2012-05-22: Pieces Fall Into Place


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Summary: Kalindi appears at the Embassy to fill in Bruce on some of the information surrounding Stormwaltzer and why Envy might want her dead.

Log Title: Pieces Fall Into Place

Rating: PG

NYC - Genoshan Embassy

The neo-classical building was built in the late 1800's and is one of the few buildings in mutant town that resembles old New York Architecture. The facade is colored and textured like high-grade marble, but is actually made of steel. Inside there is a large foyer with a sweeping staircase that leads the second floor where many doors lead off to public offices (such as taking applications for emigrating to Genosha). The Embassy is complete with a medical facility and Grand Ballroom, where the official functions occur.

After speaking with Rashmi the other night, Bruce has decided that it would probably be wisest to seek out Kalindi on the matter of this "Stormwaltzer" person. Kalindi is the only person Bruce knows of that has anything to do with magic. And if rumors are true and Envy is researching magic then, maybe this "Stormwaltzer" is somehow magical herself. Bruce spent the entire day searching Mutant Town for Kalindi. Whenever he ran into someone he knew to be a contact he told them that she was urgently requested at the Embassy if they happened to run into her.

Bruce is in a part of the Embassy he likes to refer to as the "War Room". The walls in this room are covered with large computer monitors. A long conference table takes up the bulk of the floor space, with a podium up front for a speaker. The room is empty right now, except for Bruce himself. He presses a button on the intercom, "Miranda, make sure to let Kalindi in if she arrives. Send her directly here if you could." Even if the guards do not know who the woman is, she need only identify herself at the front desk.

Kalindi indeed shows up at the embassy wearing her gloves, belt and boots of gold in order to keep herself stabilized and flying, keeping a backpack on her. The young woman nods at the woman at the front and the guards, and is guided through to Bruce. "I have heard some people telling me that I should be coming here. So I am here, I hope it is something that is important. I have just returned from a long and inconvenient trip, and I was hoping to take some resting."

Bruce turns around as soon as he hears Kalindi's voice. "Kalindi! Yes, I heard about your mishaps with…Dracula." He pauses. "Sorry if that's not actually where you were. That's just what I was told by…A person." The man is wearing brown shorts and a tan shirt with a green vest overtop. He actually looks kind of out of place in such a technical looking room, almost as though he is about to go camping. "And sorry to bother you, but we DO have a situation you might be able to help us with."

Bruce hits a button and the main screen plays Envy's video. "We have until…Tomorrow to find this "Stormwaltzer" person. We THINK she has something to do with magic, since Envy was seen…Here." A photo from a security camera shows Envy at a book store in the "New Age" section. "I had a psychic go to…Shall we say…Interview? The people who encountered the woman there. They came up with this name." The name "Shamu Gothmog" appears on the screen. "Does ANY of this make sense to you? Have you heard of Stormwaltzer before? Why is she such a threat that Envy would go to such extremes?"

"Yes. Dracula. I found him a not so gracious host," says Kalindi, gritting her teeth at that seeming rather upset. She then looks towards the screen and her eyebrows shoot up. "Shuma Gorath is the name that I think that she was thinking about…" says Kali, frowning for a few moments, "Because the Stormwaltzer is, well, I have done research on her. She is a sorceress linked to that particularly powerful demon in some way. I should not like to face her very much… she focuses on lightning magic, and versus my gold control she is… hm. Kind of a person who makes me nervous. She would also like very much for me to die. If you need her, I can probably draw her out, yes? But that is a risk to me."

Bruce raises his eyebrows, typing "Shuma Gorath" into the box over the Shamu name. "Would Envy likely find anything on this demon? I mean…Probably not at a Barne's and Noble I guess. Also lightning?" He pulls up a few files the Embassy had collected on Envy. "It says here that diamonds are an electrical insulator. Envy should be strong against that woman in battle, shouldn't she?" Bruce turns to look at Kalindi, "Well…I don't want to put you in danger if I don't have to. And lightning…Depending on how hot it is it could melt my sand. If she is generally hostile toward mutants that could be problematic. Rashmi wanted me to question the lady, see if I could get something out of her as far as ideas for stopping Envy. But if she works for a demon…Do you think she even cares about the children?"

