2009-08-10: Picnic Time


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Summary: Owen and Robyn join Robin in a picnic.

Date: August 10, 2009

Log Title Picnic Time

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

// There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.//

It's a very nice evening. The day has been generally quite warm and now it's cooling just a bit. Robin has decided to take it on herself to enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic in the center of the quad, blanket and basket included. It seems that she has neglected to invite anyone but her puppet, though, since the only other person at this picnic seems to be the spectral Blank.

Having spent most of the day in the art room absorbed in his sculpting, Robyn's finally come down for some dinner, well, his verison of dinner. He's on his way from the main building, passing through the Quad, when he stops Robin just sitting there. Walking over in his usual attire of black pants and a black t-shirt, today with Jack Skellington on it, Robyn gives a wave. "Heya Robin, you and Blank having a picnic?"

Whistling a little southern turn, Owen Folger steps out of a DarkForce cloud several feet behind Robyn. He's all fuzzy right now and in shorts and a black t-shirt with a big yellow C on the front and back. Headed towards the dorms, the graduate blinks and pauses his whistling when he catches sight of RObyn and Robin. "Howdy," he greets, hands still in his pockets.

Robin looks up at Robin, a little bit surprised. She also wears a pretty usual attire for her: a long sleeved yellow shirt and a orange skirt. She smiles when she sees that it's Robyn and notes, "Yep, we sure are. I packed a little too much, if you want any." Actually, she packed entirely too much, figuring at least one person would stop by to talk to her. This is, after all, a pretty central location. She blinks as Owen appears and offers him a wave, "Heya."

Smiling at Robin, Robyn chuckles. "As long as you have cookies some where in there, sure." He says as Robyn is a bit of a cookie lover, especially oatmeal anything cookies. "Oh! Hey Owen, your Bat is in the Kiln right now." He says as that's what he spent most his day finishing up, the sculpture of Owen in Batform. He sits down next to Robin with a smile.

Owen pauses, confused for a moment. He looks down at himself then smacks his forehead when realization hits. "Oh. Well that's cool," he remarks, looking a little sheepish. One quick teleport and he's closer. "So whatcha ya'll up tah? Picnic?"

"Yep, there's cookies. I've got oatmeal chocolate chip and cinnamon raisin. I baked them myself earlier today," says Robin a little bit proudly. She hasn't baked anything by herself for more than a year. She opens up the basket to show Robin the contents and then smiles at Owen. "Yep, it's a picnic. I figured it's a nice day, so why not?"

Robyn can't help himself and he grabs for one of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and bites into it. After a swallow he breaks into a big grin. "These are delcious Robin, wow." His mother isn't exactly an amazing cook and neither is Robyn so this is a treat for him. "I could live off of Oatmeal cookies and be happy." He looks up at Owen and nods. "I ran into Robin out here shortly before you came out."

Owen peers into the basket curiously, eyes glowing a bit more to signal he's close to overloading in the next few days. "Makes sense," he chimes. "Mind if Ah help mahself tah one of those cinnamon raisin ones?" he asks.

Robin shakes her head and smiles at Owen, "Oh, no, not at all. Go ahead. There's plenty." She says to Robyn, "Thanks. I learned how to bake from my mom. I was always her helper in the kitchen. My older siblings never really had an interest in it." Blank seems more pleased than Robin to be receiving a compliment, if her body language is any clue.

"My Mom isn't much of a cook, my Dad is actually better cook than my Mom but neither of them had a ton of time for it." Or where anything that great. Robyn continues to munch on the cookie with a smile. "My Mom taught me art and my Dad taught me music." He says as Robyn is very close with his parents being an only child.

Owen smiles and snags one of the requested cookies. "These are good," he remarks after taking a bite. "Ma, GranMa, and all three aunts back home did the cookin'. One of mah cousins helped out too. Got some skill from them mahself," he says. "Don' think Ah'd be able tah make anythin' good like this though," he offers with a slight shake of his half-cookie.

