2009-03-30: Perfect Timing


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Summary: Hot and Heavy Make-out session before Max comes in and Leo leaves.

Date: March 30, 2009

Perfect Timing

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Max and Nathaniel's Room

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

It's just after classes and Nathan has come here to vegetate for a while in what he calls his 'homework preparation mode'. Stretched out on his bed, he tilts his head slightly and rolls to his feet with a groan, trotting to the door and popping it open just before Leo's hand can hit the door. Bwaha. He beams cheerfully at the other boy, propping his shoulder against it, "Hey. Come on in." Can't say much for Max's side of the room, other than the fact that it's probably pretty icy, but Nathan's is a mix of clutter and neatness, with his blankets laid out flat, but not tucked in, and his desk seemingly a platform for all the things he's piled on top of it - drawing materials, school books, library books, once-belonged-to-library books…

Leo doesn't bother with formalities, simply leaping at Nathan and giving him a hug and a nice, healthy kiss. "Hey." He grins, wrinkling his nose as he bounces in place. "I missed you." He says. Yeah, he's that sappy. He looks about the room and chuckles. "So, I'm guessing you're over there and Max is over THERE." He says while reaching a hand up to twirl fingers in some hair. He's dressed fairly normally for him… though probably in things Nathan's not seen him in. Jeans and a t-shirt.

Nathaniel isn't prepared for that and very nearly falls over, catching Leo around the middle with one arm and returning the kiss happily, blushing hard and watching him bounce with a grin, "I missed you too." D'aw. He ruffles his hair a touch shyly before he moves to close the door after Leo, currently sporting a pair of long shorts himself and not much else. He laughs at the observation, nodding slightly and moving to sit on the bed, tugging Leo down to sit in his lap this time, "Yeah, what was your first clue?" Noticeably, his bed is pretty well piled with blankets to keep him warm during the night. He seems to like the jeans and teeshirt look, tugging at the beltloops absentmindedly before he asks, "What've you been doing today, huh?"

"Not much, really. I just figured it was time for me to come and see you. Since we've been keeping our days to other stuff." Leo says, grinning as he's pulled into a lap. He looks at himself. "Looks like I'm a little overdressed, compared." He chuckles, biting his lip at the beltloop play. He looks over the other mutant with a grin. "I chose wisely." He winks softly.

"I agree," Nathan says solemnly, responding by hitching up Leo's shirt so he can lean down and lick his stomach. Bwaha. He tugs on it gently afterwards, grinning at Leo playfully and tucking his arm more securely behind his hips, his thumb hooked into one of those beltloops, "I've been keeping my days to… you, school, homework, and art. It's not a bad life." It seems that having Leo around in the middle of a sunny, lazy afternoon is not altogether a good thing, as Nate takes to nuzzling his neck soon after, free hand idly running along the contours of Leo's chest and stomach beneath that shirt.

There are soft, squeaking moans of pleasure from the luminous mutant as his chest is toyed with and nuzzled. Of course, when his shirt is tugged, he shrugs and pulls it off. Nothing against that in the rules. The pants are, admittedly, a little loose in the waist. "Me too, pretty much. Just adding in some yoga, some working out, and some other things of that type. Getting to know my teammates." He chuckles, leaning in to breathe deeply from Nathan's hair.

Nathaniel grins at those squeaking sounds, sliding his fingers slowly over Leo's chest until his palm is flat against it, the tips of his fingers delicately stroking over one of the other boy's nipples before he gives it a playfully rough pinch, "Well, I work out, myself… but I think I like getting to know my teammates best." He appears pleased that the shirt is no longer an issue, running his lips over the curve of Leo's shoulder and biting lightly on the muscle between his neck and shoulder, licking the reddening mark he leaves behind as a sort of apology.

"I do too, but I'm naturally strong now." Leo chuckles. Technically, he could lift Nathan and toss him about, but he wouldn't do that. "Oh, you're getting to know me quite…" there's a gasp at the bite on his neck, accompanied by certain other feelings flowing through him. Something more than just the emotional care he's been feeling. That one that's hard to distinguish sometimes. "That… was nice." He moans softly as he rocks gently in his seated position. Naughty Leo.

