2009-06-15: Passionate Fire



Summary: What happened when Kaden touched the Gem.

Date: June 15, 2009

Passionate Fire

Rating: PG

As the spirits touch their own respective gems, something different happens for each one. For Kaden, the land around him changes to that of a lush green hillside. Further up from him is a standing white stone figure of a particular religious figure. Down the hill, a large city that seems to be quite active, as there's a massive parade or something like it going on down below. He seems to be alone for the moment.

Looking around at the new landscape, Kaden starts to panic a bit. He doesn't know where he is and apparently he's alone. "Drew? Keith?" He says as he takes a few tentive steps not wanting to stray to far. The parade down below is kind of ignored as that means there are pepole down there and he doesn't like crowds that much. "Xane? Dmitri?" He calls out again as he starts to walk up the hill towards the relgious figure, maybe the higher vantage point will allow him to spot the other spirits.

As he gets closer, there's a young boy about his own age. Bronze skin, black hair, dressed in a motley outfit, much like that of a classic harlequin. If Kaden were to look at himself, he'd see that he's dressed the same way, just in different colors. "Finally! Angelie said it wouldn't take long, but… this has taken forever." He says. Well, the words coming out of his mouth are different, but Kaden can feel the proper words in his head. Also, when Kaden looks at him, he'll have that same sense of recognition, belonging, and similarity that he did with the other spirits. However, this one is accompanied by the great weight of age and sorrow.

Kaden immediately crosses his arms over his chest and just stares at the young boy. "Who the hell are you?" He asks as he looks down at his clothes. "Why the fuck am I dressed like this?" He asks as he just looks at the boy suspiciously. He doesn't trust him and the feeling he gets, the same feeling he has with the others, puts Kaden on edge. "Who are you?" He asks again but this time more cauious and suspicious than annoyed like before.

"Who am I? Better to ask who are YOU, young one?" The boys laughs softly. "For that matter, who ARE you. And I mean more than your name. If you're wondering about my NAME, that's easy. Esteban. Why are you dressed like this? Look below. It is carnivale! Passion and primality at it's core in the heart of Brasilia." He says with a bright, happy laugh.

Kaden's fist balls up and he's about to punch the boy across the face at his first statement, but he holds his temper in check. He doesn't look bright and happy, he more looks like he's on the edge of exploding. "What are you talking about? Brasilia? Where the hell is Brasilia?" He was at the island with the others not to long ago and now…he's still not sure. "I don't want to be part of any carnivale, and you don't need to know what I am." He says sounding moody.

"Child, look at yourself. Let your passion take other forms. Fine. If you will not tell me who you are, -I- will tell you who you are. You are Fire. Primal. Angry. Burning and forceful. But do you REALLY know who you TRULY are, Kaden?" See, Esteban didn't have to ask. He already knew. He's simply giving the benefit of the doubt. "Angelie knew you would be an angry one. She didn't say HOW angry." He laughs again, flipping backwards. Kaden may notice that on his feet are bright red… almost flaming… shoes with sharp edges.

Kaden dosen't like being called child and it just adds to the irritation. Though when Esteban starts telling him who he is, Kaden takes a step backwards and just looks at him wide eyed. "How do you know me? And whose this Angelie you keep talking about?" He just eyes the other boy cautiously and even more so when he notices the shoes. "What are you?"

"I was you before you were born. When I died, YOU became fire." Esteban says with a chuckle. "I am your predecessor. Angelie met each one of us and forged our minds with a crystal, in hopes of giving the next generation a fighting chance at understanding who they were. We… didn't have that option. We had other things that told us." He explains. Stepping quickly, he spins around, doing a near-pirhouette. The blades of grass near his feet fall away, cleanly sliced by his shoes. "We needed to find a way to teach you and warn you. But first, have any of your number realized just who and what you TRULY are?"

Kaden really wishes one of the others was here with him, it's just a weird experience that he doesn't know how to handle. "Predecessor?" He asks sounding confused. "Wait…you died and I becamse what you were, I don't understand. And what do you mean, who we truly are?" He's really not sure what this kid is talkign about. "And what's up with your shoes?"

"My shoes are my weapon. I dance. I was a carnivale dancer before I awakened into myself." Esteban says before he sighs slightly. "You have no clue. Kaden. You are Fire. I don't mean you control it, or you like it. I mean… Fire is what you ARE. Fire incarnate. We are the… well, YOU are the living being that represents fire. Some call us elementals, but we are more. Some call us the Spirit of the element. That is closer to the truth. If you can be here, then I'm assuming you know about fire, and that you know that you cannot die… until old age, anyway." He says, raising an eyebrow.

Dancing is one thing Kaden thinks that he'll never do. "What do you mean, I am fire? How can I be fire when I'm…I don't know." He says knowing he's not normal. "Spirit of the element, I don't understand." Kaden sits down in the grass, more like a plop, as he tries to wrap his head around things. "I know about the fire and I know I can't die…wait…old age?" Well at least he knows he's not stuck on earth forever.

"Fire is you. You are fire. I cannot explain it any better than that. Have… have you gotten lucky enough to meet any others? I only ever met Angelie. She was the spirit of the human soul. Or something of that sort." Esteban nods softly. "Yes, you can die of old age. I died at ninety two." He nods softly. "But I must ask you… as Fire… have you learned that fire is not only destructive but also… positive?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I've met Drew, Keith, Dmitri and Xane." Kaden says like that will mean much to Esteban but Kaden's not sure of things himself. "How many are there?" He's fire, that's going to take a lot to wrap his head around. "What do you mean by positive? What's so positive about fire..I've…killed people with it." He says quietly as he fears his powers in some ways, well, a lot of ways.

