2009-07-03: Performance In The Park


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Summary: Siegfried does a bit of acrobatics in the park while Cole and Victoria spectate.

Date: July 3, 2009

Log Title Performance in the Park

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

It's midafternoon in central part and with the trapeze school that he teaches at closed for the fourth of July, an American holiday he's not used to, he's out in the park preforming for money. There's a small crowd around him in a little cemented, flatop, area by the lake as Seigfried tries to work the crowd a bit. "Alright, for your entertainmend and for the finale, I vill preform a set of ariel acrobatics." Siegfried says with a smile as he prepairs himself before runing forward. He preforms a complex set of flips, handsprings and tumbles in rapid succession, some almost seeming at a professional gymnast level.

With a bag containing a pair of jeans to replace ruined ones and a shirt he thinks will look good on Danny, Cole Aron's out and about today. He's dressed normally, jeans, t-shirt with artistic design on it, and a white jacket. Spotting the crowd up ahead, the shield maker shrugs and desides to head over. Sporring the gymnast, Cole blinks and watches. "Woah."

One strikingly unusual individual wanders up toward the display. She is hardly blending in with the crowd by appearance, but seems utterly oblivious to any stares or otherwise noticeable attention from those nearby. The woman lifts a strand of hair out from before her eyes and regards the acrobatic performance with a neutral expression.

Once Siegfried is done with his display he pull out a hat from the back of his jeans and starts walking around, asking for any donations. He gets a few but it's all part of making of living when you're only skills in life are really preformace. "Thank you all very much. I hope you all enjoyed the show." He says approching where Cole and Victoria are.

Cole claps when then show ends, impressed. He pauses at the sight of Victoria and frowns a moment, hoping a nice afternoon doesn't turn into some kind of crazy fight. When Siegfried gets closer, Cole drops a few dollar-coins into the hat. "You're very talented," he comments.

Victoria stares unemotionally. "Your degree of competence, when held within the context of your appearance and bearing, suggests that your ability is innate." She blinks once. Momentarily looking around at the others nearby, her posture eases somewhat, becoming more natural as if mimicking the human casualness. It's not at all forced, simply an odd transition.

Siegfried smiles at Cole and nods. "Thank you very much." He says and then at Victoria's words he lets out a small chuckle. "I'm sorry, but I vas trained as an acrobat since I vas a child, I'm not sure vhat you mean by…innate." He says as english is his second language and it shows. Though he does sniff and look around a bit to see what smells like eggs.

Cole blinks a few times at what Victoria says and shakes his head. "I think she means that it might be a natural talent," he says, taking a guess.

The white woman nods. "Ah, yes. That is what I meant to say. You have natural talent." She blinks again, purposefully. Slowly, her manner becomes more at ease and less rigid. "It has been some time since I last went outside."

"Ja, I vas born in cirucs, I vas an acrobat like my parents, I learned from when I was little." Siegfried says in a friendly manor before looking at Victoria with disbelife. "Not outside in a vhile? I love the outdoors, being inside too much makes me feel…enclosed."

Cole looks at Victoria strangely, getting the 'something is definitely not right…' feeling from her. He shrugs and then smiles towards Siegfried. "Same with me. If I'm inside for too long I get a little stir-crazy."

Victoria shakes her head. "Ah, I am sorry. I've been…" She bites her lower lip, shifting her weight to the other foot. "It is difficult to explain. I guess the simplest way to put it is that I've been sleeping for a long time. If my manner is disconcerting, I apoligise. I am somewhat… out of practice."

Siegfried can't help but chuckle. "I am from the circus, ve are strange people." He says as he's met all sorts on the road. He doesn't pry into what Victoria means as everyone has their own reasons and American's are kind of strange at times to him. "Ja, I agree, I just like feeling free and you cannot feel that inside. I am Siegfried by the way."

Cole shrugs. "It's New York. You need to be strange to be normal here," he says. He's still on guard but that's normal for him anyway. Siegfried gets another smike though and Cole offers a hand. "Well, great to meet ya. I'm Cole."

Victoria nods and introduces herself, "I am Victoria. What is strange and what is normal is entirely subjective, dependent on one's personal experiences. At times I find the concept of life itself to be distinctly unnerving."

Siegfried nods and smiles. "Ja it is al subjective but there is a lot of weird in New York. It is a pleasure to meet you Cole and Victoria. Unfortunately I must be going. I have a hungry stomach that I must feed. Thank you for supporting me and my act." He says to the two before giving a polite small bow and heading off.

Cole gives Victora a strange look then shrugs it off. "Why not?" he asks no one in particualr. Siegfriend gets another smiles before Cole nods. "HAve a good day then. You too," he offers to the others before starting off as well.

"Why not? I'm… not sure I get you," Victoria replies. She pauses a moment. Another blink. "Do you mean to ask about what I just mentioned? It is personal, but I don't mind speaking of it. Sometimes I sleep and feel as if millennia pass, although in reality it may be only months. I lose track of humanity."

Cole laughs as he goes. "No, that was a question for the world at large, Miss Victoria. One of those 'tree falling in the woods' type of questions," he calls over his shoulder. "I reccomend getting some help for your sleeping problem but for now, I gotta get to work," he adds, offering a salute. The shield maker nods and then jogs off. Quick trip to Liberty Plaza to leave a present in Danny's place, get his costume and then go out on patrol. Going to be a good night for Defense.

Victoria just lifts an arm in farewell before turning to go do whatever it is statues do when they're ambulatory.

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