2010-06-16: People Watching


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Summary: A chance meeting at the mall leads to some possible friendships.

Date: June 16, 2010

Log Title People Watching

Rating: PG

Westchester - Salem Center Food Court

Entering the mall brings its visitors right to the Food Court. A wide open area with tables and chairs sprinkled around it, its edges lined with a wide variety of fast food choices. Pizza, burgers, ice cream, chicken, Chinese, smoothies, you name it, you got it.

Morning has given way to afternoon and a large crowd in the food court. The lines are long, the tables are full, and the smells from the different restaurants blend together with the press of bodies and the stink of some people who forgot their deodorant. Sitting alone at one of the tables with a box of Chinese food in front of her is Star Rosen. Idly she watches the crowd ebb and flow around her, her eyes a stormy gray shot through with small flecks of black and violet. A cloud of anger and fear, almost overwhelmed by worry, seems to hang around her, making most people avoid her, though they may not exactly know why.
The petite teenager is wearing a snug fitting black t-shirt with a picture of a flying monkey on it that reads 'Release the Flying Monkeys!' in white letters and a pair of light, stone washed jeans with black flip-flops. A typical outfit for the newest student at Xavier's.

There is one girl in the food court that is being the target of many eyes. Some looking at her with disgust, some with envy, and some with amazement. Why? Because the girl in question, July, is carrying a food with enough junk food for two hungry people. Two big sodas, two burgers, three sets of fries, all on her tray, as she looks around, ignoring the looks and looking for a place to sit. Despite the amount of food on her tray, the girl is not fat at all. Healthy and thin.

Laura slips through the crowded food court, sometimes stopping in front of resteraunt fronts, her chin tilting up as nostrils flare out slightly as the smell of each distinct food type fills her nose. Her stomach gives an angry gurgle here and there, as she moves, taking care not bump into or even brush up against anyone as she passes. She moves with a languid, almost predatory grace that seems out of place for such a mundane, casual place. Clad in black from head to toe, Laura continues on, one slender hand pressed against her stomach as if to will it to behave and stop making so much noise. She passes the girl with enough food to feed a small army on her tray, and her emerald orbs follow her,.. well, not her.. the food.

There is room at the table Star is seated at for more people, though how the petite girl managed to get a whole large table to herself is anyone's guess. Her eyes wander over the crowd and mild amusement flickers in her eyes for a moment when she sees how much food July has on her tray. Either this girl has the metabolism of a horse, or she's meeting someone else. Or maybe more than one person? In any case, the older Rosen twin pushes her lunch away and sits back in her chair, pulling her feet up to rest on the edge of the seat and wrapping her arms around her legs so she can continue to watch the world pass around her; her chin resting on her knees.

There is room at the table Star is seated at for more people, though how the petite girl managed to get a whole large table to herself is anyone's guess. Her eyes wander over the crowd and mild amusement flickers in her eyes for a moment when she sees how much food July has on her tray. Either this girl has the metabolism of a horse, or she's meeting someone else. Or maybe more than one person? In any case, the older Rosen twin pushes her lunch away and sits back in her chair, pulling her feet up to rest on the edge of the seat and wrapping her arms around her legs so she can continue to watch the world pass around her; her chin resting on her knees.

Back home, at least one of the many homes he had growing up, there was a ice skating rink in the center of the foodcourt, he remembered spending alot of time there with a girl he used to date, a figure skater who ended up like most people did, faded half-forgotten memories. Idly he found himself wondering what her reactions would be if she knew he was a mutant, his lips curling up sourly as he turned around looking over the gathering of people, 'the people zoo' so many crowded into one food trough, bit interesting to watch one girl walk and have a crowd clear around her, maybe she smelled funny? Probably just as curious as the girl who was carrying enough food on her tray to feed a small family, wouldn't stand out if she didn't look close to anoerexic and wasn't here alone. Laura, he had yet to notice. Jakob was wearing a plan dark green hooded sweater, a pair of black cargo pants and some lugz. Unruly hair fell down around his features, his eyes looking darker in the lighting. He looked, rather typical, better shape than normal, tall but an average everyday young American.

Laura blinks, her head cocking to one side, as July turns and speaks. A flicker of recognition passes over the petite girl's face and she gives July an impassive nod. "Hey. School's fine… I guess."

