2013-04-02: Party In The Garden


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Summary: A small gathering of people congregate in the Japanese Gardens.

Date: April 2, 2012

Log Title: Party In The Garden

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Early evening, and while the Japanese Gardens may not be Shane's preferred setting among all the places in the Mansion, at the moment it is. Her shrine-maiden project has been completed, and the slight young mutant has decided to take a stroll, shaggy hair dyed to match her pleated red skirt. Of course, the effect is ruined every time she takes a step, for her boots remain the heavy, clompy, armored things that made them boots she adores, and the bulky armored headphones shut out the world… mostly to the benefit of the world, if the music she's listening to is anything like her typical playlist.

It's rare to see Dashenka on the school grounds, since she isn't actually a student. However, there are times when she's given permission, as long as she has an escort, and usually her escort is Taylor. She's dressed nicely, if simply, wearing an ice blue ankle length skirt and a cream colored blouse, with minimal makeup and her hair tied back into a simple ponytail. As she walks through the gardens with her significant other it's clear that she's dressed up for them given by the furtive glances she gives the other mutant. "I am thinking that I have not been here before," she says, in her thick Russian accent. It's gotten better over the years that she's spent in America, but it's still almost comically what you'd hear from a Bond villain.

Sitting against one of the trees with his cowboy hat pulled down over his eyes, Logan appears to be sleeping. He hears someone approaching and then sniffs, recognizing the scent of Shane. Sitting up, he shifts the hat back so he can see her and that outfit. To which he just stares at for a while before shaking his head. "So that your future X-Men outfit darling?" He asks before sniffing again and realizes there's more people in the area. "I forgot, no such thing as a quite place here."

Taylor nods a few times and says, "Yeah, I don't think that you've been to the gardens yet. They're pretty nice, there's a lot of nice smells. I just want to roll in them sometimes." Taylor pauses a moment, raising a brow slightly and noting, "Actually, forget I said that." The fuzzy student pauses a moment at seeing the X-Man, noting more quietly to Dashenka, "That's one of our teachers…"

Evening brings Kaylee out into the yard, the weather being /just/ warm enough to possibly go barefoot and well, the lizard mutant loves not wearing shoes. She's walking along the path slowly, an earbud plugged into one ear while she enjoys the sensations of actually being able to touch the ground with her feet again - something that's sadly missing from the winter months… She pauses on the center of a nice little bridge at the sound of Logan's voice, blowing a tuft of hair out of her eyes and searching for the source; finding Logan and Shane but simply watching for now…

Cloud has been wandering round the school grounds for about half an hour leading him to the same place as the rest of the group, while he does live in mutant town he still misses hanging around with powered people around his age. Dressed in faded jeans, sneakers and a dark grey t-shirt he stops not far from where Logan's at as this seems to be the place to be right now.

The thing about noise-canceling headphones; they are *very* good at their job, doubly so when keeping the world from having to listen to loud music at a louder volume. It's not until Taylor and Dashenka round the corner, that she notices anyone at all is even in the Gardens at the same time that she is, so Logan's question is completely missed. Pausing her music, she pulls her headphones down, lifting her chin toward the feline. "…Sup?"

Dashenka can't help but grin at Taylor's cat-moment, but doesn't say anything since she knows how much that kind of thing bothers her partner. When directed to him, her gaze turns to Logan and her eyes widen considerably. "Bozhe moy!" she exclames, trying to keep her voice low. "That is the Wolverine, da? He has reputation at school." At Shane's greeting she takes a half step back and raises a hand in greeting, letting Taylor do the introductions.

Logan scratches his chest and looks around. He smells Cloud and Cale hanging back but doesn't say anything to either of them. "Half-Pint, you listen to that stuff way to loud. So why you dressed like a Japanese woman?" Then as Taylor and Dashenka approach he glances up at them. Taylor just gets a raised eyebrow at her 'sup'. Dashenka speaking Russian causes Logan to response to her in Russian. "<Yes, I am the Wolverine. I am a teacher here, of course I have a reputation>". He figures the school she's talking about is Xavier's.

The soft tap of a cane announces Sophie's arrival, as she makes her way into the Japanese Garden. In addition to her cane, she carries a flute case in her other hand, though her step slows as she hears people conversin. "Good afternoon, Logan, Taylor, Shane," she murmurs as she approaches. "Dashenka… it has been a while, si? …Is there anyone else there?"

Taylor raises an eyebrow slightly and says, "I wish I knew Russian better…" While Taylor's father is a Russian immigrant, the feline hasn't picked up much of anything. "Ah, and yes, he's Wolverine. And this is Shane. Shane, this is Dashenka. I've told you about Dashenka, right?" The teen nods a couple of times and then says to Sophie, "Hey there, Sophie. What's up?"

