Pallaton "Talli"
Gender Male
Date of Birth 7th January 1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases 'Pally', 'Pal', 'Fuzzy', 'Talli'
Place of Birth Liberty, New York
Current Location Salem Center, New York
Occupation Student / Hero-In-Training
Known Relatives Takoda (Mother), Odakota (Father)
Significant Other N/A
Identity Public
Known Abilities Permanent Werewolf-like form, superhuman strength, natural claws, Enhanced Senses, and Earth Control Magic.

And Emo kids thought they had issues…


Pallaton was born to Jane and David Austin as Joshua Austin, but his mutations were quick to show themselves, as he started changing at six months. His parents were mixed in their reactions to this. Jane was worried, but still wished to care for him where-as David, a member of an anti-mutant movement, wanted to destroy his son and all evidence of having raised him. After multiple attempts on Pallaton's life, Jane told David she would deal with him and, via many bribes and deals, erased all evidence of Joshua's existence, bar one. Joshua himself was placed under the care of two of Jane's closest friends, Odakota and Takoda in Liberty, New York. With Jane's help and finances, Joshua became Pallaton, Odakota and Takoda's son. Knowing that she could risk his life, Jane left Pallaton's life. By the age of two, Pallaton's mutations were seemingly complete, resulting in the half-man, half-beast he was to become for the rest of his life.

Even despite this, his new parents treated him exactly as they would treat a human son, teaching him the skills he'd require in his day-to-day life, as well as wilderness survival skills and traditions. These skills eventually fostered a respect for the Earth and nature, as well as the forces at work on the planet, but the mystic nature of magic intrigued him more and more as time went on. Soon, Pallaton was seeking to learn more about that, and sought sources to learn from, as well as teaching himself various first-aid and medical subjects. Luckily, a retired mystic named Juan Kaiser was willing to teach the young mutant Terramancy, the ability to control and create earth and rock. Pallaton was a willing student, but he never seemed to be able to grasp the more complex concepts. As such, this ability is still in its infancy, along with most of his mutant abilities.

Despite the events that led him to learn about the mystic arts, Pallaton still wished to learn more about himself and other mutants. His own research led him to believe that his purpose as a mutant was to protect the humans who are unable to do so. Unable to learn more in Liberty, he applied to Xavier's Institute, looking into various medical sciences to understand the origins of the abilities of himself and other mutants.


October 26th, 2009 After a time away, Pallaton returns to the Big Apple, only to find an explosive surprise… And a headache. Blowing Up Suitcases In The Park


  • ((Referring to a heart)) "That's true, but even still, there's one thing you have that nobody else does, Daisuke. …That. Nobody can take that from you because of the bonds you've forged. Eddie is pretty much an embodiment of this. The relationships you have, the people you've met, whatever it is you believe… nobody can take that from you. And that's coming from someone whose ancestors had almost everything taken from them, but they kept what matters through all these years."
  • "I'm not going to let anyone do things to hurt or upset my pack and get away with it."
  • "I don't care if this is right or wrong in your view. It's right in mine. You hurt one of my charge and you'll face the repercussions, simple as that."
  • "I know how that feels. I mean, I've got claws and teeth and could probably rip someone in two if I wanted to, but I don't want to kill. I mean, that would make me as bad as whoever I'm up against, right? If I start killing the bad guys, I'll become a bad guy myself. When I've been fighting, I… I kind of lose it a little. I'm hoping I don't end up doing something I regret. I think it was Eddie who told me, but X-Men don't kill. It's just not what we do."
  • "Nononononononono, I am NOT flying again. Never. Not even if my life depended on it, I am NOT getting back up in the sky like that. I'll… I'll turn you to stone, or something if you do!"



Pallaton's mutations are rather obvious and can easily be guessed. His size and wolf-like appearance make him quite intimidating, and the claws on his hands and feet only add to that, not to mention his teeth. Then there's the strength and speed that come with it, and the heightened senses. However, the similarities with werewolves end there, as the form is permanent and he doesn't regenerate. He was also taught Terramancy, or Earth magic, by a friend and works to improve his ability. Lastly, his form also gives him a higher metabolism, resulting in drugs and chemicals of all kids being intensified in severity and taking effect almost instantly.


Pallaton was taught many things as a child, but a few skills he holds developed from his own curiosity. He holds strong survival skills, as well as a functional, if not in-depth, knowledge of medicine. Furthermore, Pallaton was raised religiously and still follows the traditions he was taught today.


  • Though not by blood, Pallaton is a highly religious Native American, finding solitude in the traditions he was taught.
  • Pallaton is a Native American name meaning 'Fighter'. His codename, Talli, is similar and means 'Hero'.
  • Pallaton doesn't like flying at all. Not one bit.
  • If someone manages to scratch a specific point behind Pallaton's ears, they have themselves an eight-foot tall puppy.
  • Pallaton's main disguise when using his Image Inducer is based on the Bassist for his player's band in Rock Band 2, My Name Is Might Have Been.


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