"You've got all five?" Esteban says with deep appreciation. "Good LAD. I only ever met Angelie of my own group. And… two of the… others. Toxin… and the other never revealed what he was." This… is said with disgust before he shakes his head. "Son… Fire purifies. Fire cleanses. If you can control yourself, and focus yourself… you can clean out a person's body. You can take every bad thing inside them… alcohol… drugs… poison… and wipe it away. It won't be pleasant for them. It'll hurt like hell, but you can do this."

"Stop it with the child and lad and son bullshit, seriously you're like the same fuckign age as me….well you look it." Kaden says sounding annoyed again. "All five? That's all there are and what do you mean by others?" Kaden's not sure by any of this. "I can do that? How? And you mean to heal someone using fire

"Stop it with the child and lad and son bullshit, seriously you're like the same fuckign age as me….well you look it." Kaden says sounding annoyed again. "All five? That's all there are and what do you mean by others?" Kaden's not sure by any of this. "I can do that? How? And you mean to heal someone using fire?" He's not to thrilled about the hurting bit, it figures that his power just hurts people.

"I died at an old age. You were born after I died. To me, you're a child. Suck it up." Esteban laughs. "There are five good natural elements. Earth. Wind. Water. Fire. And soul… spirit… whatever. We've never been sure. There… are dark elements too. Our opposites. And they're coming. They're gaining strength because of mankind's actions." He says, darkly as he bends down, unbuckling the shoes slowly. "It's a matter of your will, Young Kaden. If you want someone to to get over illness… to get over poison, you simply have to want it. If they're willing, the fires will invade their bodies and kill anything unnatural to them. It's painful, but it's a cleansing… releasing pain."

"Dark elements?" Kaden's actually glad to hear he's on the good side, so to speak. "And what do you mean, they're coming. What about the others…my friends?" He asks Esteban now that he's been talking to the other Fire Spirit for a bit he starting to listen to him a bit more. "It's just, I have to want them to get better and it will work?" He wants to ask Esteban a few more questions but he figures he'll wait a bit so he doesn't ask him too much.

"Yes. There are opposites of them as well. I do not know who they are or what they do anymore. It's… beyond my ability." Esteban says, as the shoes slide off, leaving him in bare feet. He holds them out to Kaden. "You have to truly believe in the cleansing power of fire. The ability to make someone better from their problems, and it will work."

Kaden just nods, he'll have to tell the others about this. "Can I ask you a few things?" And before he can wait for an answer he just asks. "When you were..fire, was it always so hard? Or did it feel hard? Did you feel like you just brought about accidental distruction?" He says out of curiosity. "Oh, and can you use the fire to fly?" That last one had to be thrown out there. Kaden just looks at the shoes and then looks at Esteban. "Why are you handing me your shoes?"

"At first. It's… the hard part is controlling yourself. Passion is fire's way. We burn brightly and then go out. We have to learn to turn our passions properly. Find a lover. Find a sport. Healthy exercises." Esteban says slightly as he things. "Fly? Man cannot fly." Esteban laughs. "That's a silly thought." Obviously, they didn't have mutants in his when. "Take them. They aren't shoes. They are something more necessary. You will need them."

"The Human Torch can fly." Kaden says as he kind of wants to learn how to do that. He does smile a bit as Esteban tells him what to find but doesn't say anything. "Sorry I was a jerk before I have troubel sometimes. Thanks, for, making things a bit easier to understand." He says as he reaches out to take the shoes a bit slowly.

As the shoes enter Kaden's hands and leave Estebans, the glow, brightly, as if fire is burning away at them. Of course, Kaden doesn't feel anything bad about it. They begin to reshape, shifting into something else. After a few seconds, he's left with a pair of bright red, very long Tonfa. "Hmm. Seems it feels that's a good weapon for you. Less grace, more beating face." he says with a ponderous chuckle. "I don't know this human torch."

Kaden looks at the tonfas and just stares at them for a bit. He won't agure on the less grace more beating face comment. Now he just has to learn how to use a tonfa. "Weapon? Your shoes turned into this?" He says looking at them closely. "Yeah, Human Torch, he's one of the Fantastic Four, he has fire powers. He can fly with them."

"They were my shoes. Now, they're your… whatever they are. Kaden, remember. Control your passions and give them good release. Then you'll never have to worry about your potential for destruction. Focus on the positive. Let the negative go. Alright?" Esteban says as the landscape begins to waver. "The weapon will leave when you don't need it and return when you call for it."

"Thanks." Kaden says sounding bit taken back, but in a good way. He gives his first smile towards Esteban and then the landscape begins to waver. He wants to call out wait but he stops himself. There's something about meeting Esteban that's like meeting a parent, or a grandparent, that you never got a chance to meet. "Thanks again Esteban."

"You're welcome, child. Be good to your friends. Please. Show them your appreciation. Let them know how you feel." Esteban says before the landscape fades away, and Kaden's left in the place he was before. The gem in his hand replaced by the tonfa. The only other wakeful person yet seems to be Dmitri, who is now holding a very large, very powerful looking war hammer.

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