"I think she likely does care about the children," says Kalindi, nodding once, "She is bound to a tome, but I do not think that she serves the demon directly.” After some consideration, “Do not get me wrong, I think she is powerful… but not as powerful as she could be if she was in direct service. I am not sure what her deal is, but she is probably quite human." The young woman considers that for a few moments and then says, "As for being an electrical insulator. I do not know exactly what this mean, my English is not good, but it means that lightning does not hurt crystals? You are right. However, crystals are used a focii in magic, yes? So, a good sorceress would actually use a crystal body to amplify their own powers… Which would make a fight between these two not so simple. And as for finding anything about Shuma Gorath, she would have to talk to someone like me, or the Stormwaltzer or…" Kali's eyes go up as she looks towards the screen, "This girl that she is talking to here. I know her. She is a thrall, bound to the demon Norgatraz. What is she doing there?"

Bruce nods and takes a few more notes on the consol. "I can see why Envy wouldn't like that. Even the Embassy can't keep that woman in check. If she could be used by someone else…Well." He pauses and frowns at the mention of the girl. "Which girl…This one?" The screen amplifies the image. "I'll run a facial recognition on her." The computer scans for a short while. Bruce met the girl once before, but he was on Kick at the time. "I don't think I've seen her around before. The computer can't find her either. You know where she hangs out? We might be able to find out if she told Envy anything bad…Could she have told Envy anything bad? I mean…Envy doesn't like this lady because she's magic I guess. How would knowing about…Shuma Gorath help?"

"That is Fiona. I just do not know what she was doing there. She uses magic without having any kind of magical training. She uses artifacts, the last that I have seen her," says Kalindi, considering that for a few moments. "As for Envy, it may help her to know some things about Shuma Gorath if she was wanting to try and bind the Stormwaltzer, but I do not think a woman with no magics would be able to do that. You fight magic with magic in most cases. I could probably contact Fiona." Kali pulls out her cellphone, and starts clicking at it. "These little telephones are very useful."

Bruce considers that for a moment, not wanting to interrupt the woman while she is on the phone. "Magic to fight magic eh? So mutants might not be able to fight her at all then…I suppose. Maybe someone specifically immune to electricity who is NOT made of crystals I guess." He chuckles at her mention of the phone and takes the time to send an encrypted email to Rashmi about what he's found out so far.

"The Stormwaltzer makes me a little bit nervous. And… well, mutants will be able to face her. She has a physical body, and it is vulnerable as mine is," says Kalindi, brows raising slightly, as she hits the send button on her phone, "But yes, someone who is immune to electricity, this would be a good thing. Though I do not understand here why you want to fight the Stormwaltzer. I think that she wants me dead, but I do not think that is the same with everyone."

Bruce glances over his shoulder. "WANT to fight her? It's not that I really intend to fight her, but…Well I'm an ex-soldier. I guess I kind of think that way. Prepare for the worst. Also you have been an ally to Mutant Town for some time now. I would consider a threat against you to be not in the best interest of this community." He is still typing. Various files pop up on the computer screens as he edits information in each. "And I mean…Envy's pretty crazy, But she's still a mutant. If this lady's really that great of a threat to mutants while not being a member of the species…Well that spells trouble to me. We might be able to calm the current situation without a tussel, but we'll likely butt heads with her again. Honestly if I had to chose between Envy running around and some lady who works for a demon…Well I'd go with Envy." Bruce glances over his shoulder again. "No offense. Just looking out for my species."

Kalindi's phone jingles and the young woman nods, bringing it up to look at the screen, "Shuma Gorath is very much bad news. Sometimes I think that the word demon has too many negative connotations, as we call many things 'demons' that are a little different from demons. Some would say I am a demonspawn, but I do not think that is quite, ehhh, not quite exact." She shrugs indifferently to that, "Anyways, in the case of Shuma Gorath, I think there are not /enough/ negative connotations." She reads off of her screen, "The message from Fiona: 'Yeah, heard about it. Can't talk about it now; plans are in motion. Please stay away from it now. Grave danger to all involved if you are involved.' Hm. She knows something I do not. I trust her word, only because she knows that I would not be happy if she lied. I think there is a plan in place. And she is involved."

