2009-09-14: Pancetta On Grilled Cheese


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Summary: Christopher makes grilled cheese for Sophie and Robin. Later, after Christopher has left, July comes in to gives Sophie and Robin a fright.

Date: September 14, 2009.

Log Title Pancetta on Grilled Cheese

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Coming straight to the school from his other job, Chrisotpher is in the kitchen looking through one of the cabinets. On the island is a cookbook open, a black messanger back and a laptop in it's case. It looks like someone just kind of came in, dropped their stuff off, and started working on something. "Nutmeg, nutmeg, come on, they gotta have nutmeg here." Christopher says as there is already a pile of spice containers on the counter.

Robin steps in from the hallway, peeking in around the corner before deciding to enter. Less timid about coming in is Blank, who just rounds the corner and sits down on one of the stools. "Hi," says Robin, to alert this person of her presence, before she rounds the corner as well. "What are you making?" she asks curiously.

Christopher turns quickly and looks at Robin, running a hand through his hair. "Hello there, oh, I'm not making anything. I'm prepairing for class tomorrow. I'm the culinary teacher here, Mr. PArker MAyfair." He says holding a hand out to Robin. "I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting yet. I'm prepairing my beginners cooking class to make pumpkin muffins tomorrow. I can't seem to find the nutmeg so I might have to pick some up on the way here tomorrow."

Robin tilts her head slightly and says, "Oh. Doctor Parker-Mayfair is my squad leader. And the headmaster said I should talk to him about some other stuff, too…" She bites her bottom lip for a moment or two and asks, "Is there any relation there?" Blank tilts her head inquisitively, and Robin continues, taking Christopher's hand, "And pumpkin muffins sounds really good! I'm Robin Keen."

Christopher chuckles and nods. "Yes there is a bit of a relation there, he's my husband." Christopher says with a smile. "I find pumpkin muffins to be delicious, and I plan on having raisins if they want to add them or not. I prefer them with raisins." He walks over to the island where his cookbook, messenger bag and laptop case sit and starts to pull out a piece of paper and pen from the messenger bag. "Gotta make a shopping list for tomorrow's class now."

It always seems like hunger strikes Sophie a couple hours after the sun has finally set no matter if she's had dinner or not - today is no exception. She makes her way into the kitchen, dressed in her usual pre-bedtime wear - t-shirt and shorts. As usual, the t-shirt leaves the majority of her circuit board 'tattoo's' exposed. She stops just before reaching the island, letting out a loud yawn as both arms stretch back behind her. "Oh, hey."

Robin tilts her head for a moment as Christopher explains the relation and brightens up a bit, "Ohhh, yeah, it really seemed unlikely that two people could have that name and not be linked in any way. Did you just hyphenate your names?" She shrugs at the raisins comment, "Sometimes I really want raisins and sometimes I really don't. I've just got to be in the right mood for 'em." She spins on her heel when she hears Sophie, and Blank gives a wave, "Oh, hiya! How are you doing?"

"Yes we did. Mine was Parker, his was Mayfair and we just combined them when we finally got married." Christopher says as the two took a little escape up to Vermont to tie the knot. "That's why I let some things like that be optional if the students would like to add them. Oh Walnuts might be a nice option too." He says more just thinkig out loud. "Hello Sophie, how are you this evening?"

"Ahhhhh, I'm doing fine." She says just as one more yawn comes to an end. "How about both of you?" Sluggishly, Sophie takes small, dragged out steps towards the fridge, pulling the handle open as she begins to dig around inside. She pauses, and turns to face the others, practically standing on tip toe to get a full view over the door. "Man, never seems like there's anything good in here."

Robin looks back at Christopher and says, "Oooh, walnuts could be good, yeah." She watches as Sophie looks through the fridge. Even though Robin always comes down to the kitchen to get something to eat, she rarely gets to the stage where she actually looks for food and instead usually just wanders off. She tilts her head slightly and says, "Really? I'm sure there must be something. And I'm doing okay."

"Then you must never ome down here when I've cooked." Christopher says with a chuckle. "So would you like me to make you a grilled cheese so you have something good to eat?" Chrisotpher asks as he doesn't mind cooking for people. Before she can answer though he already starts to take out what he needs to make them. "How about you Robin, would you like one? And are either of you vegitarians?"

