2009-04-03: Parents


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Summary: Going to visit his parents with his roommate, Jesse makes a startling discovery.

Date: April 3, 2009


Rating: R

The drive has been punctuated by their normal banter as they pull into Jesse's parents driveway. Laughing, he shuts off the engine, stepping out. "Dude, you so did NOT get that chick, much less her AND her twin. I was THERE that night." He laughs, switching his key for another one on the ring. "I know where you were that night. Drunk on the roof." He shakes his head, opening the door and motioning for Darrell to precede him.

Darrell shakes his head and laughs. "Dude, I wasn't talking about that night, and when aren't I drunk on the roof…wait, I guess when I lose bets and end up drunk and locked out side of the dorm…naked. That was a good night." Darrell says laughing before shutting up and followign Jesse inside. He's meeting the parents, he's not going to try to scare them, though he's in typical fashion of ripped jeans and a Grateful Dead Dancing Bears t-shirt.

"Mom? Dad?" Jesse calls out as he closes the door behind himself. "Hellooooo?" He glances around, not noticing the note on the fridge. "Huh. Must be out. Maybe they'll be back in a little bit." He looks to Darrell and ohs. "Yeah, but you like being naked everywhere you can be, anyway." Not that he's much better.

Darrell looks around the house, doing that curious look around that people do when they enter a new house. "Oh come on, you know you love it when I show off this sexy ass of mine." Darrell says grabbing a handful of his own ass and turning it towards Jesse. "Ah so I'll have to wait too meet your 'rents? You have anything to drink in the meantime, normal wise. I don't wanna be shitfaced when I meet your folks."

"Check the fridge. I don't live here anymore." Jesse laughs, checking the backyard really quickly before giving a 'huh' of confusion. They don't normally go anywhere except for lunch or dinner. And it's time for neither. "Maybe they'll be home in a bi…ooooh. Look at this crystal." He says, pointing to the large red crystal on the coffee table.

Darrell eventually finds the kitchen and opens the fridge to see not much inside. He's about to ask where the cups as when Jesse makes a comment about a crsytal. He walks over and looks at it. "Huh, your parents into all that healing power of crystals new age stuff? Or just a new decoration on the coffee table ya think?"

"No clue." Jesse says, scratching his head. It's a fairly large crystal, about a foot tall and shaped like growing quartz. He reaches out to run a finger over it and pulls his hand back suddenly. "Whoah… it's like… it vibrates on the inside." Just like one of his weird creations, but actual crystal. Moving to the kitchen, he peeks into the fridge as well, only noticing the note as he closes it.

Darrell can't help but laugh. "Jesse you love anything that vibrates on the inside." He couldn't help himself as he plops down on one of the couches. "There really wasn't anything in there, maybe your folks are out shopping? Did you tell them you were coming home?"

"No, I was gonna surprise them." Jesse pulls the note off the fridge with a blink. He moves to the couch and huhs. He shows the note to Darrell. It reads, 'Jesse, when you get this, we won't be around. Hold your hands on the crystal and say our names. Then, after you've done that, open the bedroom safe.' He blinks, "Uh… dude? Any idea?"

Darrell takes the note and reads it. "None at all dude, this sounds weird. Just don't drink the kool-aid…please tell me there's no kool-aid in you fridge." Darrell sometimes doesn't realize when not to be an ass. He ponders for a bit and hands the note back to Jesse. "Is everything alright?"

Jesse shrugs slightly and places his hands on the crystal. "I'm gonna feel really stupid in a moment." He closes his eyes for a moment. "Daniel. Rebecca." A sound intones in the air, and a bubble of sound fills the room, keeping everything locked within. A song begins to play, telling a story. Somehow, even Darrell's mind will translate it. The story of their people, the Kahn'Tah'Te. Their brutal destruction by the Kree. Their escape to various worlds, including the ones that landed on earth. A few family names are mentioned. Hartley. Javits. St. John. Sakuragi. Destin. Faces are flashed through as well, familial faces. Though they each seem to differentiate racially, they still seem to be related. In fact, the song even links Sakuragi and Hartley. Then, it begins detailing exactly who and what the race truly are.

Darrell is completely overwhelmed by the song as he just sits there in some sort of weird confusion. For once, he doesn't have a smart ass comment to say, hell he doesn't have anything to say. He just sits there and looks at Jesse with confusion. This is all too weird for the stoner.

It's all taken in deeply by the other young man as he stares. "Teluric Memory Crystal." Jesse says, taking his hands away. "Did… Am I hearing this correctly?" He asks as the music dies away. At least, the music from the crystal. He rubs his ears as he continues to hear Darrell's song and just doesn't recognize it. It sounds a lot like Sublime…

"Huh? I don't know, depends on if you heard the same sci-fi story I heard." Darrell says sounding confused. "Seriously I've never heard anything like it and if I knew better I'd say I just had an acid trip but I know I didn't. So…does this mean you…you're an…whatsitcalled?"

