2011-04-25: Penguins


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Summary: Reasons why penguins are cool are discussed.

Date: 04/25/2011

Log Title: Penguins

Rating: G

NYC - Central Park Zoo

The Central Park zoo offers a variety of animals, Monkeys, Birds, Penguins, Snakes, Polar Bears, Red Foxes, fish, and many other animals. There are three zones to the Zoo, the Polar Zone, featuring the Polar Bears, Seals, and Penguins. The Tropic Zone, featuring a variety of birds, monkeys, and snakes. The last zone, the Temperate Territory is where the Sea Lions, Red Pandas, Otters, Ducks, and Swans can be found. It's a fun place for both Children and Adults alike.

It's monday evening and Kai's at the Central Park Zoo doing research on a make-up biology essay (to catch him up for the month of school he missed while moving schools), he's dressed in a yellow t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red converse, he's got his school bag over his shoulder, a notepad in one hand and a pen in the other, he's currently over by the polarbears taking notes with a grin on his face.

Monday evening finds Kevin coming to New York for the first time since starting school a week ago. In a loose fitting gray sweater and black skinny jeans, the boy makes his way slowly through the exibits, stopping at the polar bears and looking out at them for a moment, "They're so big…" He grins, glancing over at the older boy that's taking such furious notes, "They look happy, don't you think?" He pushes his hair back out of his eyes and turns his attention back to the animals.

Kai doesn't even look up from what he's writing, "Thats assuming that a polarbear's brain is developed enough to produce the correct endorphines to stimulate the feeling of happyness", he jots down a couple more notes, "Though as it is proven that polarbears like most animals do produce dopamine which is linked to the level of happyness attributed to the personality, so you could argue that yes they do look happy".

"Um… Okay…" Kevin blinks a couple of times and blushes faintly, his attention returning to the (apparently really smart!) boy, "I still think they look happy." He runs a hand through his hair and turns to lean sideways against the railing, "What are you writing, anyway?" He has a very curious expression on his face, though his hair keeps falling forward into his face no matter how often he pushes it back.

"I'm writing notes on a biology catch-up paper which is becoming increasingly hard with you constantly talking, so shh", Kai suddenly stops writing and turns to look at Kevin, "Hmmm, that was rude wasn't it?, it wasn't supposed to be rude, sorry about that".

Kevin blinks a couple of times in shock, his mouth open slightly and looking like he's just been slapped. He turns back to look at the bears, shoulders hunched a little and arms folded over his chest, "Sorry… Just trying to make conversation." He shakes his hair back, only glancing back at the apology and shrugging one shoulder, "Yeah, whatever. I was just trying to be nice." He sounds really hurt now, though, "My dads say that I need to be nice to people," even his father used to tell him that, "And Tia Aletha taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated. If you don't want to be nice, though, that's your business."

"I get wrapped up in things and my mouth starts working without input from my brain which can be troublesome because people tend to get offended, sorry", Kai's attention is still turned away from the polarbears and is on Kevin, "But you've got my focus, shouldn't happen again".

The younger boy remains silent for a moment before offering a tentative smile, "It's alright. My old tutor used to be like that." He tucks his hair back behind one ear and holds out a hand, "I'm Kevin." He glances back at the bears, his expression almost wondering, "So you're writing a report? What can you learn from just looking at them? I mean, I really like it, but I don't see anything really special or… scientific about them."

Kai nods, "Hey Kevin", he jots down a couple more notes, "I'm writing a bit on their behavior and partial description, also i'm making notes on that", he points at the information board by the front of the encloser, "But now i need to go over to where the penguins are, so if you want to keep talking you need to go there too".

Kevin makes a small 'oh' sound at that and glances over at the board, "I guess that's a good way to do it." At the mention of penguins, he grins, "I like penguins. Have you seen the video of the laughing baby penguin on YouTube?" He giggles softly, "It's the cutest thing!" Apparently, he's willing to walk along with this boy he's just met.

Kai shakes his head, "No i havn't, what's youtube?", he starts leading the way towards the penguins, it might not seem like it but he is enjoying the interaction, he slips his pen and notebook into his school bag as he walks.

"You… don't know YouTube?" Kevin seems to have a hard time understanding that, "It's… Well, it's where people post videos they want to share with everyone else online." He shrugs one shoulder, walking along at the other boy's side, "Like music, funny videos… Stuff like that." He shudders faintly, "I've seen some pretty disturbing things on there, too, though…" And he can't close the window fast enough when that happens.

"Oh, my school has pretty strict blocks on the internet, we can only go on the sites which are needed for schoolwork, but you learn alot which is prtty awesome", Kai sounds like thats a pretty new word for him to be using, as they reach the penguins he pulls out his pen and notebook and begins taking notes.

Kevin makes a face, "That stinks… I've got internet at home and at school." He shrugs one shoulder, "There are some filters at school, but my dads trust me." He grins at the thought of learning and nods, "I've learned a lot more in the last year than I ever have before." Like that he's not some kind of monster for being a mutant. His grin gets wider when he sees the penguins, "I've always thought penguins are cute. Even when they're grown!" Beat, "Sure, all baby animals are cute, but I don't think penguins ever outgrow it."

Kai is pretty indifferent to baby animals, "Their biology is amazing, how they work, have you seen the way they swim?, they're just flying but doing it underwater,they way they function is brilliant!", the entire time he's talking he's rapidly taking notes.

"They really are awesome." Kevin is willing enough to agree, since he was arguing that penguins are cool, too, "They're all clumsy and waddle around on the land, but they're graceful as dancers in the water." He's paying more attention to the animals than he is his companion at the moment.

Kai finishes taking some final notes and slips the notebook back into his bag, "Brilliant…", ok so all his notes are done, schoolwork is now done, now back to his other responcibilities, his research has shown him a bunch of new leads.

The announcement of 'brilliant' has Kevin looking back over at Kai, his expression curious, "You've finished?" He flashes a grin, "Cool!" His stomach growls a little and he grimaces, "If you don't have any plans, I need to go find something to eat. You're welcome to join me?" It's a friendly offer, "I'd die for a good sundae right now!" Yes, he's being a little overdramatic, but he is just a kid.

"Yeah i've finished", Kai's never tried ice-cream before and is interested to try it but he has a job to do, "Thanks but i've actually got other things that need doing, also my uncle doesn't like me staying out too late".
"Oh… Well, okay." Kevin shrugs and gives a little wave, brushing his hair out of his eyes again, "Well it was good to meet you, anway…" He blinks, licking his lips lightly when he realizes that the other boy never gave his name, but just shrugs and doesn't ask. He won't press if Kai doens't want to tell, "Maybe I'll see you around sometime." He moves to head for the nearest ice cream stand.

Thats unlikely, he doesn't go to Kai's school and as far as he can tell has no connection to his job, "Yeah, maybe", giving Kevin a quick nod and heads back home to drop of his schoolbag.

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