2010-04-13: Paragon Team Meeting


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Summary: Kenta arranges to meet up with some of the Paragons' he hasn't met yet.

Date: April 13, 2010

Log Title Paragon Team Meeting

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Wanting to get to know his new squad, Kenta as arranged to meet three of them at once, Marshall, Rashmi and Tara. Nothing fancy tonight, just a getting to know you. Sure he's met Tara and Rashmi briefly but now that he's their leader he figures it's better to get to know them more than in passing. He's sitting on a chair in the gym waiting for the kids to show up. Of course he's gotten there earlier then the time he asked them to meet him.

Marshall's always on time, if not early. Since he can't tell what's going to be going on, he's not coming down in a uniform or anything, just making his way down, holding a little pad of square papers to pass the time in case he's early.

It's a slightly odd time for a team meet, so the request comes as a mild surprise to the redhead. Managing to cut a wide enough swath in her study time to accomodate, Rashmi wanders into the gym, sans bookbag for a change, a puzzled frown on her face. "Um… hi, Mr. Gilpatrick," she says as she approaches Kenta's chair, long-ingrained habit keeping her from calling the team leader by name. "What's up?"

Tara, meanwhile, does come dressed in a slightly modified version of her team uniform. Team spirit, and all that. The sleeves have been removed, and the material from them have been used to fashion a blindfold for the girl. Of course, being blind already, this doesn't hinder her in any way. She also has her gym bag with her, and a towel so she can work out once the meeting is done. "Hey, gang!" she says cheerily as she walks in the gym.

"Hey, and first off it's Kenta. Not Mr. Gilpatrick, I really hate being called that." Kenta says as he indicates the other chairs he has ready so the rest of the team can sit down. "I just figured I'd get to know you guys a bit since we're gonna be working together three days a week. And just wanna make sure everything's okay since getting a new leader can be an awkward adjustment."

Watching Kenta's lips, Marshall nods. "It all good. And hard call teacher name not Mister." Marshall chuckles, shrugging as he looks around. He's met the others, of course, but he hasn't really discussed his skill very much. Well, other than to a few recent people.

Rashmi bobs her head. "Oh, I understand, M—um… Kenta," she corrects herself, more than likely not for the last time. "But, honestly? Between you and Jono, um… well… I hate to talk bad about teachers, but, we're all probably going to be enjoying the sessions a whole lot more, you know? I mean… Mr. Beaubier is good and all, but, I think for him it was just passing time until the session was over, sort of."

Tara finds a seat and sits down, making sure to face Marshall. "Yeah," she says agreeing with Rashmi. "He was just kinda going through the motions, you know?" Clearly, Tara doesn't have any qualms about talking bad about teachers.

Looking at Marshall, Kenta smiles. "Well, I'm just a music teacher and in here I'm your team leader…co-leader so please don't worry with the Misters." Kenta doesn't like feeling old. "Well Jono and I are working on a few things together and what ever you guys say here won't get repeated to other teachers. Promise. Now as you guys know, I know there's some tension in the team between various members." He doesn't specify but he's not ignoring it either. "And we ask that while you guys are together three days a week, you put that animosity aside."

Marshall scratches his head softly. "No problem here. I get along with everyone. Lucas just dick natural." He nods before stopping. "Sorry. Forget hearing think bad word. Lucas just asshole natural." he nods. Well, he doesn't know if that's a bad thing. Nobody's told him that one. "But not mean specific me. Just forget name lots."

Rashmi bobs her head, glancing first Marshall's way, a small frown touching her face, then Tara's. "Well… honestly it's not going to be easy, Kenta, sir… I mean, it's been a pretty bad month for making friends and influencing people. But, I'll do what I can, I promise."

Tara gets a sour look when thensions between teammates are mentioned. "Yeah. Lucas is a bit of an ass, but he's a team player. I don't have a problem with that." She shakes her head. "James… He's only a team player if people are watching. Out in the field, if he had a choice between saving me, and eating a sandwich, the sandwich would win. Every time."

"Okay Marshall, calling your teammates natural assholes doesn't help." Kenta says as he can see the animosity pretty clear. "No, I'm not saying it's going to be easy but just asking for cooperation for an hour a week. And we're gonna make sure that he's gonna choose you over a sandwich. I've already had a discussion with both James and Lucas." After one almost killed the other. "I do understand there are a lot of stubborn folk on this team." He says with a chuckle as he's not saying it like a bad thing.

Marshall looks confused. "He say same." He says, scratching his head. "If he say, why not other say? Hearing culture confusing sometime." He says with a sigh. "People not explain well if something not good. People so confused." He shakes his head. "I not have problem anyone. All get along so far. Don't see issue. Just see issue Lucas other guy… what name… went on vacation. Just come back. Then leave."

