2011-09-09: Picnic Disrupted


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Summary: Kaden has an angry outburst upon seeing Giea, Annabeth, Sophie and Tyler come to her aide.

Date: September 9, 2011

Log Title: Picnic Disrupted

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's a warm evening, with a little bit of a breeze, and Giea has come out for a walk through Central Park, keeping off the paths and walking through the grassy areas. She wears her usual shades, and carrying her shoes in one hand, and a white cane in the other. Each step is taken carefully, as there is the risk of debris around, but she moves at a faster pace than she would have prior.

Rather nice day to be out in the city or at least that's how Tyler is seeing things so far. After having hit a few shops for various articles of clothing for the new school year he's walking through Central Park nodding his head up and down to the beat of the music playing from his iPod. Occasionally he'll tap his leg to the beat with one hand or mime drumming in front of himself. "Dun dun dun - twoosh!" He hadn't really meant to say that aloud as he walks past a young woman walking with a cane. Adjusting his bookbag on his shoulders he offers a polite, "Sorry about that! Got carried away." Spins about nearby humming the tune.

The last few days for Kaden haven't been pleasant, for anyone. He's been exceptionally angry snapping at everyone, even those few he calls friends. He just hasn't been dealing well with recent events and to cool his head he's gone out for a walk. As soon as he gets within a certain distance of Giea he feels it, that bond that they share and he knows it's the new earth. "FUCK!" He yells loudly enough for several people to hear and receives many confused, dirty and other such looks from people in the area.

Annabeth is up on one of those grassy areas that Giea is walking about upon, having laid out a blanket to sit on. There's a small cooler weighting down one corner of the blanket, and several large textbooks weigh down the others. Each body has a textbook of their own that they're pouring through, occasionally highlighting something with a marker. At Kaden's outburst a head lifts up to look at him curiously.

"Oh, perfectly okay," says Giea, smiling in Tyler's general direction as he passes her by, "No harm done, right?" But she pauses after a couple more steps, and it's not Kaden's exclamation that does it. Rather, it's the same thing that provoked the exclamation, and she orients herself towards the man. "Kaden?" she says, adjusting her sunglasses lightly. Her voice is more concerned than anything. She walks towards him, but stops upon her cane hitting Annabeth's blanket. "Oops…"

"Nope, no harm done." Tyler smiles as he pulls his iPod device from the pocket of his shorts. At the outburst the teens attention drifts towards another parkgoer that the young woman seems to know. Shuffling over to where Annabeth is sitting. "Hope I wasn't interrupting your reading at all. I hadn't meant to rock out quite that much."

There's a scowl from the redhead as he hears his name from Giea. "Just get away from here okay? You're not one of us!" He snaps at her refusing to accept that she's taken the former spirit of earth's place. At Annabeth he gives a dirty look. "What the fuck are you looking at Bopsy Twins."

The body that's still buried in the textbook looks up as Gaia stops short of her blanket. Spying the cane Annabeth quickly closes her book and gets to her feet. "Here, let me help you around my picnic." Tyler grabs the attention of the other body. "No worries. Just going over my lesson plans for this quarter." Pause. Then from both, with stereo incredulousness, "Bopsy twins?"

"Oh, thank you," says Giea, smiling at Annabeth's offer, "I didn't know you were having a picnic, I didn't mean to crash it." But at Kaden, she turns towards him, stopped where she is and says, somehow both gentle but stern, "Get away from here? Kaden… I know that you're hurting, but you can't tell me where I can and cannot be. And I hope you can learn to accept… that I am who I am."

"Oh, a teacher…" Tyler sounds curious if a bit detached. As the twins move to help Giea around the blanket picnic he stuffs his hands into his shorts pockets. "Hey, dude…this is a public place fyi. Chill or keep going but don't take your whatever out on the girls…ladies…women…" Flails a hand loose to wave about expressively, "You know what I mean, man."

"No, I don't know what you mean." Kaden says snarkily to Tyler. "And you don't know what's going on so just run off and being a douche somewhere else." He glares at Giea, but a glare doesn't do much good against someone who can't see. "What do you know?! You're the one who caused him to leave! I'm never going to accept you, the others might but I'm not them." He says crossing his arms stubbornly. "He's not supposed to die." He doesn't answer Annabeth's question mainly because he doesn't really know himself.

Annabeth stands there, with one body helping Giea around her blanket and the other looking up at Kaden. "Uh," the one says that's not helping the blind girl says to Kaden. "Clearly you two have issues that would probably be better worked out someplace a little more private and a little less on my blanket." And, at the same time, the other body addresses Tyler. "Woman. Old enough to be your teacher," she says with a hint of a smile.

