2020-07-27: Picking Up The Mantle


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Summary: Members of the Rebellion meet up with, and bring Iron Man into the Underground.

Date: July 27, 2020

Log Title Picking up the Mantle

Rating: PG


A meeting at a Rebellion drop site is had then the group move into the Underground.

Guiding a trio of passengers toward one of her many and myriad drop points, a nerve-wracking proposition at the best of times. Never mind that one person is far easier to conceal than four, there's also the risk of the drop point being compromised. However, it's a small price to pay, as Rashmi creeps around a pile of rubble to enter a bombed-out apartment building from the back, finding a handy wall under shadow to lean against, and wait. While she won't admit it, even the *prospect* of a meet such as this has her nerves singing, hyper-alert for anything that could sound remotely like trouble.

Pietro has been flitting off, more or less, during the travel. Mostly to scout. His super speed makes for the fairly easy finding of ambush or trouble, and for difficulty in finding him. There are ways of course, but for the most part.. he all but skids into the area, raising a bit of dust as he finally halts. "Area is clear that I can tell." Of course there are means to hide from him, but that's for others to deal with. The speedster is wearing a costume of all things. Unstable molecules too. Where he got it, and to his specifications, is anyone's guess.

The trip there un-eventful at best, confident in the group he was traveling out with he didn't push for scanning or trying to scout, Quicksilver had that covered. The shield was strapped across his shoulders under the heavy cloak he was wearing, underneath that he had a SHIELD regulation uniform, the lack of weapons was unusual for him but part of his new stance in focusing himself in representing his predecessor as much as possible. Once to the hollowed out apartment Jakob found part of a caved in wall to settle down on, one leg drawn up to rest a heavy forearm over, his other hand rising up to toggle with the plasma blade generator inside. The only weapon aside from the shield and his bare hands that remained on his person.

Her bow ready and arrow nocked but not drawn, the woman now known as Hawkeye trails in slightly after the red head, her nostrils's twitching and eyes never stopping moving as she tries to sniff out the emotions of anyone that might be trying to stay hidden and locate them before they can cause trouble. She's wearing the mask and bracers given to her not so very long ago as well as the purple form fitting costume and fluttering white scarf that were with them. She nods in agreement with Quicksilver's assessment, though remains silent and keeps her weapon at the ready in case trouble does show up.

The scanners within the helm had picked up several forms arriving at the drop site location that Iron Man was told to stake out in order to meet up with the Rebellion. As the information began to stream across the HUD of his helm, he made out the three figures that he knew personally, and one he did not. As the area around the meeting site still remained free of trouble Stark picked up a box in one hand, and made his way over to where the others were gathering. The light emanating from his chest would give his presence away soon enough if the crunching of rubble under metal boots did not.

At the first glimmer of light, Rashmi's first instinct is to press up closer to the wall, edging toward the newcomer's position, one gun raised and ready, safety flicked off. Glancing back at the others, she signals for them to hold position, stepping out from the doorway to level her gun at the armored figure's chest. "That's far enough, for now. Let's see your face."

"That won't do any good." Pietro notes in amusement. His voice is a bit rough still, but time will remove that. Doesn't raise his voice because of this. "Guns don't have much affect against Ironman." There's a pause as he tilts his head, "If that's you at any rate." Not that the speedster isn't wary, ready to move as necessary, but that doesn't change his finding a gun against Ironman fairly funny.

Jakob's hand fell away from his forearm to reach up over his shoulder the shield sliding onto his limb as Rashmi made motion. Resting it across his knee he was poised, gaze locked on where he suspected Tony Stark to be if things panned out right, his scanners now powering on enough to do a sweep, one signature that was un-identified, one that he couldn't get any real read off of beyond position. Expected if this was the right man. "Guns are just a fancy way of saying hello I've learned." He offered a brief smile, waiting for Rashmi to let Iron Man in or start firing. Preferably the first option.

The archer's eyes widen slightly as the sound of heavy metal steps reach her ears and she automatically turns to face it, half drawing the arrow and backs up a couple of steps before Rashmi signals. She manages to give the impression of being strung as tightly as her bowstring, though her shoulders remain relaxed as possible while keeping the arrow half drawn. This meeting, the whole prospect of being an actual hero, has Star feeling very nervious, though it's a responsibility she's going to face up to so that she can do what she can to make the world a better place. She's learned the value over the years, it would appear, of holding her tongue since she doesn't speak; instead letting the others fill the silence.