Star's eyes fall on Laura for a moment and a small frown forms, though she's quickly distracted as someone bumps into her chair from behind and jostles her roughly, making her have to brace herself against the edge of the table. The petite teenager half turns to glare at the culprit with all the fury of an angry kitten as she drops her feet back to the floor, but the younger teenager and his buddies are already moving away and vanishing into the crowd. It takes her a minute to decide that the guys are really gone and she turns back to face forward in her chair, resuming her position with her knees drawn up to her chin. Irritation flavors the air around her, slowly starting to fade as she takes deep, calming breaths.
Her eyes roam over the crowd and pause on Jakob for a moment. An attractive older guy enough to hold her attention for all of about a minute before she sighs and shakes her head, returning her chin to its rest on her knees, her ankles crossed; again returning to her study of those around her.

July can't help but chuckle now, "I see. Well, would you like to sit down? You look like you could use a meal." she giggles softly, "And I got enough for myself to share." she nods to that, smiling at the female "Wolverine 2.0".

Jakob watches the jostle bump game a crowd of guys pull on Star, in their path past him his shoulder thrusts out and hits one roughly, a solid hard thump. "What gives man?" Asks one of them, before the other two have that pang of cowardice and haul their buddy on their way, typical of most people who act that way, they were chicken-shits. Eye for an eye of a sorts, his eyes travel the food court, before he was walking over to turn a chair around and sit down on it not far from the others, in one hand was a large cup of tea. Drinking at it boredly as he sort of watches the 'people-zoo' around him. Nothing really holding his interest beyond the few pretty girls around, not one to shy away from stares or even glares.

The food did smell inviting, and her jade gaze flitted down to the overflowing tray of food. Having psent more time away from Xavier's then she had actually at school - taking to wandering all over the east coast - her meals had become infrequent. She begins a slow shake of her head at the invitation, but her stomach decides to turn traitor at the exact same moment with a rather loud, gurgling protest at theprospect of skipping another meal. Her lips curls, a quick glare down at her own body and then Laura shrugs up one shoulder. "Yeah…." she replies, and then after a moment adding a quiet, "Thanks." Her attention wans a moment,as she hears the scuffle and protest from a small group of teenagers. Green eyes flicker over towards the tall man, who ahd apparently knocked one down. She watched the scene unfold for a moment, before losing interest and refocsing on July and her tray of food.

The protest from a group of guys very similar to the ones that ran into her, though there's no way Star can be sure they're the same ones, draws her attention back to Jakob in time to watch the guys haul their friend out of there and the, admittedly cute, guy make his way towards where she's sitting and grab a chair. She offers a small, polite little smile to the tea drinker and sits up a little, though she keeps her legs drawn up to cover the design on her shirt, "Hi." The greeting is quiet, and likely easily lost in the noise, but it's there: An attempt at being friendly even though she's really not feeling it at the moment, being too concerned with the disappearance of a certain idiot football player.

July turns her head to the commotion and frowns in their direction before just shaking her head softly. "Don't mind them. Jocks will be jocks." she says, and smiles to Laura, "Shall we get a place to sit?" she asks, and looks around, and she notices that the only place with enough room would be Star's table. She motions for Laura to follow her as she approaches Star, "I'm sorry, but can my friend and I join you, please?"

The straw hits ice and makes that somewhat obnixous air drawn noise and Jakob is pulling it from his mouth, staring at it absently before his brows lift and he looks over at Star, hearing her speak. Wondering if something was in the tea or if he'd just had some random IMS moment, his body in it's bizarre natural warning system like behaviour letting him know it was being influenced, "Hey there." He replies easily, musing over what he was now in the midst of, sniffing the air once before draining more tea. Where his own mutant powers going haywire? Glancing around him he looks at Laura, then July who were now moving towards Star's table, the one he was seated next to, maybe it was something in the air? Fluctuating sudden mood swings wasn't abnormal for him… sort of it, a frown and he was pulling at the straw, making it dance up and down. About to strike up conversation with Star but July's question cut him off.