"You'd be surprised." She says, diving her head back into the fridge for one more look. Sophie quickly perks up at the mention of grilled cheese, pulling herself free of the fridge and shoving the door closed. "Yeah, that sounds great." She walks over to the island, setting her arms flat across the top of the counter while resting her chin on the top of her wrists. "Nope, no vegitarian here." she says, letting a

Robin nods and says, "I think that'd be great! And no, I'm not a vegetarian either." She shrugs and sits down next to Blank, noting, "Mmm! I haven't had grilled cheese in such a long time. It's been more than a year, I think. My mouth's watering just thinking of it!"

Christopher can't help but grin as he goes into the fridge and gets out some pancetta, cheese and butter. He starts to fry up the pancetta while buttering the bread. "I always find grilled cheese with some pancetta really tasety. It's also good with a touch of nutmeg but unfortunately I think we're out."

Sophie pulls herself up, watching as Christopher moves from the fridge back to the island. "I always love myself a good grilled cheese. And I'm pretty sure you've made me one recently." Her head cocks to the side as her teeth gently bite down across her bottom. "At least I think… can't really remember. No matter, pretty excited to have one in a few minutes!"

Robin shrugs and watches Christopher make the grilled cheese, "I've never had it with pancetta. Just with the cheese." She exchanges a look with Blank and smiles, "I bet it'll be super tasty, though!" Turning to Sophie, Robin asks, "So how has the new school year been treating you so far?"

Christopher can't help but chuckleas it seems Sophie and Robin are pretty excited with his grilled cheese. "I always found grilled cheese made a tastey late night meal, quick and better than anything pre-prepaired. And I might have made you one before Sophie, it is kind of my quick meal specialty." He says as he continues to cook, he's even making one for himself.

"Oh, I actually finished school last year. So I'm just bumming around as long as they let me until I can find a place of my own." Sophie says, her eyes quickly wandering back to the grilled cheese cooking up. "I'd agree - grilled cheese is the perfect late night snack. Something so perfect about how simple it is."

Robin nods her head and says, "Ohhh, I'm just starting high school, actually. I fell a little bit behind before coming here, so now I'm a grade back." She shrugs and then says, "My mom used to make grilled cheese for me and my siblings for lunches. I never really had it later at night."

"Eddie is starting his senior year here this year. I think he's a bit nervous about what happens once he graduates." Christopher says as he starts to take out some plates. "I make it a lot when Jeri or I work late." He puts the three sandwhiches on plates and cuts them in half before handing one to Robin and another to Sophie.

Sophie gladly takes the plate handed to her and sets it down on the counter top. "Tell me about it. I'm officially graduated and still have no idea what's going to happen." She turns to Robin, offering up a soft smile. "Ah, I'm sure you'll be find." One quick bite is quickly taken from the grilled sandwich. "Oh well, that's awesome. Thanks a bunch."

Robin smiles when the sandwich is presented before her, and Blank leans towards it. "Oh, yum, that looks super good!" she says, getting ready to take a bite. She pauses, though, cranks turning in her head as Christopher speaks and asks, "Oh! Are you and Dr. Parker-Mayfair Eddie's dads?" To Sophie, she just nods and says, "I've always been really good at school, so I don't figure that's gonna change."

Christopher nods. "Yes we are, and Jared's. It's kind of complex." He says eating his own sandwhich. "I went off to school after I graduated here many years ago. Just know that being and XMen isn't your only opition after graduating here." Christopher says between bites. "I'm glad that you both enjoy your sandwhich. And see Sophie, when I'm down here, there's always somethig good to eat."

"Very true!" Sophie says, showing her enjoyment of the sandwich by taking one of the halves quickly down. "Yeah, just not quite sure I'd be cut out for the x-men, but then again I was pretty terrible at school too." She says looking towards Robin with a light chuckle. "So for now, it's limbo for me I suppose. Well, limbo and grilled cheese sandwiches as long as I don't kicked out any time soon."