Nathaniel likes that. He shivers slightly and tightens his grip around Leo's middle when he starts rocking like that, baring down a little harder on Leo's neck the second time he bites him, almost as if to try and keep him still. Leo did mention marks and it's entirely likely he'll be coming away with more than a couple today. He laughs throatily, breath tickling over Leo's damp skin, while his hand slides smoothly over the other teen's stomach fingertips teasingly brushing the waistband of his jeans, "Quite what? Well, I'm guessing… and I know you're strong. I totally intend to find out just how much, too." He slides his tongue along that abused skin once more, all the way to Leo's ear, which gets a sharp nip.

"We shouldn't be doing all this right now." Leo moans, gasping between bites before he takes a moment to adjust himself so that he can return the favor, holding back on his own strength, to make sure he doesn't injure Nathan. The band of his underwear is slightly visible. Well, what band there is. That and a tie in the front of some kind. String, maybe? He continues sliding back and forth gently as he moves his hands up to dig them both into Nathan's hair, pulling it gently. "You're so bad." He laughs.

Nathaniel sucks at Leo's skin, enjoying the reddening state of it, while his fingertips slide smoothly beneath that drawstring waistband; when he lifts his head slightly, he murmurs huskily against Leo's neck, "No, we shouldn't, and yes, I am, and you like it." Green eyes flicker up to look at Leo, mischievious and challenging him to say he doesn't, while his hips shift and rock gently back against Leo's shifting form. He groans softly, just barely audible, as he buries his mouth against Leo's neck once more, nuzzling and nipping in the process.

"I didn't say I didn't like it. But we're just gonna get all worked up, and then I'm gonna go back to my room and sleep." Leo chuckles softly. His neck is going to be rather marked up, but he doesn't care. It'll be gone in two days. Maybe even by tomorrow. His body heals that fast. He trails his own hands down to slide them along Nathan's sides, giving feather-light tickles. "You do realize, you've got my heart in your hands, don't you?"

Nathaniel blushes heavily in response to those words, tossing his hair from his eyes and quirking a smile up at Leo, "I know. I can feel it, after all." He slips his hand from Leo's stomach after pinching his abdomen playfully, wiggling his fingers and saying, "That's why I'm glad I've got good hands." He slips his hand back along Leo's stomach and leans up, kissing the other boy's lips gently, giving him another small nibble there and murmuring, "And who do you think has mine, huh?"

Leo takes a moment to ponder, before piping up loudly. "Robert Lafayette from Jackson, Tennessee." He says with a firm nods before pushing himself forward with enough force to try to take Nathaniel down onto the bed, flat. "Sometime, everyone's going to find out. I may as well stop trying to keep it a secret." Leo chuckles. "Well, I was only trying to hide it from Eddie. I want him to give you a chance." He says, trailing fingers back up Nathan's sides, gently past the armpits and on across the upper arms.

Nathaniel looks appropriately shocked and offended by this prompt response, giving a small cry of surprise when he's pushed down like that, only to laugh and grapple at Leo, "Idiot." He shivers at those trailing fingers, squirming slightly when Leo runs over his armpits, though he then moves to tug Leo down on top of him so that he can curl his arms around him, "I'm not trying to hide it from anybody… if Eddie wants to give me a chance, he will. He's a good kid, whatever else he may be." He leans up to kiss Leo, just a light, warm kiss to convey a burst of affection, "I'll be happy when we're allowed back into the city."

"Your idiot." Leo whispers before biting his lip softly. "I love you." Then the tugging down begins, and he goes willingly. "I'm not. I just need to tell Eddie, point blank. He found it in the streets. I found it at school." He tugs Nathaniel into a roll, trying to flip over and let Nathaniel be on top of him. After all, he may be light, but Nathaniel weighs practically nothing to Leo. He returns the kiss with another peck at the nose afterwards. "Me, too. So many things I want to do. I need new clothes." He snickers.

