2010-09-29: Phone A Friend


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Summary: Theo calls Tony to ask for a favor and gets more than he bargained for out of the conversation.

Date: September 29, 2010

Log Title: Phone a Friend

Rating: PG

An international phone conversation

Theo arrives back at his room after the campfire. His clothes smell like smoke, and he's starting to become frazzled, now that Jinx's power is wearing off from him. He grabs his phone, and dials Tony's number. He hasn't called him since the meeting with Emma, or texted, or anything. Of course, Japan's a long way to be calling, too.

The silver cell phone started playing a ringtone and scooting itself off the small table next to the twin bed. When the phone reached the edge a hand lashed out to catch it before it hit the ground. Flipping the cover back Tony narrowed his gaze to read the caller ID before simply answering the call in his head. "What exploded now?"

Theo seems a little taken aback by the sudden tone in Tony's voice. "I — uh, nothing," he answers. "But I was hoping to get your permission for something," he says. He sounds a little nervous, the way an employee who doesn't know his boss well might sound if they were coming to ask for a raise.

Turning over in the bed Tony flings an arm over his eyes to wall out the sunlight streaming in from between thin blinds. "My permission? What would you need my permission for?" It is around ten o'clock in Japan so it wasn't as if Theo had called at an unfavorable hour, just an hour in which Tony was almost always asleep at. Hopefully he sounds less grumpy in his response than the previous one seeing as RND had torched a prototype the other day and he expected the call to be about another flareup.

"I need to know if I can borrow a few psionic inhibitors," the boy says. "I know that might sound suspicious, but I promise it's not about Emma." He already realizes that such was the front of concern the last time they talked. He paces his room as he speaks for a moment.

Tony wakes up at this, sitting up in the bed, reaching a hand up to rub the nape of his neck. "Given our last conversation you have to forgive me for asking what they are needed for. I'm not in the habit of handing out tech even to people I trust, no offense meant Theo."

"There's a new teacher here," he says. "Her name is Selene, and I'm supposed to be in a training group with her." His voice softens, even though there's no one to hide it from. "She's not right in the head, Tony. She's a telepath, and she already tried to kill two of the students at the school I don't know what they are thinking by letting her on the property, let alone teach." He stops at the foot of his bed, and falls backward onto the perfectly smooth bedspread. "She scares the hell out of all of us. I don't want her digging around in our heads and manipulating us."

There is a momentary silence on Tony's end of the connection as he connects to information on his personal server that is made available via his connection through various X-Men and Xavier himself. When the teacher in questions file opens up for him an eyebrow shoots up to his hairline. "I'm familiar with her as she was or is a member of the Hellfire Club." Tony digs around for a moment more before rubbing a hand across his face to try and wipe the dregs of sleep away. "If she has attempted to kill students why is she allowed to remain there?"

"I don't know," Theo answers, staring at the ceiling. "But she pushed Robyn out in front of a car, and did something to Connor," he shakes his head. "And she possessed James. It's probably one of Emma's stupid stunts, but you don't try to keep some 17,000 year old she-devil on a leash. All I know is that I don't want her screwing with my head."

"This is an entirely unacceptable situation," Tony sighs audibly as well as mentally. "I tell you what I'll do, Theo. I'll put in a call to the school to see what is going on. If there is a danger there then something will have to be done. As for the other, I'm not going to get preachy on you, however, as long as you understand that not all telepaths are out to turn you into a gerbil, I will make one inhibitor available for your use only."

Being turned into a gerbil isn't what Theo is afraid of, but he doesn't say what his fear is. That might lead to questions he doesn't want to answer right now. "Yes sir," he says. Rather formal of him. "Good luck, they didn't listen to Robyn, and he was the one who got attacked."

"Disregarding the safety and concern of those that are in their care is simply unacceptable, and if they refuse to listen to the voices of the many they will have to listen to mine." Tony is clearly not pleased with what little he knows of this situation and will most definitely be looking into things from afar and return to New York if he feels that it is necessary. "If borrowing a piece of tech for awhile will make you feel safer in that environment then I am more than happy to do loan it out but we're going to have to have a talk about your, dislike of telepaths. There are those that deserve to be feared as they choose to use their ability to cause pain, and what not but you can't generalize Theo. There are those telepaths that use their powers responsibly, and that can be said for any discipline."

Theo sets his jaw to one side as he starts to realize that he may have opened Pandora's box. "I understand," he says peacably. He knows why he is afraid of telepaths. He has something to hide. "Do you think you can talk to Mr. Summers?" he asks. "Frost hates me already, and if you talk to her she'll just think I'm just trying to hit the school back for getting grounded, and…" He doesn't finish the thought, but there's a number of bad conclusions he could use to fill the blank. "I don't want to get kicked out because I caused a stir." So he does want to stay, after all. Spitting in the face of the headmistress is one thing, but when you escalate an issue like this, heads roll, and the teen isn't quite sure how this will play out.

"Need I mention that you would not be kicked out due to the fact that you brought up a matter to someone you could trust when it appeared that others were not paying attention?" Tony shakes his head from side to side as he glares at the blinds nearby. "Do not concern yourself with what will transpire between myself and the school. Just stay out of trouble, and if something occurs get a message to me through the usual channels." The rest of what needs to be discussed between himself and Theo would be best to handle in person instead of on a phone. "I will have Happy bring the device with him the next time he sees you, and keep it under the radar. I don't want to suddenly have my inbox flooded with messages from screaming teachers."

Theo nods, but then realizes that Tony can't hear a nod. "Okay," he says. He takes a deep breath and lets it back out. Internally, he thinks, Great Theo, you idiot, way to go from the frying pan into the fire. "Thanks Tony, and I will."

"You're welcome; enjoy the remainder of your night. Talk to you later, Theo." With the connection closed Tony sets his phone back down on the small table then falls backward onto the bed appearing to be gaining another hour or two of sleep, though he's really putting in phone calls, and checking on various piece of information that he needs before he puts in a call to Mr. Summers.

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