Tony isn't overly concerned by the reception he is given. In fact, things are going far better than he had expected given the traffic of Sentinels and hunters through the area. "Dear, you can put the gun down now. I've got quite the complex about firearms being pointed at me." Tony allows the faceplate of his helm to automatically slide up over the top of his head. Once it has locked into place he offers up a smile towards Quicksilver. "Long time no see, Speedy." Tony teases as he had once done in the past. "I came bearing a gift for you." Tony holds out the box that contains something for Pietro's feet. "As for the rest of you; No hug?"

Rashmi's lips twitch upward, the gun made safe, allowed to drop back to its place at her hip. "We can't all build ID scanners out of duct tape and chicken wire, Tony," she says, visibly relaxing and beckoning the old Avenger closer. "C'mon. I've got some people to introduce you to." Stepping back and out of the way, she lets the others get on with their greetings as they like, nodding encouragement to Star.

The face was prolific enough, Jakob recognized him through assignments with SHIELD and of course the media. No instinctual warning signs were going off either so this was a clever dupe like some LMD or the real McCoy. "Chafing aside Mr.Stark, I don't hug on the first date." The shield was kept across his knees in plain sight.

Hands to hips, but the man is honestly too pleased to be upset at the teasing. "Pretending to be dead isn't a whole lot of fun, but from the stories I hear, being alive isn't any easier." Pietro is a little startled at the gift, and eyes Tony strangely. Accepts it just the same and opens that box. What he finds inside earns a bark of a laugh. "Perfect." For the first time in a long time he just smiles, "Thank you." Will wear them later. For now they are tucked under an arm, box and all.

The fact that it really is Tony Stark here, alive and in the flesh, has the costume clad woman's eyes widening more when she sets eyes on the man she met when she was still a teenager. Star releases the tension on the bow, though the arrow is kept ready just in case, and smiles faintly, "Hello, Tony…" Her voice is subdued when she offers the greeting, "Long time no see." She, unlike Jakob, has no problem with stepping forward, "You've been missed, Mr Stark."

With a polite nod of the head Tony follows Rashmi, offering up a smile towards Quicksilver, and casting a glance at the man who would now be Captain America. "We can save the hug for later." As Star approaches him he smiles lopsidedly at her, "I'm glad you're still around and kicking, and now Hawkeye as well." Tony looks at each of them in turn, "I would have helped earlier but being in a coma does wonders for screwing up future plans."

"I'm amazed, actually," Rashmi replies, a touch of humor entering your voice. "You're brilliant enough for ten people, I'd swear being in a coma was *part* of your plan. Certainly you recovered just when we needed you the worst, couldn't've been better if we'd planned it all out." Shaking her head, she leans back against the wall, nodding Jakob's way. "Well. You know Star, and of course Pietro… Tony Stark? I'd like you to meet the man who will be Captain America."

Box under an arm, Pietro allows the conversation to flow around him. He spent years almost never speaking, so that's gotten to be habit for him. Already having been introduced, he is content to remain in the background. More or less.

Standing up he moved over and extended a hand out towards Tony Stark, "A pleasure, Iron Man." He said in his usual firm tone, his hood fell away upon standing revealing the stubble laden features and short cropped high and tight he was sporting, one dark eye and one glass red meeting the other man's gaze. "Big fan… in many aspects."

"Hawkeye is just the least of the things I am now." Star's voice is still quiet, "And at least you're back among the land of the living. So many haven't been so fortunate." Her eyes cloud over with sorrow for a moment, but she manages to not share the emotion with the others. As her name is mentioned, she gives a little half-smile and lifts her chin a little, moving to stand where she can see everyone else easily. The introduction of Ironman and Captain America is observed quietly as she keeps watch, still keeping aware of the air currents around them so that they hopefully won't be caught flat footed if someone else joins them uninvited.

Tony snickers, "Yeah, it was all part of this grand plan because I felt the need for a Gandalf moment to turn the tide." Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east, or in this case the rubble of the Stark Towers. Stark extends his hand to shake Jakob's hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Cap. It's nice to see the shield picked back up again; we're gonna need it." After the greeting, Tony folds his armored arms across his chest as he addresses them all, "I'm sure you're all aware that I always operate with an ulterior motive. In this case it's fairly simple, I'm here to help you all to turn the tide of this war. What do I want? I'm wondering if you might have some space somewhere for a homeless armored guy to get out of the rain."