Nathaniel rolls over comfortably enough, settling his body on top of Leo's and leaning down to kiss his jaw and neck, nuzzling it again quietly for a few seconds before he lifts his head and uses his hands to smooth back the other youth's pale hair, smiling warmly down at him, "I love you, too." He likes saying it back almost as much as he likes hearing it, kissing Leo gently a few times because he wants to. He shifts his weight so he can prop himself up on an elbow, toying with Leo's hair while he absentmindedly slides his body against the other boy's, mischievious in spite of himself, "Do you think he'll really mind? …and I want to go clothes shopping with you. I can't shop for myself, but I'm pretty good at being a shopping aide." He winks playfully down at Leo, kissing him again just after. Smoochsmooch.

"I don't buy anything for me unless you get something, too." Leo grins, impishly. "I can share with my boyfriend. That's in the rules. No worries about it." He says, snickering. He leans up, taking a few moments to move his mouth against Nathan's neck, leaving a small, narrow mark there. It's coverable by a shirt, fortunately. "Geez, one of these days we're just going to explode." He laughs, reaching a hand around back to delve down into the shorts for just a moment before he sighs. "Unfortunately, I need to go get my sleeptime in." He sighs.

Nathaniel blushes headily only to laugh quietly, shrugging and saying nothing more concerning the shopping - he's distracted too much by the sudden touch of Leo's mouth against his neck, inhaling sharply and pressing himself against Leo until he's finished making his mark. Smiling quietly, he slides down along the other boy's body, running his hands along his sides and nuzzling his stomach, giving his bellybutton another lick, "Hmph." Yes, he's going to pout via molesting Leo's stomach, or at least that's the idea. He leans his head down and proceeds to tug down the edge of those jeans and underwear, biting down on Leo's hip just below the bone. Once he's satisfied he's left a mark there as well, he kisses the top of those hips and smiles up at him, "Promise to stop by again when you're done sleeping? I promise I'll be good."

Leo gasps, giving a rather loud squeak at the bite on the bone. He nods softly. "I promise, babe." Slowly, he wiggles his way out from under Nathaniel and gives a quick tease, by unbuttoning his jeans and giving him a quick undie flash. He buttons back quickly. "You know… if we do this in front of people, they're going to turn all diabetic." He grins, but it's a sappy lovestruck grin. "And I don't care. I'll see you in a little while?"

"Well, it's a good thing we've got healer mutants around, then," Nathan says, leisurely returning to a sitting position and grinning right back at Leo. He nods in response to this last, sliding to his feet and reaching out to take Leo's hand, just so he can give him a soft kiss goodbye, sweeter rather than anything else, "I'll see you soon. Sleep well, all right?" He doesn't say anything about that tease, just filing it away for later. Yes, they're going to explode in a horribly messy fashion at some point in the future.

Blushing softly at the kiss, Leo nods, offering another recap of loving words before he opens the door, to head back to his room. Opening the door, he blinks, seeing the cryokinetic roommate of his boyfriend outside the door. "Oh, Hi Max." He says, suddenly turning a bright shade of red as he darts out the door, hickeys very visible on his neck. And, he's shirtless. Oops. He left it in the room.

Max looks to Leo and sees the hickeys on his neck. "Hey Leo, what happened to your neck? Someone beat you up?" But Leo's out the door and red. Max's juice box still in his hand. He enters the room and asks his roomie. "Heya Nathaniel." he says, jumping onto his bed. Starting to make the room colder now that he's in there. His shirt is one he's known for, the skinny kid's shirt says 'Welcome to the gun show' arrows pointing to both of his twiggy arms.

Nathaniel just grins at Max when Leo makes his way out, leaning down to pick up the abandoned teeshirt and groaning at what Max says, "Nathan, Max. Nathan. Nathaniel sounds like a Quaker." It's amiable, though, as he takes the plain white tee and shoves it under his pillow, throwing his long frame down onto his bed and quirking a somewhat amused grin at Max's own shirt, "Nice duds. What guns are those? Beebee?" He's teasing him, of course, and trying to distract him from his and Leo's markedness.

