2010-07-07: Parting Shots


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Summary: Tony, and Alessia are making use of the Avenger mansion gym when Pietro stops by, and chats the duo up.

Date: July 7, 2010

Log Title Parting Shots

Rating: R

NYC- The Avenger Mansion - Training Room

//The training room is just that. There is a large, springboard floor, weights, punching bags, yoga mats, a shelf of practice weapons, and the ever important sound system. Anything you could possibly wish to train for, physically speaking, can be done in this room. //

The east coast was suffering its first major heatwave of the summer. It was the 7th of July at about six o'clock in the evening, the temp was a blistering 102, hot enough to melt the sidewalks. Most stayed indoors with their AC units blasting, others could be found making good use of the sun out by their swimming pools. The Avengers were scattered about the mansion in various places, some working, some relaxing, others doing a bit of both. Tony, in particular, found himself down in the training room working out his frustrations on a hanging punching bag. When the bag had, had enough, he tore of his sparring gloves and began practicing the long form of a kata that always seemed to work when he needed to slow things down or think more clearly.

Alessia was in shorts and a tank top for once, rather than her usual work attire. Red hair had been braided back, just in case she worked out. Which she was, working on sit-ups and the like. Tony's switch of exertion has her pausing, sitting up to watch him. "What's that you're doin'?"

It takes a moment to register with him that he was being asked a question. Tony stops mid step, "Sometimes I do a long form of Tai Chi Yang Style, but like now, this is a mixture of that and a form of Kung Fu." He hopes that what he was saying made any since at all considering that the two were completely different things. "A friend of mine put it together to try and blend power with meditation. Sometimes, one or the other is not enough." Tony is wearing a pair of knee length black shorts, gray t-shirt and is currently barefooted with his shoes thrown up against the wall near the door that leads out into the downstairs hall.

"Tai Chi an' kung fu.." Alessia seems to be turning the words over and over in her mind as she rolls to her feet, moving closer, slowly circling Tony. "Ah didn't know ya meditated, sugar." Eyes locking on Tony's face, a hint of a smile. "Funny. Ah haven't done it with ya around either, though. So Ah'm a hypocrite because ya don't know about all my habits either, huh." Her head tips, watching his movements. "Think ya could teach me?"

"I know that you know a few things from your file, but could you enlighten me a bit? I'm sure we could work this out together or maybe I could show you something more MMA like," Tony rambles as he moves to stand directly in front of her. Even though she hasn't answered his question he slowly shows her the first few steps then moves to stand in front of her again to go back through the same steps.

Pietro appears seemingly out of no where, not even bringing with him an errant breeze. Yes, he enjoys doing that. Wearing his two toned blue costume, the man arches his eyes brows at the going on, but his main attention is on Alessia. Hasn't met her before. "It appears those lessons the Captain gave you actually sunk in some." Noted with amusement. The speedster doesn't look smug however, for those are lessons he took a while to sink in too. Mostly because it took a while for him to accept their need.

Alessia stiffens a bit at Pietro's sudden arrival, an inclination of her head towards him her only greeting. "What's to work out? Ah meditate when Ah need to clear my head, is all." She mimics his steps, her focus sadly torn because of the other person present. "This is fine, Tony. If Ah wanted mixed Martial Arts, there are gyms."
"I didn't mean anything by it. Merely, I didn't know if you had any specific martial arts training." Tony replies as he tosses a grin over at Pietro. "Never turn down an opportunity to learn from a skilled combatant, my advice." Tony says to the man nearby as he confuses his own steps and has to go back to square one. "Alessia, this is Quicksilver. He hangs around here from time to time. His daughter also pops up from out of nowhere." There's a hint of a tease to his voice, due to the last time Luna popped in unannounced.

"Some judo, an' taekwando in college, is all." Murmuring to Tony, before blue eyes find the other man again. "Pleasure to meet you." A sidelong glance under lashes at Tony, curious as if he's going to explain her or not.

The silver haired man actually bows slightly to Alessia as he's introduced. "If you see a little blonde girl with a mutated, and very large dog, there's no reason to fear." Pietro says this with amusement. Yes, the girl is his daughter. "I picked up a couple new styles myself over the last few years." Please excuse the player for not listing names. Not good at that kind of thing. "This isn't one of your brief flings I hope, Tony." Said bluntly, even though he's in front of the woman. Said because he pities the woman if she is. Doesn't approve of that kind of thing.

Somehow the idea of carrying a personal fire extinguisher is looking better every day if his rep keeps coming up in conversation. Tony can't really blame anyone for bringing it up seeing as he was a terrible player. "Firstly, have I ever brought anyone here? That should be answer enough for you." He isn't really taking Pietro's comment personally but rather clearing the air before it becomes thick with tension. "A fling?" Tony rolls his eyes as he turns towards the fellow Avenger. "No, she's not. Does that answer suffice or do I need to caveman up in defense of my personal life?"

Alessia blushes terribly crimson for a moment. A hand out to Tony's arm, a subtle attempt at a calming influence. "Tony." Softly spoken, a glance of blue eyes to his face, before her chin lifts and she regards Pietro. "Ah'm part of Mister Stark's new security team. Ah'm often with him when Kaji isn't, for various reasons."