Laura gave a vague sort of nod at July's comment about jocks, and fell into step behind her. Distracted as she was, she didn't really pick up on the strange inbalance that seemed to cling around the small, insignificant girl that had managed to snag an entire table to herself. Laura stopped a yard or so away, watching as July and her food continued on, stopping in front of Star and asking if they could join. A low half muffled growl of aggitation built up and died away in Laura's throat as her emerald orbs narrowed on Star, watching her. Her hands found their way into the pockets of her black hoodie, where they clenched into fists. Her nostrils flared out again, as she inspected the girl more carefully, one slender, dark eyebrow arching up. The soft "shkht" sound would possibly be heard of her claws pushing past the skin of her knuckles an in ich or so, maybe if any around were listening for it or had acute enough hearing. Laura hung back and eyed the girl, happy to let July do all the talking.

Star's smile takes on a slightly friendlier cast when her greeting is returned, a vaguely satisfied and slightly panicked note entering the mix around her. She can't really tell who around her is feeling exactly what, the press of people being just entirely too much to sort through for the inexperienced teenager, and she never really thinks much about her little 'gift' to know what the sea of emotions around her is like. She really should have been paying more attention because she jumps when July addresses her, giving the other girl a 'deer in the headlights' kind of look for a moment before she gestures to the empty chairs, "Sure, help yourself." With her grudging invitation extended, she again rests her chin on her knees and forces a smile, "Busy up here, isn't it?"

July smiles and nods, "Thank you." she says as she places her tray on the table before Star. "Yeah, it looks like so." she nods, "I'm July." and then she gestures to Laura, "And this is my friend Laura." She introduces herself and Laura as she sits down, "Come on in, Laura." she grins softly to the black-clad girl.

As the two girls seated themselves Jakob helped himself to an eyeful before leaning back in his seat, busying himself with the straw infront of him again. Stabbing at ice in his cup, offering a brief smile to Star almost as if in apology for them being interrupted as he sat and muses on what this external influence could be or if it was just him.

Rocking back on the heels of her combat boots slightly, Laura looks more unsure then anything else. Her gaze doesn't stray from Star as she studies the girls and sniffs subtly at the air around her. It was the strangest sensation - the girl's emotions seeming to try and encrouch on her own, not that she was having all that many at the moment. After another moment's hesitation, Laura gives another single nod of her head and slowly steps forward, choosing the farthest seat from Star that was possible at the table, she reined the inch of Adamantium that was protruding from her hidden knuckles and quickly qiped the blood off her hands inside her pockets. She gave Star a slight nod as she sat down, her back ramrod straight in her chair, catching the slight movement from Jakob in her peripherals her attention flickers towards him for a moment then back again.

Star would have been just as happy not to have had an introduction, because now she feels obliged to offer one of her own. She sighs and aims a tight smile at the girl across from her, "Star." To those at Xavier's that are familiar with Cloud Rosen, it's possible they would pick up on the familial resemblance between the siblings, though it might be unexpected, "Nice to meet you both." She frowns and glances over at Jakob for a moment, picking up something specific from that direction for a moment before someone walks by and disturbs the airflow between them and it's gone again.

July watches as Laura sits down with her, and she offers the girl one of her sets of fries, "Want it?" she offers the black-clad girl with a smile, "You can have it, I got enough." she says, before eating from her own fries before looking at Star. "Nice to meet you star." she nods, then she hmms softly, "Your name is kind of familiar…"

Star watches the fries get passed over, one corner of her mouth quirking up slightly for a moment at apparently seeing one of her hypotheses about the amount of food the slender girl was carrying proven true: She was meeting someone. That tight little smile is offered again and she nods, though it's gone quickly enough when the familiarity of her name is mentioned and she shrugs, "Don't know why… I don't hear about very many other Stars…" Not from people who's parents weren't hippies or they're hippies themselves, "I just arrived a couple of days ago and I'm sure I've never met you before." Beat, "Not unless you've ever visited South Boston?" It's a possibility, anyway.

July frowns for a moment. She apparently isn't listening to Star as she tries to recall something. "Star… star… star…" she mutters under her breath in between nibbles on her fries, and then she brightens, "Oh! I got it!" she grins, "You're Cloud's sister, right!?" she asks.

Laura takes the proffered fries mumbling a quiet, "Thanks" under her breath. She plucks one out and sniffs at it, before popping it into her mouth and swallowing it half chewed. She seems to be off in her own world as she does this with each and every fry, though Laura was paying rapt attention to the conversation at hand. Not knowing who Cloud was, she felt no real urge to join in on the conversation.

