2011-07-12: Parley In The Park

Players: Drew Daniels and Vinny

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NYC- Thompson Square Park

//Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.//

Evening in Mutant town finds Vinny in his usual practice spot in the park. While the droning of his Diggeridoo drifts on the wind there are no water spouts, no figures of liquid dancing about. Seems tonight he's just playing for the sake of playing.

Jogging in the park, Drew Daniels sweats profusely. He seems to have been jogging for some time now, in the hot night sky of New York City. Making a quick turn into Thompson as he hears the music fro the diggeridoo. He stops and starts laughing to himself, “Vinny must be here.” He smirks as he jogs towards the human platypus, “Howdy.”

Vinny feels Tex's approach before he hears the call, lowering the instrument he gives a nod to Tex "G'day there Tex, 'avn't seen ya around in a bit. SHIELD keepin' ya busy?"

Nodding his head and smiling, “Sometin’ like that.” He wipes his brow and runs his fingers through his hair, which is normally covered by his white cowboy hat. Having grown, Drew has it in a pony tail and undoes it letting drop down drenched in sweat, “Been doing some research and stuff. I heard you been pretty busy yourself.”

Vinny shrugs "Dealin' with crazed Fire-mutants.. tha usual these days. Course just got some news that has me a bit.. concerned. Not sure how ta handle it."

Having heard previously about Vinny’s encounter with Tabitha, Drew was here to question Vinny about that. When Vinny mentions the new he has received, Drew scratches his chin. For the moment, time to be friend and not SHIELD agent. Drew pays attention moving closer to Vinny, “What news did ya get, pardner?”

Vinny pulls a folded bit of paper from his vest, unfolding it out into a newspaper clipping. "Folks sent this express mail, Dingo's busted outta prison. I'd bet my bushknife he's headed back here."

Looking over the newspaper clipping, Drew shook his head. He had heard of Dingo’s escape, but the issues with Tabitha and Mindbender and Upgrade have taken precedence. “Probably. And in Mutant Town, he is pretty much lord o’ the land and won’t just be likely to give up or anytin’ like that. Do you think he would go after you?”

Vinny frowns "He might.. but I think it's more I'm plannin' ta go after him. We got business to settle.." He closes his eyes and sighs a moment "That sonuva bitch has got plenty ta answer for.."

“Wait, what?” Drew blinks and is surprised to hear the response from Vinny. “You want to go after Dingo… . woah. . . . No offense, Vinny, and I know you don’t like to be treated like some helpless victim. You got lots of power. But Dingo. . . Maybe SHIELD and Avengers might be better for this, no?”

Vinny shakes his head "Water and earth.. two polar opposites on the elemental chart. He might be strong but there's no kick left, I'm stronger than I've ever been. He turned his back on this town.. on the people here. He went on some fool crusade while people died and disappeared. I been preparing for his comeback ever since Chemicalo went down."

“So are you the new law o’ the land in Mutant Town.” Drew shrugs, “Somethin’ tells me I won’t be able to convince you otherwise. So all I ask is, you don’ go in on yur own against Dingo. You got my numbah. Call me. Or somebody. Can ya promise me that?”

Vinny nods "I don't consider myself his replacement.. but when he left folks looked ta me. Mabye it was tha accent.. I dunno. But somone has ta speak up for those that can't do it themselves. I'm not follish enough ta take him head-on, I'll be certain ta have some backup."
Vinny says, "I can't become him.. and I won't."

“Well, I hope so. You know what they say about power and whatnot.” Drew sighs, “I believe you’ll do what you need to know. Best to have SHIELD keep an eye on his bar and in the area. Though it might be wise to have eyes here. You’d make a good pair o’ eyes for SHIELD, unofficially o’ couse.”

Vinny chuckles "Seems I'm watching things for alot of people these days. Guess we'll see what happens if and when he shows his face here."

“Well, sounds pretty good. Other than Dingo coming back around here. What’s new with you? How’ve you been? Heard you and an Avenger saved some people from an attack?” Drew takes a seat, “What happened?”

Vinny shrugs "Burned myself out fighting tha fires in Hell's kitchen when that Rat-lady set have a block ablaze. Next day she's at it again, facin off against that Justice guy. That mutant is some crazy level of powerfull, and completely off her damn nut. Was gettin' ready ta resort ta some drastic measures when she suddenly took off. Spent the rest of the night puttin' out fires again."

“Well ya did good. Helping people. So you’ve encountered Rat-Girl , huh. She is pretty powerful. Seems Mindbender is messin’ wit’ her head and Upgrade has upgraded her power. So she hasn’t been back since then, huh?” Drew asks.

Vinny shakes his head "Havn't seen her in the area since then. Havn't seen Mindbender or Upgrade either. Figure I might have an edge on those two if I had to use it."

“I’ve encountered them. Nasty bunch. Mindbender made me think he died and Upgrade was kinda nasty in her pursuits.” Drew shakes his head as he feels he was made a fool of. “But yeah, what edge do you got?”

Vinny taps his bill "Electrolocation.. they can fool the eyes.. fool the ears. But they ain't foolin' the beak. I can sense the electrical impulses generated by pretty much anything. Kinda like a crude form'a radar."

“Oh. I didn’t know that. Kinda like a secondary mutation. And here I thought you were just a hydrokinetic. Hey, maybe you are just as powerful as Rat Girl. And she goes by Patches actually.” Drew chuckles a bit.

Vinny chuckles "It's a natural ability I gained through my Hybrid nature. A bit more ramped-up from that of my feral counterparts but basically the same ability." Vinny sighs "Problem is.. I can't turn it off and it's also one of my biggest weaknesses. Too much unshielded electrical signals or a strong enough magnetic signal and everything gets scrambled. It's like a Migraine a hangover, and veritgo all at the same time."

“Well gosh darnnit, Never knew that. Hell, never even seen a platypus in my life. And the first one I ever see is you.” Drew chuckles a bit. “So it’s all part of the hybrid nature of your powers. Pretty nifty except for that migraine vertigo hangover bit. Must be killer in New York City, what with all the signals and whatnot throughout the city.”

Vinny shrugs "It can get a little fuzzy, but I've gotten used to it. Most of the electrical signals are sheilded and don't register. Course last time I got near Magneto when he was usin' his powers I though my head was gonna explode."

“Well, we all got weakness, I suppose. Magneto is up there power-wise, so no shame in that.” Looking at his watch, “Alright, I’d best be heading back.” The wind picks up under Tex and lifts him higher up into the air, “Remember, Vinny, if you see Dingo. You call me.”

Vinny nods "Sure thing Mate, have a good night. Better be gettin' back myself. Good luck with yer research and all that."

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