Polydeukes "Paul/Force" Fotopoulos
Polydeukes Fotopoulos
Portrayed By Sean Maher
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1, 1986
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Paul, Force
Place of Birth Iraklios, Crete
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Unemployed
Known Relatives Kastor (Kas) Fotopoulos (Brother), Parents
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Gravity Manipulation
First Appearance Asking for Aid

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On the isle of Crete, two chefs lived in the city of Iraklios. They lacked formal training but were well known and good at their craft. It was a quiet and happy life. The quiet came to a rather abrupt end as Miklos discovered his wife Gioia was pregnant.
It wasn’t just one baby. Gioia was going to have twins and she decided to give them a pair of mythic names in hopes they’d live up to them. Kastor to the older and hopefully wiser and Polydeukes to the younger and hopefully friendlier.
The boys grew up exceptionally close despite their personality differences. Gioia and Miklos loved their boys and hope in Crete greatly but thought a life in America would be better for them. They wanted to provide better opportunities for the boys’ future. It was when the twins were eight years old that the family was finally able to achieve this dream. They moved to New York City and opened a traditional Greek restaurant. Life continued to be good, the restaurant providing a decent income and providing well for the family. At least once every other year the family would return to Crete to visit family, friends, and homeland. And the boys grew. True to their names, Kas was the one with better grades but less athletic skill while Paul flourished in athletics and popularity. Things remained relatively normal until shortly after the twins’ fourteenth birthday.
During a visit to Crete, the boys went off to visit the coastline together for a day. As usual, they roughhoused and enjoyed the scenery. Paul, being the show boater he is, was walking as close as he possibly could to the edge of a cliff to prove himself. His brother just shook his head and let him. When Paul saw that Kas wasn’t watching him, he worked up a pout and prepared to call out to his twin. It was then that his foot slipped and the teen began to plummet. He felt fear from every fiber of his being and some that wasn’t even his.
Flailing and trying to grab onto something, Paul was just as worried about his brother as himself. When he looked up and saw Kas staring down at him with hands pointed towards him, Paul didn’t even notice he was hanging in mid air. He was just thinking that he wanted to get back up onto the cliff and by his brother’s side. And then he was suddenly going up. And Kas was coming with him!
Up they flew, twenty feet into the air. Both were confused and Paul could only think that he wanted down now. And down came soon. The feeling of being lifted ended and Paul saw his twin fall to the rocks below. Paul, however, floated down slowly. Landing, Paul immediately rushed to his brother’s side. Turning the other teen over, Paul was horrified to discover a bloody line down his brother’s face. Acting on impulse and reassuring himself that everything would be fine, he starts telling his brother not to worry and that they’d both be fine and look the same in a moment. Picking up the sharpest piece of rock he could find, Paul drove it into his face and carved a bloody line there to match Kas’.
Ignoring the pain, Paul moved to cradle Kas in his arms. Unable to hold back, he just sat and sobbed until Kas woke. He noticed the dual wave of relief but didn’t pay too much mind to it at the time, just incredibly pleased his brother was alive and well. He went along with his the story of just being clumsy, never telling the parents what really happened.
While Paul would’ve ignored things, he went along with Kas’ interest in the odd phenomenon and began to help study up on similar occurrences. Over time he discovered that he could alter gravity to perform various effects. Kas was able to do some similar things but not quite the same. Together, they would get away and practice whenever they could.
During graduation, Paul took home the MVP trophy for the football team while his brother was the salutatorian. They went off to college together, Paul getting a football scholarship and venturing into wrestling while Kas studied chemistry. While they often broke away to work on their powers together, they kept their grades high. This was especially easy because Paul insisted on them living together.

Now that both have graduated from college with their Bachelor's Degrees, where they go with life remains to be seen. While Kas is headed back into the workforce and possibly for a Masters’ Degree, Paul is just coasting along at his side.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Very few people are aware that Paul knows origami
  • Paul's got a bad habit of destroying his toothbrushes
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


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