The blush tells him a good deal, even if she didn't mean it. "Personal security I see." Noted sourly. Pietro gives Tony a dirty look. "That's exactly why I asked, Tony. That isn't fair to the woman." With the shake of his head he looks to Alessia, "I'm sorry for putting you on the spot. It's not you I'm meaning to chide." For all it's really too late for that.

"What?" Tony is still caught up trying to sort through the millions of things he wants to say to Pietro at this moment. The sad part about this was that this was an Avenger prodding at him with the unpleasant stick. He couldn't WAIT for the press to come after him. He'd need a flame retardant suit, apparently. "Look, there's no reason for this to get out of hand. You don't know everything, Pietro. You can just un-think what you're thinking and start this conversation over again. Because, frankly, I can take a hit for being an ass but leave her out of it all right?"

"Tony." Al repeats, her hand squeezing his arm a moment. Only then does the redhead turn to shift to face Pietro fully, blue eyes bright in her face. "What isn't fair to me, exactly? There's no call for you to be chidin' Tony. Just because Ah chose to tell you the most obvious truth that anyone can check, does not mean that's all there is behind it. Are Tony and Ah involved? Yes. But it's not common knowledge, nor do Ah intend it to become so anytime soon. But what's between me an' Tony is between /me an' Tony/ an' doesn't need your two cents, sir."

Pietro puts on a smile as he's chided by Alessia. "Good luck then." No, he doesn't think it will last. If she wants to sleep with the man notorious for sleeping around, power to her. "I don't want to know everything, Tony. I've just known you for too many years." Hands on hips, but he isn't upset. Which could be strange. Normally he'd be quick to take insult and everything would crash and burn. "Shall we move back to the talk of martial things? Or my daughter? I'm a touch biased there, I admit." He's actually smiling.

With the window of retreat open, Stark gladly accepts it for what it is. No sense in continuing a conversation that will just fire everyone up, and probably end up causing the gym to need a remodel, again. Even though he does feel a bit off kilter by what has happened. /Better not to dwell on it, for now./He thinks to himself. With the decision to change tactics he asks Pietro, "How is Luna doing? I haven't seen her in awhile." Tony turns back around to face Alessia, to show her a series of five moves that require a person to change speed, and flow as you dip closer to the ground.

Funny, but Alessia isn't as easy to distract with new moves as she was a few moments ago. There's a rigidity to her body that usually isn't in residence, and blue eyes are burning with a sudden anger as she looks at Tony. Lucky for everyone, she's locked up tight with her empathy.

"She's still on the moon, grounded for her jaunt that day you met her." Pietro admits of Luna as he moves to take a seat where he can watch and not be in the way. He's so very good at making people angry. The man shouldn't enjoy it as much as he does. It's not a good trait by any means. "We should spar sometime, Tony. I can turn off the speed now."

"She's still on the moon, grounded for her jaunt that day you met her." Pietro admits of Luna as he moves to take a seat where he can watch and not be in the way. He's so very good at making people angry. The man shouldn't enjoy it as much as he does. It's not a good trait by any means. "We should spar sometime, Tony. I can turn off the speed now."

"Oh?" Tony sounds curious about this recent development with Pietro. "I may take you up on that. Not in the near future, mind. I've met my sparring quota about a week back." He's not quite sure of what to make of the way Alessia is regarding him. A curious eyebrow lifts as if to ask her/what's up?/

Alessia slides her glance to Pietro, then back to Tony, index finger pointing at her chest briefly. Like he needs to ask why she's angry and annoyed. She can yell at him, lecture him. No one else can, at least not in front of her. Grr. A deep breath, eyes closing for a moment before she's the picture of serenity.

"Shall I go?" Asked with a smile as that silent communication is going on. Pietro is used to that, for his ex in-laws do it a lot. "But yes, I can turn the speed off when I chose. Like now. Will make the sparring slightly more even. If you don't mind I can't turn off aspects of my abilities." Oh, like his durability and strength.

"Well, the other isn't so much a problem as your ability to run circles around me," Tony comments even as he sends a pleading look at Alessia. It might be a good idea to talk to her about everyone she may run into, just to give her an idea of what she was up against with the people he works with. The idea of her meeting Jennifer suddenly scares the hell out of him. Either they'd get along and leave him in the dust or there will be bloodshed on the menu. "Zip it, Speedy. Seriously…you're the first person outside of my personal guard that's even seen us together. Its not as if I'm about to toss her onto a yoga mat or something; the idea has merit though."

"If Ah wasn't so rusty, Ah'd give a spar a go." Alessia's voice is smooth, almost silky, drawl and all. That should make the hairs on the back of Tony's neck stand up, knowing she never does that without ulterior motive. "An' while the idea has it's …attractions…" A glance up at Tony, a smile curling her lips, before she looks over at Pietro. "Ah wouldn't want ya bitchin' that we made ya go off in your undies."

Pietro's eyebrows nearly reach his hairline. "Now it's your turn for assuming." For being told to zip it. "I asked because Alessia looks as though she wants to talk to you. I'm not the one with the mind in the gutter." It does bring him to rise to his feet. "I'll leave you two be. It was a pleasure meeting you." To the lady in question. "In spite of your poorly concealed threats. Good luck, I'll say again, if you have problem with me." With that the man disappears again. Yes, he loves doing that.

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