"I caused nothing, Kaden. He died of natural causes… that's probably like old age… your body breaks down, it's not longer even able to hold life," replies Giea, frowning as she navigates past the blanket. "I'm sorry," she mumbles to the body that's helping her, before continuing to Kaden, "I didn't make him leave. I only accepted his parting gift."

Tyler mutters something about this guy being the douche amongst them while shaking his head from side to side. "She's right," meaning one of the twins. "You two ought to hash that out some place else or just go your separate ways or something. No sense in airing out your issues in a park of all places. Hell, enjoy the day yall." Clearly not knowing what the be-caned one and the guy are talking about though clearly it's a bit creepy sounding. Turning away from them Tyler grabs an arm of his backpack.

Into the verbal fray comes a blindfolded girl, tapping the way in front of her with her cane. Sophie has a look of deep concentration on her face as she makes her way, moving at a decent clip — for her, anyway. She nearly walks right past, but grinds to a halt at the last moment. "Senor Tyler?" she asks, clasping her hands around her cane. "Tyler? Is that your voice I hear? Who else is there?"

"I'm not standing on your blanket bitch." Kaden snaps at Annabeth, clearly social skills are no something he has in abundance. "Stuff it asshole, if you don't want to listen to it, walk away and quit your bitching. The only way I'll enjoy my day is by punching your face in." He says before looking at Giea and crossing his arms over his chest. "You should have rejected it! It wasn't yours to accept, it was his. He couldn't die, he can't die. It's not suppose to be like this." He says as there's the sound of another person he turns and scowls. "Oh for fucks sake another blind bitch."

Annabeth doesn't appear to be ruffled at all by Kaden's comment to her. "I suggest you take your own advice, young man," she says suddenly switching into Teacher Mode. "This is a free park and if you don't like the company you've found yourself with, then I recommend that you leave." The other body leans close to Giea and asks, sotto voice, "Should I call the police?"

"Had I rejected it, it would have been someone else. Someone who wasn't ready. I was the one he /chose/. Or worse, it would have been nobody at all. Can you even imagine that?" replies Giea, furrowing her brow slightly. "Why do you think Dmitri brought you there? I was his choice. The choice wasn't mine. Did you have a choice? I think he wanted you to help me…" She sighs softly and then shakes her head before speaking to Annabeth, "I'm sorry about him, it's just… complicated. I don't think you need to call the police. He's angry, he lost someone…"

"Umm yar…" Tyler responds to his name being called then sees that it's Sophie from school. "Hey, Sophie! It's me, a few ladies, and a complete jack ass. No doubt you can tell which is the jack ass without much help." At Annabeth's comment he gazes at her with a confused look. "Eesh. Next time I try to diffuse a situation I'll just keep on going and leave people to their own devices. I wasn't looking for any drama."

Sophie opens her mouth to say something, but instead her jaw simply drops. Her eyebrows rise; she closes her mouth, draws herself up to her full height, and squares her shoulders. "Senor," she elucidates in a sharp tone of voice. "Your manners are atrocious and your language is deplorable. Has nobody taught you the proper manner in which to address a lady? Particularly one who is at a disadvantage." She collapses her cane into itself, and crosses her arms beneath her bosom. "Are you hoping to turn all who hear you against you? You are doing a fine job. I would reccomend instead that you clean up your language and beg forgiveness. For my part, I demand an appology."

"Shut up old woman, no one asked you." Kaden snaps at Annabeth. "If it was nobody at all, that would have been great, then I wouldn't have had to deal with you. And that's bullshit, I can't help anyone!" He say with very much anger in his voice. "Dmitri brought me there cause he's a liar." As Sophie speaks, Kaden just looks at her, for a long time before scowling. "The only way you'll get an apology from me is with my fist, now such the fuck up cause I don't give a shit what you think about me. So what, because you're blind I should put my shirt on the ground so you can walk over it, offer my arm to help you cross the street, well you know what I think of that? FUCK YOU."

"Are you sure I shouldn't call the police," asks Annabeth to Giea uncertainly. She quickly hastens to add to Tyler, "No you, him… oh, nevermind." To Kaden that half of her sizes him up before switching gears. "Fine. If you do insist on hanging around my picnic, would you like some soda at least? I've got some spare."

"Don't threaten her. There's only one sightless person here who you have any legitimate problem with, so leave her out of it," says Giea, shaking her head at him and approaching, holding up a hand to gesture at Annabeth to wait. "In fact, I think you're only angry with me, Dmitri and yourself," she says with a level voice, "Me, because you know I'll never replace your friend, and I know I won't either. I don't want to, I can't. Dmitri, because he left you… And yourself, because Dmitri's gone, and he's one of the few people out there who could stand you the way you are." She pauses for a moment and says, offering a smile when she's closer to the man, "I do want to be your friend, though. But today, either take the soda, try to calm down… or leave. We'll talk another day. Okay?"

