2009-02-19: Passing The Message Along


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Summary: After that strange encounter in the park, Eddie runs home to pass along the warning.

Date: February 19, 2009

Passing the Message Along

Rating: G

Scott's Office, Xavier Mansion

After working all day, Scott was going through some Danger Room reports before falling asleep. He apparently hasn't been getting enough. Not since the dome incident. He's currently asleep with his hands supporting his head, his glasses had fallen off of his head.

Sure, he's a bit late for curfew but Eddie had to leave a note for Chris and Jeri explaining why he wasn't going to be at home when he said he was spending the night there. And sure he's a bit dirty but he took a small tumble. Either way, dressed in jeans and an X-factor t-shirt, Eddie's been dashing though the mansion since getting there. Right now he's just hoping someone's in their office. Reaching the door to Scott's office, Eddie raises a hand and knocks quickly. He tried calling but some kind of funky interference prevented the call from getting through so now he's knocking and trying to catch his breath.

The quick knocking wakes Scott up from his impromptu nap. "Yes?!" He calls out, half-startled. He realizes that the all-too familiar weight of his glasses is not on his face and starts to fumble round for them.

Eddie takes a moment more to breath heavily, a smile spreading across his face. "Mr. Summers! It's Eddie! There's a big problem!"

Scott lets out a sigh of frustration. "Come in then." The X-Man starts to pat around the floor of the desk, thinking they fell down. "Now what kind of problem is it?" He's hoping Eddie's just exaggerating.

Eddie walks in, blinking when he notices Scott groping around. It takes the scarred teen a moment to connect 'no glasses = no blast control' in his slightly panicked brain but he quickly starts helping to look for the glasses as well. "Well, apparently…those domes in Memphis and LA are part of some invasion from another universe where people being controlled by someone called the Shadow and people they tricked are coming to our universe to take it over as revenge for something we didn't do and when Dr. Reyes went and weakened their shield like Wave said she did it let Vanished and Doc Ock but not our Vanisher and Doc Ock get out to give us a warning and they showed up in the park and warned me and Wave and Ricky and this mutant kid who said he needs training with his powers but that's for later and I rushed right back here while Wave went to warn the Avengers and I tried to call ahead but something wasn't lettting my call get through and…and…" he has to pause, running out of breath again. Good thing he isn't a speedster.

The ruby quartz glasses are resting on the floor in front of his desk, having fallen down after Scott flicked them off of the desk with his arm. "Another dimension…" Well that's just fine and dandy. Hope there's not another Summers kid in the invasion. "Slow down just a bit Eddie. It'll take more time to repeat yourself."

Eddie jumps when he sees the glasses on the floor and very carefully picks them up. "Yessir…found your glasses," he says, placing them on Scott's hand. He takes a moment to breath and then continues. "Like I said…the domes are from like…another dimension. And their Vanisher and Doctor Octopus got out when Dr. Reyes weakened the shield. They said…they're going to attack soon. I let them go hide in my old tunnels for now," he says, slowly this time. "And…they said…well…I think alternate universe me is gonna be one of the people attacking."

Scott accepts his glasses back from the student. "Thank you Eddie." As he places the eyewear on his head, he listens intently on Eddie's words. "And these other-dimensional Octavius and Vanisher were not interested in harming us? Another dimensional you is going to attack?" Hopefully that universe's Eddie doesn't have an offensive power either.
Eddie smiles slightly and then looks worried. "Well, I'm not sure if they do. I mean, if they did…why did they warn us. And the both of them had perfect chances to take me out right there when we met them…" he pauses and shudders. "And since that Doc Ock is blind and that Vanisher is currently unconcious, I don't think they could hurt us if they wanted to…" he trails off. There's a pause then nod. "Yessir. Vanisher said I looked just like the 'Enhancer' that was working with the people that are going to attack."

Scott shakes his head. "Okay, so at least we know what they are doing. And we need to be ready." He will alert the X-Men in the morning, so sense in alerting them if nothing is happening right now. But soon. "Thank you for alerting me Eddie."

Eddie nods quickly. "No problem, sir! Happy to help. Wave's alerting the Avengers now but I'll send an e-mail to 'em just to be safe," he pauses. Biting his lip a moment, he teen glances back up. "If there's anything else I can do to help…I'd like to. I know I'm not a X-man or anything yet but…" he squirms, not quite sure how to end that.

Scott gives a hearty nod to Eddie. "But you feel like you need to contribute to our side because another you could be the one who is the ringleader of their operation?" He's seen a fair amount of alternate people to have seen the same thing before. "If there is anything you can help us with, I will inform you. But for right now, try and sleep. I know I need to as well."

Eddie jumps in surprise as Scott picks one of the crazy theories he's been coming up with out. Nodding quickly, Eddie smiles. "Yessir," he says, swallowing again. "Have a good night sir," he adds. Ofcourse, Eddie intends to shower, warn the Avengers, and then probably lay away until worrying himself to bed but he's not gonna say it.

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