Listening to the song in his mind, Jesse shrugs. "Well, it said we could… become our natural form by simply willing ourselves." His voice changes, becoming rich and melodic as he says this. Redness floods his being, as he changes to near translucency. "I don't know if it works though."

Darrell gives Jesse a weird look and runs a hand through his tangled hair. "Dude, something happened, seriously. Look in a fucking mirror." He's still trying to process everything, after the intal shock has worn off he'll be back to normal and teasing Jesse but right now, this is some bizzare shit to him.

Why look in a mirror when Jesse can look at his hand. "Shit." He says, eloquently. "Dude…" Even his cursing is melodic and… well… pretty. He focusses again, becoming himself. "So weird. And I can't get this song out of my head." He sighs softly. "Now I'm worried. Since they're not here and they left all this for me to learn…"

Darrell stands up and goes to try to put an arm around Jesse's shoulders. "Okay dude, I know this is weird for me but it must be weirder for you. They said something about a safe, lets go check that out okay? Find out what's going on. It might help there." He looks around the house and shakes his head not really sure what's going on.

"Uhm, sure. Bedroom." Jesse says, leaning in quickly. He's not afraid of touching Darrell… far from it.But right now, he seems to need that leaning, that touch. "Closet." He adds. "This is seriously fucked."

Darrell keeps his arm on Jesse, giving his shoulder a quick sqeeze. "Okay, well you lead the way I have no clue where anything is in your house. And I'm sorry, I don't know what the hell is going on but you're my best friend so I'm here for ya, okay dude?"

Jesse nods, numbly as he walks to the bedroom. He opens the closet door, and there's a small 3x3x3 safe. He thinks for a moment, trying to remember the code, and finally opens it. There's a note on top. 'We're finding our way back out there. It's time for us to go on. We'll miss you, but you'll do right.' is all it really says. That, and a drawing of stars and moons. He places the note behind him and pulls out other papers. Bank statements. House notes. Everything's got his name on it now.

Darrell stands behind Jesse, keeping his arm around his shoulder's, looking at the papers as he pulls them out. "Wait, wait, wait. Your folks are in space? How is that possible, I didn't even know…" He just shakes his head and decides to hold his questions for later, deciding not to overwhelm his friend. "Sorry Dude this is just way to bizzare. I blame Califorina."

"No idea. But they transferred everything into my name. That's why there's no food in the fridge but the non perishable stuff." Jesse says as he looks down at some of the papers before staring. "It's like they gave everything up, just so they could go. And… did you not hear that in the crystal? It said we can basically freeze ourselves into space.

"Dude I heard a lot of shit in that crystal, most of it, unbelieveable to me, so sorry if I miss something." Darrell says not trying to be rude but trying to process and understand it all. Darell has a hard time with reality, Jesse would know that. "You okay Jes?"

"I… yeah. I'm just weirded out a little. That's all." Jesse says with a wrinkled nose. "I just don't know what… It's strange. That's all." He says, leaning back. "But… dude. There's enough in here for me to BUY our building. That means no more rent. And it means I can turn the shop downstairs… the abandoned one… into what I've always wanted."

Darrell can't help but laugh with a shake of his head as Jesse starts talking about doing what he always wanted. "Well, you can be fashion designer of the gods then sexy. And yeah, you're rights, it's strange, it's fucking strange but we'll deal with it. Anything you wanna do tonight to maybe relax a bit?"

"Well, there are always three things that relax me more than anything. A good joint. A good few drinks. And a good lay. I can't drink and smoke at the same time, but I can do either one with the third." Jesse says with a strained laugh. Hey, at least he can keep his sense of humor through all of this.

Darrell reaches into his pocket and pulls out a plastic back with some pot in it. "I have some papers in my overnight back, if you want we can get high and have a good lay, I don't think you and I have given in a quite some time to eachother." Darrell says goosing Jesse with a smile. "We can figure things out later, right now I think you're too tense with all this weird shit."

"Hmmm. Yeah, but not in here. We at least have to use MY old room for that. Not my parents room." Jesse shivers, laughing before he stands back up and rubs his fingers in his eyes. "They didn't say anything about my other abilities though." He sighs, shrugging.

Darrell chuckles and shakes his head. He know he'd do it in his parents room just for the thrill no matter how creepy it might be. "Well techincal everything in this house is yours now, but other abilities? Like how you can make solid objects out of sound and the fact that you're a living soundtrack?"

"Yes. To both." Jesse nods softly. "Huh, maybe we're starting to mutate." He gets up and shrugs, flopping back on the bed. It doesn't really matter anymore, he supposes.

Darrell flops on the bed, face down, next to Jesse, and throws his arm over Jesse's chest. "It'll be all right Jes, I'm here for ya, you know that." Darrell says in one of his rare, honest, sympathetic tones. He really does care a lot for Jesse and he's probably the person who can see through mose of his facdes. "So, roll up a joint and we'll get this night going?"

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