Pete Wisdom
Peter Paul Wisdom
Portrayed By Clive Owen
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 34
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Pete
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location New York
Occupation Agent with MI-13
Known Relatives Harold Wisdom (father), Romany Wisdom (sister)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Public
Known Abilities Hot Knives
First Appearance ???

Get me some whiskey and cigarettes and damnit, that dragon can talk!


Born the second child to an eccentric family in London, Pete Wisdom never had the best relationship with his family. His father, Harold Wisdom, an ex cop for Scotland Yard, his older sister, Romany Wisdom, who specializes in ancient cultures and the occult, and then his mother who was murdered but a spree killer. Peter got into a heated argument on the phone with his mother, and afterwards decided not to stop by later in the week as promised. That day, when his mother was waiting by the window, she was shot and killed by the spree killer. Since then Harold and Pete, both blamed Pete for his mothers death. Despite much angst, bitterness and sarcasm between Peter and his family, they do care for each other. Pete even secretly pays his father's rent.

Eventually Peter would group up to work for the British Intelligence under Black Air. He was a devoted worker, even if he was rude, crass, and just miserable to be around, and over time developed a few friends and allies. Through the years he was one of the agents they sent in when people needed to be killed, the one they sent in for mass murders and sanctions.. There is more blood on Pete's hands than he wishes to admit. And after years of taking lives, even though they were all criminals and it needed doing, he eventually needed to retire and just get away from all the fighting. He couldn't stand his job anymore.

Black Air gave him one last mission as a 'non-combatant' to team up with the British Mutant team, Excalibur. The assignment was to enter Genosha and research the hostility there since it was believed that a certain weapon being used in the wars in Genosha was being manufactured in England. Unfortunately the 'non-combatant' status didn't last long when one of the Genoshan mutants attacked Pete, thinking he was a flatscan. They did their job according to Black Air, and Pete returned to Muir Island with the rest of Excalibur where he wasn't liked by most of the team and had a habit of annoying Moria with his constant cigarette smoking wherever he pleased.

While staying with Excalibur while waiting for his retirement, he got a message from an old friend, Culley, saying that he needed Pete's help. Pete ran off to help his old friend but unfortunately Kitty Pryde, not trusting him, had to follow in pursuit, which clearly annoyed Wisdom. Once they got to London, he found his friend dead, and a trail of questions. Wanting to get to the bottom of his death, and with the help of Pryde, he was able to find out that Black Air division called Dream Nails was behind Culley's death. After an assassination attempt, with the help of Kitty (maybe it was that violent streak, or her cunning nature, or just the smoking body, but Wisdom couldn't help but become attracted to her), they managed to find out that Dream Nails dealt with extra terrestrials and break into the facility.

Unfortunately for the two, they were discovered before they could finish getting the information they needed and separated. Wisdom was captured and put face to face with the psychic, Shrine, where he was to be tortured to death. By using an alien virus called Blood Eagle, Shrine would dig up painful events of Wisdom's life, and the virus would react to the emotion, slowly cutting him up on the outside and inside. Wisdom though, pulled a memory of one of the worst things he did, and put it on the tip of his mind to bate Shrine, it worked. Where Pete learned to live with the horror of the people he killed and what he saw, Shrine couldn't deal with the horror of the kills Pete had to do in the name of national interest. Thus the virus lashed out and destroyed Shrine, allowing Peter to escape, find Kitty and destroy the Dream Nails complex.

On the way back to Muir Island, Kitty offered Pete to join Excalibur, and he agreed say that destroying dream nails to be his official 'retirement' from Black Air. Also on the plane ride back, Kitty and Wisdom also discovered that their interested in each other was mutual. It took a while, and a lot of alcohol, but Excalibur eventually accepted him as being the love interest of Kitty Pride. Over time they would also consider him a friend, even if he was a crass miserable bastard.

Unfortunately for Peter, Colossus, just coming back from Russia to find Kitty, found the two kissing and proceeded to beat Wisdom within inches of his life. At least Wisdom was able to at least get one good hit on Colossus before passing out. Over team, and from working together as a team, Colossus learned to accept Kitty and Peter's relationship, seeing how happy they were together.

Peter stayed on Excalibur for quite sometime, becoming something of a permanent annoyance to Moira. With Excalibur he would go onto help destroy Black Air when information was brought about that the British Hellfire Club was linked with Black Air in acts of bribery and after they kidnapped Douglock. It was then that Pete would defeat one of his oldest rivals, Scratch, with the unfortunate help of that miserable dragon Lockheed. The two had very similar roles in Black Air, being mutants and being the two that would go in and kill what needed to be killing. The difference, Pete didn't enjoy it, and Scratch would kill what was needed and more. This led to Pete almost killing Scratch without his hot knives when they worked together.

Peter and Kitty would join forces again to go to London to assist a friend of Wisdom's in tracking down his daughter again. Through this, Peter became on semi-speaking terms with his father and sister again. Shortly afterwards Captain Britain informed Peter that through a vision of the future he thought if Peter didn't tell Kitty he loved her the history of the world would be changed for worse. That was when Pete decided to say those three special words to her, and she returned them. Over time he would run missions with Excalibur and be fully accepted as a team mate, even running into the problem of getting taken captive by and ex-girlfriend.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and that is when Kitty decided to break it off with Peter, which was something he obviously didn't want. Not wanting to be around Kitty anymore, maybe he was bitter or perhaps the pain was too much, he left Excalibur and hooked up with some old allies and former Black Air operatives who were set on destroying the shadow-world of black ops, hoping to make up for his past sins. Eventually this would lead him to hook up with X-Force, where he replaced Domino as leader for a short period of time. Peter and Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball, eventually developed a mutual respect for one another and their powers, since Wisdom helped teach the kids new ways to use their powers.

When it looked like Pete was killed, X-Force buried him and much to their surprise turned up months later, alive and well…still a miserable toerag. He teamed with X-Force until their last mission where they ran into his sister, Romany. She was performing illegal experiments with technology. After the final mission was completed, it appeared that X-Force was killed and Pete survived. After that he contacted an old friend Alistair Stuard, head of the new department replacing Black Air, where he went back to working with British Intel, M-13, again.

Theme Song

Tool - Sober


Hot Knives - Pete Wisdom can form blades of thermal energy said to be as hot as the surface of the sun and hurl them at people or objects with deadly accuracy. He can also elongate the daggers and fire them that way. He has quite the accuracy through skill with his hot knives.


January 29, 2010 A Sigil calls for a summoning over the zoo. Heroes respond. Zoo Rumble


  • "It needs doing"


  • Pete Wisdom will always hold a torch for Kitty Pryde.
  • Pete Wisdom chain smokes.
  • Whiskey is Pete Wisdom's water.
  • Pete Wisdom is the self insertion character of Warren Ellis.


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