Rashmi sighs, chewing on the inside of her cheek for a moment, shaking her head. "I could try explaining Lucas, but… probably I'd just end up confusing everyone. Especially me. Anyway, you're not… really right there, Tara. He *did* save someone he's never really liked, back when you first got here. So… when it really *really* matters, he'll do okay."

Tara waits a bit until Marshal is looking her way before signing to him, <Don't worry. I know what you mean>. "Like I said: I don't really have a problem with Lucas. He's just being a boy." She turns to Rashmi and gives her a scowl. "Yeah. What was in it for him at the time?" Clearly she doesn't have a very high opinion of the Hyena.

Kenta doesn't say anything but is definitely seeing what was talked about with him and Jono earlier. Teamwork is gonna be interesting with this group. "Just keep getting along with people Marshall, that's the best thing you can do. And Tara, even if you don't like him, you guys are gonna have to work together. I'm not asking any of you to be friends but I'm just asking you to try to get along for three hours a day. Now, if any of you guys need to talk to someone or have any questions, I'll be happy to be there and, or answer them. I just want you guys to do the best that you can, okay?"

"Very confusing." And that's where Marshall leaves it. He nods to Tara. "Am fine with people. No issue. DOn't see why issue need be. We here learn. I learn. Probably more stuff than lots already."

Rashmi throws Tara a brief glance, one that would probably be the silent equivalent of 'Thanks, that's enough, please,' to anyone who isn't blind. Leaving it at that, she returns her attention to Kenta, nodding slowly. "We will, M—Kenta. And maybe it'll help some of us get past these personal issues, you know?"

Tara folds her arms across her chest and juts out her chin in protest. "Hey. I'm not the one who has a problem, here. I've been on teams before where I had to rely on people I didn't particularly like and vice versa. /You/ may think he's a team player," she says to Rashmi, "But that's only because you're on his team. Like he likes to remind me every time we're here. You and Lucas and him are the team. Everybody else can take a flying leap."

"Hey!" Kenta says as he notices the tension already beginning. "Listen, this is a new start for us all. I'm not just here saying this to you, but to Lucas, to James and to Zack. Like I said, I'm not asking you guys to be friends, but to try to get along for one hour, three times a week. If we have a session without incident, there might be some special things we can do." Kenta says with a smile. "And what is it that you're confused on Marshall?" Though he does like the kids attitude.

"Why people upset with say someone what say they are." Marshall explains. "Why word be taken bad. Word word. Mean what want mean." He shakes his head as he looks around the gym. His eyes stay on Kenta and the others, waiting to see speech, but he starts moving into a practice position. Thank you, Bruce Lee.

Rashmi turns to face Tara, allowing Kenta to answer Marshall's question. "Tara," she begins, gently, "that's just an opinion. Opinions can change, all it takes is time. And some work, but, mostly it takes *wanting* to make it work, right?" With a shrug, she looks back to Kenta, nodding. "Anyway… we'll do our best, si—Kenta."

"Geez," Tara says with a practiced roll of the eyes. "You make it sound like /I'm/ the one who doesn't want it to work." She leans forward. "Look. There's nothing I'd like better than to know I can rely on him. I know how dangerous it can be for us out there. But it's hard to give him a chance when he reminds me, every day I see him, that I'm nothing more than an anchor weighing him down."

"Sorry Tara but you didn't once say 'I'll try' you just said that there's a problem. Marshall here at least said he's gonna try, Rashmi did as well. I'm not picking on you but I just want you guys to at least try." Kenta says as calmly as possible before looking at Marshall. "Okay to try to explain, one, I didn't know Lucas called himself that and two, it's just not really nice to call someone an asshole, even if it is just a word. Especially when his girlfriend is sitting right here." He hopes that lessens that confusion.

"Oh," Rashmi says airily, waving a hand, "that's not really an issue, s—Kenta… I know how he comes across, really." Looking to Tara, the redhead smiles. "That's not what I'm saying at all, I promise. Just, that it'll take a little bit of time, now that you want it, right?"

"When he call Marshall Marshall, Marshall call him by name. Otherwise, that name." Marshall explains with a shrug. "Not rude. He call. I call. Hearing people so confusing and silly. If not want be called. Don't call self." He says shaking his head. "Not have problem with. Just name issue on his end. I have memory. Better memory than people realize." He says with a grin. "Power IS memory."

"I didn't say 'I'll try' because I /know/ I'll back him up." Tara says, trying to contain her anger. "Because that's what teammates /do/, like it or not. Like I said, I've been on enough teams where I had to be around people I didn't like and we worked together just fine because we were a /team/. You /don't/ have to lecture me about it!" She sits there scowling furiously before muttering, "I swear to God, every time James is mentioned around me everybody thinks I'm Evil Step-Tara who likes to kick wounded puppy James."