"I had four older brothers. My dad helped them learn how to become proper manly men. I don't think dad really had much else to teach," says Robin. Blank shifts a bit uncomfortably at the snippets of a story, but Robin continues, "My mom let me help her out in the kitchen. I think she appreciated the company. But I learned from her." She shrugs and reaches into the basket for a egg salad sandwich that she had prepared earlier for the sake of this dinner. "And thanks, Owen. I just did my best!" she Robin, "They're pretty fresh, too, so that helps."

"I don't have any siblings, well that I know of I guess you can say. I'm adopted." Robyn says but it doesn't bother the teen. "Yeah, these cookies are awesome. So wehre are you from Robin? I already know Owen's from down south." He looks over at Owen and raises his eyebrows. "Wow, having cousins must be neat."

"Most of the time, yeah," Owen chuckles. "Havin' tah live with 'em all plus mah siblin's an' other relatives did get a bit cramped an' chaotic at times though," he says, having shared a bedroom with two of his brothers back home. He glances at Blank a moment but shrugs off whatever he thought he saw bwfore looking back to the Robi/yns.

"A little place in Kansas, it's called Pomona. Well, I didn't live /in/ Pomona, just around it," admits Robin, tilting her head slightly. She pauses for a moment and says, "I had a lot of cousins, too, but not in the area. Pretty much, I only even had the opportunity to talk to my siblings and parents… nobody else was close enough."

"I think it's just one of those things." Robyn says munching on another cookie. "Kids with siblings sometimes think it's too much and kids with none would like some." He says with a shrug. "I had my school friends but I didn't have that many of them, that's one nice thing about here though, the kids here are pretty accepting."

Owen slowly returns to his non-fuzzy form, finishing off his cookie. "Sounds about right," he remarks to Robyn, shrugging. "Mah family was all piled up on the farm. An' any that weren' would come back durin' holidays."

Robin looks towards Owen and says, "Ohhh, I lived on a farm, too. Just agricultural stuff, though, we didn't have any animals or anything. Nothing neat like that." She tilts her head and then shrugs at Robin, "Yeah, I was fine with having lots've siblings, I just didn't get along with the older ones. And I didn't have many friends in school." She pauses and considers, noting, "Really, I'm surprised by how nice everyone is to me here. It's super." She pauses for just a moment before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"I grew up in Brooklyn so no farm but lots of city." Robyn says continuing to munch on the cookie. He'll go inside in a bit and get some actual food but the cookies are just too good right now. "There were a lot of…'gangster' type kids in my high school and I really am not into that kind of thing. Sorry, I'll keep my pants above my ass." He says chuckling.

Owen nods. "Animals and agriculture for me. Had tah learn how tah deal with it all," he chimes. He smirks at Robyn and pats the other teen's shoulder. "Well ya gotta take 'em below sometimes," he jokes.

"I guess most people just didn't like me." Robin swipes some of her hair aside and notes, "At my school, it was very small town. The boys were boys, the girls were girls, and anyone who didn't follow that perfectly…" She shrugs and stops herself from continuing by taking a bite from her sandwich.

Robyn blushes a bit and chuckles at Owen. "Yeah well, there are times like..yeah." He grins but the blush doesn't go away. "Not many people liked me at my old school either Robin but I didn't really care. If liking Jay-Z and being something I wasn't meant being liked, well, my Mom taught me to be myself and don't change for other people." His parents are artists so they have the very free spirit attitude.

Owen smirks a little at Robyn's blushing before nodding. "School was okay for me back home. Grew up aroun' most of mah classmates. An' Ah never attracted much attention for the bullies tah pick on me."

Nodding her head slowly at Owen, Robin notes, "Well, that's good. I'm glad for you. It's no fun to be bullied." Blank looks somewhat uncomfortable, and starts tracing lines with her finger on the blanket. Robin shrugs and says with a smile, "Anyways, I love being here. Just… being myself."

"I never had a problem with bullies, I was just kind in the background." Robyn says which is better than being picked on all the time, though it did happen occasionally. "Yeah, I think what keeps me here is the classmates." Robyn says honestly. "Well I have to go for a bit, I gotta call my Mom and Dad about this weekend. Thanks for the cookies Robin and I'll show you the bat once I'm done painting it." Robyn says as he heads off with a wave.

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