Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff
Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff
Portrayed By Jude Law
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 34
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Quicksilver, Pietro Frank, Mateo Maximoff
Place of Birth Wundagore Mountain, Transia
Current Location New York City
Occupation None
Known Relatives Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch, sister), Lorna Dane (Polaris, half sister), Magneto (Magnus, father), Magda (mother, deceased), Django Maximoff (adoptive father), Marya Maximoff (adoptive mother, deceased), Crystal (ex-wife), Luna (daughter), Billy Kaplan (Nephew), and Tommy Shepherd (Nephew).
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Superspeed
First Appearance X-Men #4
Alts Jonothon and Joan


Quick note:
- For those who know of him, Pietro lost his powers five years ago, during an invasion. He kind of disappeared from the public eye due to nearly dying, and not having super speed anymore. He hadn't been hiding however, but instead had been in Europe, living a fairly normal life. Then he appeared back in New York City, with his powers back. This is quite a departure from comic canon, so don't expect him to be exactly what you find in comics.

Pietro's mother fled Magneto after finding out he was a mutant. Pregnant at the time, Magda eventually wandered into Wundagore and gave birth to twins - Pietro and Wanda. Within days of recovering, Magda disappeared again, swearing to never let Magnus find his children. Raised by Gypsies, the twins had no idea who their real parents were. It wasn't until their powers manifested, and they were being hunted down by angry townspeople that they were found by Magneto. Saving their lives, he demanded they serve him in return, and so they did.

Gradually the two grew tired of serving a mad man, and they betrayed him to save thousands of lives. Turning down an offer to join the X-men, they instead joined the Avenger. They served for years as Avengers, and things were alright until Wanda took an interest in Vision. Never mind that Pietro was marrying a woman named Crystal right around the same time, he foolishly drove Wanda away by refusing to accept the Vision as a real person.

Then Immortus started to play around with Wanda's powers, making them increase, and driving her pretty much to the edge of insanity, and Crystal began cheating on him. The two separated, Crystal taking their daughter back to the moon. He'd lost his wife, sister, and daughter, not to mention his team. Pietro became more than miserable and disillusioned with life.

During the time that followed he joined X-factor. It was good to have a team again, even if he was an insufferable ass. His fellow team members deal with it as best they could, but even in a group he stood alone. All due to his own personality.

He and Crystal were reunited briefly as terrorists kidnapped Luna. Rescuing the girl, he and Crystal started to make amends.. until he learned about her having cheated on him with the Black Knight. He resigned from X-factor and returned to Europe to try and deal with this.

For a time he had custody of his daughter, and the two lived on Mount Wundagore, along with the High Evolutionary and his modified animals.

Luna returned to her mother, and their divorce finalized, Pietro found himself joining a new team of Avengers. He stayed on for several missions until he landed in Genosha. There he caught by resistance fighters and saved by Rogue and Amelia Voght. Amelia showed him the Legacy Virus camps, and he was so horrified by it all that he remained in Genosha to help. It was during this time that he was exposed to something called Isotope E, which increased his powers well beyond what they had been before. Now he could run over water, which he had been unable to previously.

Pietro left Genosha thanks to his father's disturbing methods, returning to the Avengers.

Then another invasion happened. Aliens this time around. While not at all known by the majority of people, Pietro did take part in the conflict. He paid a large price for his efforts as well. Nearly killed during the fighting, he was rescued by the Fantastic Four and placed into medical care. Not in the Baxter building either. Making sure he was stable, Pietro was placed in a very normal hospital and left there to recover. Mostly because people were really busy, but also because he'd burned too many bridges over the years.

Pietro was in a coma for some months, and upon waking discovered that he had lost his powers. At first he was horrified. That speed was all he had! Or so he believed. Gradually, however, the man came to realize what a blessing it was without it. For the first time in decades he could do simple things like listen to music, converse with people, and even watch a movie. His speed had denied him much of what most people took for granted. His recovery wasn't easy either. While he still had some of his abilities, for they are a physical aspect of being able to survive at superspeed, he was still strong and had a high endurance, but badly broken legs need time to mend when you can't heal super fast, and then there's the learning to walk again. It took Pietro over a year to regain full use of his legs, and by the time he was free of therapy and hospitals, he didn't even much miss his superspeed.

Problem was.. what did he do with himself? Without his powers he couldn't be a hero (Or so he thought.) Just where did he go? At loose ends, the man traveled to Europe and once more took refuge at the mountain where he was born. Mount Wundagore. Ashamed in many ways, for feeling he had so little to offer, they found him a rather changed man. They took him in and helped him finish healing. The problem was, he felt he didn't belong there. They brought him among their number, the knights of Wundagore, and worked with him to further his sword training, but it wasn't to last. Without powers he didn't feel he belonged there.

Finding himself at loose ends, the man began to wander a little. He did have some money, so he traveled through Austria and Germany. While in German he by chance met a man named Abelard Kortig. Abelard approached Pietro first because the other was attractive, but his being spurned didn't turn him away. No, Abelard saw through the irritable mien and made a friend in spite of it. This took time, a patient process, but the two gradually saw they had much in common. This is how Pietro entered Abelard's life, and found himself another family. Another strange one, but perhaps that's best where Pietro belongs.

Imagine his amazement when he found he actually liked his new life.