Robin is enjoying her sandwich, as she takes a bite of it and just smiles at Christopher. When she swallows she says, "Thank you so much, sir!" She tilts her head slightly and says, "I think it'd be cool to be on the X-Men and helping people and stuff." Though one could make a pretty unfortunate joke if Robin was a part of the team. "I just don't think I'd be cut out for it. Everyone on the X-men seem really skilled and awesome and stuff… For now, I'll just stick to the books."

Christopher shakes his head at Robin. "Oh please, no need to call me sir. Mr. Parker-Mayfair makes me feel old enough as it is." He says with a chuckle. "I don't mind helping people and using my powers when necessary but I also love my salon too. So I think for me, teaching here and running my salon is a healthy mixture. And you always get better with your powers Robin, trust me."

"Yeah, way better with practice. Trust me. I was absolutely horrendous when I first showed up here with controlling my powers - granted I'm still pretty terrible - but am way better now." Sophie says, taking in another mouthful of grilled cheese. "Who knows, could always change my mind and find a nice little opening on the X-men team." Laughter quickly ensues.

Robin smiles at Christopher and says, "Well, it just took less time than Mr. Parker-Mayfair to say sir." She shrugs and looks between them, and then looks at Blank, who climbs up on her seat, stands up and flexes to show off her powerfulness. Or something. Robin glances between Blank and the other two a couple of times and raises her eyebrow, "Well, maybe. I figure I've got a lot to learn about Blank, it's just hard to know where to start."

"It took me a few years to get the hang of my powers too." Christopher says as he starts to put the dishes where he can clean the tomorrow. "Well I have to get going, I still have to go home and see Jeri before school tomorrow. You two have a good night and I hope you two have a good night. It was nice meeting you Robin."

"Goodnight!" Sophie mutters between bites of the grilled cheese, finally putting it completely down. The little teen then looks over towards the being referred to as Blank then back to Robin. She offers up a shrug,wiping at the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. "Yeah, not sure if I could be any help on that. Have enough issues with my own powers." Holding her hands out in a way to gesture towards the circuit board like tattoos.

Robin nods her head slowly and looks at the tattoos for a few moments and then shrugs, looking up to Blank. "Well, I mean, it's not really an issue or anything, I'm just curious about her capabilities and stuff… I mean, she can fly, but I can't fly when I possess her. What's that about?" She shrugs and says, "What kinds've problems do your powers give you?"

Sophie nods, looking a slightly confused. "Yeah, that does seem a little bit odd. Plus it would be pretty cool to be able to fly, right?" She pushes her plate forward, indicating to no on in particular that she's finished. "Oh, usually my problems occur with just way too much energy stored up. Kind of makes me hyper and scatter brained. Sort of irritating I guess."

Robin takes another bite of her sandwich as Sophie talks and says, "It would be awesome to be able to fly, I think. But I guess Blank just knows how and I don't." She shrugs and looks to the puppet, before saying to Sophie, "I guess I don't really have an energy storage problem or anything… Blank is just always there. I don't know if it takes anything on my part, but it doesn't seem to."

Sophie nods, her eyes wandering over towards Blank once more. "Yeah, that's pretty nice then if it's just always there. I mean, I guess it could be a pain to never be able to get rid of, but at least no concentration goes into it, right?" Her glasses are quickly pulled down and the bottom of her t-shirt used to wipe them clean. "For me, I have to have energy toexpel energy, you know?"

Robin nods and says, "Well, when I was trying to panhandle, Blank's presence really /really/ didn't help me out at all. Nobody'll spare a few coins for the dirty mutant b- kid." She adjusts her glasses slightly, brows furrowed, and says, "It's worse when she's not around, though… How do you expel energy?"

Sophie nods, a slight smile beginning to creep up on her face. "Yeah, I would imagine that'd be a little damper on panhandling. I know if I ever tried exactly what response I'd get - Where'd you get the money for those tattoos!" A light laugh slips through her lips while her left hand applies a short scratch at her right arm. "Oh, through these wires." She holds one hand out, with her palm facing up wards. "I'll show you." Snaking out from underneath her skin, just below the wrist comes two little wires. "They're pretty much - well - live wires."