Tyler tosses his hands at the whole entire affair then runs fingers through his hair before addressing Sophie. "Do you want to hang around here or would you like me to walk with you? I wasn't doing much of anything before bumping into this group of people. Just listening to music." Turns a rather cross look in Kaden's direction after the comment is made and Giea replies to it before he has a chance. "I've lost count of how many times you've threatened to hit someone but the Fuck-o-meter is off the charts. I get that you've only got the wrong side of the bed to wake up on but chill. No one here wants to get their grill rearranged or rearrange yours."

A single eyebrow arches above Sophie's blindfold, and she purses her lips at the crude rebuke. "Indeed." She adopts a tone of voice as hard as marble. "You should be aware, Senor, that I wield a greater power than any fist. I am blind; I am not helpless. Assault me at your peril." She snaps her cane back out to full length, and sweeps it in a circle around herself. "Thank you, Tyler… but no, I would prefer to remain. I am not going to be chased off by some insolent twerp with a mouth and boy-parts both bigger than his brain. But… I hear there are two others here, and I am sure one of them sounds familiar? Perhaps introductions are in order? I am Sophie DeCosta. Whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?"

There's a slow applause from Kaden at Sophie's speech. "Congratulations, you're powerful. I'm impressed." He says sarcastically before looking at Annabeth. "You know what, fuck your soda and fuck you." He says as he starts to walk off. "You'll never be one of us Giea, I don't care if you are Earth or not." He says as he storms off, leaving the four behind.

Annabeth's voice would seem to come from two different places at times, to Sophie. She waits until Kaden stalks off before shaking her head and turning to the other blind girl. "I'm Annabeth," both bodies say in tandem. The one that has lead Giea around her picnic area asks her, "Are you going to be allright?"

"Goodbye. I'll be whoever I am, that's all I can be," says Giea, nodding at Kaden, before she turns back to the rest of the people gathered there and approaches a bit closer, answering Annabeth, "I'm fine. Are you… both Annabeth, or was that an echo on my hearing aid?" She shakes her head and says, "I'm Giea Parkin. I'm sorry about that, everyone."

Grabbing the arms of his backpack Tyler watches Kaden stride off, "He's going to get his ass kicked soon. I doubt many would put up with that sort of vibe." Gazing about him he waves off Giea's apology about what happened just now. "Wasn't you're fault at all no need to be sorry about it." The twins talking at the same time using the one name is quite interesting and has his attention. "I'm Tyler as Sophie said and she's well…Sophie as I've just mentioned." Pointing with a finger towards Sophie who is standing near him.

Now the blindfolded girl's eyebrows both rise. "Senorita Giea? …So that is you! I thought you sounded familiar. We met once at the mall, si? Before…" Sophie trails off. How do you talk about events that happened before someone's untimely death, while talking to that very person? "Rashmi told me what happened," she adds, finally. "It is good to hear you, si?" She pauses once more. "And… you are both the same person, Senora Annabeth? I thought I heard the same voice coming from two places."

Sophie adds, "And, Si, Tyler. That boy is going to get himself into trouble. Is he a mutant? Or simply too big for his britches?"

"He's a very hurt little boy," answers Annabeth, with an amount of sadness to her tone. "I've seen others like him in my classes before." Two answer everybody's question, Annabeth answers pingponging her voice between the two bodies, "Yes," "I happen to be a mutant" "Who happens to have have one mind" "spread across two bodies."

"Oh, Sophie? Sorry! I have difficulty recognizing voices, because I wear a hearing aid and it muddles things a bit," says Giea, approaching to give the girl a hug, maneuvering carefully, before says to Annabeth, "Oh, I see. Sorry, I thought you were two people. But it's nice to meet you, Annabeth." To Tyler she notes, "He misses a friend who he lost. He thinks that I was the one who killed him, or am at fault. It's very complicated…"

"Pretty cool," Tyler thinks of Annabeth having two bodies one mind. "You've met a lot of troubled kids where you work? Where's that at? If you don't mind me asking," he questions Annabeth before turning his head towards Sophie and Giea. "It sounded complicated Giea. The kinda complicated that is going to take a lot of work to iron out though not sure why you'd want to. I really ought not to say anything cause he might be totally different when he's not hurting about his friends death and whatever."

Sophie can't see Giea coming, of course, but eventually gets the idea that a hug is what's in order; and she returns the gesture in kind, giving the other blind girl a friendly squeeze. "Sorry? Do not be," she replies, quirking her lips upwards in a smile. "There is no fault to be sorry for. I am simply happy to hear you again, si?" She bobs her head earnestly, as she takes a step back to give Giea some room after the hug. "Senora Annabeth, that is very impressive; it must have its advantages, I imagine. And, I agree with Tyler; on all counts."

