2009-05-17: Passing Out Drunk


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Summary: Cole comes home drunk. Alex is already there. After some confusion, Alex tries to carry him to his bed, only to drop him off in his own. Alex, summarily, passes out as well. Who knows what confusion the morning will bring…

Date: May 17, 2009

Passing Out Drunk

Rating: R

Freedom Force Penthouse

Sitting in the lounge of the penthouse, Alex isn't quite sober right now. He was walking through town and saw green hair. He stopped and said her name. It wasn't her. Coming back home, he's collapsed with liquor. What better way to get over things and to forget? He sure doesn't know. He currently has a rather stout and rather large screwdriver in his hand. It's fruity enough to have flavor, but manly enough not to be foofy.

Making his way into the lounge from the elevator, Cole Aron's not quite sober either. His night had not gone well at all, blind date standing him up. Weren't even any criminals to deal with so he ended up sitting at the bar for awhile with several glasses of different drinks. "Alright…just…a little bit farther," he mumbles, off balance. When his eyes focus on someone else in the room, Cole smiles and tries to give a little wave only to end up falling against the wall. "Heeey," he greets.

Opening his eyes, Alex takes a deep drink of his screwdriver before turning to the voice. "Didjoo move in here?" He asks, tilting his head and moving to sit up straight. He didn't know if Cole did or not. "You look about how I feel." He laughs a little. He's not an alcoholic, but anyone will occasionally do this.

Cole laughs quiet;y, pushing himself to his feet. "Moing in. Not unpacked," he says, sniffing a moment. He's not an alcoholic either, only occasionally drinking and having a bit too much tonight. "Really? How do you feel?" he asks, wobbling his way over mostly because Alex is in the only thing that registers as 'chair' to him right now.

"Too drunk to think about Lerna." Yep, that's how Alex pronounces it. A complete bastardization of her real name. Ah well. It'll be fine. "Thought I saw her today. Wasn her. Miss her." He says, shaking his head as he tries to focus on the moving Cole.

"Lerna?" Cole echos, wondering if it's a type of drink. He had a few he'd never hesrd of before tonight anyway. When he gets close, Cole sits on the arm of the chair and wobbles. "Oh. Gues you're right. Tooooo drunk to think about someone I dunno," he says, laughing a bit and almost falling off his perch.

Alex takes a moment to phrase himself properly. "Lorna. Polaris. We… we've dated and almost married. Several times over." He admits, as he reaches up a hand to attempt to balance Cole with a chuckle. "Careful. We have good inshrrr.. inshoo… medical. But I don' wanna test it." He says with a laugh.

Cole's a bit surprised by the news, falling…back onto Alex. He laughs as well, squirming there. "Don't not worry. I'm Defince! I bounce…boing," he declares, not able to make a decent shield at the moment. "Not drunk…not drunk enough to not think about her…sounds like that."

"You do not bounce, you crush." Alex says, wincing as the drunken mutant lands on his body. He pushes, shoving gently. "Get off get off get off." He grumbles, shaking his head. "C'mon. I'll get you to your bed." Yeah, the blind leading the blind?

"Gonna need to…shove somewhere else…if ya want me to get off," Cole replies, snickering. He rolls a little. "Ooooh…big, strong, hot guy taking me to be?" he says, edging his way off Alex and onto the floor.

"Awwwwwwwww…. Man, NOT cool." Alex says with a groan. "So, you are gay then. It's cool, but… dude… I'm not." He says, shaking his head. "Come on." He says, slowly standing and reaching an arm out to help the guy up.

Cole makes a little face. "Yeah…is kinda hot in here," he says, tugging on his shirt and belt. "Yep. I like…like guys," he says, smiling again. "Awww…that's…that's too bad. You're…really good looking. Kinda…wished you were…spying on my bedroom," he chuckles, reaching awkwardly for Alex's arm.

"No offense. You're prolly cute for a guy…" Alex slurs, "But My heart lies with Lerna." Once again, he mispronounces it. He stands up, reaching for Cole's arm to drag him up along with him. "C'mon. Wh…which room's yers?" He asks, trying to open his eyes broader.

Cole makes a little noise, trying to get up as he's dragged. "She…she can have it…why would someone want…that…unless they needed a trains…trins…a new one?" he asks, misunderstanding. "More interested in…what's in here," he laughs, tugging gently at Alex's pants. "That one behind the door over there…with the roomy stuff in it…" he gives vague directios, leaning against Alex as he starts to stand again.

"They all have roomy stuff." Alex grumps, batting Cole's hands away. "No. Bad kitty." Of course, saying that breaks him out into giggles as he reaches for his drink, taking a deep sip and trying to carry Cole to his room. "C'mon. Less getchoo to bed, so I can go to my own. Gov'ment won't want us bein' all drunk if they need us."

Cole giggles as well. "Meow," he lets out, bumping his forehead against Alex. "Well if we can't find me room just drop me on your floor. I'll be good…I prooooomise," he drags out the o, smiling. "Gimme some of that?" he asks, gesturing towards the drink then letting his hand rest on Alex's chest.

Alex tries to open the door with one hand while still holding the drink AND Cole. It doesn't work, so he does hand the drink over as he chuckles. "Oh. S'my room." He says as he gets it open. "Screw it. You get the floor." He says pointedly as he drags their bodies inside and closes the door behind him.

Cole chuckles, taking a sip of the drink. "Hmm…fruity," he mumbles. "Screw? Sure. Lemme get outta all this first. Bed'd be more comfortable though," he says, brain not processing the rest. Of course he forgets he's holding the drink and manages to spill it on himself and Alex as he's dragged in. "Whoopsie…"

"Well, if you stay on YOUR side, and let me stay on mine… Butchoo gotta promise." Alex says, poking a finger into Cole's chest. The spillage though, makes him giggle. "Alcohol abuse." He says, grabbing the drink and taking another deep sip. "Promise?"

Cole makes a face again. "I thought we were on the same side. I don't wanna fight ya…" he mutters, frowning. "I promise I'll be good," he says, laughing at the poke.

"Just get your wet shirt off and get in here." Alex says with a sigh, downing the rest of the drink before he falls over into the bed, shaking his head. "Drunk-ass." He laughs.

Cole pulls his shirt off, falling against the wall again. When he finally gets it off, the shield-maker stumbles towards the bed. "But you like my drunk ass," he laughs right back, falling onto the bed as well.

"As a teammate, yes. Now, go ta sleep." Alex says, turning to face the wall next to his bed. First, though, he finishes off his screwdriver.

Cole pouts a little, shuffling around to get comfortable. "That's just cause ya…ya don't know it well yet," he mumbles, squirming into a spot just on the very edge of his 'side' while facing Alex.

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