Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
Portrayed By Channing Tatum
Gender Male
Date of Birth 03/27/1995
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases None
Place of Birth West Palm Beach, FL
Current Location New York
Occupation Xavier Student
Known Relatives Fitzgerald Crime Family
Significant Other None
Identity N/A
Known Abilities Psychokinetic Field
First Appearance "Recruiting a Student" [[]]

Patrick is no longer trying to survive on the streets, but rather has taken some serious steps at Xavier's. He has plenty of cash and credit, but fears spending too much in case he is tracked down by either his family or the Asian Mob whose various members he killed (he does not know exactly what ethnicity was involved).


West Palm Beach, Florida is hardly an idyllic town, even back in 1995. It has its charms, plenty of space, not too much crime, lots of businesses both large and small. Among those businesses was that of Donnie Fitzgerald’s, born from an Irish father and an Italian mother, he was raised well in the family business. That business was dual in nature. To the world at large, they sold furniture, specializing in hard to find imports. To those in the know, the Fitzgerald’s were people you didn’t fuck with. They fucked with you. Drugs, prostitution, protection, murder… Donnie had his hand in them all, both up close and from further away. In 1995, Donnie was already a thirty-five year old man with two young boys and another on the way. Donnie and his wife Jillian were all living the rather sweet life in a mansion just over the bridge on Palm Beach Island… where many of the richest people in the world called home.

That child that Jillian was pregnant with was young Patrick. Born with hair already raven dark and eyes so green they looked like faceted emeralds in the face of an angel. He was born, and he cried, but only for a minute before he settled down and smiled at his father from his mother’s arms. Little Patty was then held by his father, then his eldest brother Julian, at the time fifteen years old. Finally, the other brother Martin, just seven, took Patrick into his arms. Martin asked his father, “Why is he smiling?” To that, Jillian said to her sons, “Because he knows the family he is born to will love him.” The boy’s father added, “He knows that he’ll have power in this life. Power and family.”

Early life is not much to note for Patrick. He was a good kid, got in to enough innocent and accidental trouble, but was always quick to apologize and try to make up for anything he did wrong. When he was four years old, young Patrick walked in on his parents wrestling naked in their bed. A good solid nine months later, Jillian gave birth to a little girl, Amelia. Patrick held his little sister when he was five years old, as his family had held him. She was beautiful.


Telekinetic Emotion Field- Basically, he is like a telekinetic hulk. The strength of his power is tied into his emotions, inversely proportional to the level of control he has with it. If a psionic or someone who could similarly see things on a more astral level (or something similar) were to look at him when he was calm, they would see surrounding his arm’s a field of energy about double the circumference of his arms, ending at his finger tips and fading away up near his shoulders. If they were to look again when he was full of rage or other powerful emotions, they would see the same field… only much more solid, about the circumference of oak tree trunks, ten feet long and ending in more of a two blunt-pronged claw than a proper hand.


  • [2/22/2011] Placed on "New Mutants" squad.


  • "Respect is earned. By birthright and by fist. I've got both."


  • Patrick's family is a major crime element down in South Florida, an indirect extension of a larger family here in New York.
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