Star blinks in surprise a couple of times at discovering that this other girl knows her twin brother and nods, astonishment evident both in the air and on her face, "You know Cloud?" Well that's something she didn't expect, "How?" Sure, it's not unreasonable for her to run into someone that knows the other Rosen sibling, but she is still caught by surprise. That surprise doesn't keep her from noticing Laura's little ritual with the fries though and amusement flickers through everything else, "They smell alright there, Laura?"

"So, where you girls from?" Jakob asks loudly, the tea discarded with a shot at the nearest garbage can, bouncing off the rim to dance in. His forearms folding one over the other as he looked from one face ot the next, he almost figured he'd have had a better time staying in school at this rate, maybe some locals could point him where some fun was. Their conversation gone over his head for the most part, that weird mood swing oddity he was able to battle off and more or less push aside with the natural bio-manipulative abilities he possessed.

July smiles to Star and nods, "Yeah, we… went to school together, but I graduated last year." she says with a soft grin and giggles softly, nodding, before looking at Jakob inquires her, "Me? Oh, I'm from Washington D.C." she says, nodding softly to the guy before looking at Star again.

Laura flickers a glance towards Star and simply nods, her face expressionless. A quiet, "Yes." follows the motion, and with the fries mostly consumed now, Laura pushed them away from her as Jakob chimed into the conversation. Her attention shifted, giving him a steady glance for a moment before reply as well. "San Francisco."

Star glances back over at Jakob, in surprise and guilt; she'd forgotten about him as soon as she heard her missing brother's name, "Huh? Oh!" She smiles slightly sheepishly, "South Boston. I only got to town here a couple of days ago." She makes a small oh at hearing that she went to the same school that Cloud has been going to and that she'll be starting in the fall, "That's cool… I think he might have mentioned someone named July once or twice…" She frowns in concentration, trying to remember exactly what's been said, but soon enough dismisses the problem. It's not like it's really important until he'd found again, anyway.

"Tourists?" Jakob asks, helping himself in dragging his chair closer setting it at their table. "Or here for something else? College… America's Got Talent maybe?" The last bit a bad joke, his eyes skipped from one person to a next as he looked at them, wearing a half smile as he talks to them.

July chuckles lightly at Jakob's guesses, "I've been living here for the past few years. I'm going to ESU college right now." she says, nodding to the man before looking at Star and grinning, "Really? I hope you heard only good things about me, then."

Laura shrugs, "School." she replied quietly, one hand rising from where they lay in her lap, to brush a few stray strands of ebon hair back behind on ear. Still watching Jakob, as she spoke to him, one slender, dark brow arced up. "Where are you from?" She continues speaking in the same, controled, almost flat tone. Distracted some, not at all good at small talk or anything that resembled it, she was struggling to say the least. She puffed out a quiet sigh, before turning to face July and Star once more, her eyes down cast and off to the side, content with just listening for the moment.

The suggestion that she might be a college student has Star blushing softly and shaking her head, "No… I'm still in high school." There's a faint nervous laugh when she admits that, "My twin brother goes to… boarding school… here and I'm going to be joining him when school starts up again." Sudden depression floods through her and her expression turns bleak, though she bites her tongue on spilling to virtual strangers that she's basically alone due to Cloud's apparent tendency to get himself kidnapped. She forces a small, almost emotionless, smile and tries to laugh lightly, "What I remember, yeah, it was."

"Wild, and ya'll just met eachother?" May as well push some conversation, this motley crew of girls seemed to be about as good as holding conversation as an AA meeting. "Same here, in schooling of a sort, good times. "Jakob says casually with a stretch, " Names Jakob, I'd give a try at guessing all your names but I promise you it would just come off as a cheesy pick up line." Instantly he felt that wave of descending 'gray' doubting it was something he drank, it began to feel abit odd now. Fortunately pheremones was on a physical level and his body well it's abilities all stemmed around it's own control to the most minute. Could it be one of these girls or someone near?

July shrugs lightly at Jakob's comment, "I've seen weirder stuff happen." she chuckles lightly, smiling softly and nodding at the guy's introduction, "Nice to meet you, Jakob." she says, but then she feels kind of.. sad? She turns to look at Star and smiles a bit to the girl, "Don't worry. School is awesome, and you'll love it."