Kenta looks at Tara and reaches out and puts a hand on her shoulder. "Okay, well that's what I wanted to hear, thank you." He says with a smile hoping to defuse her anger since he's not yelling at her. He keeps his mouth shut for the moment, not wanting to make things worse but he does want to talk to Tara one on one later. "I read about your power Marshall, I'm really curious where you can go with that." Kenta says as whe stands up and looks over at Rashmi. "Good, and you're right, it will take time, I just don't want my team to end up in pieces in the medbay. Well I gotta go check on my son, thanks for meeting me guys." Kenta says with a smile and nod. "And again, if you guys need anything, my door is always open."

"Is easy." Marshall says with a nod. "Will be here. Nowhere else to go. Unless Mikhail take me out somewhere." He snickers softly, before going back to fall into a very easy, graceful maneuver. He's still getting used to it, but is definitely enjoying it.

Rashmi nods to Kenta. "It's okay, sir. We'll all do our best." Moving over to Tara, the redhead touches the blind girl's arm in a gesture of support, glancing over her shoulder to Marshall. "Oh… so you've got a lock on what your power is, then? That's good to hear."

Tara goes from anger to sulking when nobody refutes the Evil Step-Tara thing. "Yeah, okay, have a good night," she mutters sullenly.

Looking to RAshmi, MArshall nods brightly. "Yes. I see. I do. Not power. Skill. I fight Bruce Lee." He says, as he moves and executes a perfect attack at the empty air in front of him, complete with noises. "I make origami like expert."

"So," Rashmi begins, brow furrowing, "if you watch someone do something, after a little bit you can do it exactly as good as they did? Huh… That's actually really neat, Marshall." Looking back down at Tara, the redhead frowns slightly, concerned. "Hey… c'mon, Tara, we don't think that. Seriously."

Tara grumps some more just 'cause. "Yeah. Whatever." That is until she hears what Marshall can do. "Really?" she says, perking up, the past conversaion with their new instructor all but forgotten already. "That's really neat. I could, like, show you how to do gymnastics and stuff!"

Looking to Tara as she speaks to him, Marshall nods. "Yes." He says pulling out his little pad of papers and quickly folding a sheet of it into something. Just a basic crane. "That how learned proper speech pattern. If not order."

Lucas is being wheeled in sitting in a wheelchair. He has an IV hanging on a stand attached to the chair's handles over his shoulder. His left eye is still black, and his left arm is in a cast. He's wearing a hospital gown, and James is pushing him. He looks around, and says, "Fuck. We missed it, didn't we?"

James simply sys, "Yep!" and wheels Lucas towards Rashmi, his toe claws rapping on the gym floor. "Okay guys, I brought you our very own Prof X, so, Team Handi is now complete." He'll give Rashmi a shoulder bump, "Can't stay. I've got an excuse, or 20. So…" He shrugs and does an about face, giving the air a wave with his paw, "Have a good night, Marshall, Rashmi, Lucas." Forgot Tara. And with that, he exits.

The rather whirwind entrance and exit of James makes it difficult for Rashmi to formulate an effective reply, at first. Once the hyena disappears through the gym door, the redhead blinks, shaking her head a bit and heading to the wheelchair, leaning down to touch her forehead to Lucas' brow. Wheeling him closer to the other two, she smiles down at the wounded blond. "It's okay… Mostly it was just Mr. Gilpatrick meeting the rest of us, since he's one of the team leaders now, right? How're *you* doing, though? Any better?"

Turns around in her chair and shouts, "Good to see you too, James!" at the now-departed team member. She shakes her head and turns back to the rest of the team. "See? Sandwich."

Marshall turns as James comes in, but looks odd. "Never understand what say. Not person lips. Can't read." He says before shrugging. He looks at Lucas and doesn't say anything. Well, when one's an asshole, these things happen. Not that he has any problem with Lucas, just the things he's… well… not HEARd, but a close facsimile.

Lucas smiles at Rashmi. "Ah'm okay. Doc finally did some super healin' on me, so Ah'm better today." He sighs, "Ya know… if'n Ah missed it, Ah think Ah'd really prefer to just get back to my dorm… Ah'm done beat." He offers Rashmi a little nod, and he begins using the little joystick to power the chair back to the door.

Rashmi blinks, straightening and watching Lucas make his way out of the gym. Sighing to herself, she shakes her head, turning back to the other two. "Okay… so, um… where were we? Marshall maybe learning gymnastics from Tara, right?"

Tara looks puzzled as well when Lucas just ups and leaves as well. Unconsciously shaking her head in time with Rashmi she says, "Yeah. Gymnastics!"

"Can learn, yes. Maybe later. Have several skill already. Slowly add more. Learn limit." Marshall says as he yawns broadly. "Almost sleeptime."

Rashmi nods, putting on her gentle smile. "All right… Well, then, now we know what we can work on next session, right?

Tara nods, and picks up her duffel bag. "Right. Well, I'm going to go and work out some before heading to bed."

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