Then another invasion happened, and destroyed everything. Go figure. Amahl Farouk enslaved a world and then set it on Earth 616. Pietro might not have been part of the military, but he could fight, and so he did. Unfortunately physical combat is only so good against those with superpowers, and he was beaten severely. Several of his friends die fighting the invaders, each one carving a spot in Pietro's heart. Falling into the hands of a madman by the name of Abyss, Pietro was brought to a staging facility where other members of Amahl Farouk forces were gathered. (Just because the big names were in America doesn't there wasn't trouble elsewhere!) There he was tortured to the limits of his endurance physically and mentally. Forced to watch the deaths of many of his German friends. It was at that last moment that Pietro's powers triggered. Enraged, berserk, the man lashed out and killed several of his captors in making an escape.

It wasn't long after, still doing poorly thanks to the abuse done him, that Pietro returned to that facility to save those he could. Abelard, and a woman named Andria, the only two of his friends that he could find. He rescued others of course, mourning already those he lost. The three hid, nursing their wounds, and didn't have to wait long for the invasion to be over. Not that it was easy in the aftermath.

Long months of healing had done little to ease the loss he felt. Pietro believed it was time to go. Not really saying good bye to those he'd spent years with, the man left Germany to return to the US.


- His hair is naturally white, and not a sign of age.

- Pietro looks so much like his father that it's no wonder people mistrust him.

- He was a teacher in Europe, and is working at an inner city school here on New York.

- Luna is his daughter. She's an adorable nine year old now, and stays with Pietro a few days every month.

- He learns skills at an alarming rate. Not only does he speak over a twenty languages (To varying degrees), but he is an excellent pianist, and sculptor (This is canon!). Pietro can learn most things in minutes with his superspeed and he retains what he learns.

- Tony gave him a very expensive pair of sunglasses that he's almost terrified of breaking. You would be too if you were wearing a four million dollar pair.


Take a soul who has the potential to be loving, even giving, and remove from him his means to be able to either give or receive it in kind. Since his early teens Pietro lived a hellish existence that we normal humans could never possibly truly understand, and all due to the fact he couldn't turn his power off. He was always moving at super speeds. To Pietro the world was a nearly soundless place of statues and stillness. Birds hovered mid-air, people moved sluggishly at best, and even the fastest plane couldn’t get anywhere near fast enough to race against. The man couldn’t even watch a movie and enjoy it. He was the only moving thing in a museum; and was thus incredibly lonely. Not that he would ever admit that being as prideful as he is, but this directs a great deal of his life.

He even had to relearn how to speak to others, and socializing was nearly impossible. His powers have changed to where he can turn off his super speed, but that doesn't change nearly two decades of habit. Many people find him difficult to deal with, and he is. Pietro doesn't make friends easily, and offends readily. Those who do make friends will find him fiercely loyal.

If given the opportunity Pietro would give himself completely to something if it proved to have the slightest possibility of making it so that he wasn't lonely. This is why he clung to Wanda and Crystal as much as he did. For a time they were the only things that helped him keep his tie to the world. And so he directed all of his passion and love towards them. Unfortunately he has a very difficult time showing any of this and thus tended to drive them away as he seemed over bearing and possessive instead of loving.



  • Wanda - Listed first because this is his twin sister. Currently missing, Wanda is none the less one of the most powerful mutants on Earth, and a reality manipulator. He misses her terribly. (Wanda, I need you.)
  • Luna - Pietro's nine year daughter. She lives with her mother, on the moon, but has easy access to Earth by means of Lockjaw. Yes, she teleports down without warning, and this terrifies her parents.
  • Magneto - Father, and the two don't often get along. Mainly because they believe so few of the same things.
  • Billy - Nephew. He's met Billy only a couple of times, but very much likes the teen.
  • Tommy - Billy's twin. The two have never met.


Pietro has the superhuman ability to move, and think, at incredible speeds. This incredible speed (About Mach 10 when pushed as hard as he can. That's 7680 mph. 2.13 miles Per second.) allows him to move almost faster than the human eye can perceive. Pietro is the fastest man in the Marvel Universe, and is able to react long before anyone else. (Situational depending on Rp of course!) Unless one has a power that allows you to move roughly the same speeds, then Pietro is going to react long before you, and be able to do far more; nearly 1000 times faster in fact. This doesn't mean he dodges everything however. See drawbacks. He didn't always used to be this fast. Until he took Isotope E, he couldn't do things like run over water. It allowed him to reach his full potential.
It should be noted that Pietro now has the means to control whether or not his superspeed is working. This is a recent change, and he's still getting used to it.

To Pietro, when his powers are active, the world is a hellish place of silence and stillness. People take forever to make even the most simple of actions, and listening to them talk can be enough to give one a headache. Not only do they talk slowly, but he moves faster than the speed of sound, so he can miss things very easily. When your mind goes along at that great a speed, and you are cut off from sound such as he is, Pietro has a tendency to get incredibly distracted, and thus miss it when important things are going on. He's an odd combination of being able to notice things others would miss, and completely missing the things that everyone else can see. And when he is this distracted people are going to be able to take him by surprise. It's a hit or miss process on being about to determine the time he has between people's actions, and there are many times when Pietro will simply misjudge. During these times he can be taken by surprise just like anyone else.


Pietro knows a great many people. Sure he might not be on good terms with them all, but he still knows them. The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, X-Factor, The Inhumans, The Knights of Wundagore, Magneto, and even his adopted parents. Also, thanks to working for the Avengers for years, and almost never using the money, he's a comfortable bank account squirreled away. Not wealthy, he can live comfortably for the rest of his life just the same.

Stark made Sunglasses - According to Tony: Can run internet, link up to avenger database, can minor scan the surroundings revealing bio information and such like look at wolverine and get back mutant healing factor adamantium. etc.



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