"It's for an anime convention," Kaylee blurts out loudly, aftewards shoving her pockets into her hoody; she seems absurdly attached to that thing, probably considering it's the only one of her possessions that survived being exploded by a sentinel. Because she happened to be wearing it at the time. It doesn't really go with her pleated, knee length skirt though. Not really. "I mean. You know. It's cosplay," she nods, glancing at Dashenka for a moment. Bear! Bear. Ahem. She gives them both a friendly wave.

"I'm here too", Cloud gives the students he knows a nod in greeting and a wave of a hand to the unfamilier Dashenka, stepping forward he gives Kaylee a friendly nudge and in a quiet voice, "Try and stay cool this time ok?"

"…Dunno," Shane says to Taylor, lifting a shoulder. "Prolly, once. Sup, Dashenka." Mid-wave, Logan's comment catches her ears, and she spins to face him, opening her mouth to answer… but pre-emped by Kaylee. "…Uh… Yeah," she says instead, brushing down the pleated front, cheeks reddening a bit as the crowd comes out of the woodwork to watch Logan vs. Shane, Round Three. "'S a hobby. Costumin'. Y'know, like drinkin' beer."

Dashenka looks, if anything, surprised that Logan can speak Russian so fluently. "<I, uh, didn't mean to presume,>" she says to him. When introduced to Shane, she gives her a friendly smile, "Privyet! I know of hobbies, Da. Mine is cars, not beer. Or vodka." she glances over to Sophie, "Da. Not vodka. Good evening to you, Sophie!"

"Drinkin' beer ain't no hobby." Logan says letting out a frustrated growl then unsheathes one claw on one hand. He looks around at all the students for a moment and takes a cigar out of the pocket of his jacket. Logan uses his claw to cut the end off, sheathes his claw and then lights it so he can smoke it. Once he's enjoyed a few puffs he looks up again. "And no, I don't know what this cosplay is. Don't really care either."

Taylor nods a few times awkwardly as Shane indicates that the feline hasn't really talked about Dashenka. "Ah, Dashenka is my girlfriend," says Taylor, scratching the back of their neck lightly, "I thought I mentioned that to you." Taylor smiles awkwardly at Dashenka, not wanting to make her think that the feline is purposefully not talking about her. "And I make doll costumes. A smaller scale sorta thing… I mean, it's fun, and I like my dolls…"

"Well, at least he doesn't consider being an alchoholic a hobby… there's that," mumbles Kaylee, glancing back over to Logan for a moment, then aside to Cloud, who seems to be within quiet earshot, "I'm cool. I'm always cool!" is murmured. "You sure do hang around here a lot for someone who's not a student or a teacher," she smirks.

"Cars huh? I used to like to work on cars but I haven't really since I got my powers, guess I'm still a little worried I'll blow up the engine by touching it", Cloud shrugs, "I miss it here is all, living alone can get kinda dull".

Shane raises an eyebrow, as Logan proclaims to all the world his utter lack of caring about the theory of cosplay, and shrugs. "…Cool," she says, spinning on her heel and facing Taylor and Dashenka. "So cars huh? Cool. 'Spensive, but cool. 'N yeah, Taylor's good at sewin'. Needs practice scalin' up, but, s'all."

Dashenka nods enthusiastically. "Da! I have 71 'Cuda convertable. Very rare, and hard to get parts for, but it is working, and it is fun to drive." She gives Shane's outfit a look and nods. "I know thing or two about dress-up but do not recognize this dress. It is very pretty, though."

Logan looks sideways at Kaylee. "Listen Toad Junior, I ain't an alchoholic, I just like beer. What I consider a hobby is killing ninjas." He rotates the cigar as he slowly inhales it. "Working on cars and the blackbird, now that's a good hobby. You worried about that Kid, come see me sometime and we can work on it." He nods to Dashenka. "Good car. And it's not a dress, she's dressed as a miko for some reason. Ever been to Japan Half-Pint?"

Sophie smiles softly, and holds her cane in front of her. "Ahh, Cloud, it is good to hear you also. I—" Sophie makes the mistake of inhaling, and her eyebrows rise sharply. "Gran Cielo, que es ese horrible olor?!" She coughs loudly, and takes a hurried step back. She begins to lok positively green, for a moment, and sniffs the air cautiously, as she gradually manages to move to a position where she is upwind from Logan and his cigar. "…Well," she gasps, green turning to red, as she is clearly flustered. "Shane, I am curious," she murmurs, changing the subject before it has even become one, "How are you dressed?"