Robin smiles widely and says, "Yeah, they sure weren't generous on my corner! That's what gives me the build I have today." Which is to say, way too scrawny. She tilts her head slightly at the wires and says, "So what do you do with them to get rid of the energy? Do you just ground them, or do you have to power something?"

Sophie laughs, "I've learned that they're not too generous on most corners, but that's mostly from hearsay." She looks down at her wrists just before the wires slip back into place. "Yeah, I can really do either. Just as long as I have a way to expel the energy, it pretty much works. Though it kind of seemed deeming at first, I've help power friends I-pods when the batteries died."

Robin nods her head once quickly and says, "I don't really have anything that requires powering… But that must come in handy! And there were some generous corners. But the people on those corners didn't take as passive an approach as I did to making their money." She leans forward on her stool to take a bite of her sandwich, which she continues to eat very slowly, and looks up at Blank who is actually still standing on her own stool.

Sophie remains at the other side of the island talking to Robin. Unlike the other teen, she's standing. "Ah, yeah, well that would make things a little bit more profitable I suppose." She laughs, moving quick to readjust her glasses. "Yeah, I guess it comes in handy. I mean, I've found I can give one good surge of energy and jump start a car, pretty much knocks me out though. So sort of for emergency situations only.

Robin puts her sandwich down and looks at it for a few moments, "I'm full." It's kind of a shame, since she really hasn't eaten much. It's no wonder she hasn't put on much weight since coming here, though. She tilts her head and says, "What does it feel like to do that? Does it feel like getting an electric shock? That's what I imagine, but I'm probably wrong."

Sophie momentarily eyes the sandwich as it's placed back down onto the plate. For such a little teen, it's a wonder how much food she can shovel down her throat. "Feel? It doesn't really feel much like anything I guess. Sort of has made me, well, I guess resistant to most electrical shocks." She pauses, squinting her eyes slightly as the thought is pondered a little further. "Yeah, about the only thing I can feel is the wires actually slip out from beneath my skin, but that's just like a slight prick."

July heard the chit-chat of the girls as she passed by the corridor, and she decides to give the girls a little scare, and she melts down, her special uniform melting with her, and she adjusts herself to have her blue uniform covers her fully, and she looks like a blue goo puddle, and she flows into the kitchen, unnoticed, slithering, flowing toward Sophie's feet, tendrils of blue 'goo' forming and slowly creeping up the girl's feet, wrapping around them lightly…

"So… like a needle from the inside? Ick," says Robin idly before she raises her eyebrows. She glances down at her hands, examining them momentarily, before noticing the blue goo. "Eyagh!" shouts Robin, sounding very much like a boy when she does, and she climbs up a little bit further on her chair, so that she is perched like Blank.

Sophie nods, her wrists raised up to give them another look. "Yeah, it's not too bad. Took a little while to get use…" She pauses, feeling something slither past her legs with part of it making its way up. SHe's also confused by the sudden outcry from Robin. "Wait, I think there is." Her eyes go wide as her head crooks downward to get a look at what appears to be crawling up and passed her. "Holy!" she yells out, practically jumping up in the air from the sight of the blue goo, kicking at it with one foot in an attempt to get it off her leg.

The blue goo ends up releasing the kicking legs as Sophie jumps away, and then it starts quivering, as if giggling, though no sound comes from it. Then it starts coalescing into a blob and then growing upwards, forming into July's form. "That was awesome!" she says, giggling softly, the New Mutant girl manages to say, giggling madly, wearing her squad outfit, a blue uniform with a white X over the chest, with white stripes on the arms and down the sides of her legs.

Still perched on her seat, Robin says, "July, that was mean!" She frowns and Blank crosses her arms a little bit huffily, but Robin resumes her position on her seat. "You really startled me." Though being startled isn't usually enough to make one crawl up onto their chair.

Sophie's fright is quick to turn into laughter as she looks at the now newly formed July. "Yeah, that was mean, but also pretty hilarious." She crosses her arms over her chest and shooting the gooey girl a mock angry look. "I'd ask if my kicking hurt you, but figure you probably deserve it in the end, right?"

July grins at Robin and Sophie, "Yeah, it was hillarious!" she giggles softly, "And, no, your kicking didn't hurt at all, Sophie. Now, if you used your electricity, well, that might have stung a lot." she shakes her head.