"I teach English at the high school in Mutant Town," explains Annabeth, having one body settle down to get some work done while the other stays standing to socialize. "It sounds complicated," she admits. "but I hope he's able to find help before he ends up hurting somebody." With a nod to Sophie she explains, "It's convenient at times, but they still only pay me for one person."

"It's nice to run into you again, too, Sophie. I hope you weren't too upset over any rumours that were floating around," says Giea, frowning slightly as she considers that, and then she continues, answering Tyler, "He and I are kind of linked in a way… in the same way he was with his old friend. It's hard to completely explain."

"I've been to Mutant Town a few times but never came across the school. 'Spose I need to wander around a bit more." Conversing with Annabeth easily enough then flips his hair out of his eyes with a quick jerk of his head to the right. "Linked? That doesn't sound good at all, really. Where do you guys know each other from? I mean Sophie and Giea." He motions towards Annabeth while still holding onto the straps of his backpack, "Not that I'm ignoring you at all just curious about their deal is all."

Sophie clasps her hands around the top of her cane. "Giea and I met in the mall, once. Tara was there, too. I think we were planning to start a blind girl's club, if I recall rightly." She giggles softly. "I am still open to the idea, myself." She pauses, and shifts her sightless gaze towards Annabeth… well… one of the Annabeths. "Do you ever find it confusing? …Actually, I suppose you would be used to it by now, I am sure."

"Think about it this way," explains the teacher. "You know how the brain takes images…" Annabeth stops and corrects herself, "You know how you hear sounds independently from your left and right ears, and your brain puts them together to get you a bigger picture of what the sound is like? It's like that. My brain is just wired to process everything I see and hear correctly." The one on the ground waves a hand at Tyler and says, "Oh, don't worry about it. Gives me a chance to get a little more work done."

"Ahh," says Giea in response to Annabeth's explanation on sensory integration, though given that both her sight and hearing are compromised, her expression remains a bit confused. "And yes, we had spoken of that, didn't we?" says Giea to Sophie, "Perhaps we should have such a thing. It would be fun."

Appearing thoughtful, "Does that mean that if something happens to one of you it happens to the other or is it that if something happens to one the other does not feel it? Sorry if I'm offending you at all by referring to you as two people. Well, also that I'm asking a lot of questions Annabeth." Since his iPod has continued to run unnoticed up until now he pays attention to the device for a moment to power it off then glances at the girls nearby. "I've met Tara a few times. A club is a pretty good idea too."

"I was not always blind," Sophie murmurs. "I would have understood the analogy to sight; though I cannot speak for Giea. But I appreciate your sensitivity, Senora, of course." She meanders forwards on the path, poking at things in front of her, until her cane encounters an exposed root from a tree; she pokes and prods at it, finally finding it quite unyielding. "It is fortunate when one is a mutant and their abilities allow for them to control them, si? I know that this is not the case for everyone."

The one that's standing and talking to the group shakes her head. "It's okay. It's natural to be curious about it," Annabeth says patiently. "If you prick your left finger, does your right finger feel it? No, everything feels things differently. I still feel it all, though." To Sophie she says, "I apologize. I didn't mean to presume…"

Giea says, "I've been blind and hearing impaired for as long as I can remember, but it was still helpful to explain it like that." She smiles and then says, "It is quite interesting how your abilities work, Annabeth…"

Sophie smiles pleasantly. "There is nothing to be sorry for," she murmurs. "And your ability is quite fascinating, Senora Annabeth. Do you prefer to be referred to as a single person? I would imagine so, si? If it is truely one mind spread across two bodies." She steps past the root, and taps the ground before her. "But it is getting late; I should be finding my way back to Xaviers, or I will get lost."

Annabeth glances at the sky, "Yes, it is getting a little dark." The one that's been marking the text book sighs, and snaps it closed. "So you're one of Xavier's kids?" she asks musingly. "Let me help you out of the park, I should be getting home as well."

"I should also be heading home, I think…" says Giea, smiling softly and putting her shoes back on. "I will meet with you all again some other time, okay? It was nice meeting you, Tyler. And you Annabeth."

Sophie bobs her head. "Si," she replies. "We shall talk again soon, Giea? And, thank you, Senora Annabeth. Help getting out of the park would be wonderful."

Tyler rocks on the balls of his feet for a few moments. "It was nice to meet you Giea. I hope things get better with whats-his-face and you. Good luck with the new school year, Annabeth." Since everyone is departing he bites his lower lip in thought then offers to walk with Annabeth and Sophie as they leave the park as he lives at the same place Sophie does so if she is heading back to Xavier's he might as walk with them and chat along the way.

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