"Yeah, your car is pretty cool," says Taylor, smiling brightly at Dashenka talking about her hobby, "I've liked going out on drives together…" The teen glances towards Sophie and says, "Are you okay there? I mean, you look like you sniffed something awful." Taylor sniffs the air and then seems to understand. "My dad sometimes smoked cigars, but only on special occasions, I kinda like the smell. Reminds me a bit of home…"

Kaylee just frowns at Logan. All frowny. What IS it with this guy? This whole /anger/ thing is not something that she's particularly used to feeling… at least not lately anyway. Grumble grumble. "I can't even drive," the girl notes, looking kind of jealous at Dashenka and Taylor. Not that if she could drive, she'd have a car or anything. But she /totally/ doesn't want one. At all. Yeah. "Must be nice," she smirks.

"Those things'll…nevermind", Cloud stops as he remembers Logan's non-stabby power from his X-Men research, "Wait did you just say the Blackbird?", now thats something that's piqued his interest since he first saw the thing, it's more than a good enough distraction from the fact that Wolverine has now repeatedly called him 'Kid'.

Shane glances over her shoulder, unable to hide her hopes that Logan would consider his comment the end of the conversation, now crushed under a cowboy bootheel. "…Not yet," she says quietly. "Been wantin' to, but figure 'f I do th' research, be good enough 'till then."

Dashenka gives Kaylee something of a sour look. "Da. Is nice. But had to go through much to get such car." She gives a knowing glance over to Sophie, even though she can't see it. "Is small compensation to be, uh, 'guest' of Dracula."

"<Quit over reacting>" Logan says to Sophie in Spanish. "<It's just a cigar and you're outside.>" Then looking over at Cloud, Logan looks up at him. "Those things'll what? Kill me? Kid you have no idea what I've survived." Logan says remembering a time before he agreed to be a teacher. How did Charles talk him into this…again. "Yeah Kid, I said the Blackbird. I think she's over due a tune up, if you wanna test our your powers theory, this Saturday you can help me." There's a slight grin as he takes another puff of his cigar. "Half-Pint, there ain't no research that'll ever prepare you for what you'll run into or see." Then Dashenka gets a stare for a while. "You say Dracula? Thought we left him for dead."

Sophie smiles, as she nods in Dashenka's direction. "Si, his son was very generous in the end," she murmurs. "I don't know what a Barracuda is, but I imagine it is a very special car, si?" She pauses, and shifts her hadns to clasp behind her back. "<I am not overreacting,>" she replies, speaking to Logan, but now in French instead of Spanish. "<THe smell reminds me of something I would rather not think upon. It is not your fault, I am sorry for my outburst.> She pauses once more, and perks an eyebrow upwards. "Count Dracula was, indeed, slain," she murmurs. "But I do recall his son saying that it was not the first time this had happened to him… or necessarily the second, since he presumably died in order to become a vampire."

Taylor listens to the others speaking, ears flicking from side to side as they do, and the feline says, "The blackbird seems pretty cool, too… I'm a lot more okay with heights than I used to be…" The teen considers that for a moment, before blinking a few times at Logan. "Wait, have you faced Dracula before too? I never even thought he was a real guy until, you know… recently."

"… Dracula?" Kaylee has a look of disbelief on her face, "That's ridiculous…" Even though she's heard all the stories, and everything, that it actually happened. "I'm sure there's some logical explanation for it… other than magic… I mean… Vampires aren't real. Like my sister. She drinks blood, but, she's not really a vampire," she frowns. Mutants? Sure. But magic isn't scientific.

Dashenka nods in agreement with her girlfriend. "Da. Me too. Until I was locked in tower like damsel in distress," she says, trying lamely to make light of the situation. "Sophie was 'guest' too. It is not seeming to me that Dracula is the sort of thing where death is… what is word… permanent." She gives Kaylee something of a disbelieving look. "Jill still lives here, da? Is she not still vampire?"

Cloud grins, "I would most definatly up for that, thanks", he looks over a Kaylee, "Most of the girls at this school were nabbed by Dracula, one was even turned, the students have been teleported to hallow'een town and demons and hell sprouted in the middle of central park, and I met a schitzophrenic Sabrina down the road, don't dismiss the magic thing so quickly".

"S'fine," Shane says to Logan with a shrug. "Ain't gearin' up f'r a visit. Did research 'cos I wanted this thing t'look right. 'N 'm pretty happy with it, 'cos it looks right 'n wears pretty good. Goin' t'Japan would be awesome, but 's not like I'm'a throw on my costumes every day 'm there. 'M over that, 'n it'd look stupid anyway."