Laura nodded, trying to at least make an attempt on following the conversation. What seemed to spark her out of her disinterest was a strange, all too out of place feeling of depression. Her gaze pulled up, giving a quick sweep around the table. Her nostrils pulling out again instinctively, though it was a subtle motion. Her gaze settled on Star once more, her head tilting to one side, sending a few stray locks loose of their home behind her left ear. She watched the girl more intently, her chin inclining up slightly as she answered; "Laura."

Star closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath, simply wallowing in the fact that she traveled all the way here alone with eager hopes of being reunited with her brother and being able to keep him out of trouble only to find that he'd gone missing the day before she arrived! You know… Forget being depressed. If they can't take better care of the students in their care, then she's just going to have to take care of him on her own. Anger and determination filter into the cloud of pheromones around the petite teenager and she sits up, settling her feet on the floor, "Yeah, it's nice to meet you, Jakob." She offers a small giggle, genuinely amused at the mention of pick up lines, "I'm Star." Then she frowns and glances over at Laura when the shorter girl starts starring at her, "What?" She's wary now, the other girl's curiosity picked up on easily, though it's mostly because of the intent look she's getting, "Do I have something on my face?" She reaches for a napkin and automatically wipes around her mouth.

"Definitely my pleasure to meet you, Star, Laura and July. Kind of depressing here, how about you girls finish up your meal and we all go someplace more more lively and exciting, I haven't hit the club scene yet. Nights still young… "Jakob pushed himself up off of his seat, nudging it aside with his leg. Unsure what the question about her face was, he didn't see anything.

July blinsk at Star's sudden mood change, and chuckles a bit as she keeps on her food, "Hmm… I still got a ways to go with my food." she says as she looks down at her tray and chuckles, having finished one of her fries' order and is now eating one of the burgers.

Laura let her gaze drift away, giving a quick shake of her head as she sniffed again, quietly. Replacing the dark locks behind her ear, then threading her hand through her messy dark hair. The girl's almost tangible mood shifts leaving her wary. "No, there's nothing wrong with your face." she replies quietly. Laura pushes her seat back, the legs hardly making a sound against the worn tile floor of the food court. She stood slowly, rocking back on her heels again as she watched July dig into one of her burgers. "I haven't been to anything around here really. Some place else, might be nice." she offers, trying to pull her curiousity of Star back in some. She wasn't trying to freak the girl out or anything, and she was good at giving off strange impressions of herself.

Star isn't immune to the wiles of a cute guy, and an invitation to go somewhere else, somewhere adult. She giggles softly, still determined to save her brother, but willing to put it aside for a moment to just be a teenage girl, "I'm seventeen… I don't think I could get into a club…" Not if they card, anyway. Her voice drops almost to a whisper, her tone turning conspiratorial, "Not unless you know where I could pick up a good fake ID?" She had one, but it was confiscated by her dad a couple of months ago. A small smile plays at the corners of her mouth when she asks the question, not really expecting to get a positive answer from any of them. She sighs in relief at hearing that she does not have anything on her face and nods in satisfaction, dropping the napkin into the takeout box and pushing her chair back with a noisy screech against the floor and a little wince.

"Seriously going to eat all that?" Jakob asks July before making a slight face, half expecting a belch in reply before the other two agreed, not that he was one to say much about healthy appetites he had one himself. The chair in, he looks from Laura to Star, "Settled then… and I doubt we'll need ID cards, just gotta find the right place. You don't look twelve or nothing, bet half these goons won't even pay attention." His fingers drum on the back of his seat as he looks at July again, " Guess we're waiting?"

July glances down at the rest of her food on her tray, before looking at Jakob as she swallows the last bite of her first burger, "Actually I was going to get more, since I couldn't put everything in the first tray." she shrugs, "So I'd finish this then get more, but if you guys want to go somewhere else, this will do for now." she says, nodding as she starts eating her second burger. Ah, the wonders of perfect body manipulation…

Taking a half step back from the table, Laura's gaze flitted towards Star again, but she did a better job of looking elsewhere quickly. The subtle changes to the girl's scent. It was as srange as the sudden, random emotions that she felt so near to this girl. She nodded, again lapsing back into silence, and letting her train of thought change course again to something entirely unrelated. "I don't mind waiting." she replieed, her gaze shifting to scanning the room, or watching humans come and go within the mall. "Why do you eat so much anyway?" She asked July after a few moments of silence. Laura's green orbs flicking back to the thin girl, her brow arching with the slightly expression of curiousity.