Rashmi bobs her head. "Can do, Tony, just follow us and we'll have you safe, sound, and never clean again before long. Just to warn you, though… We sort of make a habit of having everyone given a psi-scan when they come in, just to make sure. Even before the assault we had a couple slip in under the net, and we don't like to take chances anymore. Hope you don't mind?"

Pietro smirks this time, "If they can put up with me, I'm sure we'll have a spare corner for you." He pauses to add, "But if you try and take my bunk, we will have words." No, this isn't a bit serious. Giving someone a hard time for old times sake. Falls quiet after that to let Rashmi finish with the mind scans. He too was scanned, and approves of that idea. "It's good to see you, Tony." That needed to be said.

Withdrawing his hand Jakob retained his smile, "This will be great for morale, having you around will boost the spirits quite abit. "Stepping back so the others could speak he leaned one muscular shoulder into the wall, listening as the others spoke. "We can't rely on the scans too much as that traitor Dingo has proven… but I am not going to be the sour one in this meeting, I'm excited about this. Seems there is some serious change coming soon and from the looks of it may very well just be in our favor."

Star can't resist a little chuckle at the joke. She nods in agreement with the mention of the scans that everyone has to undergo to enter the base, "There are too many lives at sake not to take precautions." One little life that means more to her than any of the others is there, after all. A sudden grin lights the archer's face, making her look much younger, "And I'm sure my little girl will be thrilled to finally meet Ironman, too."

Pietro's comments bring a smile to Tony's face as they seemed to have picked up their banter as if the years had not passed between them. However, the mention of the psi-scan throws up a warning flag to Stark. He finds no fault with their procedure, given the times they have been living in, it's more that the man had psi-blocks placed in his mind years ago by SHIELD that was not commonly known. "I'm sure you will all have to fill me in on quite a bit but for now I have to address the issue of these scans."

"It's not common knowledge, and I would like to keep it that way, but I have psi-blocks in place thanks to SHIELD. I learned over time that I can drop them at will so I at least ask you to keep that bit of information to yourselves." Tony is simply relaying a piece of information that even those that knew him did not posses. "Would it be terrible of me to ask your psychic not to go rummaging around in there too much? I'm sure you can understand my concerns without making me go into details." To Star he beams his trademark grin, "I'm always up for meeting a fan, especially little ones."

A pained look crawls over Rashmi's face at the mention of psi-blocks, but the news that he can drop them at will tugs a sigh of relief from the redhead. "I could ask," she says, finally, "but Addison wouldn't listen. Protecting the Underground is the last thing keeping him sane, at this point, and he'll scan however deep he wants to. ….I'm not sure how much it'll *help,* but, whatever he learns will only be shared if it's dangerous to us, and then only to a very few people. ….Actually I think I'm the only one on that short-list still alive, now… huh… Anyway. Just follow us, try not to make too much noise, and we'll get you settled in. Also if you'd like to talk to Mr. Rogers, I can show you where we're keeping him."

"So long as you give warning, Tony, which you have, it won't be an issue." Pietro assures the man. "I was recently scanned myself. The only secrets they want to find are those that put the group at risk." Not that he had many worth hiding, but that's another story. The speedster can at least attempt to reassure an old companion. "Couldn't Betsy do the scan? Does it have to be Addision?" Asked of Rashmi? Honestly doesn't know. Since Rashmi seems to want to move, however, Pietro nods to her. "I'll scout some more, excuse me." With that he blurs away.

The talk of mentally scanning and digging into minds had Jakob tensing as such conversations usually did but he brushed it off. Knowing full well after SHIELD HQ and Barnes Academy went down he'd lost his own protections on the psyche standpoint, the cybernetic components/attachments only offered so much. No words needed he was already moving, making way back towards the underground, it was official now though it would see the Avengers or at least a new generation of them was real, with veterans like Quicksilver and Iron Man involved it would prove entertaining, definitely a force to be reckoned with. "Maybe we can get Kalindi to make some more of that curry."He said audibly, "Not sure what you've been living off but it beats most the slop that passes for food." He offered back with a light chuckle, leaping over a pile of rubble and out of sight, taking point position just behind Pietro's scouting, the other three may have things they wished to catch up on.