"Nathan. Kay got it!" He says, taking a sip from his juice box again. Shaking his head. "Nope, they took the main gun from two frigates and stuck them on my arms!" He sits up and flexes, not really much muscle there. Seems he's taking advantage of his scrawnyness, or working with it.

Nathaniel stretches until his back pops slightly, folding his arms beneath his head and crossing his ankles, "Two frigates, huh? Maybe you should give them back, in case they need them." He shifts after a moment to stand, walking towards his overly cluttered desk so he can dig out a bottle of soda he keeps closer to Max's bed, where it'll keep nice and cool. He pulls it free and twists off the top, taking a long drink before he meanders over to prop himself against the wall near the foot of Max's bed, "So what've you been up to, kid?"

Max looks to the older teen. "Umm, trying to find someone who could help me fix my uniform. But I'm running out of luck. I want to help with the thing tomorrow, but Mister Summers hasn't said if any student can go yet." The brown spikey haired kid says, looking over to his hanging New Mutants uniform. "That and running around the school, one of the professors yelled at me though."

"I might be able to help you with it, if you swear not to tell anyone," Nathaniel says as he moves towards the hanging uniform, fingering the edge of it carefully and then moving towards his bed. He sets his drink on the bedside table, crouching and reaching under his bed, where he seems to keep his more sensitive belongings. He slips a box out from under it, setting it on the bed and opening it up before he takes out his own uniform, which has been altered, "This is weird fabric, though, you'd think it'd work differently… what'd they yell at you for?" He sits down on his bed, unfolding his uniform and giving it a scrutinizing eye. He's cut down the long neck and used the fabric from the gloves' cuffs to make a high, stiff collar, still protecting his neck without making him look like Mr. Turtleneck. It looks like he's not even using the belt, but it seems he's managed to dye the fabrics around, one way or another, so that the white part is now blue and vice versa, "I can sew, but I had to get outside help to switch the colors. It's weird how many cosmetically powered mutants are around."

Max looks to the uniform. Nate cchanged it more than Max wants to change his. "I just want to make it look like my old one. Colors don't matter cause it turns to ice when I change." Puffs of water vapor exit out of his mouth as he talks. "they yelled at me saying I was going to break something, or myself. Mister Summers caught me with my skate wheels in my shoes, and he took them away, said I could get them back in three weeks, that was two weeks ago, so I have to wait one more."

"That doesn't tell me much, Max," Nate says as he tosses his uniform rather carelessly back onto the box, folding his arms loosely over his chest and crossing his ankle over his knee. He frowns mildly over what he hears, then shrugs slightly, "Skate shoes can be pretty dangerous, even if you know how to use them right. I wouldn't use them in school, if you can help it."

The cryokinetic looks to his still whole uniform. "Umm, like make it short in the legs and on the arms." He's heard the same about skate shoes from the professors but he's not letting it bring him down. "Yeah, but it's not like I've hurt anyone using them before. I can move fast enough to dodge someone."

Nathaniel shrugs slightly, grinning as he stands up and approaches the uniform, "How short? Here…" He crouches again, digging out a simple looking bag before he pulls out a couple bright clips and hands them to Max, "Mark it out. And yeah, but in this school, you're telling me there aren't people who move faster than you, or pop out of walls, or drop off ceilings, whatever? I don't really care - you can't get but so hurt if something happens. I'm just saying how the teachers probably see it."

Max grabs the clips and looks on the uniform for the knees, clipping there, and once again where the arms are t-shirt length. "Like that." Though when Nate brings up all of the what ifs he looks down and nods. "Yeah, I guess they're right." But he also loves to move fast, so it's either skate, or run everywhere.

Nathaniel nods his head slightly, looking the uniform over and smiling slightly, "I should be able to do that pretty easy. Do you want me to make the boots shorter, too, or are you going to leave them where they are? They're pretty tall for shorts - unless you fold 'em." He plops back down onto his bed, zipping that bag back up; he obviously doesn't intend to work on it this precise minute, though he seems to be sizing it up, "Eh… if you're willing to pay the price, though, you can always do it."

