2009-03-10: Piece Of Cake


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Summary: Drew and Kaden start baking a cake for Xane's past Birthday. Keith helps.

Date: March 10, 2009

Piece of Cake

Rating: PG

Keith's Penthouse

It was Xane's birthday and Kaden did feel bad about missing it so after a talk with Drew the two decided to try to bake him a cake. Going to one of the local grocery stores they bought a box cake mix of orange cake and vanilla frosting. Kaden's never baked before so he's standing at the counter in the kitchen looking at the box. "Wait…are we doing this with one pan or two? And what's preheat?"

"Two small pans to make a square two-tiered cake." Drew says, chuckling exasperatedly. He bought twice what was necessary of just about everything. "Preheat means you turn the oven to that before you start mixing so the oven is nice and hot when you get ready for it." He laughs as he pulls a large mixing bowl down and puts it on the counter, moving to the fridge for the eggs.

Wandering into the kitchen in cargo shorts and a slightly torn tanktop, Keith doesn't seem to notice what the other two spirits are up to at first. It's not until he snags a bottle of root beer from the fridge that it clicks with him. "So…whatcha making here, K-man and Drew?"

Kaden is still reading the box as if trying to understand everything. "It sounds simple enough, so you just mix everything together and then bake it for…are we doing a two teared caked?" He asks as he looks up at Keith when he walks in and grins at him. "It was Xane's birthday, so we decided to make him a cake."

"Yeah, cause then you get more icing in between them." Drew says with a grin before looking up at Keith. "Making a mess. Of course. What else WOULD we be doing?" He winks, getting the oil out from the pantry. "You measure, K. I'll mix."
Keith blinks a few times then nods slowly. "Should I alert Jon to break out his Haz-Mat gear?" he jokes. "Cake sounds good…' he muses. Deciding he's gonna watch for now, Keith moves to take a seat.

"Hey, I've never made a cake before so I might actually be okay at something for once. And Drew made breakfast the other morning that was good." Kaden says as he nods to Drew. "Okay…what to I measure with?" He's never done anything with baking before. He starts looking through cabnets to see if there's something that'll work. Though while looking he takes out a meat tenderizer and gives it a strange look. "What the hell is this for?"

Drew laughs softly. "It's for beating meat to make it softer. Shut up, Keith." He sticks his tongue out. "Check the drawer to your left. There should be some measuring cups in there." He looks at Keith with a Help Me expression as he snickers.

Keith laughs as Drew speaks to him, shaking his head. "Measuring cubs are in the cabinet up there. Measuring spoons in the draw right under that one, K-man," he says, pointing to each drawer.

"Measuring cups and measuring spoons? Okay?" Kaden says as he looks and sees what he assumes are mesuring cups and he's right, along with the spoons. He looks at the numbers on the cups and goes "Oh. Okay, this is what it ment by one quarter cup, not a quarter cup from a drinking cup." They would have been in trouble if Kaden was left to do this on his own.

"Yeah, a cup is a unit of measurement, not a CUP cup." Drew grins. "We need a cup and a quarter of oil and two eggs." Drew says, removing the cake mix from the package and dumping it into the bowl. No sifting here.

Keith nods. "Yeah. Especially since there are different sized drinking cups…" he trails off, taking a swig of root beer. He blinks at Drew. "Err…not sure but I think you skipped a step there, Drew," he says.

Kaden grabs the bottle of vegetable oil and goes to try to measure one and a quarter cups of oil. "So just pour this in the bowl?" But he stops at Keith's words. "What step do you think he missed? I says everything on the box."

"No I didn't. Preheat oven. Combine ingredients. Mix. Pour into greased cake tins. Put in the oven for whatever amount of time. I didn't miss anything." Drew looks at Keith funny. He nods to Kaden, yeah, just add it in here.
"Yeah, just add it in here."

Keith nods slowly. "Huh," he shrugs. "Different kinda cake I guess," he murmurs. He takes a quick glance around to make sure there's a roll of paper towels nearby just in case and then waits to see Kaden pour the oil.

Kaden looks between the two and shrugs before pouring the oil into the bowl and waiting for the next set of instructions. "What next Drew? And what kind of cake were you thinking of Keith, isn't a cake basically a cake, unless your Xane and doing some crazy super fancy cake?"

Cracking the eggs, Drew dumps them into the mix and begins to stir. "Use some of the spray to get the pans ready." Drew says with a grin. "Gotta make sure they don't stick." He chuckles, stirring away.

Keith shrugs again. "I dunno. Jon's made a lot of cakes. Surprises me with a new one every year," he says. "Sometimes he does different stuff is all," he points out. "Mixers are in that drawer over there. Manual and electric ones," he chimes, remembering those might be needed.

Kaden goes to look for the spray and eventually finds it before spraying the pans. "I hope Xane likes it. Maybe we should have gotten Jo…no we shouldn't have. I need to learn how to do something." Kaden says as he knows he doesn't have that many real life skills.