"Of course." Everyone has their secrets, after all, and Star isn't one to begrudge keeping one that seems harmless enough since he can drop the psi-blocks and allow himself to be scanned. She chuckles again and smiles, offering a little nod and rolling her shoulders a little to loosen up muscles that are starting to get a little tense; she's not quite accustomed to using the bow just yet, after all, though she was given the knowledge, "Thanks. She's been shaken up a lot recently with the attack and all. It'll probably do her some good." As they start off again, the arrow is again nocked and Hawkeye is all seriousness again. She's not going to survive up until now just to get careless when she's finally able to do something and leave her daughter just one more virtual orphan in the Underground.

At the mention of Steve, Stark is momentarily stunned. His brief pause would probably go unnoticed unless someone had caught the flicker of pain in his expression while they walked. "I would appreciate that," his voice having adopted a somber tone as he replies to Rashmi. Pietro's comments do reassure him a bit, however, old habits die hard. Stark has never been one to willingly offer up any information after several disasters in his younger life, coupled with his knowledge of the Avengers and his position as Secretary of Defense. Most of that was null and void but the personal aspect still unsettled him. "I will endeavor to behave myself but if I slam my wall down, no offense, I wouldn't do it intentionally." Iron Man lowers the faceplate back over his face, and follows behind the others, trying not to attract attention to himself.

"All I ask," Rashmi says, leading Star and Tony back toward the nearest entrance to the tunnels, "is that you just try not to annoy Magneto too much. Letting him raze Salem Center did wonders for his mood, but… well, he's still Magneto, and mostly kept to fabricating spare parts and arguing with me." Shaking her head, she scrabbles over a pile of rubble. "We couldn't let Mr. Rogers be left behind. He didn't deserve it, and when this is all over we'll see about bringing him back up, and give him the honor he's due."

Silent once again, the archer keeps pace with the other two; senses strained to the limit so that she can try to catch anyone sneaking up on them. The arrow is kept lowered until and unless she feels the need to bring it into play, never ceasing her restless visual scan of the area. Now, if only the wind will cooperate with her and bring the emotions of anyone waiting in ambush to her before they spring the trap. She grimaces faintly at herself for expecting someone to jump them at any moment, but it's better safe than sorry.

Tony is in full agreement with Rashmi. Steve deserved a burial in state at the very least, even if it would never be enough in his mind to atone for what has been done. Stark of course accepts the change of subject, from Steve to Magneto, to keep from having to deal with personal issues that strike deeply, and leave him vulnerable. "Magneto and I are acquainted, and I have no intention of pissing him off. I, unlike you lot, have metal running through me."

"Survival instinct," Rashmi says, chuckling. "Always a good thing to have. …Oh. Right. Theo's been around now and again, and I *thought* he was going to stick for good… but he's been gone for a long while, and I don't know what happened to him. So… Don't be surprised if you see his handiwork around, a lot of his robots are doing the heavy lifting for security."

Star can't help a little smirk at Tony's willingness to stay on Magneto's good side and just keeps following, guarding from anything trying to come up on them from behind. She sighs very softly at the mention of Theo and his disappearance, but doesn't comment on it.

"Well, I think we'll be all right," Tony smiles behind his mask. At the mention of Theo there is a bright spark of hope that fires in Tonys chest. "Just awhile back I thought that everyone I knew was dead. Now I find this isn't true, and I can't even begin to tell you how I feel about this. Now, if only we could get a Starbucks up and running again, I'll live another ten years or so." Even as he speaks in the metallic voice of a robot he keeps scanning about them as they head towards the underground. Hopefully it won't be much further, with the open areas always begging for trouble.

It's been some time since leading the team out to make their meet, but by the look in her eyes, her errand was a greater success than she'd hoped for. Nodding to the sentries, and giving the password, she gestures back down the passage at the others following on her heels. "They're with me, and yes, that is who you think it is. I'll be taking him to Addison soon to be cleared."

Acting as rear guard, not as though they probably really need it with Ironman there, Star follows behind the other two. The archer finally relaxes once they're within the safety of the Underground beyond the sentries, slipping the arrow that hasn't left her hand since they exited earlier back into the quiver on her back and sighing out the tension that being outside gives her. A slow grin comes into being as she finds herself back within what have become comforting surroundings and steps up beside the other two at last, though she still remains silent until spoken to. At least for the moment.