Bruce frowns. "Plans are in motion. And the Embassy doesn't know about it? And from what I've heard of my contacts, the schools and Avengers are also not in on that plan…Unless they're just being super secretive." He turns away from the console to face Kalindi. "Well I don't want you to put yourself in danger unnecessarily." He seems to be thinking for a moment. "It is bad for Mutant advancement if Envy kills those kids. That would be an immediate shit storm. At the same time, it sounds like someone might be planning to take Envy out. I'll double up my sensory mutants and see if I can't get to her first. If she has the allegiance of the Embassy against Stormwaltzer, maybe she'll let the kids go."

Kalindi tilts her head slightly and then says, "It may send a bad signal to put the embassy's support behind the woman who is threatening the lives of those children." She types out some more things on the phone and says, "If Fiona is making a plan, then perhaps she is hunting Stormwaltzer. Perhaps she is working with Stormwaltzer. I do not know, as I was too busy stabbing the lord of all vampires in the heart to be very in with any loops right now, yes? I will get more information."

Bruce nods, "Oh I am aware how it would look…Which is why we are not publicly behind Envy. I just want to get those kids out of there. After that…Well I am making the call that Stormwaltzer poses a greater threat to Mutant Town in general than Envy. Magneto isn't able to make that call himself right now, so it's up to me to make it." He pauses, "And Envy is…Well she is a loose cannon. She's definitely bad for the Mutant image in general, but there's a reason Magneto hasn't shut her up yet. I'll have to trust that he has some future plan for that woman." The Australian chuckles for a moment, "Honestly Rashmi took PR privileges away from me. So…I can't really make public announcements anyway."

"Eh, I would like to negotiate with Stormwaltzer, but if she is dead, I would not have to look over my shoulder and that is fine too. I do not know why she wants me dead, it makes me very nervous," says Kalindi, sighing at that, "And you know that I am quite happy to protect the interests of Mutant Town. It is, eh, just something I very much think well of." She looks down to her phone again as it jingles, reading off the message. "'If all goes according to plan, yes. If we fail… well… can't explain now. Talk to Tabitha for more info.' Talk to Tabitha? That is fine by me. I should like to talk to Tabitha. I feel very out of loops."

Bruce quirks a brow. "Tabitha? The rat girl? I heard she joined Barnes…" He frowns again. "If I find Envy I'll put a tail on her. Got someone perfect for it. If you can figure out exactly what is going on with this 'Plan'…Or at least figure out if I should send someone to protect Envy. Well…It would be helpful."

"Tabitha is also my girlfriend, so… I think I shall speak to her soon. Though I was hoping to do something more romantic than, 'Hey, there is plans with childrens, what is up with this?'" says Kalindi, sighing with some disappointment, "I have not seen her for months. But, eh, I will find out more about it anyways and I will send you a message, is this fine?"

Bruce can't help but chuckle at the thought of a romantic dinner talking about kidnapped children. He shakes his head and then nods. "Yes, obviously we're running out of time here. Anything you could tell me would be helpful. It could help to save lives, and take down that Stormwaltzer person if she really is as much of a threat as we think she is."

"I think she is more a threat to me than to Mutant Town at large. She may think that she will gain something from my death, but it is unclear…" says Kalindi, tilting her head back and forth, "I will get information very quick and send it to you. And then I hope that I will be able to spend some relaxation time with my girlfriend. But, well, if I am needed for more consultation, let me know. Duty before pleasure."

Bruce turns back to his console. "Thank you, Kalindi. Try to have a good night with Tabitha. I'll try not to bother you if I don't need to…" He picks something up and writes on it, handing it to the woman. "That is my personal number. I've got that phone on me almost all the time…Unless I'm turned into sand. Let me know once you figure things out."

Kali takes the number and looks at it for a few moments before tucking it away. "Thank you, I will be giving you a call after I speak to Tabitha of this, and then hopefully I will not be bothered the rest of the night. I know this is very important and delicate." She nods once and then says, "You have a good night, and I hope for the best, yes?" With that, she starts off.

Bruce offers the woman a small wave. "Thanks again for coming in. Even if we'll be needing you, it won't be until sometime tomorrow most likely. Have a good night." He turns back to his console and presses a few buttons. The faces of mutants pop up on several of the screens as Bruce gives orders to search certain areas of the city for Envy.

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