2010-03-23: Picking Up The Pieces


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Summary: Skyler finally visits Robin after the events of the attack.

Date: March 23, 2010

Picking up the Pieces

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Robin and Quinn's Room

// Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

There's the sound of feet approaching Robin's room, and then a hesitant pause before a slight knocking can be heard. "Robin?" asks Skyler tentatively, the voice in this form a rather pleasant baritone. "It's Skyler, are you in?"

There is the sound of shuffling about before Robin manages to make it to the door to open it up. Once there, she opens the door slowly, but enough that one can see into her room, where she has books and papers open to try and catch up with school, and Blank is lying down on the bed. "Skyler?" she repeats, before asking a little bit hesitantly, biting her bottom lip, "Are you feeling better?"

Despite what could be considered a frightful appearance, Skyler manages to pull off looking rather meek at the moment. He looks for all the world to be a rather young, teenaged Mr. Sinister. Pale white skin with black lips and fingernails and blood red eyes that are without pupil or white to them, and the unmistakable diamond on his forehead. "I…" he says hesitantly, biting his lower lip, "I guess you can say that. I'm myself, if that's what you're asking. But I feel like shit."

Robin looks up at Skyler and then stares at him for a few moments. She scratches her head lightly, averts her eyes and nods, "Come in." She doesn't want to admit that Skyler's current appearance makes her uncomfortable, but if the way the Blank sits up and orients towards Skyler is any indication, she is. "I was really scared that maybe you'd never be yourself…"

Skyler rubs the back of his head, eyes riveted to the floor, not willing to look up at Robin. "Yeah," he says, shuffling into the room. "Me, too. It's… Addison put me back together, but we can't do anything about this," he says waving a hand at his own body.

Robin glances up and considers that statement for a few moments, "What do you mean? Can't you, like, shift out of it or anything?" She's not really sure exactly what Sinister did, but she doesn't really like being reminded of it. Blank stands up and walks over to stand next to Robin.

Skyler looks up, finally, looking helplessly at Robin. "I can, but, how do I explain it?" He shakes his head and tries his best, "The pattern will degrade after a month, forcing me back to this. Like it or not, I finally have my own face," he says with a certain amount of resignation.

Robin nods slowly, sighing at that, "I guess… I mean, I know that you're still Skyler inside." She plays with her hair a bit nerviously, "But forgive me if how you look right now makes me a bit uncomfortable. I can get used to it, but don't be super mad or anything when Blank seems ancy around you…" She is at a disadvantage, since hiding her emotions is very difficult.

Skyler looks sad for a bit before chuckling. With a shake of his head he says gently, "I don't think I could ever get mad at you, Robin." He sighs, and looks away again. "I don't blame how you feel at all. I don't like waking up and being reminded of the things that I did." He stops and corrects himself, "The things that I was made to do." There's a very important distinction there that he's still trying to convince himself of.

Nodding, Robin says, "Yeah, it wasn't you who did anything wrong… It was all Sinister's fault." Blank nods in agreement with the statement, and Robin frowns, "And it's like I said, you're still you. That's all that really matters to me, it'll just take a bit of time to adjust to you like this." She smiles slightly and says, "Like if you spent a lot of time as the big bad wolf."

Skyler gives her a small shrug. "At least I'd be cuddly then with all that fur. Like this I'm about as cuddly as Robert Smith."

"I qualified the wolf as being big and bad. I mean, I guess you could envision a big bad wolf being all snuggly cuddly. I guess," says Robin, shrugging. She's clearly unconvinced.

Skyler doesn't look all that convinced either. He moves over to one of the chairs in the room and sits down opposite of blank and sighs. "So, uh. What do we do?" he asks, and then qualifies, "About us?"

Robin sighs and scratches her head, "Your physical body doesn't really have much bearing on 'us'. I think we've already established that…" She looks at Blank and then back towards Skyler, cupping her forehead in her hand. "It's just something I have to adjust to."

Skyler's forehead wrinkles in worry. "You shouldn't have to adjust to anything," he says. "I'm just… I'm just glad I didn't run across you while he was controlling me. It was bad enough knowing what I… what he made me do to Zack and Sophie." He looks down at his hands which start clenching in anger. "I'm just so afraid of losing you, and I know I would have if I did."

Robin nods slowly at Skyler and says, "I was looking for you… I sent Blank out to look, pretty much constantly…" She bites her bottom lip and rubs under her eye lightly, "I don't want to lose you, either, Sky. I don't have to adjust to anything, but I will. Because I need me to. Because no matter how hard it'll be to get comfortable with this form, it'll be a million times worse if I don't."

The forehead wrinkles grow deeper as he studies the floor at Robin's feet. "I wish I knew what to do to make it easier for you. For both of us." He runs a hand through his short-cropped hair. "I'm going to let it grow out. He likes it short and military like. I'd dye it, but I can't think of a color that just wouldn't look silly. It's… a small thing, but it's the only thing I can think of."

Robin nods at Skyler and says, "I dunno what colour would work…" She considers his hair for a few moments, preferring to distract herself with that than the actual subject of this conversation. But she knows she has to confront it. "I guess there's no helping the way you look now… Probably, I'll just get used to thinking of you looking like this. Your look won't be Sinister's anymore. It'll just be what you look like."

Skyler bites his lower lip apprehensively and nods. "I know how you feel. It's hard for me to look in a mirror and see anything but him. I can change into other people, but that's only a temporary thing. Well, even more temporary than it was. I need to get used to this. I need to… I don't know. Own it."

Nodding, Robin says, "Yeah, that sounds about right. You need to own it." She brushes her hair aside and comments, "Maybe we should put some blush on you, though. To make it look like you're at least a little bit living."

Skyler bursts out laughing, "What, and ruin my perfectly alabaster complexion?" When he's laughing like that, with genuine and good humor, he looks even less like Sinister.

Robin grins when Skyler starts laughing, glad to see him looking less like an evil mastermind and more like himself. She walks over to him and gives him a hug. "Well," she says, "we'll find ways of making you pretty."

Skyler all but clings to Robin when she finally gives him a hug. "If I ever wanted to be pretty," he says, "I'd just copy you." It's cheesy, sure, but it's also heartfelt.

Robin smiles widely at Skyler's words until she can't help but laugh. Despite it being cheesy, she finds it flattering, "Aww, thanks, Sky."

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