Tony is taking everything in as he follows behind Rashmi into the underground. From the sentries to the walls, to the various things the scanners were bringing up for him to look over. As they continue to walk he cringes behind the mask hearing his booted feet clanking along loudly.

Unlike a decade ago, right now there's not even a blip on Tony's scanners, but his acoustics pick up something like booted feet moving, another echo in the chamber just like any other. With only a slight distortion in the air that could be seen by those with the keenest of eyes, or enhanced senses, Volk moves up behind Rashmi, knowing he's inside her awareness, and knowing she can probably tell who it is, a growling voice says softly, "Miss me."

When Connor is sixty feet away, she pauses briefly, frowning at the tickle within her field of awareness. Thirty feet away, and Rashmi's face goes ashen, as though someone had struck her. By the time the ex-mercenary sidles up behind her, however, she's more than recovered, and a strange, damascus-like combat knife is drawn from her belt, raised up and held to his throat, without even turning around. "Not at this range," she replies, and to her credit *most* of the quaver is out of her voice. Glancing up at Tony and Star, the redhead flushes, as if she were embarrassed, before turning to throw her arms around him. "When the *hell* did you get back?! *How* did you get back?! Was he too well defended?"

Star frowns slightly and glances at Rashmi when she turns gray; alowing her concern to leak into the air a little, the masked woman frowns at the redhead, "You alright?" She frowns as a blend of… something… reaches her and her frown deepens. She can tell that her two companions aren't the ones feeling that, but she can't really see where the emotional stew she's smelling is coming from. Silently, she draws an arrow again and fits it to string, suddenly on alert for whoever is stalking them. The voice from behind Rashmi gets a little squeek, but she quickly draws the string back and brings the bow up to aim at the distortion behind the other woman. At least until she sorts through the coctail of pheromones that she's picking up and Rashmi hugs the invisible person.
A faint blush stains her cheeks and she slowly relaxes the string and shakes her head slightly, a hint of old pain flickering in her eyes before she turns away and puts the arrow away again. She's not going to intrude on a moment between them. Not when she's so desperate to be able to have he same reunion with her own husband.

Tony remains where he is, looking quite like a six foot tall statue of shiny hot rod colored metal. It takes him a moment to register what is going on, and the fact that Rashmi seems to be alright with what was going on. "Does this sort of thing happen all the time? Not that I'm entirely sure what she's hugging."

The gravimetric cloak fades away revealing a form in a grey camo former SHIELD stealth suit, a HUD redeye covering the right eye and ear over a balaklava, and a small squad's worth of knives, pistols, and a pair of SMGs. The hug is returned by Volk as under the mask is a smirk before he returns the hug just as fiercely and then releases to look in her eyes, "Three days ago. Two I spent paralyzed. Ahab hit me nailed me in the spine with one of his nasties, and it was too much for the kid's body to bear. I'm afraid the news isn't good. Psylocke is back there… permanently. And… the timeline's schismed. I changed too many things for this to have happened. But we're all still here. Easy test too… he should remember where, what I did the first time I met his bodyguard."

Rashmi blinks quietly, her head poking up over Connor's shoulder to peer in confusion at Tony. "So… wait. You mean there's no chance to change things now? It's too different from what we remember, but, what we remember still happened?" Pause. "I *hate* time travel." Shaking her head, she steps back, scrubbing a hand through her hair. "Oh well. We still have Plan A, at least, as you can see by Tony and Star—pardon, Hawkeye. There's a new Captain, too, by the by."

Star straightens her spine, rising to her full height and turning back when Volk speaks again, pain still lingering in her eyes at the obvious affection between the two and she forces a small smile. The empath turned archer is trying to desperately to act normal that she's actually leaking fake happiness a little, though it's not enough to really force anyone to feel it themselves. Slowly, she manages to suppress the old memories and hurt. "Plan A at your service, apparently." She makes a little mocking bow and reaches up to remove her mask, the same mask that once belonged to Clint Barton as she adjusts her grip on her bow and looks back and forth between Rashmi and Volk, "Wait… What's this about time travel?" It's news to her, but she was just a babysitter until a few days ago.

