to the floor of the Danger Room, a crashing sound errupts, and the ground shakes, possibly enough to transfer to most of the subbasement. Julian comes down from his floating state and kneels down on the ground. His mind is pulsing and only he can hear it in his head. It's just like when he had overdone it years ago and knocked himself unconscious. But this time, he's struggling more to stay awake. He's older and more controlled now.

Coming out of Julian's mind, Addison grins. "Got it." He says, panting. He's very overworked and overdone right now, but he's got everything he can going on. From guarding the kids to helping out there. "Now… someone can do what I can't out there." He says, actually pleased with himself, even if Julian has little fine control. It's that he CAN hit hard that matters this time.

Julian is sure taking it all in, going from one amount of power to another in such a short time is sure enough to make someone hurt, even if their mind is as strong as Julian's. His nose starts to bleed, a few drops of that crimson suspension of cells and plasma drop onto the floor of the Danger Room. "GodDAMN this hurts." He says, grunting and getting used to it before he stands up, his adrenals are going and he's tense, needing to run or do something to work it out.

"Sorry. But it was necessary. Hopefully, you'll stabilize pretty soon." Addison says, sympathetically. "That's why I pissed you off first. I knew you'd need your blood pumping hot and heavy to not pass out." Hey.. he IS a powers instructor. Even if this is something new for him.

Julian wipes his glove under his nose, sniffing sharply afterwards. "If you tell ANYONE about the thing I said in my head, I will come down on you like acid rain in the city." Julian quips, an ultimatum. He is not kidding either, in fact he wishes he didn't say anything about the wall at all, he doesn't like someone having anything over him like that.

"That's between us. And I'll do everything I can to find out who put it there, when we're done with this demon thing." Addison says with surety. "I promise you that. Now, get used to it. I can't put it back up." He says, swelling with his own power. "And I should get back to Cerebra… for them." He says, a little softer. A yawn comes out but he straightens up suddenly. No time for sleep.

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