Owen "Lurker" Folger
Owen Folger
Portrayed By Justin Kornmann
Gender Male
Date of Birth 03/31/91
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Ares
Aliases Lurker
Place of Birth Fulton, Tennessee
Current Location Xavier Institue
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Unnamed Large Family
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Dark Force Connection
First Appearance Like Powers



Owen Folger was the fourth child of Joeseph and Edna Folger. Part of a relatively large family, Owen grew up on a farm in Tennesee that mostly cared for animals and primarily grew peppers. His life was a normal one. He went to school, hung out with his friends, helped out around the farm, and got along well with his family. It was a pleasant and mostly uneventful life. Around age twelve, something bad happened.

Owen was just out playing football with his brothers, cousins, and some of the other guys. It started to rain but no one really minded because rain and mud were no big deal. Then, when Owen was going to catch the ball he caught something else instead. A bolt of lightning. The young man was hospitalized for a long while to recover, developing a fear of thunderstorms and large scale electrical discharges (crackling electricity from an electrokinetic, etc.). While he was slightly traumatized, Owen did recover and get on with his life. He continued to go to school and hang out with his friends. He even got a spot on the football team and was rising in the ranks pretty fast.

As Owen grew, he earned a nickname from his friends. They started calling him 'Lurker' due to his tendency to follow quietly and stick to the darker areas of paths and such. It started around age fourteen when Owen’s mutation manifested during a barn fire. He teleported himself to safety along with a horse. Despite his usual attitudes, he didn’t want anyone to find out so he tried not to draw too much attention to himself so people wouldn’t notice those times when he was partially fuzzy. He continued this for two years, secretly working on his powers in the woods near the farm. It was around age sixteen that Owen’s first transformation into ‘the Bat’ occurred. This resulted in the loss of some livestock and local fear. Owen was left very confused and frightened himself. Two weeks later when a local man was attacked (The Bat repelled by police), people saw Owen transform back but not his face. While a mob formed to hunt down the ‘mutant kid’, Owen hid in an old hotel. It was there that he was contacted by a recruiter from the Xavier School. After a long telepathic conversation (over a phone from Owen’s perspective), a meeting with Owen’s family was arranged. After the meeting, it was agreed Owen would head up to attend the school in two weeks as Owen’s mother wanted him to stay for his younger brother’s birthday.

When the time came to leave, Owen packed up his stuff and boarded a train up to New York. He should be arriving soon…



Dark Force Blast - Owen’s able to fire blasts of DarkForce energy. His strongest blasts have about 15 tons of pressure behind them. The blasts are something he’s not got a lot of control over. Often he’ll fire a blast much weaker or stronger than intended and sometimes won’t even be able to fire a blast at all. Other times, he’ll accidentally fire a blast when not meaning to. His ‘Bat’ form has significantly better control of this power-stunt.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Owen still sometimes teleports in his sleep, ending up in odd places.
  • When Owen teleports, he still sometimes loses held items or clothing.
  • In his fuzzy form, Owen's fur is surprisingly soft


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