2009-03-12: Phone Call


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Summary: Jeri gives Eddie a call about something he needs to know

Date: March 12, 2009

Phone Call

Rating: G

Ring. Ring.

Snapped out of his line of thought by the Spider-Man song coming from his cellphone while in the elevator, Eddie squeaks. "Huh? What?" he looks around before realizing what it is and taking his cell phone out. "Hello?"

"Hey kiddo, it's dad." Of course, it's Jeri's voice coming through the speaker. There are a pair of voices coming from the other end, chatting around him. "Would you have any problem with Ricky moving in with you for a bit? Sharing your bedroom until I can get some contractors to build another room onto the house?"

Eddie pauses and blinks, blushing furiously. "Umm..Ricky already usually spends the night with me…" he trails off. "Why do we need another room?"

"Uhm… well… we… need to give someone a place to live." Jericho says, softly, trying his best to put it into words that will not force Eddie into a faint.

Eddie bites his lip. "Who, Dad?" he asks. He was going to ask if Dai could stay with them for awhile because he friend needs company but this is just confusing.

Jeri's voice takes on that quality that tends to go along with his first sharing of a power. "Lifesense. Ties that bind. Similarities. No… no doubt about it at all." He coughs, turning his attention back to Eddie. "Well… something that I did in my past has effects on the present. Eddie? Son? You know that I experimented with a woman when I was young, right?" Uh-oh… can Eddie see where THIS is going?

Eddie tenses, breath hitching in his throat. He lets out a little 'erk' after a moment then sighs. "Dad…what is going on? Please just tell me…"

"The woman died recently. Her son is here to see me. He is like us. And… he's my son. His mother never told me. I never saw her after… well…" Eddie can probably hear the blush in Jericho's voice. "So I need to make sure he's taken care of, too."

Eddie is quiet for a nice long while. The *ding!* of the elevator can be heard over the line as well as a few chatting students passing by the open doors. THe doors are heard closing again before Eddie speaks up. "Wh-what?" he squeaks.

"You have a brother, Eddie. Congratulations. I have a son I didn't know I had before. But, we already have a good family, so making it bigger shouldn't be a bad thing." Jeri says, with a chuckle. "You're more than welcome to head home and meet him. I'll bet someone would even give you a boost to get you home faster."

The sound of something hitting the elevator can be heard and one might assume Eddie's fainted judging by how quiet he's being. "A br-brother?" he squeaks. "I…I…I…I'll be home in a little while…I have to finish up some stuff I promised I'd do…" he trails off.
Dad's making lasagna." Jeri says cheerfully. "Come on home when you get time."

Eddie takes a deep breath. "Thanks, Dad…save some for me, please…" he trails off. "I gotta go. Mr. Summers called for me…I'll be home later…" he hangs up the phone after this.

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