"Yeah, we have. Learned the hard way that I can't be turned into a Vampire." But Logan did learn that he could be controlled by Dracula. "If his son is anything like his daughter, you shoulda killed him while you had the chance." French isn't one of the languages Logan is fluent it, but he can at least get the general idea from his knowledge of the language. "Kid, Vampires are real, so is magic and so are werewolves and other monsters. Ain't nothing ridiculous about it. So what happened to the girl who was turned? Wait, she lives here?! Emma's lettin' a god-damn Vampire live here?!"

"Well, I—" Sophie sucks in her breath, and draws herself up to her full height. "She is here, si," she replies, adopting a tone of voice as ironclad as a battleship. "She is my roommate, and a great friend of mine. I trust her with my life and I will *protect hers* however I am able." She perks an eyebrow upwards over her blindfold. "I am doing everything in my power to help her. If you do not like the idea of a vampire being a student here, you are quite welcome to help me."

Taylor blinks a few times slowly and says, "Well, yeah, but she's not like… completely turned, based on what I understand of it? She's never killed anyone, and I know she'd never want to hurt a fly… She's always seemed nice enough." The feline then nods a few times towards Dashenka and says, "Yeah, well… I think Dracula makes /everyone/ look like a damsel in distress…"

"Yeah, I know Jill's a vampire, I've met her and all, but like I said, there's gotta be a scientific explanation for it… I mean…" Kaylee looks exasperated, waving her arms about helplessly before trailing off. "Why do things never get LESS crazy around here?" she asks, stopping abruptly. "It's like, as soon as I'm acclimated things get weirder. Like Mr… uh…" she rubs the back of her neck, looking over at Logan for a moment, "What SHOULD I call you?" she asks geniunely - not knowing his last name. "Whatever. Anyway, yeah, Jill totally lives here. She's really nice! And my best friend's girlfriend."

"I've wondered for a while what my powers would do to a vampire but I wouldn't ask that girl to let me test it, I've only heard nice things about her so wouldn't wanna dust her", Cloud shrugs, "Then again for all I know it could de-vemp someone, if it can kill a live person, would be funny if it un-killed a dead one".

Shane rolls her eyes at the flurry of half-baked explanations and personal vouchings, blowing out a breath. "'S like this; Jill's a mutant. Was like, made outta blue goo'r somethin'. Got kidnapped, like I guess almost every other damn girl here 't th'time, cept me. Everyone else got off fine; Jill got turned. All it's done, s'far's I c'n see, 's made 'r look human, cost th'school double in transfusion packs, 'n now she's into black leather clothes 'n shit. So yeah, I ain't gotta huge problem. 'Sides. 'F a vampire c'n listen t'Sophie pray 'fore bed, every night, prolly ain't gonna be *that* huge a problem."

Dashenka nods in agreement with Shane. "Da. She turned so the rest of us could escape. They are looking for cure, and besides…" she says, and giving Taylor and the rest of the students something of an apologetic look. "It is better to have vampire under roof where one can keep eye on then out on street, da?'

"She's a Vampire Kid, she doesn't have a life to protect. And help her how, if you need me to stake her, I'll help you there." Logan doesn't like the idea of it, especially if she's just a kid when she was turned but he's seen what happens when good people become Vampires, it's never pretty. "And there's your problem there Kitten, she always -seemed- nice." Logan finally pushes himself up and shakes his head thinking most the students here are morons with a complete lack of common sense. "Logan, you should call me Logan. That's my name. And your best friend will be dead soon enough but I guess that's Emma's call. It doesn't matter if she's your friend or that she seems okay now, eventually she will need to feed, on all of you." He lets out a long sigh and rubs his forehead with his fingers. "You all are makin' my head hurt." Logan says and walks away from the group, muttering something about a 'cure'. He'd like to find Emma and ask more about this Vampire at the school.

Sophie glowers visibly as Logan stalks off. "She does not merely 'seem nice'," the blind girl asserts. "She is a brave and selfless woman who got into her current situation by helping others. By helping us *to live*, not to die. She sets a fine example to live by." The blind girl sweeps her cane about the ground in front of her, and turns to start heading back in the direction she came from. "I was going to practice my flute, but perhaps I shall go to the chapel instead. It is never a bad time for prayer, especially for guidance. …I *am* going to help Jill, and if anyone wishes to help, they may speak to me, si? This will turn out alright, in the end. I have faith."