"My old one was like that. Like one of those short wetsuits." Max is really a good kid at heart, he's not about to go around hurting people, even if it's unintentional. "Naa, I don't want to mess with people." Max raises the mark on the uniform. "Most of my shorts end a little longer than there but mom said they were so if I got a growth spurt I could wear them longer between buying shorts." Max still visits his family every holiday, so he sees them around once a month or two.

"Wetsuit length is pretty good. I'll cut them so they'll hit you high enough that they don't bunch up - maybe here," Nathan says, leaning down and tapping a couple inches above Max's knee, "So it won't bunch up when you bend your legs." He plucks at the fabric thoughtfully, then shrugs and moves to pull it free of the hanger all together, "I'll work on it while Leo's sleeping. Give me something to do now that I've got all this energy." Being aorund Leo is a little like slamming an energy drink, only less unpleasant. He folds it into thirds and picks up a satchel, emptying art supplies onto his bed and then sliding the uniform into it, along with what appears to be his sewing kit, "I'll take it to where they've got some sewing machines. Classes are out, so it should be empty. It's not a big fix, so it should be easy to get to you before tomorrow, if you want to try and go along with everybody."

Max gives a grinny nod to his roommate. "That sounds cool! So are you like, sparring partners with Leo? I saw the bruises on his neck. That's harsh, you can't punch him in the chest when you guys do that?" Max goes on assuming stuff, very wrongly. "I wish I had a sparring partner, someone who wouldn't mind getting ice blasted, that'd be cool!"

"Leo's my boyfriend, Maxie," Nathan says without skipping a beat, ruffling the hair above the back of his neck and then getting his poor forgotten soda, sipping at it contemplatively, "Though he might not mind being a sparring partner with you. I don't know how he feels about ice, but I know he can produce light and energy, so it might be okay. You should talk to him."

Max looks to Nathan with a confused look. "Yeah, he's your friend, and he's a boy." Well, that one failed to move through his skull. "You think he'd be my sparring partner?" His blue eyes look to Nate. "Well, I don't know if they'd let me go to the thing, normally they just herd me over to the emergency quarters when something goes down. But I make everyone's sodas cold when I get in there!"

Nathaniel facepalms before he shakes his head, lifting a hand and waving it back and forth, "No, Max. I love Leo. We're dating. We kiss. That sort of thing." He tries to explain it as simply as he can, only nodding afterwards before he lifts his eyebrows, "Really? Can you use your power really well yet, or not so much? I'm not sure if they'll let me go, yet, since my powers are a little crazy sometimes."

The cryokinetic gives a nod. "Oh, I get it." Lie, but that's okay. Max knows about sex, just the folks refrained from telling him about that area. "I can control them alright, but they always say I'm too young and stuff."

Unless you're psychic, it's basically impossible to lie to an empath, so Nate smirks slightly when Max says he understands but doesn't, "It means we'll have sex some day, Max. Like married people." It's a weird comparison, but it's the only one he can think that Max might get. Either way, he reaches out to ruffle Max's hair idly, "You're fourteen, aren't you? By the time I was fourteen, I was doing all kinds of crazy stuff." He's only sixteen now, but that doesn't mean much. He glances at the clock next to the bed and shakes his head, "I'm going to get going. I want to catch some dinner with Leo when he wakes up. I'll leave the suit where it was hung up before when I'm done, all right? …and, seriously, Max, burn that shirt." He says this last with a grin before he heads towards the door, waving to his roomie over his shoulder.

"Oh…okay." Max says, but it doesn't matter to him, the whole gay/lesbian thing is up to whoever. People choose who they want and stuff. Nothing wrong with that. When his hair is ruffled he smiles. "Crazy stuff? Like hitting the half-pipe?" His version of crazy is way different than others, too. "Alright Nathan! I'll see you later!" he says, maybe going to sleep. "This shirt is civilization!" He rings out as his roomie exits.

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