So, it was a man coming through the disturbance, and one familiar to Rashmi at that. The fact that he was armed to the teeth caused no real concern considering Stark was pretty much a walking arsenal himself. The mention of time travel, coupled with the disturbance, and the fact that the man mentioned /his/ bodyguard caused Tony to step forward to within arms reach of Volk. "I think I prefer the younger version to your Solid Snake look."

Volk hmphs as he lets go of Rashmi and gives her an almost admonishing look before turning around to face the others, standing next to Rashmi but not touching her as his hands go behind his back. His voice is rough, but a lot better than it had sounded a while ago. Tilting his head a bit, he nods, "To catch you both up. Ahab went back ten years to try and kick things off, and curt-tail the resistance efforts. He did this by turning Heather Brown into a Hound. This has changed her power enough to make her able to traverse more than she normally would. Years. My powers intersect me in time and space, so using a telepath we sent my mind back to my previous body. Not the best plan in the world, but we were lacking in geniuses at the time. It left me emotionally unstable, nearly compromised things. But… that's yesterday. Looks like carpe diem to me."

"Which brings us to now," Rashmi picks up, lifting a shoulder in something like a shrug. "It's been quiet ever since the assault; most of us are trying to be realistic, and figure they're looking to get the Omega Sentinels settled before they try something new again. Two Hunters have defected completely—Star brokered Kalindi's joining, in fact…" The redhead smirks a bit, raising an eyebrow at the empath. "I guess she wanted some practice at turning the tide in little ways before she jumped into the big leagues?" The smirk splits into a grin, and she sheathes her knife. "Theo's disappeared, Mike's back, and the lower tunnels are pretty much set up for business as usual. Luckily the hydroponics were the first to be moved, so they managed to survive almost completely intact; we're not long on supplies, but we've been there before, and we can make it work."

"Huh…" It's the only thing the archer can think of as a response to this revelation and she falls silent again. She shakes her head, "I wish I'd known… I've had some success with keeping people calm, you know." Beat, "Or was this emotionally unstable you in the past?" Ten years ago, she was just figuring out that she was a mutant and that her emotions affected others… She wouldn't have been very much help back then. The redhead's comment about Star bringing Kalindi into the fold gets a blush and a shrug, "Just doing what needed to be done, is all."

"I don't think I want to try and figure out what has changed or is changing. I'm having one hell of a time just making up the years I've been out of the loop." Tony comments as he looks to the others around him. Of course he has his own ideas on what to do when he crosses paths with the Sentinels. It involved magnolocking himself to the body somewhere and taking the Sentinel over to effectively turn their own tech against them for as long as Iron Man could hang onto the thing. "I may not have access to supplies, but I am capable of taking down anything with Stark Tech, or tech in general, including communications networks. Not to mention I could be quite a diversionary tactic." He's just offering his thoughts up to those around him to give them an idea of what he's been pondering for the last few days.

Reaching up and removing the hud-device so that both eyes are visible for the moment, Volk leaves himself covered for the most part, "Mister Stark… Hawkeye… if what I'm seeing is telling me what I think… then it's important that while we associate? You should not get involved with these kinds of things. Providing information will be good, but right now… people still fear us. We are still the enemy, and rightly so. We are demons… weapons… the monster under the bed with a human face. This is the world view. You… both of you… need to be better. Be the things all of us want to be." Despite the serious speech, there's a shrug from him, almost nonchalant, "Understand… I'm not telling you not to help. But there are dreams, but there are also nightmares." Turning back to Rashmi, he tilts his head slightly, "So… do I get my big guns back, or did I lose the FAMAS in the divorce."

Rashmi snorts, rapping a knuckle against Volk's forehead. "Ask me again when you're actually going to be heading out." Looking up at Tony, the redhead shrugs. "He's got a point, really. We should be asking *you* how *we* can help, not the other way around. We're the Enemy. *You're* the Avengers."

Star looks over at Tony and nods appreciatively, opening her mouth to speak when a childish voice rings out from down the tunnel and a tiny girl comes racing their way as quickly as her little legs can carry her, "MAMA!" The petite archer blinks and turns toward the voice just in time to catch the thirty pound little girl in her arms and scoop her up, "Hey, Em." The woman's eyes turn a clear blue and she gives her a tight little squeeze. She spends just a quiet moment assuring her daughter that she's back and unharmed, another moment scolding her for running away from the person watching her, and turns back to the others; standing with as much dignity as she can while she's got a five year old hanging on her like a strange growth, "I'm just doing what has to be done to make the world better. Don't ask me to do any less."