Chuckling, Drew nods. He's just about done stirring. With a grin, he lifts the spoon and taps it against Kaden's nose. Yup. Wet nose. "Yep, you do. Especially something this easy." He wrinkles his own nose.

Keith wags a finger. "No can do anyway. Jon went out to buy some stuff," he chimes in. The wet nose gets a slight chuckle before Keith glances to the frosting. "Save some of that frosting for later and I'll teach ya something fun, K-man," he says with a wink.

Kaden frowns as Drew gives him a wet nose and then chuckles before leaning in to rub his nose on Drew's cheek. "I thought it was going to be harder, I'll have to learn how to make stuff more often." As Keith says that Kaden gets a bit red and bites his lower lip. "Umm…so..is that it? Just the oil and the eggs?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Then we bake it. Do a little trimming to make sure the cakes fit and don't flop. Then frost'em. And I got two cans of frosting, Keith. Just for… ahem." Drew says, snickering softly.

Keith grins, leaning over to give Drew a kiss on the forehead. "Good man!" he says, ruffling Kaden as he sits back down. "There's some extra decorating stuff around here if you wanna use it. Sprinkles, gel icing…that sorta stuff."

Kaden grins embarassedly as Drew says that before looking for the bag and reaches in to grab something, some cake mix still smudged on his nose as he didn't get it all off on Drew's cheek. "We got some of the icing stuff, red, blue, light blue, and brown, the element colours." He says pulling them out and putting them on the table. "I think we also got some candles." He says digging through the bag.

"And plenty of icing to eat off of Kaden lat…erm… yeah. We have plenty. I'm not putting candles on that. I don't want to burn the apartment down." Drew says, staring at Kaden. "Think about how old Xane is! That's a lot of candles."

Keith smirks to Drew then facepalms. "Thats why you use number-shaped candles," he points out. "And Xane's not all that old. Still young and hot," he says with a nod.

Kaden can't help but chuckle and pick up the frosting and look at it. "Are you sure one container's enough for both that and the cake?" He jokes turning red, he's still a bit innocent but it's getting lost fast. "To us he's old, or at least old enough to make fun of." He says chuckling as he can't help but dip his finger in the batter to try it.

"Look in the bag. There's another in there." Drew snickers, pouring the batter into the two pans, carefully. "And trust me, I have a few things to do to make this even better." He snickers.

Keith chuckles. "If it isn't, I'll buy more," he says simply. Shaking his head, he gives Drew a look. "You're gonna put some of your 'special herb' in?"

"Nonono. If you use a packet of orange gelatin, with a little warm water… poke holes over the cake, and pour it over it and let it soak for a bit before frosting… REALLY moist cakeness." Drew says, rolling his eyes. "Though, I could do that. Make it a really happy cake. But then Kaden wouldn't eat it."

Kaden looks in the back and pulls out the second can. "Ah okay." Then at the mention of 'special herb', Kaden sighs. "Please don't, I'm not gonna want to eat it if you do." He says and he doesn't care if other people get high, it's still something he's not really interested in. "Thanks." He says smiling at Drew. "Adding a packet of gelatin? Okay." He says relieved that Drew wouldn't do that.

Keith nods slowly. "Jello cake…" he trails off. "This sounds better and better as you describe it," he says. "If there's gelatin mix left over…why not make a bowl of that too? "

"Okay, how about we make that now since it seems the cake is almost ready to be put in the oven." Kaden says as he grabs one of the packets of Jello and starts to read the directions. If Keith has anything other in mind than making Jello to just enjoy Jello, he's oblivious. "Where did you learn to cook and do this type of stuff Drew?"

"I watched my mom. And no, we don't put the gelatin ON the cake, it has to still be runny. The cake soaks it up." Drew says, shaking his head. "And you have to make it different. Hot water to melt it, but not enough to make it thin enough to be jello. Trust me in this. It's too chewy to eat if you let it sit." He grins. It's simple stuff he's making. Nothing special.

Keith nods again. "Alright, Drew. We'll trust ya," he says. "But like I said, if there's still mix left over I want some gelatin," he laughs. "Stuff's good for a midnight snack," he declares simply.

Kaden walks up behind Drew and gives him a hug, resting his cheek on his shoulder. "I'll always trust ya Drew, I'm sure it'll be great." He says as he kisses Drew on the cheek before pulling away. "How long do we have to bake it for?"

"About a half hour." Drew says, nodding and putting them in the oven. Afterwards, he tugs his shirt off and move to hold Kaden from behind. "Plenty of time." he sets the timer.

Keith smirks as he watches the two younger spirits. "Plenty of time for what?" he teases.

Kaden grins and nods. "I think so too." He smiles and just says. "Pick a spot." As he goes to take off his shirt too, and putting it with Drew's.

"Just wanted cuddle time while we waited." Drew says, pouty as he goes to sit on the couch and wait.

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