"Um, I guess you have more experience with it than I do, but Jill is definitely not evil. I think they're keeping a curb on her hunger, and like Kaylee said, it's not like she's the only student here who drinks blood," says Taylor, a bit awkwardly. "It's all under control, I mean, Emma seems good at what she does, and if she's okay with it, it's probably pretty low risk, right? I trust her not to try and kill us all. Probably."

"Well, probably… Emma can be pretty scary…" Kaylee trails off - not that she's /met/ Emma personally, but, the woman has a reputation, you see… "I think it'll be okay."

Cloud is pretty please as Logan goes with the promise of getting a look at the workings of the Blackbird on Saturday, "Well she's rooming with Sophie right, seen that girl pack some real power when needed, so if something did go wrong she can zap blast herself safe".

"Man why d'you all gotta keep talking," Shane grumbles, shaking her head. "Y'heard it. Ain't gonna be happy 'til he talks t'Ms. Frost, yells at'r a lot prolly, finds Jill, threatens 'er, gets a look at 'r big wibbly eyes, 'n then makes up his own damn mind. Ain't nothin' we say's gonna make a damn bit 'o difference."

"Am not thinking that, uh, 'big wibbly eyes,' will help," Dashenka says softly. "She is vampire. The longer she stays vampire, she is becoming more dangerous." She winces as she realizes who it is she's talking to, before apologizing. "Am sorry. I really am hoping cure can be found. She is good person. But good person… how to say…. only goes so far."

Sophie comes to a halt, and turns her head to face over her shoulder. "Being a good person is all that matters," she murmurs. "Tell me, what matters more? Wealth? Power? I think not." She pauses, and turns to face away again. "When I said that I have faith, you likely thought I meant my faith in God. I have that, certainly. But I was referring to my faith… in Jill."

Taylor's ears droop slightly at Dashenka's words, and the feline nods a few times. Taylor glances towards shane and says, "Sorry that I kept talking. I just had thoughts I… wanted to express I guess. I should just keep my mouth shut."

"I don't know. Jill's never said anything. But that Logan guy, he seems like a hardass… He may, I dunno. What if he /doesn't/ just give up on it?" Kaylee tilts her head back and forth. "It's not as if there's a ton we could do to stop him…"

"Uh," Shane says, raking a hand through her hair, "yeah. Dude *is* a hardass. S'why 'm sayin' it ain't no use tryin' t'talk t'im. We're kids, we dunno what we're talkin' 'bout kinda stuff. Ain't sayin you should jus' shut up, Taylor, just…" Looking back and forth, then at Sophie's retreating back, the mutant in the miko costume blows out a breath. "….Yeah I suck at this shit."

Now that the teacher is gone, Dashenka puts an arm around Taylor reassuringly. "Is okay. I am hoping that Jill will come out okay. I just…" she hesitates, her lips pulling into a moue of contemplation. "I just don't want to see other people hurt."

Taylor leans lightly against Dashenka, nodding a couple of times slowly at what she says, "Yeah, I understand. I don't think that it'd come to that, I mean… if Emma is letting her stay here, she must be safe… she seems to be pretty smart with this stuff…"

"Well, given that nothing is unexplainable, we just don't know /how/ yet… then there has to be some type of cure for her condition… no?" Kaylee looks at Taylor and Dash for a while, then over at Shane, "It's just a matter of /finding/ it, is all." She shrugs a little, then notes, "No, you don't suck at this … shit… Shane. Not at all."

"Actually Shane, I've got a few years on you and I couldn't offer any better thoughts, I'd say you're doing fine", Cloud frowns, "Any old stories of vamps people can remember that might be worth looking into, maybe other myths might have merit, or maybe an electric jolt, see if getting the ol' heart beating can do any good?"

"Meh," Shane says of the wrongness of her self-evaluation. "'F there's a way t'help Jill, cool. Hope it happens. Ain't holdin' my breath, though. 'N 'f I'm wrong, hope someone comes up 'n tells me. Gonna go hit th'sack, though… Later, guys." Turning to leave, the red-haired mutant pauses a bit, loking over her shoulder. "Oh hey Dashenka… Good t'meet ya. Take care 'o Taylor, 'r I'll put y'through the wall." And with that, Shane clomps off into the night.

Dashenka blinks at that. "Why would I not be taking care of Taylor?" she muses, as if the thought would never have occurred to her. With a sigh she shakes her head and turns to her significant other. "It is getting late, and I am not thinking Ms. Emma will like me to be staying over. There was something you wanted to show me before I go, da?"

Taylor smiles and then nods, "Oh, yeah, I was going to show you some of the flowers in here. But before you go, don't let me forget to give you your birthday gift!"

Cale continues sitting on the bridge - maybe she'll just sit there and watch the sun finish going down… who knows…

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