Pets And Their Owners


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Summary: Quetzal and Cyril find they have a bit more in common than being pet owners, per say.

Date: April 24, 2012

Log Title: Pets and their Owners

Rating: PG

NYC - South Sea Port

//Located at the mouth of the East River is South Street Seaport. What was once a fishing port is now a mall. Outside, the docks are lined with people and street performers, from contortionists to singers, mimes, and living statues. Large boats are on display for tourists on the side of the docks. If you're lucky and are here at night, a live band might sometimes be performing./

A small group of people have gathered today on the docks to listen to the celtic/steampunk music being played by a trio of musicians. One female singer is dressed like an airship pirate, while two other men provide the musical background while dressed like Victorian gentleman. Among those gathered is one particular gentleman with stark white hair, and some casual dress clothes. Perched on this particular man's shoulders is a silver cat with black rosettes. They both appear to be listening to the band perform.

Having some time off, and being quite grateful for not having to deal with the students for the day, Quetzal is getting out and just enjoying the fresh air. He walks slowly along, his limp and the cane preventing him from walking any further, dressed in a simple pair of slacks, a button down shirt and sunglasses. Though Cyril is not the only one with an animal perched on his shoulder, a brilliant green bird stands on Quetzal's shoulder and as the two pass the musicans, the Japanese man can't help but give the bird known as his namesake, a Quetzal, an odd look as he speaks to it in Japanese.

Cyril claps softly as the trio finish their song. A few people go forward to deposit some money into an upturned copper top hat. Shortly thereafter, the next song is performed. As such, Cyril isn't incredibly likely to turn around and notice the older Japanese gentleman. Selene, however, notices the bird on Quetzal's shoulder, and she mewls at it.

At the mew from the cat, Verde looks over and hisses at it. It's very odd since birds aren't exactly known to hiss. Queztal stops walking and looks at the bird, eyebrows raised above his sunglasses and the two proceed to have a quiet conversation in Japanese. Besides being able to hiss, it seems that the bird is also able to talk.

Cyril's head turns to look at what Selene is looking at, which would be the gentleman with the bird. Selene, in reply to the hiss, bares her teeth and hisses back. "Selene," says Cyril, removing the cat from his shoulders, "be nice." The doctor turns to face Quetzal, "I'm so sorry, please excuse her."

Quetzal tuns to Cyril and nods his head before speaking in perfect English, in the same accent that Cyril might use himself. "I'm sorry for Verde, he believes your cat was looking at him as food and I was trying to assure him that if she was, he'd be able to defend himself." There's a bit of a grin at that as he rubs Verde on the head.

Indeed, Cyril speaks with a light french accent. The man chuckles and nods, "Oddly enough, I've never known this cat to eat bird. Only fish. She's a bit picky." Selene, now in Cyril's arms, receives some gentle petting, which immediately calms her down. "Verde. I like that name. Does he bite?"

"Well Verde knows I could never let anyone eat him." Queztal says in a serious tone that indicates there might be more to that sentence and the bird does seem to hang his head in shame. "Thank you, but that is the name he had when we met. It means green which I believe is for the green feathers he has." There seems to be an unspoken question from the look the Queztal and Verde give eachother before it looks like the bird shrugs. "No, he doesn't bite, not usually. Unless provoked. Selene does seem like a well behaved cat, most don't seem to behave as well."

Cyril, while holding Selene to his chest with one arm, extends to other with a flat, open palm up offer to Verde. "I've known Selene for quite some time. As it so happens, she found me, and is one of my closest friends at the moment. Animals are quite remarkable like that, as if they can understand our emotions and states without words."

"Verde found me as well, and some might even say I would be dead if it wasn't for him." Queztal says as it almost seems like there's a snerk from the bird. "I couldn't manage day to day without him, it's like he's a part of me." And there's that snerk again from Verder. "Verde came with me all the way back to New York City from Costa Rica, we've traveled the world a bit together." To the open hand though, Verde just looks at it and eventually speaks in a voice that sounds like it belongs to a young boy. "What am I supposed to do, peck at it?"