Robin frowns for a few moments longer, and pretends to still be upset, but since Blank seems cheery enough, it's obvious that she's just faking. She spins around on her stool after she's done pretending and says, "So what're you up to July? Do you want the rest of my sandwich?"

"Oh would it now?" Sophie teases as she holds one of her wrists out towards July, letting one of the wires slowly snake its way out from underneath her skin. She thinks about how fun it might be to chase the other girl around the kitchen, but images of everything getting knocked over quickly full her head. So she lets the wires retract without even a fight. "Yeah, I would imagine that would hurt a lot more, depending on how badly I wanted to shock you." She smiles.

July giggles as she wakes slow warding motions with her hands while stepping back, "Yeah, shock me and I'll literally become a puddle of the floor. Not fun." she says, smiling, before looking at Robin, "Ah, no thanks. I already ate, thanks girl." she nods, smiling, before moving to sit down at the table.

Robin shrugs and says, "Do you want it, Sophie? I really don't want it to go to waste. It was really good, I just don't have the room for it." She tilts her head slightly and says, "I dunno if Blank even conducts electricity. I don't know if it'd hurt me when I'm using my powers."

"Really?" Sophie says, turning to face July with an over eager look on her face. "I mean, that could be just as funny to see, right?" Her attention is then quickly grabbed by the second half of the sandwich, the little teen licking her lips. "Well, if you don't want it to go to waste, then I guess I'll have it." She says, looking between Robin and Blank. "Hmmm… good question. Probably don't want to find out right now though."

July nods softly, smiling, "I remember I was going around town with another student, then a crazy chick with lightning powers showed up and attacked us. I got some nasty blasts of electricity, it was real hard keeping a shape, much less remain solid." she shakes her head, "My whole body ached, I looked like a human look-a-like made of taffy." she says.

Shuddering, Robin says, "I would imagine myself just /panicking/ when faced with my body losing cohesion. I guess you're probably used to it, but it seems like it'd be super scary." She shrugs and says to Sophie, "And no, I don't really want to find out unless I had a way of giving very very small shocks. Like… static shocks."

Sophie nods, grabbing a hold of that last half of grilled cheese and stuffing it into her mouth. "Yeah, that would suck I guess. Don't be mean to me then!" She says to July, not being able to keep a straight face and not laugh. "So I'll refrain from shocking you July." A couple more bites are taken out of the sandwich, which is close to be half way gone. Finishing chewing she says to Robin, "Still not too good at letting out small doses of electricity, so we'll definitely not try that just yet."

July sticks her tongue out to Sophie, smiling, before looking at Robin, "Well, it was a bit weird the very first time, yes." she nods, smiling, "I was sleeping, and I woke up as a puddle under my bed, having leaked through the mattress." she giggles softly.

Getting up from her seat, Robin says, "I can imagine that being really weird. Ugh. I don't think I was even conscious when I manifested. It was kind of a blur." She picks up her plate and walks over to put it in the dishwasher. "I imagine some people have really weird times manifesting."

Sophie sticks her tongue out back at July before tossing what's left of the grilled cheese into her mouth. "Ugh, I don't even want to dredge up those memories again. High school was bad enough without having manifested." She rubs her hands together, wiping free any crumbs that may have lingered. "Well, I should probably be crashing out here. Have a good night both of you." She offers up both the girls one last little wave before heading out the door.

July smiles and waves to the departing Sophie, "Night-night, Electric girl." she giggles softly, watching her leave, before turning to Robin, "I'll have you as my target next time I decide to creep around." she winks, giggling again.

Smiling at July, Robin says, "If you do, I'll have to get Blank to go all Rambo on you. Don't think I wouldn't!" The puppet flexes to show off her great strength, and hops down from her perch. "I should probably be heading to bed, too. I've gotta be alert and ready to learn for all my classes!" says Robin 'Keener', as she was called sometimes in school. "Have a good night."

July sticks her tongue out, "We'll see then who wins." she giggles softly, smiling, as Blank flexes, and she nods, "Alright. Good night, Robin. Just be watching of blue goo creeping up your bed." she winks.

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