Star has four older brothers… She's accustomed to seeing other people eat large quantities of food, even if she doesn't eat very much herself. She nods to Jakob's insistence that they aren't going to need IDs and folds her legs Indian style with her feet practically under her as she waits for July to finish eating. Then the skinny girl says that she was planning on getting more food and the unaware empath's jaw drops, shock filling the air around her, "Seriously? I don't think any of my brothers would even eat that much…" She's awed that it seems that the older girl apparently can.

Almost as if on que a handsome younger man with blonde hair and a colorful beanie moved over near the four, "I hear yous animals mention clubs?" Jakob gives a nod,"Yeah, why do you know a good one?" The kid smiles a large charming smile and reaches into his shirt," Matter of fact dawg, I got jus what youre lookin for, check this…" His hand extended out a piece of paper held in it, on it read Trance Magic Trance… obviously with the cartoon chracature it was some play off of David Bowie, behind the man were strange arcane symbols, "Ya'lls invited, no age bullshit necessary, jus show, bring some o these." His hand pulls out of his jacket again, there were four bracelets in it, sparkingly and alive with color. "One for each of ya'll,then follow the directions we'll party that shit up hey."Jakob looked at the girls then back at the guy, taking up the flyer and one of the bracelets, the kid leans forward extending a bracelet to each girl. "Dayum yous some fine honies, I hope you all show. Light that bitch up some more yo"

July is finishing her second burger as she nods to Star, "Yeah, I'm lucky I got the budget to allow me to eat that much." she giggles softly at that, smiling and nodding, before going silent as she notices someone approaching Jakob and inviting them to a club. She accepts one of the offered bracelets, but doesn't put them on yet. She frowns just a tad after the guy leaves, not exactly trusting him, but saying nothing for now.

"Be lookin' for ya, off to recruit more peeps." The guy flicked the final bracelet out, strutting off and is seen talking to another crowd of teenagers. Looking at the flyer again Jakob spun the glowing ring around his finger tip looking at the others, " Looks like we're in luck, and here you were worried about age. " Unsure if this was the best idea but right now the concept of actually doing something other than working out, study, drills and books sounded rather novel. At Laura's question he held the paper out to her, "Looks like some underground warehouse or uh… yeah. I'm game, rest of you?"

July frowns lightly at that still, hmm'ing softly, and then she reaches her hand toward Jakob, "Mind if I take a look at that flyer, please?" She asks, nodding softly as she waits to see if she'll be handed the flyer or not.

Laura waves the proffered flyer off as July asks for it. "Alright." was her only reply. She slid the bracelet over herwrist, before crossing her arms over her chest once more.

Jakob was looking up directions on his phone already as Laura had been handed the flyer, "Groovy, this should be fun." He said with a quick growing smile across his features, the phone shoved away he wobbles the rubbery bracelet in the air before sliding it onto his wrist. "Transit heads that way here in about 10, lets get movin'."

July frowns lightly at the flyer as she reads it, then she leans closer toward Laura to whisper something in her ear, "I don't like this place, but I'm game if you are, to protect these two." she says, only for Laura to hear before pulling back, and examining the flyer again while waiting for confirmation or denial from the other mutant.

A glance is spared for both, Jakob and Star. Star maybe. Jakob hardly looked like he was one for needing protection, towering over the rest fo them as it was. "I'll go." was her answer, not bothering with a whisper, as one slener shoulder pulled up and fell back down again. Laura pushed back on her heels and then forward onto her toes, getting fidgety, and ready o be gone already. "You done, July?" she asks quietly, fixing her gaze back on her schoolmate.

Star stands smoothly and settles her feet more firmly within the flip-flops she's wearing, suddenly regretting her choice of footwear and wishing that she'd picked something a little nicer to wear since it looks like they're heading for a party. For anyone that looks close enough, her eyes have gone from mostly gray to hazel-green with little flecks of amber, "Lead the way, Jakob. It'll probably take longer than that for me to figure out how to get to the transit stop." She's just being honest with that statement as she toys with the colorful band; her excitement almost thick enough to cut with a knife.

Thrusting his hands into his pockets he began to walk, "Gladly." Jakob said towards Star, glad they were all in on this, wouldn't have been all that fun to go alone but showing up with three girls, well… noones going to say you won't have fun then. The transit their destination, then ultimately, the warehouse this rave was located at.

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