The child looks at the two men with wide eyes, just barely peeking over her own shoulder at them out of the corner of her eyes, and Star smiles when Rashmi says that they should be offering to help instead, "Well, you can start for me by making sure this little munchkin stays safe and out of trouble when I have to go out…" Her voice is mostly teasing, though there's a slight edge under the joking tone.

"Apparently my PA died a few years back and I've lost the memo as to what needs to be done, but I'm working on it." Tony says with a heavy sigh. The chess piece in play was the American people starting to question their government. Another was dealing with Ahab and his hounds. The last part however was tracking down and dismantling the system or whatever was controlling the Sentinels. Finding the tech was something he could do, and it would take a lot of heat off innocent people. Noticing the little girl run up to Hawkeye, Iron Man connects the dots and takes a knee offering a hand to the little girl. "So, this must be your daughter. It is a pleasure to meet you little one."

As the girl comes up, Volk immediately steps back and away to give the girl space. A hand goes to Rashmi's shoulder and a squeeze is given as he whispers out, "One day." And then reaching down to his kit, he takes up the HUD-piece and settles it back over his eye, giving it a diagnostic check that makes the three lenses glow a moment. Crossing his arms over his chest after a few moments, from under the mask he says, where Rashmi can hear it, "Have him give me the shopping list. I'll handle the usual."

Rashmi's smile falters a bit as the girl's joyous cry is heard, and a very slight nod is given in answer to Volk's words. Taking in a deep breath, Rashmi lowers herself to a crouch. "You've got nothing to worry about, Star… We'll make sure she's as safe as possible. Em, d'you know who this is?" she says, nodding Tony's way. "He's come to help us." Tony gets a glance, and a nod. "We've got five years worth of movements and recon notes. I'll be happy to give you access to my things, Robin's laptop… Oh, and the hard drives Volk swiped from a Sentinel factory. How's that for starters?"

The child's eyes widen a little more when Tony kneels and holds his hand out to her which earns a mildly amused smile from the archer and she hitches the little girl up a little farther, making her turn a little so that she's more properly facing the man she's about to be introduced to. Star nods, a proud little smile on her face, "She is… Tony, I'd like you to meet Emory Johnson." It's a formal introduction for a little girl that has never really met anyone she didn't know for years before. She cranes her neck to look down at the girl when the child turns a blank look on the redhead, "Do you remember the stories I've told you about the Avengers?" When the child nods, her mother grins, "Em, meet Ironman." If possible, Emory's eyes widen even more as they shift back over to the man kneeling before them and, with unusual shyness for the little girl, she reaches out and places her hand in Tony's.
Introductions made, Star glances over at the redhead with a slightly pained, apologetic look, "Really, though… I left her with one of the other women. I didn't expect her to get away." She should have, though… She tries to lend comfort to the other woman, however temporary and artificial it might be.

"Hey there, nice to meet you Emory." Tony says softly as the little hand is dwarfed by the metal looking gauntlet. Rashmi's offer is quite considerable and it makes him mentally chuckle. Notes, laptop and hard drives, oh my! Tony can't help but feel like Christmas has come early this year. His information gathered from various things left to him, as well as what he briefly knew from the past, was enough of a starting ground, and he couldn't afford to go poking around in the government systems all that often if he wanted to keep off the grid. Leaving the little girls hand where it is he turns his head towards Rashmi, "I would greatly appreciate everything you can give me. Just set me up somewhere, and I'll probably be there till I can work through it all."

Volk chuckles a bit, and then gives Iron Man a look and a nod of appreciation at his enthusiasm, "Like I said to Rashmi… give me your shopping list, and about fourty-eight hours. I'll put together what I can. laptops, portable tech is easy to grab, but hard to maintain here. I usually specialize in procuring weapons and foodstuffs between jobs, but… there's enough out there, especially cast-off SHIELD and AIM tech floating on the black market we can find you something." Looking back at Emory for a moment, his eyes flick away, "I'll see if I can find her something too. Plenty of toys in Hong Kong."

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