Cyril laughs, "It's nice to meet you, Verde. I didn't want to offend you." The palm becomes a single finger offered to the bird, as if to offer a 'handshake' of sorts. The feline has closed her eyes and is now in that special resting place that cats go to. "If you don't mind me asking, what brings you to New York City?" It's obvious, however, that Cyril is not quite from this city either.

The bird does shake Cyril's and does a little bow. "I work in this city, I have a for a few years. I'm a teacher." He says extending his own hand to Cyril. "You can call me Quetzal." He doesn't introduce himself as Agent since he doesn't need strangers knowing what he does for a living. "I wasn't offended, I just didn't know what you wanted me to do to your hand." The bird explains. Then Queztal nods. "As you can see Verde isn't a normal bird."

"I can. I have to have say I'm quite curious, but I didn't want to be rude." says Cyril in reply before taking Queztal's hand in a firm shake, "Doctor Cyril Ozyrel. You can just call me Cyril. It's a pleasure to meet you, Quetzal." After the greetings are exchanged, Cyril withdraws his hand to go back to petting Selene, who begins to purr. "Spring break just passed, did it not?"

"It was a few weeks ago but there is still work to do even when the kids are on break. I work at a bording school so several of them stay over the break." Queztal explains. "So you're a doctore, may I ask what kind of doctorate you have?" Since it could be in any number of things.

"A boarding school?" Cyril echoes with a perked eyebrow, "New York really is a fantastic city. You'll never know what you may find." The doctor shrugs, "I am just a doctor in medicine and practical surgery. I run a small clinic Hell's Kitchen."

Quetzal gives Cyril an odd look. "Boarding schools are found through out most of the world. I went to one back home in Japan." He doesn't think that a bording school in New York City is all that fancinating. "That must be quite an exciting job, being able to fix up people like that. Though I must admit, I've seen my fair share of surgeons in my lifetime."

"I suppose I find the ordinary extraordinary. There was not a single boarding school from my home town. It wasn't until University that I was offered on-campus living arrangements, and I find the rooms are more cozy than actual houses." says Cyril with a bit of a laugh, "If by exciting, you mean very busy, then yes."

"That's pretty much exactly what I met, exciting as a job that always keeps you on your toes. I'd rather be involved in something exciting rather than mundane." Quetzal says as he looks at the bird and the two seem to exchange a silent conversation again. "Back in Japan my father wanted all of us to get a good education so we all went to boarding school."

"Then I suppose that it is something more ordinary to you. What do you teach here, at this boarding school?" inquires Cyril politely. The band in the background finishes another set, and people bustle about to leave, join the crowd, or deposit money to the steampunk band.

"I'm a Polyglot, so I teach languages." Queztal explains. "I have a natural talent when it comes to learning another language so I got recruited to teach the basics. Spanish, French, Italian and Latin mainly. I've been studying language since I was young and I just find it facinating. So how long have you been a doctor?"

"A polyglot," Cyril repeats, "Absolutely fascinating. I myself am a frankophone." There's a bit of a shrug as Selene receives more petting. "I've been a doctor for almost twenty years. I started in the military some time ago, and well… It's history, as they say. What school do you teach at?"

"I was in the Military for a while as well, back in Japan in their Self Defense Force, Air Force basically. That is where I learned a lot more languages. Instead of flying up in the sky like I wanted, I was suck in a class room and behind a desk." Quetzal replies with a smile as Verde sighs. "We were going to get food, remember, that thing that is yummy?" Quetzal smiles and shakes his head. "Verde you know that can wait. Anyway, I teach at a school called Burrows Academy, it's on the Upper East Side." All those years of black ops missions have taught Quetzal how to lie with ease.

"We should trade stories some time." says Cyril with a smile. Selene is jostled about a smidge as the Doctor reaches into his pocket to remove a small business card. The card is offered to Quetzal, "Call me if you ever need anything, I shouldn't hold either of you up any longer."

There's a good natured chuckle from Queztal. "I'm sure yours are much more exciting than mine. Unless you would like to hear about all our drinking and smoking stories whenever we got the change to go off base." He says pushing a strand of hair out of his face before taking the card. "Thank you very much Doctor, it was a pleasure meeting you." Verde also bows in his own birdie way. "Have a good day Cyril and Selene, don't feed her any birds!" And with another small bow from Quetzal the two are on their way.

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